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Energetic Consciousness

This is very informative channelling and will remain controversial forever. Kryon wants to give us information about energy on the planet that seems to be alive... but is not. Ghosts, speaking to the dead, and other things that go “bump in the night” are always a favorite of Humans. We love to be scared. But what if it's not what, or who, we think it is? Is there perhaps a system that keeps track of everything, and actually somehow plays it back as an “energetic imprint?” Kryon also tackles the subject of TIME. Whew! Engage your brain, for this is not a fluffy channelling!

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The pendulum of reality swings yet again into my corner and there is an element of disbelief here. In a group of old souls, there is always this. They say it's too easy – too easy to fake. So we say this to you before we begin this discussion: It's about love that's what it's about. It always has been and it always will be. It's not the love that you think, for there is a force in the Universe even your astronomers have recognized and seen and identified. They call it intelligent design.

They are correct, since the Universe itself is biased. It's biased in life creation; it's biased in love. There is conscious purpose for everything, and astronomers, scientists, physicists, they want to see a complete and total neutrality within all things, yet they don't find it. Isn't it funny that you have put your own idea of “the logic of the scientific method” right onto what you expect to see in the Universe? When you don't get it back from the study of the Universe, you don't wonder if the method is wrong, you question the data! That's funny to us!

We wish to discuss some of the things you are discovering, and also some of the things that you already are seeing but have not labeled correctly. The power that is starting to become yours requires the understanding of energies around you that you have never identified correctly. You wish to see many things as energy, when they are specifically “energetic information.” So this is one of the first multidimensional channellings of a series that may last a long time and be given over time, that begins to explain to you in a better fashion the concepts that have been misunderstood or not explained at all.

There is a huge distance between the nucleus of the atom and the electron haze. If you could go with me to the smallest of the small, you'd find an enormous amount of emptiness there... a puzzling amount of it, actually. Physicists will tell you that most everything is “made of nothing,” since the majority of mass is made up of this mysterious space in atomic structure. But it's only because science just can't see what's “in the dark.” This is a phrase we will use for the 3D mind trying to examine a multidimensional reality. The multidimensional truth is this: Between that which is the nucleus of the atom and the electron haze, there seems to be nothing, but it is actually filled with energetic information, which science then calls intelligent design.

This is difficult to explain, especially how this manifests itself to your reality, but that is, indeed, the subject. So we'll start slow and easy.

Here is the Rose

There it is, my friends – a rose for you to imagine and examine. It's a beautiful, red rose, but perhaps you don't like it? You don't like the thorns, perhaps? Maybe you don't even like the color, perhaps? Maybe you don't even want a rose? So you say to yourself, “I'd like it much better if it was a daisy.” But it's a rose. So you shrug and say, “My reality is that I have a red rose with thorns.” Now, in single, dimensional digit thinking (3D), the scenario is static and unchangeable. It is what it is. It's too bad you got a rose when you wanted a daisy because it will always be a rose. If you could look at the seed that the rose grows from and germinates from, it will always be a rose. “Too bad,” you might say. “It's forever a rose.” So the consensus of thinking and the actions around it are this: It will always be a rose; therefore, I will never be able to change it. The concept of changing the rose in any way, or of actually creating a daisy from the rose, is not in your scope of thinking. You learned everything you know in 3D.

Now consider for a moment a multidimensional scenario, one where the master gardener visits the seed. Imagine for a moment that the master gardener can tell that which is the seed to systemically alter the information within the seed, to change what it is now to something else. So the next time the cells start to divide, the thorns drop off and the color changes. Or, perhaps, even maybe, a daisy grows instead!

Now, if this actually happened, what would you call this? The answer is, you would call it a miracle! Unbelievable! Impossible! We call it basic, multidimensional physics, ready to be discovered and understood. But your reaction is how you define things that look out of the purview of your dimensional reality. I want you to start looking at these things differently. I want you to start seeing energy that is multidimensional as energetic information. A tremendous amount of what you just call energy is only information. It leads us to the next phase of this teaching.

