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How can I let go of this darkness called revenge?

Revenge has been holding me down for about ten years. I feel that if I could let go of it, I could make my ascent. How can I let go of this darkness called revenge?

Dear One, bless you for this question. First, you are totally correct. When you get rid of this attribute in your life, everything will change! It is indeed holding you back.

The hard part is to get rid of it. We've been teaching about mastery, DNA activation, pure intent, and meditation with the Higher-Self for 15 years. All of this is meaningful to creating a “balanced self.” However, in your case we also recommend that you try outside sources of facilitation to help balance yourself so that you can move forward faster.

Revenge and hatred are some of the most difficult emotions to get rid of, since they also form a habit of energy that you actually depend on for strength of resolve. Therefore, it becomes a “drama drug” that feeds you at a level you don't perceive but you know exists. Like any other addiction, others can help you start the process of getting rid of it better than you can do for yourself.

Look into balancing techniques (EMF is a very good start). Not all techniques work the same for each path, so I tell you that there are many out there that may suit you and many that won't. So, look into some of the energy-balancing work until you find the one that works the best, then dedicate yourself to achieving high levels of that particular study. If you do so, then you'll find a wonderful freedom that allows you to void these feelings. It can be done!


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