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A Peaceful Earth

Kryon starts demystifying some of the most esoteric things yet. He also admonishes Light Workers everywhere to start balancing and not being so apart from others. As benign as this message sounds, we are already getting scathing letters! It's starting to “hit home” with those who wish to just spin in drama, instead of a far more difficult path of balancing. Kryon tells us the only way to create a peaceful earth is to emulate the balance of the masters. You wouldn't expect this to be a controversial message, would you? But it seems that it is. Stop separating yourself, and balance with all that is!

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Yet again, my partner steps aside and the purity of the message is enhanced. I say this, for even he is experiencing differences in the spiritual energy of what he has done for 23 years. The very process of channelling is also shifting. If, indeed, channelling is an open message coming from the portal of the pineal and if, indeed, the energy of the planet is starting to support this, it means that the portal of communication is going to become larger. More is being transmitted in the third language than ever before, even to the listener after the fact [recordings] and even to the reader on the page. There is an energy that is multidimensional, which carries messages far beyond that which is verbal or written, and they ride along with this specific message as you hear it right now in this room. There is so much more at hand as we open this and begin to speak.

Each Human in the room and those reading or listening to this message has a life path that is totally unique. None of you are the same. You might think that this would be a very complex puzzle, yet for Spirit it's not, for the wholeness of all of you together is combined into a oneness. It's a puzzle where the attributes of one help the other in ways you're not even familiar with. So it becomes complex for you to think about, but not for us. It is a sweet and benevolent energy, and it is on purpose.

So, dear healer, I know who is here and I know who is listening and reading. Even if you are experiencing problems or differences in communication with Spirit, now you know why. If the pipe becomes larger, the water pressure may go down, but the delivery of the amount of water remains the same. The dynamics of what you are receiving as channelled information and healing energy may have to adjust in ways that you don't expect. This is in order to get the same or even better results. Know this: The design is that nothing is going to get worse. Do you understand? That is the design. If you are receiving the same information through a larger portal, then it allows a purity that was not there before. Instead of being sprayed with fast, intuitive thought, it now slows down so you can see it and use it better.

2021 - A New Beginning

2021 is a new energy, and the beginning of the enhancement of the old soul's ability to work on the planet far better than before. This is the energy that you've always expected as an old soul. It's the beginning of your time but it's going to take awhile, and some of you are not going to feel it yet because your senses are realigning. But, in general, there should be a feeling in all of you and those listening that this year is very different than last year. You ought to be able to take a deep breath and say, “I'm so glad it's 2021 and I can feel the difference.” Don't just echo what somebody has told you about it, but rather use your innate, the intuition that you have, to verify how this all feels.

So we begin a series of channellings, never telling my partner when they are going to occur, about demystifying the new age. In the process of this discussion, we have told you that some of this may very well be offensive. This is especially true for the teachers who have a mindset that is not easily changed. They've always taught a certain thing a certain way and it has worked for them. So why change it?

Let me address the teachers just for a moment: Dear ones, in the old energy, pre-2012, absolutely everything you received was pushed through a filter, a dark filter of old energy. So, much of what you had to work with were metaphors, not direct information. You then linearized it and delivered it the best you could. Nobody got it wrong. You simply did the best you could with what you had. But now when you take the filter away, and you see what it is really about, it can be an “a ha” experience for you. Please understand that this communication is a gift and there's no judgment involved. Instead, it's just an invitation for you to open your eyes in a new, brighter room and say, “Ah, it's different from what I've been teaching.” Celebrate the new clarity and then teach what you now see.

Some new information is going to start to clarify what you've been doing, and may very well shift a little bit of the paradigm you always thought you had control over. It's going to be a little different. It's like those who finally see the lyrics of a song in print and realize they have been singing the wrong words! The tune is the same, but the lyrics are now more accurate. It's like that. So you might have been singing the song and teaching the song and enjoying the song, but when you open the liner notes and finally get to see the lyrics written down, you go, “Oops!” So take a deep breath for a moment. Say to yourself, “It's OK, it's OK, now I have more clarity, and I'll teach it differently, and better!”

