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Becoming Quantum

This is the message given at the Kryon Summer Light Conference in Sedona Arizona in June. It's a similar message to the one below, but with lots of enhancements, and, (trumpet goes here), it was given in English to an English speaking audience. This may seem like it's not an important thing, but it really is. When channelling to another culture with stops and starts, allowing translations to occur, the syntax is odd, and the message often feels segmented. Here is the chance to offer good information to an audience who speaks the language of the channeller. It's a good message... filled with good advice for this new energy, and things to come.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Twenty years ago I said those words to my partner. Do you know what he said to me? "You're going to have to change your name. It's not fluffy enough. It's not angelic enough... and who ever heard of a magnetic angel?" It's what he said, 20 years ago.

Today, as you sit in this place, finally do you understand how the magnetics of the planet affect your lives? Does it not make sense that on the other side of the veil we know it as well? Does it not make sense that these things are synchronized, that the physical things, the fractal things, the consciousness things are all related to why you're here? Perhaps you're here to facilitate the spiritual component of the choice points?

Now you've started to hear it scientifically [speaking of the research that Gregg Braden presented earlier in the day]. For some, it's what you've been waiting for, for magnetic master didn't make any sense. Perhaps channelling didn't make any sense, either. The man sitting in the chair, you say, was "pretending to have messages from beyond the veil," you say.

Let's make this a review for a moment. If you wished, you could go find it in the 1989 first messages I gave. I told you this: There would come a time where the places where you grow crops would no longer grow crops. We also said the places that would never grow them would then grow them! I told you that a profundity was coming regarding a shift of weather. I told you that. Now, you sit within it!

I spoke of a consciousness shift and it's here, and for those of you who wonder when it's going to happen, I tell you... you missed it! It is all around you. It is what has happened since the late '80s, and it's what has happened this year. It's all around you. It is a choice point... a point where Human consciousness chooses to void the fractals of recurring energies on the planet.

We told you that global warming was cyclical, and that you did not cause it. Do you believe it now? That was channelled, you see, but now you have the science to show it also. We told you clearly in these past years that this warming will be short lived, leading to a cooling cycle. Now this fact is published in many places, and now there's the science. Do you believe it now?

There are those here whose intellect is starting to meld with the emotional. You're starting to get the message. "Maybe it's OK not to have a fluffy angel," you now say. Maybe it's OK to have truth come from one who loves you, from home. Perhaps it's OK to even have a magnetic master talk to you?

Have you ever wondered why these messages were given this way [through channelling] and why so long ago? Another coincidence, perhaps? You start tracking back and ask, "When did all this begin? When did the scientist, Greg, begin his journey? When did my partner begin his journey? When did some of the epiphanies happen in your lives?" Some of the healers sitting in this audience have interesting start dates also. When did the teacher, Peggy, have her first phase revelations [speaking of Peggy Phoenix Dubro]? You can track most of this back to about 20 years ago, right when the shift began... right when the alignment started. Is this enough of a coincidence for you? When did Dr. Todd have the epiphanies of his invention on earth? It was all within these years that we speak. Too much coincidence? Perhaps.

This is a summary of the messages for the last six months. For within that time I've given you information about what is happening to you. Tonight I'm giving you information that's going to make a difference for the choice point.

There are those who say there is no reason for Human Beings to do anything different at this juncture than they ever did before. There are Human Beings who say you are designed to fail. Each cycle, each civilization will fail when certain occurrences and civilization attributes occur. They say that Human nature will never shift, will never change, and that the cycles will repeat and repeat and repeat. Here I am saying that this one is different. You've reached a point now where you will start to change and evolve quantumly. Less that one half of one percent of this planet has to make these choices for a fully changed planet to occur.


What did you learn today about magnetics [again, from Gregg Braden's lecture]? How do you align that with the Kryon teaching? I gave you information about the process scientifically, through induction, of how the solar system takes the gravitational imprint of itself and literally sends it out within the heliosphere of the sun... a quantum communication through the solar wind. Meeting and interfacing with your magnetic grid, the solar wind overlaps your earth's magnetic grid, which in turn overlaps the field that is created by your DNA. Therefore the same messages that the solar system gets, you do, too.

