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A Creation Of My Mind, Extrasensory Perception

Dear Kryon, how can I distinguish between a creation of my mind, as opposed to intuition or extrasensory perception?

Since these things are so similar in perception, I encourage you to give it the “reality test.” Begin to coordinate something you experience in your mind with what happens next. Did you actually feel an energy that was later confirmed by the revelation of truth? If so, try to remember what that felt like.

This is what I felt regarding channelling, since the beginning feeling was that I was “making it up.” Later, however, when the information given in channel became mainstream news, I knew I wasn’t making it up. Then I started to feel the difference between imagination and channelling. I believe it’s the same with intuition. If it bears out a truth of some kind, then you were feeling energy. Go back and try to correlate what that felt like, and then look for that feeling again. Soon you’ll be able to detect the difference between intuition, spiritual knowledge, and your creative mind.

I think we all start out with everything, but it’s in a big “box,” and we can’t see any differences. Later, we’re able to start putting smaller boxes in the big box, and sorting what is and is not spiritual or intuitive. It’s a learning process, and it takes time. But many have reported exactly this process of sorting out energy.


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