Quite often, Human Beings will take a situation like this and they'll twist it to accommodate a self-worth bias, and they'll look at their lives and say, “I've been doing it wrong and, therefore, I have failed.” Do you understand, dear ones, that this is old energy teaching? It's one where an old energy consciousness gets in the way of giving “steering corrections” to teachers and intuitives. It's perception - perception about your magnificence.

Get Out of Linearity

The first thing we want to give you is an admonishment to try to desingularize things. Everything you have is linear, so everything must fit into your model. We have said this before: Human Beings live in 3D and, therefore, everything is perceived in 3D. In general, you always try to align everything so that it conforms to your perception of your own reality. You must be satisfied with the linearity and the compartmentalization of everything you work with. Even though some concepts you receive from Spirit are obviously not linear, you still must realign them in a linear way to feel comfortable. An angel is ONE entity. God has ONE voice. There is ONE diet for all. There is ONE way to worship, to pray, and to see God. There is ONE right way. There is ONE of you, and it's all contained in your brain. (This last one is really funny if you knew the truth.)

It's more complex than that. Let me become more specific so that you know what I'm talking about. Spirit has always spoken to humanity in code. If you've read the books of prophecy in the Holy Bible, the verses are in code. Nostradamus wrote his quatrains in code so that his friends wouldn't know what he was doing. But he also received his messages about the future in code from Spirit. True spiritual prophecy was always given in a seemingly metaphoric coding, even the most profound messages for the planet. The indigenous received it and delivered it the same way. It always came as metaphors - always metaphors.

How does a multidimensional God speak to a single-digit dimensional Human Being? The answer is through metaphors. The meaning of your word metaphorical is to use other words or situations, which would suggest a resemblance to the real meaning. This helps in clarity and understanding, especially when you don't speak the same language. Have you ever had to communicate with someone who only spoke a few words of your language? You make motions, sounds and words they understand to convey the true meaning. This has always been the way Spirit has worked with you.

Yet some teachers, especially the ancient ones, have taken the metaphors literally and taught them as fact. After all, “God said it.” This is common and you all know this. The seven days it took to create the earth were not seven days. They were seven dispensations of benevolent grace where things were created in a way that made sense, and the result was the creation of a divine planet and the life upon it. However, this is the example of what we're speaking about. You now see the common sense of it, and you've figured out what Spirit really meant. So now it's time to start applying this same common sense to some of the things that you hear daily in your spiritual lives or have been taught about within your metaphysics. This would include general things as well as the minutia. It's the minutia that will get you in trouble, after all.

An Example

Here is a small example. Anytime you see the word crystalline associated with anything spiritual, whether it's a grid or a planet or an entity, understand that that is metaphorical. It means that which holds vibration or remembers. So, for instance, when you get a channelling that there is a crystal angel who is delivering messages, suddenly you may have a perception of an angel made of crystal. Then you give that rock-angel a name, and pretty soon somebody is worshipping it and you will get little crystals made that have wings and look like an angel. Of course, then somebody will eventually start to channel the crystal angel, with crystals all over the stage. Do you see what I'm saying? The original message meant something else completely. I want you to start understanding that channelled messages, even including mine, are often metaphoric. They tell a far greater story than any linear message could ever do, since they “open up” the mind for comparison to many, many other attributes of truth. This is why we use so many parables.

A crystal angel is an angelic group (all angels are part of the “soup of God” and none are singular) who is charged with storing information or a vibration that “remembers” who you are and perhaps even your personal Akash. This angelic presence might then help you along the way to claim what you have learned in past incarnations. It's a benevolent helper to work with your magnificence. Do you like that better than a rock with wings?

A crystal planet is not a planet at all. It would be a “storage place” for souls of all kinds, perhaps part of the system of incarnation and return. But it's a metaphor for where multidimensional things are stored and remembered. The idea of “planet” is just for you, since you have no concept of the real multidimensional quantum storage attribute. Understand? It's a metaphor.

The information that I am giving now, in this new energy, is given so that it will clear things, not make life more difficult. If you apply this rule of “look for the metaphors” to many of the things that don't make sense, you may start to understand God much better. It will help demystify certain attributes of what you have been told in the past.

