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Esoterics To The Max

Here is a channelling from Mt. Shasta, and the Kryon Summer Light Conference. It is core explanations of some of the “woo woo” that bothers logical and 3-D minds. This channelling has become lesson three in The Lightworker's handbook, which is the series that we recommend those read who are just coming up to speed with the New Age attributes.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Don’t let that name frighten you. I am Sister Kryon; I am Brother Kryon. Could it be that as I said this morning [in the morning channelling] that “the room has been filled with an energy beyond expectations, coming from places you wouldn’t understand?” In this place exists an energy who knows you so well that it touches your heart.

No matter who you are or what your culture is or where you come from, it touches your heart. Why? If I told you that you all have something in common, it would be beyond belief for you, for indeed, you all come from the same place. There is a commonality - a truth that says that you are all the same in a certain way; home is the same for all of you. So perhaps that is what you feel as you come into this place? As you associate with Human Beings you’ll “never see again,” do you feel the connection? What does that mean to you? Do you understand the bridges and bonds that you build here are profoundly “out of time?” Did you know that this is a place where love is generated? Did you know this is a place where it’s safe to think differently?

Not all of you have come to see the spook show, you know? [Laughter] Some of you are just enduring this time of esoterics. I know who you are, so let me address you: You are so loved for your patience... so loved for your patience! Did you know that there is not one guide, one angel or one entity on this side of the veil who’s going to bother you? If you walk out of this place and say, “I don’t care anything about this! I don’t believe in this! That guy wasn’t really channelling, you know? He was pretending.” If you leave in total disbelief, it changes nothing about the way this sister/brother Kryon feels about you. Free choice, it is, for the Human, and it’s respected. For if and when you’re ready, it is then you may choose to open that door of belief into the esoteric, and not before. God does not place energies upon those who wish to be untouched by the experience.

Let me tell you how these messages are going to be structured and what the messages will be this night and the next. For this night, we are going to load up on the esoteric. Then tomorrow night we’re going to load up on the physics and the astronomy. These will be very different kinds of channellings. They are being given separately, but in my reality, they are being given simultaneously together. For you, they are a pair of messages that are opposites but related. So if you listen or read or hear one, be sure to experience the other. Like bookends, they balance one another - one is the most esoteric and one, the more scientific. So tomorrow [Sunday night] I will do what I have not done in a very long time. I will give pure physics - pure science. I will explain some things to the limit of the allowance I’m able to reveal, giving hints about the way things work and why they work the way they do. I will explain some of the unexplainable things that astronomers see, and some of the things that physics has totally and completely missed. I’ll even rewrite some of the laws of physics that you depend on for a logical system. But tonight is for the woo woo group. [More laughter] I knew you would like that. My partner told me to use that word.

The Woo-Woo Stuff

I know the things that you’re criticized the highest for. I know who’s here. I know what some of you endure for the beliefs you have that are outside of your culture's accepted thinking. Some of you have come here totally and completely alone, knowing that when you go back, you can’t really share what happens here, yet you’ll want to! You'll want to take somebody aside and say, “Well, I went someplace and I know I was touched. Somehow I was touched. I don’t even know what touched me, I just know that I feel so good. I feel empowered to do things I never could do before. And I’m all by myself and I wish I could share it with you.”But you can’t do that, can you? If that is you, I would like to give you a message: It is not necessary that you share anything with another Human, really. Just go away joyful, healed, blessed, and carry with you a consciousness and a light that, by your actions, show your shift to your family, to your workers, to your culture. Let that be your message. For that is the way of it and it always has been.

I must preface all of the esoterics by again walking you through the challenges that we have from this side of the veil [as Kryon] arriving into a three-dimensional existence [your side], trying our best to give you interdimensional information. Here is the example for you: Try someday to explain color to a Human Being who never had sight. They don't even have the experience of seeing, yet here you are trying to explain red and blue. That's the difficulty in any of these messages for us.

Since the very beginning of time, this particular Universe has been set up so all you see is the singular. And you are linear in your perception. This linearity of your perception totally establishes what you believe is real and what you believe is not. And if you can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. If you cannot see it, you cannot even talk about it. Even though you have invisible forces around you that you take for granted, like magnetics and gravity, you can't go past that. Both of those are provable at the “see it” level, for you can see the affect of them clearly every day.

