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A Question about Organ Transplants

Dear Kryon, what is the position with people who have had organ transplants and have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives? I have read that to achieve ascension status, the cells must not be poisoned by drugs. Does this mean that a transplantee cannot ascend in this life, nor do they have to trust that the body won't reject the donor organ if they stop the drugs? I would very much appreciate your answer to this question.

Let's engage in some plain talk, and speak directly to those who have had organ transplants (including those relating to the heart) and are existing on drugs. Organ rejection is a chemical attribute of your biology. It has nothing to do with your spirituality. The drugs that are keeping you alive are blessed and God-given. They're not poisons to your system. They are, rather, to be honored and celebrated as the very science that's helping to keep you alive, and one that was divinely inspired.

Ascension status is given to any Human on the planet who will give intent and start on the path. God isn't somewhere behind a curtain! Your divine spiritual family knows exactly what's going on in your body and won't penalize you because you're keeping yourself alive! It's time to use spiritual common sense in these things. See God at your side, knowing all things, and celebrating your life. Then make whatever spiritual decision you wish, knowing that all is perfect within your pure intent.


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