Yes, we have specifics - classic ones - but if we gave them, it might hurt the hearts of the ones who have been teaching differently, and we won't do that. We won't do that. Instead, we give you the ammunition to examine things for yourself and what you may be “clinging to” as doctrine or truth that might be far different than you thought. That's just one of many things we're asking you to do. Common sense. Was there a Garden of Eden? Could it have been a metaphor for Gaia? Was there a talking snake? Could that have meant something else? Did you know that a serpent is a messenger of wisdom to certain indigenous peoples? When you begin to see the amazing truth in some of these ancient stories, you will see the love of God so much clearer, and it will begin to demystify the mythology around you.


Stop separating things! We understand that it is absolutely normal behavior for Human Beings to separate things. You separate to survive and we have talked about this before. We have told you that the biggest difference between the old and new energy is that the old energy separated and survived because you walked in the dark. The new energy has the light turned on and now you can see each other. There's no reason to separate now, because there is no fear of others. You can see them now! So instead, come together. But that's easier said than done. Old survival energy is going to be one of the hardest things to rewrite. Look at what old energy survival has in common. It fears putting Humans together in new ways. Do you recognize the phrases below?

The telephone is the devil's tool.

Television will corrupt the minds of children.

The Internet is the beginning of the anti-Christ.

Facebook is stealing the social skills of young people.

Each of these is a social revolution, bringing the world closer together. But the old energy survival instinct is to fear them all.

I want you to start practicing coming together in ways that you don't even expect. Here's an example, without offending anyone, without hurting anybody's heart. Example: You are a westerner. You meet a man and he's wearing a head cover. Let's discuss a common thinking process, based on survival.

SURVIVAL: Immediately the head cover would indicate his belief system, perhaps where he is from, the lineage of his culture, and perhaps the language he speaks. That also means to your perception, because you really don't know much about it, that he's probably not going to like you. After all, your head isn't covered. So what do you do? Normally, you walk another way. Perhaps he's from the Middle East? There are many in the Middle East who wear a head covering. However, everything in your body, everything that your brain has been taught, will then separate him from you. Your brain will start to tick off the reasoning and the logic: You don't have anything in common. If you get into a conversation, it will end poorly because he doesn't believe what you believe. You also don't believe what he believes, and he would not listen to you. He's simply practicing the lineage of what he's been taught. You don't know much about it, but you see him just following what he was told to do. You are free not to wear a covering, and he is not. You understand? Survival has separated you, justified it within your old perceptions, and caused you to act. You walk the other way. That is separation - that is survival. It's going to take a lot of different thinking about the way things work for you to change that.

A NEW PARADIGM: Dear one, consider this: You meet a man with a head cover. Your mind is far from survival. Instead, it's on alert to see if there is something you have in common. This is actually a “new survival” where you intuitively understand that you need to connect, not separate. Your intuition is working, and here's what it tells you: It's this man's reality to wear a covering as his way of honoring the God inside him. It's his culture, but he does it openly so you can know he believes in God. So do you! He honors his God so much he's not afraid of what people will think about him wearing a head covering. That's a little like you, in that you're not afraid of what you believe either. You've got something in common with this man, in that you both love the same God. Now here's what happens next. Did you know that he expects you to walk away? He's been wearing a head covering all his life and he's walking around in a society that doesn't. He knows what is common behavior, and he's seen it over and over. So instead, what do you do? You shake his hand. You look in his eyes. You smile and greet the God in him and the God in you. You've got things in common. You don't even have to talk about it. You don't even have to make friends with him.

What do you think his reaction might be? He sees a balanced person who doesn't care if he's wearing a head covering. He's not asking why, he just knows he met a sweet, balanced Human! Do you understand what just happened? Not only did you change your paradigm, you changed his! Maybe he will go from that place less apt to think that those who say they're esoteric are going to walk the other way. This is the beginning of a brand new set of rules, and we could extend these examples indefinitely. We could talk about countries and what they might do, which could bring them together using what they have in common instead of using an old history of separation.

The new paradigm is going to demand another kind of survival - benevolent survival. You may hear these things in this channel and you say, “Oh, how nice. It's a nice concept, Kryon.” Then you go outside and you forget. What I'm asking you to do, New Ager, is to practice it. I dare you. How about that? The reason I know how profound it is is because I can see what's going to happen. I can see it because I've seen it already in other places and other worlds. The potential is so strong that it's a certainty. It's not fortune telling to know a potential is almost 100 percent. Is it fortune telling that when you leap into the air you are going to come down again? No, it's the potential of knowing about how things work around you, like gravity.

