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2019 in Review

Every so often Kryon gives a synopsis of the year we just went through. As we head to 2020, the mid-point of the Galactic Alignment, it was a good thing to hear.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Indeed, this message is from that side of the veil that is your home. The creative energy in you is present here tonight, but in the three-dimensional state you are in, all you see is the man in the chair representing an angelic energy who has an odd name, a name that equals 11 [Kryon numerology], speaking to you seemingly from that which is the other side of your reality. So what does your three-dimensional mind do with that? Do you see before you, perhaps, a veil? Do you see before you a man who is piercing it? Do you have the idea, perhaps, of a layered existence where you are in one place and Kryon is in another? Let me give you the quantum view, for I am speaking to you seemingly through a man with a microphone. Yet that's not where I'm coming from, for I am in the portal that is called the Human Being, yet I am everywhere.

If you are hearing me clearly and accurately, and if the third language is here and ready, then there is potential for communication. The portal of the Higher-Self opens in allowance of the creative energy that is you, in you, part of you, and belonging to you. It is the core of what you call God, and that is where I'm coming from. I am not separated from you. I'm in you. And that is where the portal of communication is and always was and always will be. It is not in the front of the room in a chair coming through that which is an audio system as the voice of a Human. So we invite you to have a quantum experience - that is to say, one that is out of three dimensions. Listen and validate from the inside. Can you do that?

Oh, dear one, we speak to an ageless audience. Not only to those in the room, but to those who are listening and those who are reading. We're going to present you with what Spirit thinks in its own quantum way is a review of 2019. This will be one of the last channellings in public given in this year. So it is appropriate that you would consider a review of what has happened so far to be given now, and so I'm going to do that in just a moment.

Spirit sees things differently than you do, so we will give both sides. We will give the three-dimensional perception, then we will give that which is quantum. In a quantum state, there is not the linear reality that you have. That which you do in linearity, the clock that you follow, is not the system of Spirit. Therefore, when we sum up the year, it's different than you might expect, for we do not consider things in the time frame that you do.

My partner speaks often of the numerological aspects of energy, and he is teaching this. Numbers have within them an energy of communication. In other words, they communicate a message. They don't "do" anything, any more than a book does something. When you read a book, it's just ink and paper, but often you weep or your heart rate goes up. Would you then say the ink and paper had energy? No. It's the communication implied within the language of the book. The language of numbers is the same way. It is one of the oldest sciences on the planet, and has been used for thousands of years in many ways.

The most current and simple way is the one that I have told my partner to use. It was developed in ancient Tibet, for this is where the Kundalini of the planet resided for 13,000 years. India and Tibet became that place where there was more compassion, where there was higher training and more Shamanic energies than anywhere else on the planet. So it is logical that the numerology that they developed be presented to you in the form that they worked with. It can be complex, but I've told my partner to simplify it so that it will be understandable.

So we're going to use that which is simple numerology to look at the number that is 2019. When you add up the numbers in the year, you get a three. The three is defined with the energy of numerology as catalytic energy. So anytime you see the energy of the three that sits upon something you wish to define, it represents a catalyst. Therefore, you might say that 2019 was a catalytic year. Since this number comes around on a regular numeric cycle (as the linear number of years goes), it has been here before. But the energy you sit within now, and the last time, amplifies everything esoteric and much of what is happening currently on the planet can be seen in a clearer manner if you look at some of these ancient systems of energy.

A catalyst in chemistry is an increased reaction that one substance creates when it comes into contact with another one. Yet, often the original substance is unaffected and simply changes the other. Or it may very well bring two things together to create a third thing. If 2019 is a catalytic energy, it really isn't about change as much as a set-up to change. You might say that it is a facilitator for change. Now, remember in this lesson that Spirit is not linear. So the changes that a catalytic year would create would not necessarily be within the year of the creation. Therefore, something that happens or has happened in 2019 will last and push energies beyond it into your 2020.

Before we look at what has happened in that catalytic year, let us examine how often the year of the three occurs. Then let's also take apart the two and the one for you to see what those energies are, so you might understand the communications they have for you.

