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How do we know what the new chakra colors are and when to start using them in our meditations?

There are many new ones, and all of them are interdimensional. They're colors that are multiples of frequencies that you can and can't see, making some of them iridescent or appear to “shimmer” in your mind's eye. They're “seeable” for many of you who are working on a higher vibration. They're difficult to describe due to their multiplicity.

So here's our advice. Don't concern yourself with this goal. If you begin to sense them either on yourself or others, then celebrate the event and begin to use them in your meditations, even though you might not know what they represent. Your intent to use them is all the activation needed!

More specific information about these new chakra colors and actions will be coming soon, so at least you can observe what others have to say who've seen and worked with them for the last year or so.


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