As you begin a new perception of not separating others from you, watch what happens. It's not just about a man with a head covering, it's the neighbor who doesn't believe what you believe. It's the one you've avoided; it's the one who perhaps even walks the other way when you come around. Perhaps you may get a chance to say “hello” to that person in a seemingly synchronistic meeting? Do something outrageous! Greet them sweetly, mean it, and move on. They'll think about that for a long time. Is the God in you able to do that? The answer is yes.

Dear ones, this takes work. When you start changing who you are, how you behave and how you react to situations, you're rewriting humanism, aren't you? You're rewriting your basic Human nature. That's the invitation. Never before in the history of spiritual humanity, since the seeding of the planet took place, have the cells of your body been more receptive to the suggestion of change in behavior - what works and what does not work. I will say it again: The new balance on the planet is the paradigm of balanced survival. The balanced ones are the ones who are going to be seen as strong. These are the ones who are going to survive the chaos of change around them. These are the ones who will bring peace to the planet.

The New Balance

In the past, it was the chaotic ones who attracted the most attention and got what they wanted. However, now these same ones will be seen as flailing children that are misbehaving badly. Humanity will see this and, instead, look for balance. Individuals, businesses and spiritual systems will seek a balance that makes spiritual sense and common sense. The New Age is also called esoteric. There are places on the planet where the words New Age mean cult. It's often, therefore, replaced by the word esoteric in my channelling. So I use both of these terms interchangeably. This is so that you will understand the meanings of what follows.

Benevolent Helpers

There are many out there who are channelling beautiful, esoteric entity groups. Some of the names of the groups are very recognizable because Humans have been channelling them for a long time. I will go ahead and mention some of the groups that are represented in a moment. I do this in full love, and never to offend anyone or to make any Human wrong. Instead, I do this to open up the possibilities that are grander even than what some of them teach. There are many groups being channelled and many books regarding these groups. We mention the Arcturians, those from Sirius, from Orion, and also we mention the Pleiadians. These are just four, and there are many more. But it's confusing to many about who these are and what you should think about it all.

I know how Humans think. We live with you! We hold your hand through difficulties. We cry with you; we laugh, and we are your support. When a channeller comes along and the information resonates with you, you are interested! Perhaps it's channelling those from Orion [for instance]. A Human may say, “These are my guys! I really love this information.” Then you cling to it and you put a box around it, and that is who you want to hear from. When somebody asks, “Well, what about the Arcturians?” You say, “Well, I don't know about them. I never heard of them. I just heard about those from Orion and those are the real ones, because those are the ones I resonate with. They are helping me.”

This represents the Human at his/her 3D best. Do you see what you have done? You've excluded the others because ONE group was first or resonated with you. That's what survival does. It separates and excludes. Organized religion has done this for years, bringing the planet to a place where there is ONE GOD with thousands of “boxes” of separation. It's not common sense. I want to demystify the esoteric groups I have mentioned. It's about time, esoteric Human, to see the beauty of the system, for the New Age has also compartmentalized itself and separated itself from the grandness of the truth.

All these who I have mentioned have a similarity, dear ones. I want to start at the beginning. I begin with the history of the galaxy and a beautiful story that you might have heard before from others or me. It is one of the most beautiful stories that we can tell.

The History of Your Galaxy

Once upon a time, a galaxy was created that was filled with the love of God. The creative source that created it had a benevolent system billions of years old and more than enough time to develop millions of planets of all kinds. The physics of this galaxy was biased for completion, balance and life. It was not a random physics as you have presumed, but rather one that had benevolent purpose. When the planets cooled and developed life, one planet at a time would have the choice to be seeded with spirituality. The Humans on each planet would have their DNA changed slightly, and a test lasting thousands of years would begin. The test would be to see if, in the process of living, they could discover the God inside - the benevolent creation system. If they did, they had permission to go into ascension status, where the physical actually melds into a multidimensional reality.

