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Is It Truth That The Ascended Master Appeared To The Ballards And Dictated All The Messages?

Dear Kryon, I was student of the I AM activity, but was unhappy because of all the restrictions you have to live by and rules you have to follow in order to be involved. My question is this: Is it truth that the Ascended Master appeared to the Ballards and dictated all those messages? Because according to old students, Mrs. Ballard invented everything. St. Germain promised good health, money, youth, and the ascension, but as of this time no one I AM student has accomplished that.

This isn’t a specific answer to your particular spiritual following, but a generic answer to all who are asking similar questions. First, be aware that God doesn’t place restrictions on your life. Your lifestyle is one you select that will best help you find your divinity. Many Human teachers in the past have dictated that you follow rules, but those are rules of the teacher, not the source. Often it’s what the teacher feels will help you with less distraction, but these remain Human rules. In addition, sometimes you’ll find yourself sequestered with others of like mind, living in communes and trying to force a lifestyle that’s supposedly one that will create ascension in your life.

The truth is that the masters who walked the earth told you that your body is your temple, and that all else is what you decide to invent around it to make it work. Your temple is complete and is able to generate light for others, no matter where you go. The masters didn’t sequester themselves, but walked among the people and loved them for who they were, warts and all. The rules were to be patient with others around you, and to be an example for them.

We encourage you to stop and look around you. Ask this: What is it you can best do to provide divine clarity for yourself, and at the same time be a Lighthouse for others on this planet? If you’re sequestered with others in a nonconforming lifestyle, exactly who are your helping? Yourself? If so, then at what point can you get out of the group to be in the world, where you’re needed? The answer to that, if you ask the teachers, is usually, “You can’t leave.” When you hear that, then you know that the lifestyle is about the teacher, not God.

All the messages have been for you to hold the light for the earth. Show your joy and your well-being to others. Be a balanced Human Being in the center of unbalance, and walk among those who are needy so they can be exposed to your love. All the masters did this.

So if you find yourself dressed in odd clothing, singing strange chants, eating funny food, and living with a group of others doing the same thing, at some point you must ask yourself if you’re following some Human’s rules, or those of Spirit. Who is being helped?


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