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Can one be a Light Warrior and also have the desire for fame?

Dear Kryon, I play guitar and have a great desire to be a rock star. Although there is no guarantee of this happening, I wish to aim for this goal. Hopefully financial security will come as a part of this. In addition there is a potential for fame and adoration from others, which is also very appealing. After having read Kryon books 1 and 5 and now reading book 6, I find that I am being told this would be an incorrect route to take as it is filled with negatives such as Greed and Ego. Can one be a Light Warrior and also have the desire for fame? Is it right for me to follow my desire and passion to become a famous rock star? Can fame and fortune be in any enlightened person’s contract?

Fame in itself is an inappropriate goal, for it is an attribute that helps no one but the one who desires it, and it is a product of Human ego. However, perhaps this is not what is actually going on in your life.

You may indeed see into the potentials for your life and see fame. But it will be the result of your abilities, the passion you have with your music, and it won’t stand alone as a goal. For Spirit can use famous people. The pitfalls are great, but a balanced one can achieve and accept fame with grace and maturity, and go on to be an even a greater musician due to it.

Think of what a famous Lightworker rock star could do! The Universe would love that! So it isn’t a “no-no” as you might think. When done with integrity, ego control, and professionalism, fame can be a giant help to thousands of watchers. For the famous one can then live a life of light, showing others something they never thought could exist. How does the famous one treat others? How does the famous one deal with the media? How does this famous Lightworker handle money? You see? If you are indeed watched all the time by the public, just think of what you might show them when you live a balanced life with a balanced ego.

Here’s a fact: If such a thing could happen, the famous one becomes more famous! For Humanity loves good talent combined with a balanced ego. They would love you and wish to know more about how you did it. Then you get a chance to tell them.


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