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Attributes of the Shift

Here is a message for Moscow that is very similar to the message given only a few weeks later in Sedona, Arizona (above). Both of these messages will appear in this channelling section of the web site. This message is about the shift. The Sedona message is about becoming quantum. There is new and different information in each one, and also similar information and metaphors. If you see it repeated, know that those are the most profound things that Kryon sees for us today. This one seems like a shorter message, since what you are missing is the Russian translation. The USA message in Sedona will be more complete.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Can you feel it here? There is a sweet energy in this place. It's a sweet energy... something that is heartfelt, not mind-felt. Questions have sometimes been asked, "Kryon, do you know where you are?" Oh, yes. I'm at a place where I'm saying goodbye to many minds and many faces at the moment. Some feel they may not see me again [speaking of this being the last channeling in Moscow for the seminar]. However, they really don't understand. They would connect my partner's channelling to me, never understanding that I walk with each one of them. I am not an entity to be worshipped. I am an energy of home. I've been with you from the beginning, since the first breath, and I'll continue until the last breath. That's the connection that each one of you has with God while on Earth. There will be some teaching today, but the real teaching is the question: How big can you open your hearts? How much can you really receive? Can you leave differently than you came.

There is a big shift at hand. Yesterday we spoke of it and we concentrated on a portion of it that was consciousness. We spoke of the question of if the shift was for everyone or was it for a few. We spoke of Human choice. We gave you the metaphor of moving from the spiritual winter to spiritual summer, and we showed you that the shift is happening everywhere. We also told you it's up to the Human Beings to open the door and go outside. It's a metaphor that means that the Human Being can accept it or not. This means that the shift is happening, but humanity has the choice to see it or not. Nowhere is this more evident than in what I'm going to discuss next.

We have hinted at something now for 20 years. DNA is changing. I'm going to concentrate again on this, and it is the reason I'm here. DNA is changing in a way that's going to be mysterious to some since it will enable processes in the Human body that you didn't even know you had. However, these processes will not be activated unless there is consciousness involved, doing it.

Human Biology

I must speak about biology. I don't want to be too complex, but I must explain it to those who do not fully understand. One of the most complex shifts of this new energy is taking place within your chemistry. It is a real shift, and a real change. Your DNA is complex. It has three billion parts in it, yet less than five percent of it creates tens of thousands of genes that are the instruction sets for the Human body. Ninety percent of your DNA is totally quantum. But as we said yesterday, these are the quantum instructions that speak to the 3D chemistry in the smaller percentage. So the 3D chemistry in your DNA is not going to appear to change, but what you can do with it will. Think of the less than 10 percent being the engine that makes the genes, and the rest of it as being the instructions to the engine. The instructions are what are changing.

This is accomplished through magnetics, one of the most powerful and dynamic forces for life change on your planet. This was hinted at even in the first Kryon transcription in book one. It is what brought the doctor into the fold [Dr. Todd Ovokaitys]. For he read about the magnetic resonances of the parts in the Kryon transcription and realized that I was describing what he had discovered. You have heard that I am the magnetic master. You thought perhaps it had something to do with the grid of the planet? Not really. It has to do with DNA, which is also magnetic, and the life force of the earth.

When you rearrange some of the magnetic resonances of the quantum parts of DNA, you activate potential. "Big words, Kryon, but what does it mean?" I'm going to save some of the technical explanations for science sessions, and this is not a science session. I'm going to give you some information that's going to seem unbelievable: Your Human body is perfect, and depending upon the energy of the planet, the instruction set for your DNA changes. You are headed for one of the highest vibratory rates the planet has seen, and it's all part of the shift that I spoke of yesterday. This new vibration begins to change the actual chemistry of cellular structure due to the quantum instructions. Did you ever wonder about the cells of your body? Did you ever think perhaps they don't work well? On a scale of one to 10 for what the Human Being is capable of, right now on the planet, you are a three. The body is capable of a 10. You're about ready to move to a six.

Listen to this. The body is capable of so much, but it doesn't do a very good job. Your immune system lets so much disease in! It's tricked by so many viruses and really doesn't do very well. Does that sound like a divine plan to you? Do you ever sit back and say, "Who designed this? The viruses that often appear on the planet seemingly overnight take hold so quickly, and the Human body can't even recognize them. What kind of an immune system is that?" You'd be right to ask that question. The answer? Not a very good one. It's working at 30 percent, that's why.

How would you like an immune system that would block almost everything that came in, one that couldn't be tricked by viruses that destroy life. It wouldn't let them reproduce. Did you know that that is potentially what is in your DNA's abilities? The reason it's 30 percent is the energy of the planet developed to 30 percent. With the addition of intent and free will, Human Beings are going to be able to increase the efficiency of their immune system. They will be able to freely walk among viruses and flus and not catch them. They will seem different than other people. They'll seem like they have some kind of magic protection. You can call it what you want to, but it's because they are participating in the shift, and this is called Human evolution.