When is the last time you had a catalytic year? For those of you who are doing the math, it was 2001. And do you remember what happened in 2001? For those in this culture, I ask you: Did it, indeed, create an energy of potential change from then on? And did it affect the last decade or more? The answer is yes. So 2019 has the same kind of potential energy. Now, it doesn't necessarily mean that there had to be an international tragedy to set up anything. It doesn't always mean that negative things create the future, either. It's simply the energy of the catalyst, and Humans provide the catalyst in what they do.

Remember that Spirit sees these things differently than you do. So let us speak to that which is your country. What are you seeing here? It is the elephant in the room as my partner sits here. It has been a horrible year for your economy and has the potential to create much anxiety. There has been a complete and total breach of trust in banking, systems of insurance, and in the process of investments. So that which is your financial instrument that you call the dollar is slowly failing in the face of other international monetary systems. You're devaluating the dollar by de facto [exists in fact anyway, regardless of conscious action], aren't you? Ten years ago we told you this would be so. Many remarked to Kryon that the United States would never do that willingly. It didn't have to. A free-floating world economy did it for you.

But to the American Human Being, it looks awful because you struggle through this and might ask, "Am I going to lose a home?" Or in the case of some of you, "Why did I lose my home? Will it ever get better, what is this about, what have we done to deserve such a thing?" So that is the Human's three-dimensional perspective of 2019, and I want to tell you, dear Human Being, what our perspective is. It wasn't that many years ago we told you that this was, indeed, the potential. We said to you that there was a strong potential that some of the largest corporations in your land would fall over.* And then we told you "…and the one which will crash first will be insurance."** And you can find those things that we said in the published works of Kryon.

Now, these were just potentials, each one. There is no such thing as fortune telling, and Spirit does not know what Humans will do. But in the case of strong potentials, you often literally fulfill them and they become your reality. Some have asked how we could predict your economic issues since those are not spiritual issues. So let me tell you how we could do this and what it means. It will give you insight into future channellings, where we give you the potentials coming up.

For more than 200 years, this country has operated in the same way with the same system. Oh, you kept changing the rules a little, but basically it was the same and it was based upon greed. It was a system where, slowly, the wealthy became wealthier and the poor got poorer. Now, this is not a judgment, but just a fact. It worked in an old energy and it was still a good system, for even those in the middle had good lives, better than in other countries. But suddenly, dear Human Being, you are looking at a new energy that simply cannot sustain the old ways; even basic economics has to change. Therefore, financial systems built on the old energy fell apart. The new consciousness would not support them and they fell apart. The mistakes of the past came up to summarize themselves in what you call a recession.

The Human says, "What a disaster," but Spirit says, "Congratulations, for you are reforming the very rules of what you want. You're making decisions outside of the box of what has ever been done in your country before." What you do from now on is the catalyst, the three. Where are you going to take it? What is the new system going to look like as you recover (which you will)? The dollar will come back. This country can change financial systems, political systems, and the very paradigm of capitalism almost overnight. It's one of the few countries who can, and the only one that is as big as yours who can. So, what model are you going to present to the earth next? How about one that will work with more integrity when it comes to big money? That's what's going on.

There would be those who would sit here and see only the glass half empty, because they're counting all the negative things and not understanding what this new energy is about or the reasoning that Spirit would have. North America has always been the model for unity. You've always been the model for more integrity in government. And now you've just changed the way things work yet again. How many of you can sit on that which you call New Year's Eve and have the courage to say, "Thank God for the recession. Thank you, Spirit, for putting us through the grinder because wherever we're going, it's a catalytic year and will set the stage for recovery and strength"?

The year 2019 represented a two and a one together. If you don't add them up [the way numerology is done to get a total energy], they still tell a story, for the two represents duality. That is the energy of the two in Tibetan language. Duality is that which is the combination of angelic and biological - the Human Being's main attribute. As you sit in the chair hearing this, or listening or reading, that which is the "core you" has an energy of duality. Can you discover the Creator inside or not? You can go in any direction you wish. You can create evil things if you chose. You can create divine things if you choose. This is the Human. It is the power of humanity. Free choice is yours and always has been. That's duality.

