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All About 2020...and more

Kryon speaks of the numerological energies of 2020, plus our DNA activation, and what it is that God really wants from us. A heartwarming channeling and worth a listen too (below).

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It's a core group here and there are many old souls. Not all that sit in the seats are old souls, but most are. The attribute of an old soul is a Human Being who has been on the earth over and over in different expressions, which you would call incarnations. Inside yourselves, as you sit in the chair, you know it. For you know how things work. Inside, you feel that which is a wise Human Being.

So again we call upon that which we call "innate." Innate is a cellular intelligence that you have inside, but that often stands apart from you, but which knows you. Innate is what you trust when you decide to do things such as muscle testing and kinesiology. Innate is that which lives in the field of the DNA, which is intelligent. Innate is what talks to you and says, "You've been here before." So if you were to examine yourself right now and ask, "Have I been here before? Is any of this true?", innate will give you the chills, give you the acknowledgement, give you the joy of the feeling that you cannot fake. These are validations that come from inside, which say, "Yes, you're part of a grand plan that you don't know about when you're here. You've helped set the stage for an event on the planet that the consciousness of humanity has only dreamed about for millenniums, and here you are."

You're in a place of study, as you sit here. You're in a place that wants to know more about the energy that is taking place; you're in a seat, on purpose, in a venue that is designed for teaching [a school theatre]. One speaks to many. Many speak to one, and that tells a lot to Spirit about who is here and why. Very few are here to be entertained. We are aware of the ones who are here because of the ones next to them. We are aware of the Shamans in the audience. We are aware of the old souls, the Lemurians - a few from Tibet, several from India.

I'm looking at wisdom here, and that's what this gathering is about today… feeding wise, old souls. To feed a wise, old soul, I cannot give you pabulum and I cannot give you those things that are simple. So we will get complicated, and that's what you came for, isn't it? We're going to talk about systems today and non-systems. We're going to talk about what things mean, and we're going to remind you of ancient history. We're going to get very esoteric.

More About Numerology

Let us begin by expanding the study that is in the book that is called "Twelve" [Kryon Book Twelve - The Twelve Layers of DNA]. We wish to add to the information that is already there in a way that is verbal and that will be transcribed so you will know more about this, the current energy on the planet, which you currently are experiencing. Let us discuss numerology. I know who is here. I know the studiers who are here, and there isn't anything I'm going to say tonight that will offend any of you. For those of you who studied the ancient numbers systems, you know how complex it is. You know it cannot be taught on a stage for 20 minutes, and I'm not going to do that. Instead, we're going to examine the process and we're going to apply it to 2020. Is there a message in the number? Perhaps there is. So let us start with numerology.

Numerology is the study of the energy within numbers. Now, there are many who do not understand this, for they do not feel any energy around the numbers. It must be studied and understood. It is not necessarily a three-dimensional attribute of your lives. Just like spiritual things are beyond 3D, so is the very essence of numerology. You must think out of your dimensionality and give credibility to that which is energy around a number.

So here's a statement I'm going to make. Numerology is not a system. If you look at the numbers of physics and you study physics, you realize that physics is not a system. Rather, it's a map. It's a map of formulas of how the Creator set the world in motion. It's a map that sits in front of you, that once you understand it, you can use a system applied to the map to send a rocket ship to Mars. So the system gets you to Mars using the map of physics. When you start thinking this way, you will understand that numerology is an esoteric energy map that begs you to develop systems for its use. So it's the map that you want to understand, for the map helps to guide your life in ways that make it easier on the planet where you live.

The map, like any map, does not force you to go one way or the other. The map just lays there and is. The extent that you wish to study the map is your free choice, but the more you study it, the more it helps you understand your life. With that simple explanation, we look then at the numerological aspects of the year 2020.

We are going to use the simplest form, the original form, the ancient form of numerology. Let's look at the single digits of 2020, then add them together with the other single digits and look at the energies around them. But here is the acknowledgement for those of you who are studying numerology and just getting into it: You cannot simply ignore the single digits. You have a tendency to immediately add them up, get a solution, and put all of the examination on that solution [sum of the numbers]. This works, but it is not appropriate, for in the process you've thrown away the numbers that had energy to give the solution. So we must first look at two, zero, two, zero [2-0-2-0].