A Discovery Has Been Made – A Report

For now, we give you a discovery on the planet that has been made and is being used, and the discovery is this: You can change the information within the cells of your body. That is to say, science has discovered how to rewrite systemic portions of the DNA of the Human body – to change its informational structure. Not to belabor an issue [discussed many times by Kryon], but you must remember what the scientists discovered about DNA. Only 5% of the 3 billion chemicals in the DNA molecule are protein-encoded and gene producing. That is, 95% of the DNA chemistry seems to do nothing at all. So what you have is a DNA structure, a DNA loop that has 3 billion chemicals in it and 5% is the engine of the biological race car called the Human Being (gene producing), while 95% is the driver (telling the car what to do). Therefore, the largest part of DNA, which has been called “junk DNA” in the past, is a consciousness of instructions. It's energy. It's information, and it's huge!

What if you could change the information in those instructional DNA parts? What would you say to them? Well, let me give you an example of something that's already been done… a scientific breakthrough.

Rewriting the Information

Let us say that you're born with a deformed heart. Here is a heart that is not operating properly. The valves don't fit. Let us go on to say that that is who you are. You are a red rose with thorns. So, in your reality, you're going to die sooner, not operate normally, perhaps have to be on drugs when you're older, and you'll always have a deformed heart. Now, I want you to use some logic of the kind you have not used before and ask a biological question of significance. Since all of the organs in your body rejuvenate many times over your life, why is it that the heart remains deformed? Why doesn't the Human body repair it over time? Certainly it does a good job with skin injuries when healing itself (the skin is the largest organ of the Human body, after all). Why does it continue to create a deformed heart then, over and over, regenerating valves that don't fit?

Here is the answer: Because the systemic information in every heart cell remains static. That is, today, all the information in each DNA molecule of the heart that is systemic (stem cells) contains the blueprint for a deformed heart. Without something to change the energy of the information within this systemic system, it will always repeat what it has. A rose will always be a rose and the thorns will always grow there.

So, what if you could literally change the information in the 95% of your DNA? The majority of chemistry in your body is information, driving the car of health and regeneration. It's the driver of the car of chemistry and gene production. Is it possible to instruct it to go a different way, steering the genes to another creative place? Yes.

Science is starting to learn how to address basic cellular information, addressing the information energetically in DNA so that the stem cells are given a pattern of perfectness instead of the deformity.* Then, as the heart then starts to regenerate as all organs do, it slowly becomes a functioning heart with valves that fit! Is this science fiction? I'm telling you, it's being done now. For on the planet, multidimensional inventions are starting to occur. There will be many more. It will push the envelope of your believability and change physics. You've seen this and you don't even know you've seen it.

Changing the Human Body's Reality

I'll ask you some other questions that you haven't really thought about. We've brought these up before and now we can discuss them more fully. Why can a starfish grow back an arm and you cannot? It's because the basic programming DNA information in your body, in your DNA, in the information portion, won't allow it. Does this make sense to you? Can it be changed, or is that just too weird for you? Will you accept the ability to change these things, or will you run from them and call them ungodly, evil, and things you just “shouldn't do”?

These very things came to pass with the first heart transplants on the planet, and the reactions were predictable. It was out of the box of your reality and, therefore, became a religious controversy. This one will, too.

The race car driver, driving the information car of DNA, has instructed the chemistry in your body that changing the rose into a daisy is to be done only in the womb. Then the chemistry remains static and never is adjusted by the body. So the instructions are always that way every time a cell divides. So each time the deformed heart cell creates a new, fresh heart cell, it is from the same deformed blueprint. There'll come a day when you can change the instructions and you'll be able to grow back a limb. All of the chemistry is there, and it's not that hard. But the instructions at the DNA level say you can't do it, therefore, you have never seen it done and, therefore, you can't imagine it.

Changing Your Way of Thinking

The energy around you is changing and it's necessary for you to change your perceptions of what is around you – what is yours to manage and change and how you can actually call upon the creator inside to recreate what you thought was unchangeable. Many will see you as even stranger than they imagined you were, saying that you can manifest seeming miracles, but you are just learning the way things really work.

Imagine the race car driver in a splendid machine, but he is only able to give it instructions to turn left. That's what a race car driver does, you know? [left turns only] What happens to the driver when the race track straightens out and he doesn't know how to do anything but make left turns? You've got to change the information that he has and let him learn how to finally take advantage of everything his car can do. That is what is being done.