Now take a look at the one next to the two. We do this because the numbers influence each other in what we would call relational numerology. They sit in the same equation or in the same package representing a year, so they affect one another. What does the one mean? It means new beginnings. Look at 2001. You won't forget that, will you? It changed everything. It was a new beginning of how this country treated threats to safety and how to travel. However, this one's different. This is a new beginning of financial systems in your country, the structure of big money.

You are literally reinventing the United States. You'll see continued upheavals in politics as you move back and forth on what you decide you want from those who are attempting to lead you. By the way, they are all still mired in the old energy. All of them. Look at the average ages of those in your government and you will see the issue. For the seniors become the advisors, even to a young president. It very well may take a time when you have a majority of younger men and women there to make the kind of difference that you are longing for.

It's only a matter of time, with a more conceptual consciousness, that Humans will solve dimensional problems that have never existed before. "Kryon, you speak in circles. What do you mean?" Have patience. All things change. But as you see the young people come up the ladder and start to become your leaders, you will see solutions that you have always sought that are logical and that make sense. Then you'll wonder why the solutions took so long.

So Spirit sees the recession as positive change in a direction that is commensurate with the energy that is changing on the planet. Therefore, it was expected. Yet many become frustrated with the process of politics and the economy, and they say, "It just seems like we go back and forth and back and forth and nothing ever gets done." You're speaking of three-dimensional things - bodies, laws, events, and red and blue states. We're speaking of energy. Energy put into the earth is permanent. That is to say, everything you deposit that is wise stays here and you build upon it. You don't lose it the next time around. "Kryon, you're still talking in circles." Some of you are getting it. Slowly, you create what you intend.

Spirit sees humanity over generations. We tend to look at that which is Human consciousness in 60-year cycles. To you, that is a little more than two generations. It takes that long in an old energy to shift that which was into that which is. I'll give you the reason - because it is the energy of what the adults tell their children, and then what the children tell their children, that creates permanent change. Two generations. That's all it takes. So Spirit looks at what has happened with Humans using that paradigm of consciousness.


Let's talk about humanity. "How is it doing?" you might ask. Well, let's look at Gaia first, because you have to take a look at the energy of Gaia in the context of the study of humanity, because they're related. So, looking from large to small, what has Gaia done in 2019 in order to enhance that which you've created?

We have told you that you are facing weather challenges. We told you that 21 years ago! Again, we see things in far longer cycles than you do. The Human is short sighted. You only have one lifetime to look at cycles that are far longer than one lifetime. Some of you are saying, "Well, the earth is changing so radically, there must be something wrong. What is Gaia doing to us today?" These words come from a very three-dimensional thought process that is computing that there's got to be something wrong every time the glass is half full. Well, the glass is right where we said it would be - on schedule.

The reason we predicted that the weather would shift is because you're going through a water cycle that we've told you about before. This will be the subject given for a long time from my chair, for it will get more obvious as time goes on that this is, indeed, what is happening. The weather that is currently upon you will eventually create a large cooling on the planet. It's happened before. It's a water cycle that encompasses many Earth lifetimes and your science doesn't see it that way since it's new to them. You now have the instruments to record this cycle and, over the next two generations, you will see the beauty of it. It's a "refreshing" cycle and affects life on Earth.

The first thing that happens is that the ice partially melts at the caps at the north and south - not all of it, but a great deal of it. What this does is to create a water level that makes the oceans go up a few inches and realigns the weight of the water on the planet. This redistributes the weight from the poles [a concentration of ice at the top and bottom] to a more even weight on the crust of the earth. This redistribution then pushes the crust in ways that are new, creating earthquakes and volcanoes.

You've had some of that this year, haven't you? Then there would be the ones who look at the earthquakes and the volcanoes and they say, "We've done something awful. Gaia is punishing us." The glass is half full, isn't it? It is just Humans not understanding that this is the earth adjusting to Human consciousness.