With their free will, they are calling upon the energy that is theirs. Did you know that this body of yours is designed so that cancer would never, ever get a hold? Yet it's one of the biggest killers of Human Beings! There's a process in cellular structure that is self-diagnostic. It has a medical name in science called apoptosis, but it doesn't seem to work very well. The reason is because it's working at 30 percent. Did you ever wonder why cancer could get such a hold and the body couldn't do a thing about it? How would you like to double the immune system's efficiency? How would you like to see an entire part of the population cancer free? "Kryon, are you telling us that's where we're headed?" You're going to see it in many Humans... and it will be obvious they are different. But a test of their DNA will show that they are just like all the others. This is because you are only measuring the 3D chemistry and not the quantum 90 percent. You will be able to enhance your DNA, and the instructions to the chemistry. The potentials are there for this before 2025. You will see Human Beings who are able, by themselves, to increase their immune systems. "That's unbelievable." Well, if you thought that was unbelievable, the next one will shock you.

Your DNA is designed to keep you alive for a long time. It is designed to repair things that are broken and rejuvenate them. Don't you find it odd, Human Being, that even while being at the very top of the evolutionary ladder, a starfish can grow back an arm and you can't? Did you ever think about that? There's something coming you don't expect: The Human Being's ability to grow back limbs that have been lost is next. Now, this may seem to start with chemical enhancement [drugs], but it's going to be something the Human Being is doing through the altering of their DNA. The alteration itself is going to allow some new, enhanced drugs to work on some... and not others. It's going to happen in the next generation. These are potentials only. I'm giving you biological potentials of the shift that is here. These are real changes that you can see, and when you start to hear of these things, remember this night. The science is going to want to claim all the victory and not assign it to Human consciousness at all, so remember that we spoke of it here in this esoteric meeting. Oh, there's more, there's so much more.

How would you like to replicate chromosomes without shortening the telomeres? Let me interpret that. How would you like to not age so fast? Aging is a design function of a 30 percent operational system of DNA. Did you ever hear about some of the ancients living a long, long time? Did you think that was a clerical error? "They couldn't have lived that long," many say. "Somebody must have got that wrong in the transcription," they say. What if they did live that long? They did! It was before the vibrations happened on this planet that would take your DNA down to 30 percent.

New Energy is Here

Let's speak of the new energy system on the planet. There are actually several, but the one I want to talk about has the stewards sitting in this very city. The one you call Peggy, the teacher has discovered a process that is pure energy, and is the toolset that will convert this energy into intent to activate DNA in the way I just told you about. It's the catalyst to push the DNA past the 30 percent level. Do you see how this starts to fit? This increase in efficiency is not going to happen on its own. It's complex, and requires intent, causing vibrational shift. Oh, there's more!

"Kryon, if a man or a woman has a damaged heart valve, why doesn't the body fix it?" What a great question. Did you ever ponder that? After all, you replenish your organs all the time. You regenerate the largest organ in the body many times over your lifetime [Human skin]. So why can't you do it to a heart valve? What's wrong with a body that doesn't know that? The answer is that it's operating at 30 percent.

"You're talking about miracles, Kryon." I'm not. I'm talking about the way the Human body should be. I'll move past this, for it's just too unbelievable, isn't it? So let me just say that when you see these things start to occur, remember you heard it here first, will you? In a spiritual meeting... not a science meeting.

Reawakening the Inner Child

There's going to be the potential of a reawakening of a very important energy, and it's all part of the shift. You need to hear this: Much has been said about this energy that has laid dormant. There are those who have worked on this, but at a 30 percent operational level, the Human body can't develop it. A 60 percent one can and will. Have you ever heard of the Inner Child? You can't define this energy, really, but let me give you the feeling of it. All of you were children at one time, and many of you had normal childhood lives. Go back with me for a moment to when you were six, maybe five. Let me ask you something: What did that feel like? What were you worrying about? What was the drama in your life? There wasn't any! The only thing you worried about was how long you could play or when you had to go to bed. Everything was taken care of, wasn't it? You didn't have to worry about getting money to go to the store for food. You didn't learn about that until later, did you?

So there was a time in your life when all there was was love. What a freeing feeling! Can you imagine that right now? How would you like to revisit that feeling as an adult? Oh, wouldn't it be freeing? This is the potential of a consciousness working at 60 percent. This is one of the keys to a consciousness that is going to defeat drama and worry. The reemergence of the Inner Child energy is a balance mechanism, so that the Human Being can have a far easier time of it. They can have joy in their lives... a joy that shows, just like that of a child, and it's all part of the shift.

What about the Earth?

We told you that we would speak even of Gaia [the energy of the planet]. Then Gaia went and spoke about it! [Pepper Lewis speaking earlier in the day] So let us then just validate what Gaia said, for you need to hear this from several sources: Don't worry about what's happening to your planet. What is taking place is a natural occurrence that has been accelerated in time by the shift. It's nothing that you caused. Go ahead and clean up the air and stop depleting the earth's resources... but know that you did not cause what is currently happening.

