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Energetic Consciousness

This is very informative channelling and will remain controversial forever. Kryon wants to give us information about energy on the planet that seems to be alive... but is not. Ghosts, speaking to the dead, and other things that go “bump in the night” are always a favorite of Humans. We love to be scared. But what if it's not what, or who, we think it is? Is there perhaps a system that keeps track of everything, and actually somehow plays it back as an “energetic imprint?” Kryon also tackles the subject of TIME. Whew! Engage your brain, for this is not a fluffy channelling!

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The pendulum of reality swings yet again into my corner and there is an element of disbelief here. In a group of old souls, there is always this. They say it's too easy – too easy to fake. So we say this to you before we begin this discussion: It's about love that's what it's about. It always has been and it always will be. It's not the love that you think, for there is a force in the Universe even your astronomers have recognized and seen and identified. They call it intelligent design.

They are correct, since the Universe itself is biased. It's biased in life creation; it's biased in love. There is conscious purpose for everything, and astronomers, scientists, physicists, they want to see a complete and total neutrality within all things, yet they don't find it. Isn't it funny that you have put your own idea of “the logic of the scientific method” right onto what you expect to see in the Universe? When you don't get it back from the study of the Universe, you don't wonder if the method is wrong, you question the data! That's funny to us!

We wish to discuss some of the things you are discovering, and also some of the things that you already are seeing but have not labeled correctly. The power that is starting to become yours requires the understanding of energies around you that you have never identified correctly. You wish to see many things as energy, when they are specifically “energetic information.” So this is one of the first multidimensional channellings of a series that may last a long time and be given over time, that begins to explain to you in a better fashion the concepts that have been misunderstood or not explained at all.

There is a huge distance between the nucleus of the atom and the electron haze. If you could go with me to the smallest of the small, you'd find an enormous amount of emptiness there... a puzzling amount of it, actually. Physicists will tell you that most everything is “made of nothing,” since the majority of mass is made up of this mysterious space in atomic structure. But it's only because science just can't see what's “in the dark.” This is a phrase we will use for the 3D mind trying to examine a multidimensional reality. The multidimensional truth is this: Between that which is the nucleus of the atom and the electron haze, there seems to be nothing, but it is actually filled with energetic information, which science then calls intelligent design.

This is difficult to explain, especially how this manifests itself to your reality, but that is, indeed, the subject. So we'll start slow and easy.

Here is the Rose

There it is, my friends – a rose for you to imagine and examine. It's a beautiful, red rose, but perhaps you don't like it? You don't like the thorns, perhaps? Maybe you don't even like the color, perhaps? Maybe you don't even want a rose? So you say to yourself, “I'd like it much better if it was a daisy.” But it's a rose. So you shrug and say, “My reality is that I have a red rose with thorns.” Now, in single, dimensional digit thinking (3D), the scenario is static and unchangeable. It is what it is. It's too bad you got a rose when you wan