Corresponding, this is the magnetic couch that you sit in. Your DNA is magnetic and that is a scientific fact that now finally has been seen. Now you have the little affecting the big and the big affecting the little. You also heard that today, didn't you? When enough people think differently, when enough people have a compassionate reaction, an emotion is put forward en masse that scientific instruments can measure. The very vibration of the planet is affected! Is it now starting to correlate that what you think and what you do are making a difference? And if you didn't believe it from the weird guy [speaking of Lee], maybe you'll believe it from the scientist? Maybe, just maybe, they're both giving truth? What about that?

Becoming Quantum

Becoming quantum is the issue of the day. It is tough, since it requires you to think differently. Dear Human Being, you have an evolvement going on. It's an evolvement through the magnetics that speaks to the DNA, and that gives opportunity for thought to create consciousness shift interdimensionally. It's the hardest thing we'll ever teach.

Three years ago, I told my partner he would be teaching the unteachable, and he sits in a chair today, doing it. There are those who will get it and there are those who won't. If you have studied about a quantum state, you will be aware of certain attributes, and we're only going to talk about one of them today. Just one, but it will have a tendency to delinearize some of the attributes of your life. I'm going to show you what becoming quantum can do for you.

Human Beings are emotional and that's good, because emotions are quantum. They're uncontrollable, you know, in both directions: Uncontrollable hate, uncontrollable love... they don't conform to a pattern, do they? It takes the intellect to construct a box around the emotions and you call that balance. So already you're beginning to see that the Human mind is a quantum attribute. Consciousness, by its very nature, consciousness is quantum. The Human brain was designed to think quantumly. It is only through logic and intellectual balance that biological synapse becomes linear. "Kryon, we don't understand what you're talking about."

Take a look at the autistic Human Being. Here is a Human Being who has an attribute where something is seemingly missing. Perhaps you've been around certain kinds of those autistic consciousnesses? Then you know what it is that they lack. It is the construct of linearity. For an autistic mind is one who does not understand linearity and is always trying to grasp order and symmetry. He is desperately trying to build a construct around his consciousness so he can make sense of the world. The truth is that he is far more quantum than you are! Did you ever think of that? Therefore, the set-up is there. Becoming quantum is already in your grasp. All you have to do is to figure out how to open and shut the various synapses to create the kind of a Human Being that is the beginning of the evolved ones. Is the choice point going to be reached and business as usual be the result? Does a Human suddenly become enlightened, choose something, and then retreat back to an unenlightened state? The answer is no and you know it. No, instead, you change and stay changed. So that creates a new beginning, does it not? That is the wild card that occurs in this current cycle, which never occurred before. That is why Kryon came in 1989, and it's why I'm here. This shift is before you. You sit in the middle of it.

Sleep - An Interdimensional Attribute

Here's another quantum aspect. I bring you these so that you will understand how confusing quantumness can be, yet, it's in your brain so I know you can eventually understand it. When you retreat into that thing you call sleep, perhaps even what you call the alpha state, that middle portion of consciousness that is without construct, what happens? Have you ever had a dream where nothing made sense? Out of time, out of place, the Human Beings in your dream couldn't even know each other due to linear time. You may have been in different places and different times that make no sense in real life, yet it all made sense at the moment, didn't it? So I'll tell you why: Because when you go to that state, it is quantum! It is a quantum thing, alpha dreaming. The brain is in a state that is without the intellect's control. So it becomes quantum and without structure. Therefore, it is outside of linearity. That is to say, there is no time construct placed upon it. Everything happens at the same time and it's just fine with you while you're there. When you're in the dream, you're not tearing out your hair in confusion, are you? You're just enjoying it. Quantumness is a natural state.

You might even say that the intellectual construct that goes around your consciousness is starting to change, perhaps allowing for more understanding of what I am teaching now?

"Kryon, I still don't understand."

I know this, so I'm going to begin to simplify this into terms that you will understand. Look at the box you're in called time. How linear it is that you can only go in one direction! You can't turn left, you can't turn right, only straight into the future. The clock only goes in one direction... forward. There's no such thing as a clock that goes up and down, or left and right, is there? It just goes forward. Oh, how linear! And that's the way you think. You take that linear bias and apply it to everything. All thought, all reasoning, all logic, all spirituality is done with your bias. You say "we are linear, therefore God must be." However, God is not. And neither, really, are you! Some of you will be stepping out of this soon and be understanding more about what is going on in your life, dear ones. For now, however, much of this is double-talk.