When the spinal cord is severed, there is chemistry that races to the place of the severing so it won't grow back. Did you know that? There is a hormonal protein structure that actually keeps it from growing back. How does that serve humanity? Well, it doesn't. It's a product of evolution, and evolution doesn't always produce the kind of result you might think. It's also slow and sometimes stops, depending on what the evolving species does. It's not perfect, and you can see this everywhere in the Human body – things that don't make sense.

Nerves are designed to grow back, yet they don't. Did you know that the nerves of the Human body even have addresses so they can find themselves and grow back? Yet in a spinal cord injury, they don't. It's because it is built into the race driver's information to the car not to grow back a spinal cord severing! This is an oxymoron in a biological structure that seems to be designed to survive, yet sometimes shows you differently.

There'll come a day when you can reprogram the systemic systems of your body with consciousness and invention. Stem cells exist everywhere in the Human body, alive and well. They are what pattern what happens. Chemically, they are responsible for a Human that is predisposed to disease. That predisposition then will be carried to the child and the imprint and the energy and the information of the 95% will continue and continue and continue, unless it's reprogrammed. Listen: It's not chemical! It's informational energy. It is multidimensional energy.

There is new technology coming to reprogram pieces and parts of the body at the stem cell level (systemic level). Do you know what this means? There are young women in the room who may carry a specific gene that their ancestors carried, one that will pass on the predispositions of cancers and weaknesses. Listen: When you can rewrite your genetic print, none who follow you will have it either. Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Your children and your children's children will only have the reprogramming that you do. They will not have the original information. The cells in your body will take the new systemic information and claim it as your blueprint and pass it to your children.

Energy is like that. Informational energy is like that, and there's a lot of it on the planet. There are systems on the planet that have been misunderstood for a long time. Let me give you a couple. This is controversial. You may not agree. You may not like it, but I'm going to give it to you anyway.

Ghosts – Multidimensional Information or Trapped Souls?

Humans love things that go bump in the night. They love to be frightened and they love to be scared. They love movies that scare them and they love haunted places. Have you seen the upsurge in the interest of haunted places lately? Much of your media is creating new shows around them.

Now, let me tell you what they are and why they work the way they do. Now we get into the power of the information of the Human lifetime and the Akash. Human consciousness carries an imprint that affects the planet and we have told you this from the beginning of our teachings. Human consciousness is what is going to change the planet. Human consciousness is information. It is information, not just random energy, that you develop based upon what you think and it's powerful. Human consciousness actually goes into what we have called the Crystalline Grid of the planet, which is a multidimensional grid. You can't see it, but it holds energy. It holds multidimensional information.

When we measure the planet for spiritual vibration, it is the Crystalline Grid that is measured. The Crystalline Grid only has on it what Humans have put there. It is an multidimensional record of thought, of lifetimes and of happenings. Why is it that certain land seems filled with old, layered energy of war and other land is clear and clean? The reason is always the same – it's what happened on the land that Humans created. Therefore, you already have the concept of Human energy affecting places.

Here's what I'm going to tell you: In certain conditions and in certain ways, a Human life or an interaction of multi-lives together in a profound scenario will create an energetic informational imprint in a place. It's information and energy that will replay itself over and over and over like a recording tape in 3D. You see it as a haunted house! So here is some of the things that will give you something to think about: Did you notice that in a haunting, you have a scenario that repeats itself over and over? Nothing new ever happens. The man comes down the stairs, the man goes up the stairs. The woman in the kitchen moves from the left to the right, sits in a chair, rocks for awhile, moves away. If it involved dramatic things such as murder, the man comes down the stairs with the ax, over and over and over and over. It's a good movie, isn't it? And that's all it is! “Why does it feel the way it feels, Kryon?” Because it's the result of a Human consciousness imprint and you've got one, too. When you're there overlapping with it, it gives you chills because it's real. It happened. It can even interface with you!

Now, science has gotten involved also, as they should. They're noticing something about true “haunted” areas. The imprint (the haunting) carries scientific attributes that are measureable and – ready – they're all multidimensional! Guess what changes they have measured in these places? Magnetics, gravitation, light and even time anomalies, because what it is, is a multidimensional event, imprinted onto a place on the planet that plays over and plays over and plays over. Multidimensional attributes also often carry temperature change, always to the cold side. We even told you that if you are going to develop a multidimensional lens, you will need to have a super cryogenic attribute. Do you remember? This is an attribute of things “out of 3D.”