Now, this water cycle is happening before it was supposed to! You have advanced the timing of it because you have advanced time itself. So I ask those old souls who are in front of me and those who are reading and those listening: Haven't you felt the increase in time? It's speeding up! As those three-dimensional clocks of yours tick off the same amount of time, the multi-dimensional clocks in you are going very fast. And Gaia is part of the dimensional clock; it speeds up with you, doesn't it? So you might say that Humans have changed the weather!

So what you have called global warming is just the opposite. Eventually, you will see it as global cooling. Watch next year [2020] what happens regarding your winter, for the cycle is here. Just for fun, walk down the streets when it's snowing more than it should and yell, "Global warming, global warming!" [Laughter]

So, this is what's happening with Gaia, and I will tell you that what happens next with Gaia, dear Human, is up to you.

Let me tell you the latest science that you have produced. Discovery is like that; it has always been there waiting for you to see it and discover it, but to you it is new. However, as I reveal this, do you remember that I spoke of it?

Scientists can now measure the magnetics of the planet on an hourly basis. That which you would call the magnetic flux of the grid of the earth varies in strength. It's also not consistent from place to place. Now, there are reasons for all of that, but for the first time in space and on the ground, you have a way of measuring that flux variation hour by hour.

In the past, you could measure it only every few months. That was good enough, but with modern methods, you now can measure it in real time, and suddenly there was a revelation of discovery. Perhaps you didn't know this, and this is the reason you needed to hear this or read this? For it's profound information and very much the way we told you the relationship between humanity and Gaia would be.

Your science has discovered that variations in the magnetic flux - that is to say, the variation of the magnetic field in strength goes up and down with Human events! Breathe. Think about it. They saw that when a great deal of Humans left the planet all at once, it changed the magnetics! When there was compassion on the planet for those who were suffering in grief, it changed! When there was exhilaration because something happened that was celebrated, it changed! It's an unbelievable, synchronistic attribute and totally unexpected and remarkable. The magnetic grid of the earth shifts depending on what happens to Humans.

Now, what does that tell you about the energy of humanity? It is altering the physics of the planet. Don't ask Gaia what's going to happen. Instead, ask the consciousness of humanity what's going to happen. And I will tell you that what you see going on right now with humanity is on target and on schedule, and it has never happened in the history of the earth like this before. You've never sped up time before, yet we told you it was possible more than 21 years ago.

This is all part of the ancient prophecy of the movement of the Kundalini of the planet. This heart chakra energy of Gaia has literally left Tibet and India and is moving as we speak to that which is the bottom of the earth on its way to Peru and Chile and what you call Patagonia. It's a graduation of the energy of the planet. It's all part of the vital movement that is there, and is what the Incas talked about in their prophecies, what the Mayans talked about in their prophecies, and even the North American Lakota.

Spirit sees things differently than you do. You work in a linear time frame and Spirit does not. When you think you see tragedy and sorrow and death, you've got to understand the overlay of those souls who came in with that potential for it to happen, because it was written before they were born that these things could take place on the way to a peaceful earth.

Sixty years ago, at the end of your last great war, a group of four futurists in Europe said, "How can we keep this from ever happening again? We always end up conquering one another. For hundreds and hundreds of years, that's all we do - assemble armies and conquer each other." So they put together the seeds of what is today the European Union. They had a goal. They said, "What if we could build something like the United States did - one currency, a group of countries that could become states with no borders, and we'll call it the European Union?" They did exactly that and it took 60 years. Now their currency is strong and the idea worked. Oh, there are issues and there are problems and there are puzzles, but they solve them as they arrive.

But dear ones, I want you to look at the overview. When you put things together and you unify them, it creates that which is stable in the new energy. When you pull things apart, you create things that are unstable. There'll come a time when this planet will have five and only five currencies. They will represent major continents that have put things together much like the Europeans did. Right now, as we speak, there's another group who is doing it in South America. They have a vision. "What if we could put all the countries together without borders, with one currency, all within two generations. We would have a much stronger economic influence on Earth." They're looking at the model of the United States and the European Union. Africa will do it eventually also, within 50 years. The Europeans knew what they were doing, for the result of the unification is this: Countries that depend on each other for trade won't go to war with each other. Are you beginning to see the picture of a peaceful earth and why it might be peaceful?

