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Hitler, Atlantis and Lemuria?

Hitler existed to fulfill prophesy about the Jews, and to push them into a place where eventually they would have their own land. The Holocaust was every bit as horrible as history says it was, and is an example of the evil that is within every single Human Being on the planet. We have told you that “the devil and the angels in heaven all reside within each of you.” You got to see it clearly with the Holocaust.

Agartha (Hollow Earth): This is an interdimensional attribute of the planet and is NOT 4D. You will not find Humans inside the Earth. But multitudes of life are there and they are interdimensional. This even includes the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta, and many more. There is always a tendency for Humanity to “4D-ize” everything you feel intuitively. Much of what is here is real, but in a multidimensional state.

Shamballah: Your perspective might differ, but let us say that this is the name of the core healing energy of the Universe. Many are discovering it and calling it many things. All this is appropriate, for its name is not important. What is important is that you are now using it!


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