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Is there any way a Human can experience their True-selves?

QUESTION: Is there any way a Human can experience their true selves, at least emotionally, so as to be refreshed and to have some peace while we go about the task of multidimensional creation?! I long to do so. I’d like to “go home” and experience myself, intimately acquainted with the divine.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, it’s clear to me that one of the greatest achievements of Human Beings in this new energy is the development of The Third Language. Since the language of Spirit is not linear, is the understanding of symbolic information such as archetypes, metaphors, parables, and symbols a way to improve The Third Language?

ANSWER: Yes, yes, and yes! This experiencing of The Third Language is what we teach. It’s about “talking to your cells.” Look at our teachings in 2003 and up through 2005 for these answers, for it’s about claiming master-hood.

This isn’t something that you have to call the press and stop your life to accomplish. It’s about a daily walk that’s so loving, peaceful, and different that your cells refuse to go into drama, anger, or worry. You’re “connected to the family” as you walk in ordinary places, and you know it.

You asked how: Start with asking for this in the most quiet times you have. Take time to meditate, and ask for nothing but this. Tell your God-partner (the Higher-Self) that you wish to start this connection and keep it. Take the profundity of the emotional feeling you have during these quiet times with God and keep them going! Come out of meditation and walk this 4D earth in an interdimensional bubble of love. Don’t close the mediation . . . just get up and keep it going!

These are all concepts. They don’t seem to relate to a linear step-by-step procedure, do they? You may not have received the answer you wanted, either. So many of you want the solutions in a simple way. It isn’t simple. You begin a process through divine co-creation, and you stair-step through it as your own process demands it. But you can’t climb the stairway until you open the door.

Can you show the color blue to a child? Yes. This is simple. Now, explain it to a sightless person. This is complex. Interdimensionality is this way. You want steps, rules, and procedures, but it’s far more complex than this. It’s also the goal of everything we teach. Begin with pure intent. Follow it up with joy. Add some wisdom and give it some time. God can hardly wait to fill up your cup of understanding.


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