Let's not add it up yet. Let's instead just look at it for a moment. If there are energies around numbers, and you are familiar with what they are, what do they mean? Let's look at the map. There are those in the audience who may say, "This is not really very accurate. You see, those numbers were not random. They are part of a numerological sequence. They have to be random to have energy." No, they don't. They can be sequential and still have meaning. In fact, if they are sequential [such as the numbers of the years] you can look ahead and know something you would not have known otherwise about what's coming up. So the numbers of the years are planned sequentially and this is not a surprise.

Two, zero, one, one. Don't add it up yet. When you do, you'll know what this year is about in general, and some of you already have. But let's stay with the digits. Two, zero, one, one. In numerological terms, the two represents what you would call duality and what we call polarity. Polarity is the energy that is developed between that which is divine and that which is linear - the energy that is Human life and that which is divine inside the Human life. Some call it a battle, some call it a confluence of energy, some call it a marriage, and some call it joy. Did you know that? Don't assign a negative aspect to polarity or duality. What if you have conquered a balanced duality? What if you're absolutely aligned with the polarity between the divine and the Human? What if you love it? What if you figured it out, would it then be negative? No. What if it generates joy in your life every time you awaken and your eyes open up and you say, "This is good. I am here on Earth with the essence of God inside, I am here to plant the seeds of peace on the planet. I can hardly wait for this day. Let's go." Now, I know that won't be all of you. But what if it was? Would it be a negative thing? No. It's just polarity. Simply, it represents the two - the polarity between the divine and the non-divine.

Now, let's talk about transmuting this polarity. What happens when you take the non-divine and you have a divine realization within it? Then it becomes divine! What happens to polarity when there are no more poles? Did you ever think of that? Does it then become a one? That's a joke. [Kryon humor] All right. There are even jokes in numerology.

So you have the polarity of the two. Next you have the zero. Now some would say, "Well, we skip the zero because it has no value." That's not true. It may not have a value as you assign it in three dimensions, for it is not one through nine. Nor is it a placeholder. Zero has a significant value of having no value and that's a value, if you think of it! It is important. Sometimes it simply separates the other numbers so that you can see the map better, and sometimes it plays a more important part even than that. Used in computation, it is a X10 multiplier! Now, is it nothing, or does it "do" something? See what I mean? If you look at it quantumly, it really shines. But don't. Not yet. That's another channel. [Kryon smile]

Next, you have the one. Ahh, but it sits next to itself, another one. The simple rules of numerology say that this situation cannot be taken as a one; it must be taken as an 11. Eleven is the first series of master numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44. Only three master numbers of nine are identified to humanity. Do you know why? There is no consensus on 44, 55, 66, 77, etc. Again, do you know why? Because you're not there yet! You do not have the consciousness to understand what they mean. The spirituality, the grandness, the physics around them is beyond the scope of where you are at the moment.

I will give this prediction: within the next generation, those who study numerology, those who know the system, those who know what's coming, will be given a beautiful solution for 44. And then you'll know that you are evolving just as we said you were… evolving spiritually and compassionately.

So here you have the two, the zero and the 11. What is the 11? Illumination! It is also the number of Kryon. It is also the number you keep seeing on your clocks, do you not? That's not an accident, dear ones. Many of you are seeing the 11:11 synchronistically and have for more than 17 years. It is the symbol for the shift. It is the symbol of synchronicity that says to the old soul, "You have arrived at a place you knew you would be. Look, it's here. Look, it's here." It is not a mistake that you're seeing 11:11. Let me take a moment to say it's not fair if you look at 11:10 and stare at it for a while. [Laughter] 11:11 must present itself in its fullness when you don't expect it, over and over and over, out of the odds of chance.

Ahh, 11… illumination. Now, let's put them together. Don't add them up yet. What do we have? What is the meaning? Well, one meaning that we will give you is "the illumination of polarity." Did you think of that? What is this year about? The illumination of duality and polarity! If you illuminate something, you put light on it. Perhaps you are placing light on something that has been in the dark, something that gives you information you did not have before? Now, that really doesn't have the meaning when you add it up, which we haven't done yet, but it gives insight within the number you're about to add. We'll return to the insight in a moment.