Did you hear that earlier? [Pepper channelled the same thing.] What is happening is a natural cycle of what we would call the water cycle of the planet. It has to do with magnetics and temperature and it occurs every several hundred years, give or take several hundred years. What you're experiencing right now, your own Russian scientists have seen and acknowledged. They say that you are seeing a reoccurrence of a mini-ice cycle, and this is exactly what we have been telling you. It's a time on the planet much like you had in the 1400s and it is upon you again.

By itself, it's not life threatening. Oh, indeed you will have more storms. So if you're in a storm area, you'll be more aware, won't you? Perhaps the water level will rise. If you live on the beach, perhaps you'll move. That's just being smart. It's not life threatening if you're smart. But then again, that's free choice, isn't it? And just like we mentioned yesterday, there will be those who will deny it and they'll stand where the storms are, denying that there are storms. Some will perish in the process. They'll stay on the beaches, watch the waters rise, and perish. These are the ones who don't want to see the shift and will not acknowledge what is taking place.

The time frame that is geological has sped up on Gaia. It had to, in order for Gaia to vibrate higher. Things are happening faster than the geologists thought they would, bringing you what you have called global warming, which is a climax of a climate situation that always occurs before a cooling cycle. It's normal. You'll see. So again, when scientists discover what's really happening, remember you heard it here in a spiritual meeting about the shift and not in a science meeting. This is information we've been giving you for some time. It starts to outline the attributes of the shift, and it will encompass so much!

The Hidden Energy: The search for the God within

The last one: All of these attributes, including the DNA shift, bring you to an awareness level where you're more willing to search for the God within. "Is that really related to DNA, Kryon?" It is! The quantumness of the parts of your DNA that talk to the chemistry will start to realize that there is more. Many will begin searching for the Higher-Self, and that's when you're going to discover one of the missing pieces. It's something you've always known about, but something you've never given credibility to. I'll tell you what it is. It's an energy that you don't develop yourself. It's an energy that Humans all have, and from the depths of your ignorance, you think it's yours. It can't be. It's too big. It's love.

There are mothers in here. I want to take you back, mom, to the birth of your first child. Can you remember that time? Do you remember when the child was given to you to hold for the first time? Do you remember locking eyes with that infant? Can you remember that? Now, would you tell me what that felt like? Just tell me what that felt like! The angels that were standing around the bed were singing, and you could feel it. That's the love of God visiting the two of you with a strength that you could never have generated yourself. Were there any Humans standing with you weeping? Did you know that the ancients were in the room with you? Did you know that your great grandparents were with you there? Did you know they were singing? And you thought you generate that energy all by yourself? You thought somehow all that came right out of your chemistry, didn't you? Well, it didn't. It's one of those magic moments where you meld with the Higher-Self. What is pouring through that door that you've opened is the love of God!

It's also what happens when a man and a woman come together in love, when they look at one another and that spark happens of romance. For a little while they look at each other and all they do is sigh. Psychologists will say being in love is a form of temporary insanity. It takes over all cellular structure. You think you generated that yourself, don't you? Well, you didn't. The Kundalini experience is the love of God. When two come together in love, they create more energy than the two of them possibly could create together as Human Beings.

There's a missing element, and I tell you about this because this is the love of God in your life. This is available for you to feel with yourself and with your Higher-Self. How would you like to walk around with that? How'd you like to shine with that? Do you think anybody would notice? Oh, they will. They'll say, "Why do you smile so much?" What are you going to tell them? "I've fallen in love with myself!" [Kryon laughter] Be careful, that's not exactly the right answer to give them, but that's the fact! It's all in the DNA. All of it empowering the Human Being.

So that is what's going on with the shift. It's not about something that God is doing to you. It's about an enablement that is occurring, allowing you to take charge of the pieces and parts and the energy of your consciousness that you've never had control of before. I'm going to close.

Human Being, don't ask how. That's such a linear question. Don't ask how. Instead, just "be" and begin the intent to create these things in your life. Start a process that will accomplish it just through your intent alone. Intent to start the process actually starts it! We've said this before. There are those who are intellectuals here who want to know the process. And their argument goes like this: "Kryon, you can't expect us to do something so life-changing without understanding the process. We have to know the mechanics of it. We're not going to trust our lives to something that is a mystery in its function." Sounds like a pretty good argument, doesn't it? Well, I've got one back for you. From me to you!

What happens today when you're done here? I'll give you the scenario that I think must happen for you to have asked the question. The intellectual goes out and gets in his automobile. Then he gets the manual out and studies the workings of the transmission, every valve, every gear. Then he continues with the manual of the engine, every valve, every gear, every lubricant, before he can ever drive it home. Right? I mean, after all, you would never trust your life to something when you don't know how it works! Or can you?

You see? You all do! This may be a silly metaphor, but it's the one I want you to remember. Turn the key and start the engine of intent. Let this journey begin, for there is so much energy created with your conscious mind... a quantum energy that you cannot define or understand. Instead, trust the love, for it is the glue, it is the lubricant of the new energy on this planet. You don't want to hear that, do you, intellectual? For I've just told you that emotion is the key. Get used to it. Open your heart. This is the message of Kryon.

I am the lover of humanity. One who knows each one of you. Each one.

And so it is.


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