All it takes is two generations to create this kind of peace. When parents tell their children to hate another culture, they perpetuate an old energy. I've said this before to you in North America. Look at the enemies that you fought in World War II and the represented countries and the hatred and anxiety and death, the torture and the humility that your grandparents saw, and even some of your parents saw. Now, look at those same former enemies today. They are your trading partners! One of them is so allied with you that they make all the appliances in your houses and the very cars you drive! That only took 60 years - from hatred to partners.

So come with me to the Middle East and see a different scenario, where the parents teach their children to hate the other. They have been doing it for 1,000 years. Do you see what I'm saying to you? It only is going to take two generations to undo it all. What you think is the unsolvable problem can be solved in a short time and it will be, by the young people of Earth.

There are groups of young people all over the Middle East who are starting to understand the folly of separatism. They're not going to hate who their parents told them to, and as we have said before, there's a lot of them in Iran. You're going to see change. Consciousness shift brings it about. That is the potential before you.

The Human Being

Now, let's speak of you personally. I see the overview of all of your lives, the Akash that is in you, and the energy of those who lined up to be here at this time. In this is the shift of the energy representing the galactic alignment. Yet we see it differently than you. You are more than Humans walking the earth in lesson. You are catalysts for energy. Everywhere you touch the earth with an enlightened state, it stays changed. And we have said this before. There is a quantum process that is going on even at the molecular level within the field of your DNA. It interacts with the Crystalline Grid of the planet. Your presence in this lifetime is changing Gaia. Old souls are at the forefront of this process, and less than one half of one percent of the Human race has got to do what you have done in order to effect a permanent change on this planet, a consciousness shift that has been predicted for 2020.

For 17 years, you've been in the energy of the 2020 midpoint alignment, for it's a 36-year process. You have 19 more to go. What you do in the next 19 years becomes the template for the future. You are accomplishing what you came for. That is the summary of 2019. Accomplishment.

You're in the right place at the right time, so what's next for you? Here is a promise from Spirit: Submerge yourself in those things that are multidimensional. Trust that the unseen that you call faith will take you to places that are filled with manifestation for your personal lives. Have patience and wait for synchronicity that still you can't imagine. You want to control it, yet you can't, and the things you cannot control give you anxiety. So have peace with those things that you cannot control and understand that the system of Spirit is elegant, and only has you in mind.

Here is the new paradigm. As you walk through the difficulties of this planet, no longer are you going to have suffering and war. No longer do you have to have a consciousness where you expect bad things to occur to you. Flow with the changes. Use your intuition to move left or right. If the weather changes on the planet and continues to flood your house, it might be a nice idea to move. It is the Human Being who says, however, "Well, it's only a once-every-100-year flood." Oh, really? Wait until next year. You're starting to see a new weather paradigm. Move with it. Be flexible, Human Being. Understand what is afoot. You have changed the planet with your consciousness. Now be part of the change. Work with it. Understand it. Celebrate it. Move with it.

That is the message for today. The summary of 2019 finds the old souls on track and pointed toward even more change. Congratulations! And what will next year be? Well, take a look at 2020. Let's look at the two, which is duality against the 11, which is a master number. The 11 means illumination. When added together, it's a four. Let us talk about the four. It represents stability, Earth, respect of the ground, and all things Gaia. It's a hint of things to come that will continue to shift this planet into still another, higher vibration. You can't deny it. You're sitting in it. You're feeling it. You're living it. No longer is it woo-woo when all are aware of it.

So that is the message today for you to hear yet again. Twenty-two years ago, many thought it was speculation as they read the Kryon books. Today, it's your reality. What might the speculations of today bring you in 20 years?

Given in love this day.

And so it is.


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