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2020 and Beyond

This is a very specific channelling about what Kryon sees as the potentials of the future, both for 2020, and beyond. As you read some of the comments, take a look at the date of the channelling, for none of the things in February had occurred yet. Also given here is the "Parable of the Rainbow Room." There are controversial predictions here, and also things that will make science laugh... for awhile.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This is the first recorded Kryon channelling of 2020. In these moments, I wish to give you an overview of the numerological aspects of the year just passed [2019], then of the one you're sitting in now [2020]. Then I'll go further than that to explain some of the anomalies you are seeing, and then review what I told you 22 years ago about all of it. Then I would like to give you the potentials that we see for the planet, both near and the far futures.

You have just come out of the year 2019. Sequentially, the numbers move forward in a linear fashion, but they also have energy around them. And so we ask you to look at that energy, which is numerologically germane to your situation. The numerology gives you an overview of the energy that is portrayed by the numbers in the year. It does not give you an absolute empirical energy that demands any action. Numerology was created to help Human Beings understand the energy that is directly with them at the moment. It is one of the oldest sciences on the planet, and I ask my partner to understand and teach it. It can be simple and it can be complex. It can even go so far as to be quantum numerology the numbers above the numbers.

Let us look at the year 2010 - two zero one zero. In the simplest of numerology, we do not look at the zeros as anything but placeholders and separators. In another kind of a numerological system, the zeros have energy themselves and they speak for themselves depending on where they are in the number. However, we will speak now only of the simplest numerology that is available - one through nine.

Originally developed by those in Tibet [the kind we are using], this particular, profound system has been with you for a long time. Twenty-ten [2010] is a three as you add up the numbers. The only time that you will not use the sum of those numbers is in the case where you end up with a master number as the total [11, 22, 33, 44, etc.]. Three is not a master number. Instead, it is a number that means "catalyst." The three is the energy around that which is the development of the DNA book that I asked my partner to write and finish in 2010. It is the 12th book of the Kryon Series. That is a three. It centers around that which is the 12 energies of DNA, which is a three. It was finished in 2010, which is also a three. When you take the three threes and put them together, you have a nine, which means completion.

So let us first look at the three, for three alone in the simplest form is a catalytic number - that which changes something else because of its presence. Therefore, we can say that that which was started in 2010 could be a catalyst for what is to follow in your life. Think about what took place in 2010, the ideas that you had, the actions that were created, and some of the things that may have happened to you. Think of them in this light: Perhaps these things gave an energy for you that was catalytic, for this was the year where things like that would have the most energy and mean the most to you. Now, perhaps you understand a little more about why things were only "started" in 2010. If you had known that at the beginning of the year, perhaps you would have relaxed a little more? It might have changed your reactions? This is what numerology is for - a helper that lets you have a more quantum perspective on seemingly linear things.


Numbers stand alone, and they stand as a group. You have to look at both in numerology. You cannot ignore how they are placed. So we will look at 2020 singularly and together. SINGLE: Let us look at the number