What do you get when you add 2-0-1-1 together? You get four. The four - it's the year of Gaia! For the four is "structure" and also the earth [Gaia energy]. Have you noticed what is going on in the planet this year? We don't just speak about the weather. We speak of many things. We speak of that which is volcanic; we speak of the things that even Gaia spoke of when Gaia stood and spoke eloquently at the Grand Canyon. She said, "We're not done yet. Expect shift. Expect more upheavals. Expect more weather." Gaia knows. And, by the way, at the same time Gaia would say the same thing to you that I have said: Don't fear these changes. They're on schedule, on target. I've channelled this before, and have even given you some predictions of some of your largest earthquakes so you would not be shocked when they arrived. [speaking of the prediction Kryon gave in 2008 in Chile]. These things are very predictable, because when the poles melt slightly, they redistribute the water onto the thin crust of the planet. It pushes the crust in ways it has not pushed for eons and the result is earthquakes and volcanoes. It's not the end of the world, it's simply the water cycle and my partner will explain it tomorrow [Lee will lecture within the seminar.].

So 2020 is structural and the year of Gaia. "All right, we knew that," you might say. So let's go back to the subtleties, the illumination of duality. How shall we apply that and what is the best way? Here is more esoteric. If you're going to apply anything in your life numerologically, you're going to have to look at how it applies to you - not your neighbor and not in general. You're going to want to bring it to yourself. You're here to work on something, are you not? There are purposes in every chair here [speaking of the Human who sits in every seat]. Is it just to know more? Is it to find joy in your life? Is it to heal yourself? Are there frustrations that have lain upon you that you'd like to clear? Would you like to have things that you never had before regarding peace and joy? You've been told they are available. Every single one of you has a different purpose to be in the chair.

Now I want to show you something. I want to show you attitude. You come with a problem, and we come with an entourage of love. We bring solution. We're not going to fix anything you have, however. We're going to show you the map and how you can fix any anxiety over anything. So what do you do? Perhaps today you might start by examining the energy of numerology pulled to you. How are you going to pull it into yourself? Are you going to visualize a rope that pulls something esoteric that you don't really understand? And, pulled into what? You must do it with your DNA!

"Here he goes again," some will say. "It's Kryon again talking about biology. Why don't you talk about spiritual things, Kryon? I want to know about my angels. I want to know about my guides. I want to know about esoteric things, about ETs. But there you go again talking about biology… a molecule." All right. Let's talk about the molecule, but let's talk about it in a way that may surprise you. For it contains everything you asked for! Let's again look at the first time in recorded history where the magnificence of the DNA field was seen and recorded. I've given this example many times before. I will make it brief, but I will tell you there is significance to this message. I bring it to you now, in review, so you will see what I want you to see.

The Revelation of the DNA Quantum Field, as Seen in History

The ancient prophet Elijah is a prophet to all of the main religions today. For those who are Israeli, Islam and Christian, your scriptures all listed Elijah as a great prophet… one of the father prophets. He was wise, and all respected him.

Elijah did something that no other Human Being had ever done. He wished to ascend while alive, and he wanted it recorded so that all could know what it looked like. That is to say, he wanted it transcribed, written down, and seen by somebody with an appointment to view it. And he did. Elijah chose his understudy, Elisha, to watch him and record what he saw. I've given the story so many times, but it's grand every time it's given!

Now, Elisha wanted something in return. He made an agreement with Elijah. "Master, I will do whatever you want. If you're really leaving, I'm going to miss you so much! But please, would you to pass me your mantle?" Now perhaps this has not been explained well, so I'm going to tell you what it means, and I want you to see something so advanced that even today it's not even spoken of. We have two men who are spiritual. One is about to ascend and leave the planet. The other one is asking to take all of the wisdom the one leaving ever had and transfer it to the one remaining. Do you know how that's usually done? They both have to die! It's done on the other side of the veil by agreement, and one comes back with the other's wisdom. Not this time.

They looked in each other's eyes and Elijah smiled and he said, "It is done. It's yours." Indeed! Let history show that after the passing of Elijah, Elisha went on to do grand and great things, even some which are greater than the master Elijah himself. Elisha took the wisdom and the mantle of the prophet Elijah and pasted it upon himself and it became his. Now, dear one, tell me what that process is all about? Why can't you do that today? Well, I will tell you it was not 3D. I will tell you it is one of the most esoteric things that's ever occurred, yet hardly anyone speaks of it.