The Frustration With Time - Your Most Powerful Bias

Let us start the teaching. These are summaries, perhaps things that you may have heard before, but that come together in a group today to help you understand more. I sit in front of an astute group of individuals, many of whom call themselves Lightworkers. You get to define that any way you want. It's awareness, an awareness of things beyond linearity. It's a belief, truly, that you are a piece of God. More than not, in the room in front of me, are many of them. In that awareness, there's communication to the other side of the veil. So I will pinpoint one of the fallacies and the frustrations of what happens when you do that journey to the other side in linearity.

Dear Human Being, how many of you have had messages that are life changing? Perhaps you go into a meditative state, perhaps it's in that dream state that I just suggested? But there it is, an idea, perhaps even an instruction? Maybe you had a visualization? It might appear like this: Here's what you're to do. Here's the book you're going to write. Here is what your future is going to be like. Here is the healing modality you are going to teach. Here are the instructions that you are going to meet someone. You're going to do something.

You are excited about it, are you not? Perhaps you come back from the visualization and you tell your friend, "It's so real! This is what I've got to do. This is what I'm going to begin. Isn't it exciting?" Then what do you do? You proceed to implement it. Oh, how linear of you! Is that the message you got? In a quantum state, did God tell you come on back and do it now? The answer is no. Yet you think that because your clock goes in one direction, you come back onto the linear treadmill of time and you begin to implement what you're told. That's a big mistake, but you don't know it.

Let's just show what happens next, oh linear one. Most of the time, whatever it is that you were shown... fails. Disappointment prevails: "I'm supposed to write this book and I tried and there it was... and nothing happened. There wasn't a publisher who wanted it, nobody really liked it. I must have been wrong. I had these great ideas and I implemented them, but nothing happened," you say.

You see, dear one, I know who is here [and reading this] and I'm speaking to some of you right now and you know I am. Even if you've not told anybody, failure is like that. The Human brain doesn't want to come right out and say, "I don't know why I didn't have good communication to Spirit. I got the message, I came back, I tried it and nothing happened." Oh, how linear of you! Then what did you do with it? This idea, this beauty, this thought, the actions you planned, the things you were shown were yours... what did you do with it once you tried it and you failed? You put it on the shelf and you shut the cupboard door! It's over!

Perhaps some of your friends said, "You know, a few years ago I remember you tried something. Why don't you try that again?" What did you say to them at that point?

"No, I tried it and it failed."

What? Oh, how linear! Do you understand where I'm going with this? God didn't tell you to do it now. In your bias of time, you decided when, where, and then against all rational quantum thinking, once you tried it, you discarded it! You're not even going to pull it out and do it again, are you? Oh, how linear! What a single timeline bias you have! Here is what the quantum thinker does: He gets the message, comes back from the visualization, and celebrates the message. It's a ticket that he's holding in his hand that says there's a train coming. If he looks closely at the ticket, there's no time on it. It doesn't say when, does it? But he still has the ticket. That's enough for a quantum mind!

He will celebrate the ticket and then sit back and create the attitude of waiting for synchronicity. That is to say, he will hook into the quantumness of who he is and then look at the synchronicity that occurs so that he can recognize when the train comes. Do you understand this? Blessed is the Human Being right now, sitting here, who is being aware of what I am saying. There are things lurking in the cupboard that you locked up that are now ready. Now is the time! It's the decision point. Now is when you were always supposed to do it. It didn't work before because it wasn't supposed to work before. Synchronicity wasn't there, energy wasn't there, quantumness was not there, and now it is.

So what does that mean to you? Become quantum with me a moment. What do you think it means? What kind of decision would you like to revisit? That's the invitation. It's about time, isn't it? You think in a linear fashion and, therefore, you were biased in a linear fashion, and it interrupts the flow of your spiritual context of communication to God. Because it's normal, you're not even aware of it. And you know what it creates? Frustration, and sometimes anger. Sometimes you'll even turn your back on Spirit and say, "This didn't work. I guess I should move on." Or, "This didn't work. I'm not loved as much as I thought I was." That is the linear bias of a Human, and it does not represent truth.

Waiting for Direction

Let me give you another one. I've got a room full of Lightworkers in front of me and many of them have been Lightworkers a long time. But so many are still waiting to find out what you're supposed to do. It this you? Hmm? You know I'm right. Is this hitting close to home? Unlike the previous section, you are not concerned about a task, but rather you're waiting and waiting to find out who you are, and what you are here for. This is much different, since it has nothing to do with something you were told in a vision, but what you feel at the Akashic level. What are you here for? When will you know?