Can you capture it on your video recording devices? Yes. Because it knows it's being observed. (Just like light knows it's being observed in physics experiments.) Because it's part of an imprint that is multidimensional. In a quantum sense, it knows. I can't explain this to you, since your bias is that you assign knowing to specific consciousness. That is to say, you feel something can only know if it's intelligent and Human, or animal. This isn't either of those. It's a knowing that is quantum. Much of your quantum physics lets you see these very unusual attributes of light and magnetics where there is no distance or time. It's present here, too.

Don't ponder this too much, for you won't like it. You absolutely want and need for there to be an intelligent “soul” where you feel something seemingly intelligent. How can it just be information? The answer is beyond your experience, so you can't understand it. But multidimensional information seems to have what you consider to be “life consciousness,” yet it isn't. Let me asks you this: When you interface with your artificial intelligence machines (computers), and they talk to you and call you by name, do you then panic and say there is a “ghost in the machine?” No. It's only code… information. Now, amplify that by a million-fold and you have multidimensional imprints.

How to Get Rid of a Ghost or Haunting

Oh, I have more to tell you. There are things that you wouldn't believe that you can do to change this imprint. How would you like to get rid of a haunting? Careful, you better not do it in a commercial area, since the tourists won't like it! [Kryon humor] They depend on the tape playing to sell tickets.

So, let's say it's in your house. You're going to have to present an energy that is stronger than the imprint of the haunting. Got that? You cannot order it away. It's not an entity, dear ones (told you it would be controversial). No amount of huffing and puffing or calling upon God will make it different. The imprint was created by magnificent, powerful beings (called Human), sometimes seeming to do ordinary things. There's a reason for that as well. I digress; you really don't know the profundity of old soul energy. Have you ever wondered why all the indigenous of the planet call upon their ancestors and give them the honor that they do? Because there is a knowing of the power that is there! Sometimes a person who seems to be ordinary to you instead is a very old soul and carries much information and energy to the grid. This is all about the Akashic Record that is contained in the Human DNA.

Back to the subject, to rid yourself of an imprint (haunting). You've got to present an energy that is stronger than the haunting. Now, what could that be? As inappropriate as it is, I will tell you. Why don't you bring lovers into that room? That will do it! That will do it because that's a much stronger energy than the information in the multidimensional “tape” that's playing. There are those who have been in love here in this room. There are beautiful secrets here that I know. Some of you know that I teach that the power and the energy of Humans coming together in intimacy, which creates a third energy, is far more powerful than the two creating it. It almost creates the sound of angels singing, far greater than any physical act. And you know it, Human Being. It is sacred. It's beautiful and stronger than any haunting. Maybe you didn't want to hear that today? [Kryon smile]

All right, perhaps you want another method? Then present the love of God in that place with celebration and ceremony that will eventually reduce the haunting to nothing, and will instead replace it with strong love energy of creation. It takes the powerful emotion of love! And, you might even call upon the ancestors for help. [bigger Kryon smile]

Even More Controversial

“But what about other things? Kryon, what about demon possession and those kinds of things?” So I will tell you this: It's far different than you think, because there are no demons. Humanity can conjure up the most evil things imaginable, and it can do it very well. But you knew that, too, didn't you? Because you're powerful, the pieces in God in you, even in your mythology, are responsible for the devil himself. A fallen angel became the devil? How can that even be? It can't. God does not create evil; Humans to. Evil is the metaphor of what a Human can do on the earth with the energy that they have. Things are not always what they seem, Human Being. Demon possession is the work of Human unbalance and supported by Human mythology. Is it real? Yes. But it's Human created.

You see what you believe and create what you wish to have there. Creating your own reality is one of the powerful attributes of the Human Being, and they can do it in the negative as well as the positive. You can even create the devil if you wish, with all the trappings of smoke and fire. This is free will. But be aware that it all will disappear when the light is turned on. This is a very difficult subject to convince you of. Humans always want a devil to blame for evil things.

Talking to the Dead: Different Than You Think

“What about talking to the dead? How would that work, Kryon? How could you talk to famous people when, in the scheme of soul incarnation, they've already come back as other people? If they've already left and their soul is back as another, how can you talk to them?”