It takes many thousands of years to become an ascended planet. In the process, each civilization becomes very close to the creative source of all things. In the process, each are eventually asked to choose one other planet in the galaxy, far from theirs, and seed them with their sacred DNA. Are you following me? This is the system. With free choice, the Humans on the chosen planet are now intuitively seeded with the ability to carry a soul and become aware of dark and light - starting their puzzle of discovery, or not.

There are those who will say, “Well, Kryon, where did the first seeds come from?” They came from the center, the Great Central Sun, the core, that which you call God, the creative source that is everywhere. The minutia of this is not important. It's far more important to find and breathe clean air than to spend your time instead asking where air came from [a metaphor].

What's important for you to know is this: You have relatives in the galaxy! Number one, they look a lot like you. Number two, they have DNA much like yours. Let's clarify this. I'm going to give you information that we've given before, but that you should hear again just so you won't forget it. When you start discovering simple life forms in your solar system and beyond, you're going to find that the structure of DNA-like molecules is common. You're going to find that your planet is not isolated from the galaxy in its processes of life development and creation. Indeed, planetary evolution treats things in a unique way because of the environment on different planets, but in basic terms, DNA is a natural-occurring evolution of complex life, and the biophysics of it is part of the way life evolves everywhere in the galaxy. It is not unique to Earth.

Your relatives on these other worlds are humanoid, and they look like you. Some are larger because of nutrition or gravitational attributes and some are smaller. But they're not scary creatures with 14 eyes and three arms with shrieking voices. It's going to be one of the biggest things you find out some day - that there is life like yours, everywhere. I'll tell you, dear one, that when you find this out and realize what it means, you'll understand all about intelligent design and you'll know about a benevolence in the galaxy and your planet that has worked to make things the same, everywhere.

Can you imagine a beginning civilization billions of years ago? One planet, the first one, seeded with the knowledge of God? Can you imagine that a planet could do this? For now, it has no name, and the names of the citizens, race or whatever you want to call it also has no name. It was very long ago. It took millions of years, but they made it against all odds. It's a story, by the way, that we all know and love. That was the beginning, and what a story it is! It's about what they went through and how they seeded another planet - only one in an infinite, starry sky, a beach of sand that goes as far as you can see and only one grain of sand gets selected [metaphor]. They found it, and they did it, and you don't know about that world either, for it's too long ago. That one didn't make it, by the way, and so they seeded another. That one didn't make it either, and they seeded another. That third one made it, and you don't know their names either. It was too long ago.

On average, every single planet has to have approximately a million years from seeding to graduation. How does that make you feel? Let me ask you: In the scheme of spiritual development, what year do you think you are in? If I said year one, would that make sense? Well, you've got a long way to go!

But let me tell you something - you've crossed the marker of decision. That is a description of the point at which the Humans on a planet slowly begin to understand what they're doing and what the goal is. It starts the clock. Don't let this make you sad. “Well, Kryon, I thought it was going to happen in a few generations.” Really? You thought in a few generations you'll all be walking around as light? A couple of generations? There are those who actually believe that. Start using common sense.

The good news, dear ones, is that everything you've been through for over 30,000 years on the planet - slogging through old energy - is over. Now is the opportunity you came for. This is why you arrived here and some more good news is this: It doesn't matter how long it takes, you personally are going to participate in all of it! Yes! None of you are going to “miss the ending” of this wonderful play [metaphor]!

Every single lifetime from now on will be in this new energy. When you arrive as a new Human Being four lifetimes from now, let's say in 300 years, you're going to awaken [be born] differently. When you open your eyes, you're not just going to recognize your mother, you're going to recognize the earth! Within a few days, your mind will be saying welcome back! The child that you are, as soon as your eyes are focusing, will remember, “That's a cup. That's food. Hey, that's the creature who is married to mom.” You'll have it figured out. Perhaps in a month or two, you'll be walking - maybe sooner. You won't have to learn to read (unless it's a language you never learned). We've told you this before. Look for this. Doesn't this make sense to you that you shouldn't have to learn basic Human action over and over? Instead, it's time to remember it!

This is what spiritual evolution is going to create. There's going to be some fast-tracking going on, and we just haven't told you about that yet. There are some masters coming back and you won't see them as masters. You'll see them as inventors. That's OK and they won't care, as they bring multidimensional inventions to the planet that allow you to understand the templates of matter. Now, this may mean nothing to you, but imagine with me. Do you understand that if you knew the template of matter, you could then design matter? If you had the technology to understand the template, by using it you could even alter the mass. Like stem cells of the body, matter has a template also.