You've got this spark of awareness, and you know about the divine. You know about what's in your DNA, and you're starting to discover it all and you feel there's something more. You don't know what it is, but "someday it will be there," you say. "Someday I'll know what I'm here for," you say. It's a rusty, linear track you're on, since you have been saying this and feeling this for a very long time. It always yells the same thing to you in linearity. "You're not there yet," it says to you. "Time is not on your side," it says to you. Sometimes it says, "It passed you and you didn't see it!" Then you begin to worry and become sad.

I wish to give you the truth and I want you to open your heart, because I'm sitting in front of those who need to hear this accurately, emotionally, and truthfully. I don't want you to raise your hands, but invisibly, metaphysically, I want you to turn on a light right now above your head if this is you. Reader, this includes you. Right now. I'm looking at those lights, right now, and I'm going to give you your syllabus. I'm going to give you the plan of what you're here for. I'm going to tell you why you feel the way you do, and I'm going to give you the instruction set that will enable you to leave here knowing who you are and why you came. Some may not like it, yet some of you may love it. It depends on your linear bias. I hope this light that you're turning on above your head coordinates with the light that is shining from my partner right now, because this is the truth.

Listen, Lightworker, all your life you've been expecting what is next. You are waiting to find out where you are going, and what you are supposed to do. Let me tell you this: Blessed is the Human Being who is aware, for the awareness of consciousness itself is what you're doing for the planet. That is the task at hand. Stay aware. Keep the light going. Walk from place to place in families, and in work. Keep the awareness. That is the decision point because the awareness changes the grid.

It's not what you're going to do, it's what you're thinking about every day. In a quantum way, there is no clock. Can you sustain this energy until the day you die? If you can, every single one of you holding that light right now will know that's why you're here. Don't look ahead to something else, because you're currently doing what you came for in a quantum state. Every single one of you who is aware is doing it! This is it. You're here to be aware! If you are aware of the divine inside, then you fulfilled the task perfectly. Perfectly! Walk from this place satisfied in what you're doing for the planet. Stay aware. Don't give up! Become quantum [satisfied in the now].

If everything including your spiritual work is put on a timeline, you're going to fail, because the things that the clock will bring you are not the things that the heart will bring you. The heart [compassion] is quantum. Learn to live without the future. This breaks a linear mindset that says accomplishment is the measure of success. In a linear time consciousness, it is; but in a quantum consciousness, it is instead a measure of your peace and your joy at just "being." Is this you?

The Gift of Activating the Akash

For two years we have opened the door to quantum cellular shift and we started giving you information that is simply unbelievable. In your DNA there is the Akashic record. All of the lifetimes that you have lived on this planet are there. The Higher-Self has been the same soul energy in every lifetime. Therefore, you've got a friend who participated in every one of them! Up to this point, all of this past life information has been stacked like the ice core [the linear pipe-shaped ice core that contains history as measured by scientists at the poles]. You've got to look along the linear marks and see who you were, perhaps what the energies were and what happened. All of you assumed it was untouchable and in the past, just like looking at an old newspaper.

This is not quantum thought. The quantum mind looks at it all happening now. Therefore, what we have told you over and over is that what is happening now is available to you now. How would you like to go into that seemingly linear untouchable history and pick up the help that you came here for? I'm going to talk to three people who are here in the room: Stop trying to heal yourselves! Because your biological self, this lifetime, isn't going to respond. It's not going to be healed. But the one last time, if you bring it forward, was pure! Go get it! Why don't you get that one and put it on top [for your linear thinking]. What about that? That's what a quantum individual does.

Now, if you can do that, then what exactly did you do? Did you heal yourself or did you mine the Akash? Do you see why it is the disease will never come back? It's because at a quantum level, you never had it! If you can pull on your past life energy, you will find DNA that is pure and never had the problem you have now. How? Let me ask you this. Do you love anyone on the planet? If the answer is yes, then I ask you... how? You see, some things must be done in a nonlinear level, apart from the lists that Humans like to give you. Lists are fine for basic learning, but are not applicable to this advanced quantum energy that you are learning to absorb and become.