How would you like to pass your wisdom to someone else with an appointment? Oh, that's a subject for another channel. Quantum, it is. Beautiful, it is. A process, it is. And, by the way, it has something to do with 44! Imagine, a Human with the ability to pass wisdom on without death! Even the Shamans could not do that! Oh, they tried, but they couldn't. That's why the greatest shamanic souls who lived on the earth had their knowledge passed on when they did. It had to come back through their Akash. Image what it would be like if you could pass everything you have learned to someone else! This is a concept not yet known by hardly anyone on the planet. Only the Tibetans have this knowledge at the present.

The Ascension of the Master Elijah

Elijah walked into the field with Elisha watching. As the Scripture says in what you would call the book of Second Kings, the following took place: Elijah turned into a ball of light! Elisha was writing as fast as he could. Elisha felt the impact of the transformation, writing as fast as he could, but being amazed by the spectacle. It was a ball of light, but so bright, so iridescent.

Now I want you to see what did not happen and verify it for yourself within the scriptures. No light in the sky came down to get Elijah! Did you realize that? Nothing came down from above. All the energy Elisha saw was generated by the Human Being called Elijah. He had done it with his own spirituality, as he instantly turned into the part of God that he was. He couldn't stay very long either, or he'd vaporize everything around him! It was quick, and Elisha saw it.

Elisha didn't really know what he was seeing, but it was amazing. Almost instantly, as Elisha tells it, there were three kinds of energies that came down to assist Elijah into the heavens. The metaphor was that Elijah was riding a chariot pulled by three white horses. Spiritual things that are out of 3D are always a metaphor, dear ones. It's the only way to give messages about things you can't conceive of. But I want you to look at the numerology. It's about the three - the catalytic three. It's in spirituality everywhere. You'll find it in every religion, representing the energies of God. There's something about the three. We even say to you now that we are using the third language above you as you hear and read this. The third language is a metaphor for the catalytic communication of God to men. It was the communication to Elisha of what Elijah was experiencing. Elisha was overwhelmed! He named the chariot that Elijah rode in. In Hebrew, he named it the Merkabah, which means "to ride." Elijah was riding in his own God energy.

Now, let me tell you what Elisha really saw. He was the first Human in history to gaze upon that which is created in every single Human Being, out to a distance of eight meters. It's called the DNA Quantum Field [The Merkabah]. If you have God inside every single piece of your DNA, and the DNA begins to be activated, you will have the same experience Elijah did! And so there it is - DNA, yet again. It's not just biology, not just a molecule, but the carrier of all that is spiritual in every single Human Being.

Your Akashic Record is there. Everything you've ever done is there. All your life lessons are there. Your spiritual core is there. Your angelic name is there. Even ET energy is there! All of those things that are spiritually unique in every single Human Being is there. So now that we have established this and we've shown you what we want to show you about what is quantumly around every Human Being alive, let's talk about it.

We have identified the layers of DNA to you. You have it in a book. You have their Hebrew names, all the names of God. Isn't that interesting? Do you see how every single layer is honored? There's nothing ordinary about them, or you! So now, if you wish to grasp a concept about what you're doing for yourself this year, which one of those conceptual layers of DNA would you work on? We're going to tell you and we're going to give you the example. It will be an example we really want to nail [anchor] so you don't forget it. This channel is as important as any we've ever given, yet as simple as we've ever given. You'll see.

What is The Layer of DNA to Work on This Year?

Now… there are those who know the layers already, and they are stating, "Well, it's got to be layer six. That's the Higher-Self. It's got to be that one. After all, the Higher-Self is the portal of communication. When you go to meditate, that's what you're activating, that's the pipeline. When you call upon joy inside, that's the pipeline too. It's got to be that one. That's what we are working on, right?" I'll say, it is not. No, it is not.

"It's got to be number 10, then. That's a very spiritual layer. It has to do with the essence of your existence, of your divinity. Divinity is the source of your existence. So it's got to be that one. It's about the creative source and about that which is not God, but the Creator, an energy apart from God, which is a representation of all that is, and the creation of the Universe." I'll say, no, it's not that one either.

