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QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m trying to understand how Feng Shui works. When we tested where the energy in our house was happiest in activating certain corners, we came up with the Pa Kua system that gears placement from the front door of the home. This was different with the directional system. I can see that if your intention was to work on certain areas such as wealth, your intention would make it happen regardless of which system you used, but I don’t understand how it can apply to missing corners which for example could be wealth or powerful mentors. I’ve read how people were having money troubles and when a Feng Shui assessment was done it was found that the wealth corner was missing, but if you used a different system, it would be powerful mentors.

I know Feng Shui works; I’ve felt the difference in the energy, but this part is confusing.

ANSWER: This is a good question, for it shows how linear the thinking is. Here’s a simple answer. Even without any of the movement of chi, your co-creative energy as a Human Being will work. However, if you then decide not to isolate yourself, and instead use the energy of the earth as your partner, then everything you’re doing will be enhanced.

So again, it’s not either/or when determining which system is best. It’s your goal to use all the systems together to enhance the big system, which is your intent. Pa Kua actually holds hands with Feng Shui, but there are times when one is better depending on the individual circumstances of what’s around you, including the energy of the land! You can’t plop a house down on the earth and expect to only have the energy of the house! So the land plays a part, too. The answer is to try it all and use what works.

All this is to say that these energy systems are like the conveyor belts you walk on in your municipal areas. You can walk at your own speed, or walk on the conveyor. Both actions will get you where you’re going, but one will enhance your travel and get you there faster.

Unfortunately, so many Humans look at the whole thing and just sit down. Then nothing happens at all.


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