Do you see what I'm saying? What is it you wish you could do? What are your blocks? What are the things that you think are you that can't be changed? In the Akash, there is also you, many of them. Why don't you go there and replace the current you with the former you? That is mining the Akash. That's a quantum Human Being, and it goes way beyond what you were told past life energies were for. You were told they were for karmic exchange. It's the old idea that past life experience builds up in your DNA so that you will be disturbed by it, so that it will become the sand in your oyster and then you have to accomplish something to get around it. It is very old information, and now you can go way beyond that.

What if the whole reason for the Akash is just the opposite? What if it is a gold mine with your name on it? You lived all those lives. Think about that. It's life experience; it's wisdom, shaman. Now, go mine it. That's what the quantum Human Being does. It creates mastery. Think about that.

The Inner Child Revisited

Now here's something that someone on this stage is really going to enjoy [speaking of Jan Tober], for I'm now going to give you the secret of the inner child. It's a quantum issue and always has been! Why is the inner child so important? You've heard this for years, yet many run from it. "I don't want to be a kid," you say. "I grew up, and don't need to get in touch with that. I'll pass on that one." Perhaps it's different than you think?

Let me tell you what is so quantum about it. Now listen to me and open your heart for a moment. It's about time, isn't it? None of you are children anymore, but all of you used to be. So why don't you do something with me for a moment: Suspend the clock and pretend that everything you ever had on this planet, in this lifetime, is in front of you now. Like bins that you can pick from, they're there. They're not in the past, but rather they're in a quantum state, ready for you to see them as happening now.

Reflect: I want you to go and look at some of those bins - when you were eight, when you were seven, when you were six, when you were five. Look! You had no worries. How many of you, when you were eight years old, were worrying about paying the mortgage? What about the budget for food, or whether you could have a car and even make it work or not? The answer? None of you! Your biggest worries were how long you could stay out and play. Think about it... it was most of you. This is the child's mind... pure, uncomplicated, and out of the scope of worry.

Now, I want you to sustain these thoughts for a moment. I want you to pretend that you can pick up that persona for a moment, that child which is you. It's got your name on it and you lived it. Pick it up out of the bin and place it upon yourself. No worries. No drama. No tomorrow, not really. The child doesn't think about tomorrow unless tomorrow is Christmas, then it is the feeling of joy and excitement. How long has it been since you have felt this, Human Being?

Why do I speak of this? Because the love of God invites you into this very attribute! You only have one model, and it was as a child. So bring it back as the model of how we love you and provide for the love and peace you need to move into this new energy! This is the quantum Human Being who can go back and apply these attributes to their lives. You can tell who they are, because they walk around and they shine! They're not in denial. They're quantum.

There were a number of masters who walked this planet who were well known to you in many religions. I want to tell you what they all had in common: They were quantum! When you looked at their faces, did you see how they shine? Can you go there with me? Can you be with your favorite master just for a moment? Can you stand next to him or her for a moment? And if you can, what's the energy there? It's peace, is it not? Are they worried about their mortgage? Are they worried about paying the bills? What kind of drama do they have in their lives? They might have plenty, but you never see it! For whatever reason they don't know it, and you're attracted to that peace, aren't you? You just want to stand next to them. You might even say to yourself, "Oh, if I could just be like that. I would love that." Well, you can, dear one, and it's called capturing the essence of the inner child. It isn't innocence; it's not ignorance; it is total, complete quantum wisdom. It is the ability to take those things that in linearity you would worry about and suspend them in a place where they don't affect you. What happens to a consciousness that's not affected by fear? I'll tell you. It soars! Did you expect that? Inner child work is quantum work. All of these things we have been teaching in these last months are asking the Human Being to become quantum.

The Incredible Power of Love

Nothing compares to the last one. Nothing. This is the third time I'm going to bring it to you, for many here have not heard this. Listen carefully: There are those even in spiritual work who have declared that emotionalism is wrong. They say that if you get emotional, you're not rational. If you weep, you shouldn't be here. They say it is the intellectual mind that is going to figure out everything. That's where your logic is, and that's your reasoning. Therefore, you want to get to a place where you can throw away all emotions and just figure it out with your God-given logical mind.

Listen, dear ones, this is totally linear thinking. There isn't a Human in the room who is going to figure out a quantum state with their intellect, because that's not the state that they were born in, and that's not the state they live in. Instead, it's a balance of intellect and the heart. Emotions are passed through the veil, and it's for a very big reason.