"Well, perhaps it's layer 12," you might say. "Layer 12 is very difficult to understand because it's so simply stated. It's called Almighty God. This has to be it." Let me tell you what layer 12 is. It's the face of God in you! Almighty God in you is what people see when you are compassionate, it's what people see when you are in love. It's what people see when you're celebrating issues and you're joyful. The benevolence of creation itself is Almighty God. Is it that one? No, it isn't.

All those layers are important, they're all sacred. But no, none of them are what your work is about this year. You already have a hint, for it's pasted upon the name of the year. It's number 11. And this is where we get in trouble, because it's not understood. So I'm going to explain it.

The Eleventh Layer of DNA

DNA layer number 11 is defined as the wisdom of the divine feminine. Now, this is where we lose all the men. [Laughter] For in 3D, you don't really want that, do you, men? It's because you think of gossamer things, feminine things. You are a man, and the energy of this layer doesn't seem to be necessarily commensurate to your gender [part of a man]. However, that's very 3D, and it isn't so. First of all, all of you have been both genders. You know that, don't you? You take turns. We've discussed this many times. You must know that this is part of the system. It develops the balance over many expressions and incarnations of who you are today. Often the woman has warrior energy, the man has the mother that is gentle. It is in all of you. You are all a mixture, so I can speak of the wise divine feminine and I speak to every single one in the room, for there is no gender with God. So I'm going to define this wise, divine energy in a way that you're going to understand.

First of all, what is the wisdom of the divine feminine? In a few words, what is that wisdom? What is it that is so important for this year? Let us talk about the functionality of what it is and the wisdom of the divine feminine. Mainly, it is compassion. That's the key word, and you've heard that before, haven't you? You even heard that from Adamus this weekend [speaking of the earlier channelling of Geoff Hoppe]. You've heard that from Gaia, haven't you? [speaking of the earlier channelling of Pepper Lewis]. Compassion. What kind of compassion, you might ask? Compassion for other people? Yes. But it's more than that. And I'm going to explain it to you in concepts you're going to understand.

The reason compassion and wisdom are linked to the feminine is for the reason I'm going to give you now. You have one grand example where you're all going to understand it, even the men in the room, because even they have had this experience. Old soul, you sit in the male body and you're proud of it, but you've had the experience of the wise divine feminine and when I start talking about it, you're going to remember. It's about giving birth.

The Metaphor of the Mother and Child

There's nothing like it, birthing a child. It etches the experience into the consciousness of every single Human Being who is around the experience in any way. When the angels stand around the bed singing, and you hear that first cry of the child, it's so joyful! And if you're fortunate enough to be in a situation where you lay this child on the chest of a mother, and perhaps the child looks up for a moment, it's first eye contact. There is nothing like it on the planet!

So that's what I want to talk about right now. How much do you love this child, mom? What would you give that energy on a scale of one to 100? The mothers in the room are saying, "A hundred and twenty." There's nothing like it. The creation of life is awesome and grand. It represents all the patterning of you in the child. All the appropriate things that have come through, and the child is perfect. Esoterically, here is the child you expected. Esoterically, it might even be a past relative. That's how it works. You know that, don't you? Esoterically, the child selected you. Esoterically, you selected the child.

So that moment is magic and if you understand these beautiful, spiritual workings, it's even more magical. But even if you are totally ignorant of any of these things, it's still magical. Because there is the dynamic and multidimensional love that cannot be described between the infant and the mother. It's universal and worldwide.

Now, we're going to give you the example of an imaginary situation. As we look at this love, I'm going to give you a metaphor to consider. I want to give you an example of the compassion of the wise, divine mother. It's not just the compassion for other Human Beings on the planet, it's compassion for God. It is compassion for the relationship of the duality, that which is divine within the Human. It represents the cord of love between the mother and child that is compassionate love. It also represents the communication between you and God, the cord between us. That is the metaphor. When you solve who God is in your life and within your body, everything else starts to clear up.

So let's play with this imaginary situation. In this magic moment, let's say that suddenly the child is ageless and intelligent. Suddenly, time is suspended. Suddenly, the child starts asking you questions! So for just a moment, the child is going to query you about who you are and what you want. Now, make no mistake what the metaphor is about, because what this child is going to be told by the mother is what I want to tell every single one in the chair about you and God. So listen to this interchange between mother and child, representing the wise, divine feminine.

The child speaks to the mother: "Mother, what's my life going to be like with you? Who are you really? What are you going to do?"