But if you can’t see what others see... the colors or the energy around things, then it’s foolish. Therefore, there are those who say, “I choose to be linear.” Some are here tonight just like this. It's comfortable and you are used to it, but it's a biased linearity and you don't even know it. Your survival depends on you being in a linear world, so very early on, your brain was trained not to let you “see” anything that would not suit your linear existence. Therefore, you have a biased reality; even though your actual physical eyes may see colors, your brain denies you that visual. It does not suit your linear reality.

Every single Human in this place is so linear, and so used to it, that none of you realize how “reality crippled” you truly are. As three-dimensional, linear Human Beings, you show up for a seven-hour conference where each speaker has to deliver the message to you one word at a time. And your brain must listen one word at a time. It’s like your entire reality is on this small, little thin track as you move only forward, never back or up or down or left or right - only forward. It’s as a thin string that you balance on, and everything around you works that way. But you are used to it so it doesn’t seem limiting.

When you get a book, you read it in a linear fashion, one word at a time. Even those of you who are speed readers are reading one page at a time. It’s still linear... one after the other. You are “reality crippled” and don’t even know it.

If you had “quantum reality” as we do, you would see conceptually everything at once. You could see the entire possibility potential scenario and the messages all at once, out of linearity. You could come into a room like this and receive the whole day’s message in a few seconds, as though you had listened all day in a linear fashion. You could take books and “read” them by touching them and holding them for a moment. This is one who can move up, down, left, right, forward and back in a reality you can’t imagine. You saw an example of this today. [Lee’s video of the gifted children in Japan, shown earlier in the seminar]

In general, a true interdimensional Human experience is very rare. You’re in 3D for a reason, since this is the energy you developed. You have control of your own reality and the perceptions you have of the whole. So you sit in what you have created. Your life is lived in 3D, and you’ll walk away from this place, one step at a time, in 3D.

Therefore, when we speak of the esoteric things, there is little justification [proof], for it does not justify itself in 3D. But for those of you who wish to cross the bridge of reality with me tonight, I wish to talk about the most esoteric things in your belief system, and we will touch on many of them.

There would seem to be no science behind these things. But that’s only because your idea of science is based totally on the 3D. As you begin to reach out of the 3D box, someday your science will indeed justify the esoteric. For then, the theories and postulations and rules will be interdimensionally based. Such is the way of it. Today’s foolishness is, therefore, tomorrow’s science, and it has been this way as long as you have been Human. Wouldn’t it be fun to place you in a time machine where you could explain to your ancestors how you can talk to anyone on Earth with the little device in your hand, or throw pictures through the air up into space and have them received again almost anywhere on Earth. Good luck with this, but you wouldn’t get too far before they would want to stone you, burn you, or at least ignore you for being “one of them - the weird ones who consort with the devil.” Seen any of this in your culture?

And then are those who say, “I don’t believe in anything unless I can see it.” And so let me address this issue first, for it is so very common with so many of you.

“I must see it,” they say. “In addition, Mister New Age, don’t talk about odd things in the ethers. Don’t talk about intuitive movement, which you call kinesiology. Don’t talk about numerology. Don’t talk about astrology. Don’t talk about past lives to me. Don’t talk about Lemurians in the mountain to me. I can’t see them because they don’t exist. It’s all fairy talk.”

Invisible things exist all around you and you take them for granted, but they’re part of your reality in 3D. Somehow you’ve justified these, haven’t you? Air is too small to see, but the microscope shows it. Ah ha! “Therefore, it’s not really invisible,” you say. Love is an emotion that’s felt, not seen. That’s OK, since you can experience it. Gravity and magnetism are so big you can see the results of them constantly, so they are OK, too, in your 3D mind. So the 3D mind would seem to allow anything that a device can measure, or that the body can feel, as “real.” But I’m speaking of something that you are going to have to reach for, since it can only be seen and experienced with spiritual intent... changing the 3D rules a bit.

Therefore, the unseen things I speak of can only be experienced by changing your reality... something you have permission to do. If you can suspend your 3D bias for just a moment, you can cross that bridge with me into a quantum state - just for a moment. This is the beginning of the softening of the false reality box you are in, moving to the “allowance of things unseen” to be part of your possibilities. How would you feel if someday a device was able to “see” interdimensional energy? Would that be fairy talk, or would it then be OK? You will actually have that decision to make sooner than you think.

