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If a Human isn’t a Lightworker, then what is he or she?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I still doubt that I’m a Lightworker. How can I get a definitive answer to this question?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’ve had this question for a while: If a Human isn’t a Lightworker, then what is he or she? A Lightworker who is not yet aware of being a Lightworker, or something else? Are there other roles besides Lightworkers, and if so, what are they?

ANSWER: Again, don’t let the esoteric compartmentalization of terminology define your lives! If you don’t find the definition you wish, will you then stop your spiritual quest?

The definition of a Lightworker is a Human who realizes that there’s more to life than has been seen in 3D reality, and therefore is trying to increase his or her awareness by spiritual means. There are as many Lightworker “types” as there are Humans. Some are in the discovery stage and some are in the active stage of having identified themselves, and have moved to a place where they’re able to increase their vibration, and therefore affect the very dirt of the planet.

So if you’re one who asks if you’re a Lightworker, then of course you are! Why would your eyes even be on this page if you weren’t a seeker of light?

And yes, in some ways, all Humans are Lightworkers waiting to turn on their lights. This is a profound realization and is what we teach. There are the seeds of truth in all of you, and through free choice some will begin the search and some will not. There is no judgment in either case, but there is tremendous change to the Human who begins to awaken and ask the question, “Is there more?”


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