Think for a moment what your answer would be. Let's ask you, would it be this?

The mother looks down at the newborn child on her chest and says, "Well, the first thing I'm going to do is keep myself a secret from you. You're going to have to really work hard to find out how much I love you. I'm going to have to compartmentalize it and put it in places where you're going to have to search and search to find it. It will be in the dark, sequestered only to other Humans, not you. There will be many secrets, and you may never find me."

Are you going to say that to your child, mom? Is that the message? Or, are you going to say the opposite?

"I am here for you; I am here for you! I am wide open for you and I'm going to be with you all your life. You're never going to have to search for me because I'll be by your side loving and protecting you. There will never be a secret about where I am… no secrets! It won't matter what you are told, or what others may think, I'm here!"

That's the truth of what you're going to say to this special being who has just arrived with your blood, isn't it? The child sighs and hugs you closer. That's truth.

"Tell me more, mom! What else?"

Mom, would you then look your child in the eye and say, "Now, also in order for you to have a good relationship with me, I want you to suffer a little. Not only that, there's going to be some performance attributes… a few thousand stairs to climb. I'm going to want to swat you down a few times to make you uncomfortable and miserable and doubt your worth. Then if you don't behave, I'll abandon you."

Are you going to say that? The answer is NO! And I want to tell you, neither does God say that to you!

Listen to me, Human Being; this does not have to be difficult. Human Beings have put Human rules on God. They've made God a Human Being, even given God a Human biological gender, even put wars in heaven! They have done so many other things to humanize the creator of the Universe! Don't buy it. Use your own spiritual logic. This is not our relationship, old soul, and never has been.

I want you to come away from this place knowing who you are: The child who lies on the chest of the Almighty creator, looking into the eyes of God.

Let's have the next question, but this time the metaphor is dissolved. Instead, it's you and God: "God, what do you want? What do you want from me?"

"I want you to love me all your life. I know there will be difficult times and there will be times you won't understand what's going on. I know you're a child and you're going to have growing pains. I know there will be times when you retreat from me and you come back. But I want you to know I'm always here. And my hand is always out to help you through the darkness. You can call me anytime." And that, dear one, is the relationship of us to you.

I represent a piece on the other side of the veil who can speak openly and freely to old souls in this place, and I say, "This is our relationship of compassion." And that is what this year is about.

"What else, God, what else do you want?" What would the mother say over a period of years? It's the same for us. The child grows up and the mother says, "Well, why don't you come to dinner more often?" Even when the child has a life of their own and has figured everything out and even has their own family, mom continues the love and says, "Why don't you call me sometime?" And you don't have to be Jewish! [Laughter]

That's what I want to give you right now. That is what you're going to tell the child, isn't it? The child is the love for a lifetime. Could it be simpler? Could it be more profoundly pure? Why does humanity place God in a box, entrapped in Human form with Human attributes such as gender, judgment, envy, retribution and punishment? That's not who we are! We are the creators of all that is, including the beauty that is the Human Being.

Those negative and scary attributes are not what you're going to tell your child, are you? Mom? Dad? And neither do we! So the word is compassion. It responds to the 11 in the 2020; it responds to that which is 11 in DNA; and it responds to that energy that you are working on now. For when you get the compassion of the mother, the wise, divine feminine, that polarity of yours between God and Human will no longer be called a duality. Instead, it's a singularity that is you and God as one.

Dear one, everyone will see it on your face. That's when the healing begins that you have come for. Then the problems are solved. This is when you begin planting the seeds for peace on Earth.

Why don't you take us up on our offer? Why don't you call us sometime? [Laughter] Tonight, perhaps? Would it hurt that much to lift your hands to the sky and say, "I love you, God"? Don't be surprised if you feel our hand in yours, saying, "It's about time you called."

That is tonight's message. That's what this year is about.

Stay centered, become compassionate. Oh, there will be distractions, old soul, for you are in a battle. We told you that you would be. This battle is of the old and the new energy, and it is not pleasant. Some of you are going through things you didn't expect. Stay centered. That which is in you, which is God, is still your parent energy. The seeds are there and will always be there as the creator of all that is. The love is eternal, and now I've said it, and many old souls who needed to have heard it.

Let the healing begin.

And so it is.


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