I'm going to tell you where the real power is... the reason for compassion and the incredible power of love. I'm going to give you the most quantum energy on the planet and I hope you understand it. It's the third time I've done this and I want you to listen really carefully.

There is a power beyond all powers and it comes right out of the emotional state. Are you surprised? I'm going to paint the picture yet again as I've done it before. Oh, there are mothers in this room. Many. Mom, go back with me to a time I shared with you, will you? Go back to when your first born was there, minutes old. Go back with me when the first-born infant took its first breath and life began. It represented part of your DNA, part of your lineage, part of your Akash, a seed event, if you will. Now, I'm going to ask you something: Did you hear the angels singing? They stood around the bed, you know? What did you feel the first time that you looked the infant in the eye? What did you feel when you locked eyes with that child and life began? Did you hear the angels singing? Did your heart melt? Did it just pour out to the Universe at that moment? Did you notice that the technicians in the room were weeping, too? What causes that?

Perhaps you think that that particular power came out of your mind and your heart? Well, it didn't! Way beyond anything a Human Being alone could even possibly generate, this amazing energy poured into that room because there was sacred joy. For a moment in time you opened an interdimensional portal where life began and everyone wept in the joy of it. The child looked at you and you looked at it. Things would never be the same. Do you remember, Mom? Do you remember that day? Do you remember the moment? That's an energy that is way beyond what your heart is able to do by itself. You had help and anything you felt was amplified by the God energy within you.

I'm talking about the glue that holds consciousness together, which is emotional. I'm talking about the love of God. This has been the message from the first day I gave information. It took my partner four years to open his heart to the point where he would weep in front of anyone with this power. It is beyond anything that he could generate by himself. This room is filled with an entourage whose power will generate far more than any Human heart alone can do! It's a quantum energy... timeless... not a future event... filled with a feeling that every loving thing that ever was is pouring into you. It's nature, your own life energy, and the wisdom of the ages! Mom, do you remember?

Humans fall in love. They get a little nuts. Some of you have done that, haven't you? Some of you remember sighing a lot and staring into each other's eyes. Psychologist say there is little bit of temporary insanity going on. [Laughter] You remember it, don't you? Perhaps some of you still have it? Tell me about it, dear Human. Did you generate that by yourself? Was it the other person, do you think, or do you think there was something else going on? Do you think you were part of something that you were alone with? Lovers will tell you that there are angels in the room when the humans come together, when the sparks are there, and there's far more than they could create by themselves. Some of them even hear the singing! Is that just a lover's dream? No, for they are correct... it's part of the Human experience where two come together and somehow they generate an energy that is far greater than the sum of the parts. And that's because God is there!

The angels are smiling. That's the way it works. It's quantum. There's raw power here. "Why are you telling us this, Kryon?" I'm going to tell you the reason: It's because there are those of you who are ready to fall in love with the first born of a seed consciousness which is the choice point. It's falling in love with yourself, the God within, nature, or just the entire creative process. It's creating an energy on this planet like the birth of a child. It is greater than the sum of the parts because you are quantum enough to do it. Is this confusing to you or is it natural? It's part of the learning curve that this might be confusing.

Are you aware you don't have to join anything? You don't. Accept others around you who love the earth. Are you aware that all of you can participate to whatever degree you wish? Opening the heart creates energy above and beyond what you could ever do alone, yet it seems like it's an individual decision. This is an invitation for a quantumness. Call it whatever you want. You want to call it God; you want to call it Spirit; you want to call it your own divinity? It doesn't matter. But you'll feel it. Many of you already have and you just didn't even know what it was. Love is that way. It's pure. It has no agenda. It does not puff itself up. It is unconditional. That's God in you. That's the message.

And so this is the work before you. Raise from the chairs and leave differently than you came with a little more insight as to how Spirit works with you. Perhaps you may have a little more comfortable feeling about who you are, and where you're going. Perhaps there's been a release tonight for some of you who felt they had failed, or hadn't accomplished the things they came for. I'm telling you, you have accomplished it! You have.

Do you love God? Then you've accomplished it. Do you love yourself? Then you've accomplished it. Are you peaceful? Can you eliminate the drama over the things that you can't control? If you're one of those, then you've accomplished it. That's why you came. And so it is that we say to you in this time that we know each of you by name. What are you going to do with this information? Is it simply information, or is it the truth? You decide.

And so it is.


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