Ask a physicist. Don't take my word for this. Ask a physicist, “Would it be possible if you had the tools and understanding to replicate atomic structure?” Yes. I'm telling you what could be, and the reason that you'll be able to do it is because you won't be interrupted by war and horror and plague. Do you see how this works, dear one? It's a new kind of survival. The more you cooperate with each other and try to see the others' “God within”, the more you are given as a planet and the more you get along.

Billions of years ago, one planet led to another a million or so years at a time and a few revolutions around the galaxy. [Since all the planets and the stars go around the galaxy at the same speed, there's a constant to measure time for all intelligent life in the galaxy. Every sun and every planet around every sun has the same time clock if you measure time in revs or partial revs around the middle of the galaxy. So planetary civilizations can relate to each other in this way. If you talk to someone from another planet about years, they'll have no idea what you mean, for your years are not theirs.]

The Pleiadians are your parents. When their planet went into ascension and they had the full God within their DNA, they realized what they had gone through. They finally knew what they were there for, and they received a full pineal connection - 100 percent efficient DNA - but still remained in the physical [They remained in physical bodies.]. Do you know what that's like? Don't look for their 3D ships. These beautiful beings are entangled with you and they come and go as they wish. However, they do it by just “thinking” about it.

You [on Earth] were the next ones, and the only planet after them to be seeded. But did you know they had spiritual parents of their own, just like they are your spiritual parents? The names of their parents and the parents of their parents are Arcturian, those from Orion and from Sirius. All of these also had spiritual parents of their own, and they then had parents of their own. Listen: Every single one of these groups are part of your “creative source family group”. Some are your spiritual grandparents, and some are your great-grandparents. Some are even more than that. There are also ancients on your planet from other parts of the galaxy who are just “here to help”.

Let me ask you this: What do you know about the attributes of biological grandparents that your parents don't have? How do you feel about your grandparents, living or dead? You look at them differently from your parents, don't you? Your parents are hands-on, but your grandparents are not. Your grandparents are the ones who want to entertain you and help you and take you places. Mom and dad? They're a little different. They are here to make certain you survive and give you the rules of life.

The Pleiadians seeded you and they're the ones who are responsible for the information as you open the time capsules. They're the ones who are putting you through all the tests of the Crystalline Grid and other systems they have created to interface with you for your spiritual awakening and survival. They're the ones who are saying, “Come on, let's go!” Ah, but the grandparents, they're the ones giving the most gentle help, since they are more available and do not have the same kinds of responsibilities that the parents do. They also are a far more mature and ancient group than the parents.

Do you understand where this is going? The Arcturians and those from Orion and Sirius are in your DNA, because you have “galactic Akashic inheritance”. You know them, and they know you. They're probably the most helpful groups on the planet. Don't separate them out from the others, and don't worship them. See the system, dear ones, for what it is. Absorb all of them and know that right now they are with us in this room, in this communication. They love the fact that we are now helping to demystify who they are. Those who channel them may say they're from here or there, but I want you to look for the metaphors within their information, for these metaphors will point to the truth. The reason these groups are here helping is that they are your spiritual grandparents and great-grandparents. That is why they feel so good to you, and that is why some of the channelling coming from them is so pure and so excellent. If the channeller is pure, you will see who they are. They love you and they know who you are.

It's important that the old souls who sit in front of me are understanding what I'm saying and know that I'm not talking in code or in metaphors. Right now, I am talking about reality and spiritual common sense that is beautiful. This information is right from the creative source that you call God. God is bigger than anything that you've been told, dear one, and as you start to perceive this, I want you to remember one thing before we say goodbye. As you start to perceive the wonder of the creator, I want you to remember where it came from, for your Akashic lineage is God. Ponder it. It's about time you picked yourself up, stood tall, and claimed this lineage. Say “hello” to your grandparents.

Perhaps they've been waiting a long time for this? Is this too spooky? For some, it is. For others, the truth rings like a bell of purity and answers the questions that they've been asking a long time. Dear ones, you've got help. Acknowledge it, work with it. Use it!

And so it is.


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