The answer is this: They haven't left! Oh, the part that you think is the Human soul has left, but the imprint of their lifetime information and everything they knew – their consciousness, their wisdom, their knowledge – goes right into the Crystalline Grid and stays there. We've talked about this before. Can you contact famous people and get information? Yes. Will it be accurate? Of course. Because you're talking to the source information, which is accurate and represents their life. The imprint remains. “You mean you're not actually talking to them, you're talking to the imprint?” Let me give you something to think about. I'm going to ask a question right now. It's going to be a rhetorical one. Who are you? I have old souls in front of me and reading this. There's a woman in the room who won't wear red, and you know who you are. I'll tell you why. Because it got you killed! Because that was the color of the plume on your helmet, warrior. Because you were the captain and the enemy before you in that battle knew if they would take you out, your whole regiment would be in disarray and that's what happened. Wearing red not only killed you, it killed everyone around you! You'll never wear red. You just don't like the color. It's just not for you. You shun it, don't you, old soul? Therefore, as you sit here, who are you? Are you the warrior who got killed, or the woman in 2022 who won't wear red?

Indeed, it is a rhetorical question, because in my reality you are a piece of God. I see you in all your incarnations. You see? You can't wallow in the singularity of Human bias when you discuss these things. You are more than you think and, metaphysically, this is the way God sees you and the way you are just barely beginning to see some of those around you.

So, getting back to the question, when you wish to conjure up one who has lived before and ask them questions, who are you talking to? Are you talking to the Akash of a soul? Are you speaking to that which is alive or dead? I will tell you: None of those things are accurate because it's far more magnificent than that! We have told you before. Can you ask Aunt Martha where the treasure was buried? Yes. And she'll know! Why? Because you're talking to Aunt Martha's informational imprint and the information is the information, preserved in a form that you absolutely feel is Aunt Martha!

However, can you ask Aunt Martha, “How are things on the other side?” Go ahead, but the imprint has no idea! It will only give you the platitudes that it was told during the life of the Human it represents.

She'll say, “Beautiful.”

“What's it like over there?”


“No, give me some specifics.”

“I love you.”

She doesn't know! Aunt Martha's imprint knows what Aunt Martha knew, since you are not talking to anything actually on the other side of the veil. You think of it in singularity, but it's not. It's powerful, and it's real, and it can be accessed and even dialoged with. It's multidimensional and those with gifts can access the wisdom of the ancients. Go back and ask them what they knew. Go back and ask them how it felt. Go back and ask them where the treasure is buried. You're going to see some of this soon, but be aware – those in the places of power on this planet, wearing the costumes of spirituality and the heads of state in religion, will call it evil and will call it a cult. They do not understanding that you are moving into a multidimensional state—appropriate, accurate, true, useable, correct, helpful, and very much seen as something you should do. Asking the ancients what they knew will bring you full circle to what you are now studying.

Time is Complex

Let me give you a concept and this will be the last one. I've saved the complicated one for last, but it's my favorite one. We haven't done this before, my partner, so get it right. [an admonition for Lee to slow down and not be concerned that the channelling is too long]

I want to show you how time works, but I can't. It's because the reality of the complexities of multidimensionality preclude the Human Being's ability to understand it. It's simply not teachable in your 3D perception. So I will metaphorize it and give it to you in its simplest form, which is only a fraction of its reality.

Time. We mentioned today that it is a singularity for you. For the Human in 3D, there's only one time line. There's no multiple times, but rather only one and it's the one you're on, in your reality. You see it as a singular, straight train track into the future. It only goes one speed and one direction for your life and that of the earth. It doesn't move. The truth of it is it moves all the time. Another truth you don't understand is that each of you can step off the track and create a faster or slower one. You don't know that either.

How do we explain this? Let me singularize it and pretend you're all on the same track for a moment. That's what you think anyway, so that's easy. I want you to build a track in your mind, a train track that is time. I want you to put a locomotive engine upon it that goes in one direction very slowly, at one speed, and that's you and your life. You are riding the train car you create.

Now I want you to create the vision of this train track going all the way around the earth. Now, to your perception, because you can only see to the horizon, the train track goes straight. The truth of the matter is that this track you created goes all the way around the earth, so (aha!) it's in a circle. That means you're also looking at the same track as behind you. So this puts time in a circle, and so far you can visualize that, although what comes next is confusing.