Truth - The Big Misunderstanding

One of the most difficult things to speak about to a biased 3D mind, and one which really exposes the linearity of your thinking, is one of the most basic things you deal with: What is truth? “Oh good, Kryon’s going to tell us what truth is!”Yes, I am. You are right, and you’re not going to like it, for it’s not in 3D.

Truth is the attribute of when the Human heart marries the love of God and the results are the passion for a spiritual path that enhances that Human.

Some of you have had this experience and you know your truth, don’t you? And you will often say, “This is my truth.” But how do you feel when it isn’t someone else’s truth? They may have theirs as well, not like yours, but it may be just as passionate for their marriage to their love of God. What they see in their potentials and what they do - the actions which they have, the integrity which they hold for Spirit, the direction they go in - may be very, very different from yours. How do you feel about that? Are they wrong?

“Kryon, are you about to tell us that there are many truths?” Yes, but more than that. Indeed, there are many truths. But the Human brain, biased in singularity, yells, “There’s got to be only one truth! This is something that is at the core of all spirituality - one truth! There cannot be many. We are all looking for the ONE truth. It’s responsible for all the religions of the planet and most of the wars. It is the commensurate search for God.”

And I say, “How 3D of you!” What if there were multiple realities of truth that all led to the same place? Would you be OK with that? For that is the way it works. If you really need the one singularity of truth, I will give it to you: You’re all connected. How do you like that? But think about it - do all the parts of each earthly machine know the whole picture? Do they know why they exist? Not in a linear world they don’t. What if you were all parts of a giant “truth machine,” all working together for a purpose you didn’t really understand? I’m telling you these truth connections are like the spokes of a hub of a wheel. There are trillions of them, and they all lead to the center, and they’re all called truth.

Some say, “I don’t like that.” You don’t like it since it doesn’t fit your linear box. Let’s talk about food. The sustenance of life is food. The sustenance of your spiritual growth is your truth. It is your passion. What are you going to do based upon the truth that you have that is the marriage of you and your Higher-Self? What are you going to do in life? Whatever you then do is your truth, and it’s known only unto you. It’s personal. But it’s the linearity of Human existence that then wishes to generalize it, paste it upon groups of Humans, and call it a doctrine. Put it in one box and you feel better about it, don’t you? It’s far easier when you have an authority outside yourself to tell you what your truth is; then it’s not your responsibility.

If I told you there was only one kind of food, what would you say? You wouldn’t like that either. What if the giant food angel came down and said, “Stop this! You’re all going to have to stop eating what you’re eating and change, because there’s only one food.” You’d say, “That doesn’t work. That’s ridiculous. That’s silly.” And I’m saying to you it is the same kind of attribute when it comes to spiritual truth. Spiritual sustenance is individual and unique. The search for truth is not the search for one thing that all will then participate in. That’s a very 3D, biased, singular thought.

So here’s what you’ve got to look at. I have just told that there’s a truth for every Human Being in the room, one that is isolated and separate and unique. Yet there is a quantum effect here. When you get together, somehow those truths meld toward one purpose, don’t they? There’s a commonality within your intuition of the face of God. There’s a commonality of where the truth of the day is manifest in front of you. And those who experience it are OK with that, for they see the bigger picture.

So the interesting thing is that although you come here as individuals seeking unique truths, together you are seeing one goal, because in the connection between the truths, there is a synchronicity and that is the love of God. That Higher-Self you have, that esoteric thing you cannot see, seems to be the glue that makes the quantum effect work... seems to straighten it all out. There is your singularity!

Intelligent Cells?

Let us talk about intuitive motion. Modern medicine does not like this - that there are Lightworkers using their own bodies to test the chemicals and the foods that they should put into them. You call it kinesiology - muscle testing. Somehow, some way, your body is supposed to know, beyond what your brain or your intellect knows, of what’s good for you and what’s bad for you. Therefore, you see many Lightworkers walking around doing these kinds of testing on their bodies, and it looks odd to those who don’t share the belief. “Too weird!” they say. “That is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. What are those people doing?”

Let’s put it into perspective. Will you cross this esoteric bridge with me? What’s your biology designed to do? My partner, I want you to go slow on this one. [Kryon is speaking to Lee as if nobody could hear, except that Lee always verbalizes it anyway.] What if you had a disease in your body? Let’s pretend it was something like a cancer and it’s present in you right now. Oh, intellectual one, whose brain is at the top of the evolutionary ladder,