It's a conundrum for you that time is in a circle, since in three dimensions, it's a straight line with a beginning and an end. By the way, you have no idea about how either one is created; the beginning and end are mysterious, but you still like to see it that way, for it suits you. But suddenly in this model, it is in a circle around the earth. So take a look at some of the attributes of time in a circle that are confusing to you. Let us say your lifetime takes about 30 meters on this track. Not very far, is it, but it lasts a lifetime? The train moves very slow as it goes around the earth. So you never have to really worry about meeting your past, do you? At 30 meters a lifetime, you won't ever meet the past. But let's pretend for a moment you could. What would happen if you drove that engine around the earth? Eventually, you would be running over the same energy of what used to be, wouldn't you?

In the same way of thinking, if you went around the earth several times, eventually you also might be running over what might become! Ah! Suddenly you have an attribute of time you haven't thought about. If it's in a circle, it means that the future affects the present! But in 3D, you think the future hasn't happened yet. But it has in a quantum sense. Remember that a true quantum state does not deal with empirical singular concepts. It deals, instead, with constantly changing potentials.

Now I'm giving you information and I'm giving it to you this way because there are scientists looking at it the same way I'm giving it to you. Is it possible that the future could give you energy and information now? Think of this train track for a moment and let's get more complicated. It's got layers now. Every time the train goes around the earth, it creates a past and a future. What if it was humanity in that engine? Now you have the past, present and future of everything that's ever happened on one train track in a circle.

Now, let's create a temporary situation where you could stop the train, dig down into the tracks, and pick up something that either hasn't happened yet or happened before. I didn't expect you to understand it, dear one, only listen to it. Because that's what's happening on the earth right now.

Let's add to the puzzle. Let's say this track has to go up some hills and down some valleys. The hills and the valleys are always the same with this time track. So as you go around and around, if you were smart enough and had a system that understood this time track, you might even create a map of the hills and valleys that your time engine will climb or coast down. You might even call them time fractals and you might be right. [Kryon smile] Every time you hit that place in time, whether it was in the future or the past, you got the same hill or valley.

What I want to tell you now is what's happening at this moment, dear Human Being. I just gave you the simplest way I can give you of the attributes of multidimensionality when it comes to time. You are visiting potentials that in your mind have not happened, but in a quantum sense have. You are receiving a vibrational increase on this planet so that you can look at the track of time and select where you want to go. You are looking at the potentials of the quantumness of a vibrational shift and creating a culture that is going to go beyond what you think it could. Because this information, it's going to fly in the face of all prophecy. Because prophecy is based on one track that does one thing over and over in 3D. But as soon as you start to become multidimensional, information becomes energy and on that track of time is information of the potentials of Earth.

Is it possible that the ancients knew this? Yes, they did. Is it possible that those in a potential future know this? Yes, they do. Against all your 3D perception, they do. It would seem like I just turned a page because there's someone in here who wants to know what a crop circle is, so I'll tell you. It's a good thing you ask, since it is a very intuitive question. Many crop circles are energy stamps from the future. How about that? Now you don't know anything more than you did before, do you? It does not make sense, does it. But perhaps with your train track example, you can at least see how it might work if everything was different than you believe it is.

You are currently in an entangled state with a reality that's outside of your dimensional perception. This is hard to teach when your reality has you in a straight line. It's even harder for you to understand. But it's easy to feel. Imagine the solution is upon you. Imagine those things that you're planning already are completed. Imagine yourself looking backwards and saying, “Now that wasn't too hard, was it?” Imagine the most perplexing things you brought to the meeting today, done and over with. Now, how do you feel about it?

Human Being, take a breath of quantum release and look at it like I can. Then, indeed, you are becoming quantum. And, in the finest sense, you've just created it. Congratulations. Now go from this place in your three-dimensional way and walk through the steps that you've already done.

That's my message. Information is energy in a multidimensional state. All things are possible since all things are changeable. If you've come here to this place or this page to see this, you are probably an old soul. For those are the ones who are awakening right now. So, old soul, you wouldn't have missed this, would you? I'm not talking about this meeting. I'm talking about this life. How many times have you lived waiting for this shift? What do you think the wisdom factor is in your Akashic Record? If you've lived and lived, how many trips around that track of time have you made? Do you understand that you are the ancestors? Now, do you understand that everything that ever was, and is, is in your Akash? It's available in your DNA. It's about time you started seeing it in that way. My partner says, “Leave differently than you came.”

He got that from me.

Do it.

And so it is.


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