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Lightworker Frustrations

This is a discussion of what happens when you stay in the old energy as Lightworkers. Things are changing greatly with spiritual purpose. You are now in an energy that you have been waiting for. Is it enthralling ... or frustrating?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We are still in Austin, for those who are just finding this message. This is message number three in the series on “The frustrations of Lightworkers in the new energy.” The message today is a very known message, but, to many, it's going to be brand new. Long before 2012, we gave this information to you and then, after 2012, we refined it due to the new energy that had arrived. This message has to do with two attributes, and both are reactions from the old to the new.

Let me set the stage. The subject that we are speaking of, yet again, is about the Humans who have been here as Old Souls working with energy for a long time. These are the ones who are the healers, the mediums, the readers, and have actually been here through multiple energy changes. So mostly, I'm speaking of the ones who have been working in metaphysics for fifteen or more years. There are many here [in the room] and reading [this later].

The Change

First: There is a major change in the esoteric energy today, dear ones. The metaphor that we have always used is that, whereas the old energy had great darkness, this new energy has greater light. We've spoken lately of the dark-to-light ratio being so vastly different that even non-sensitive people can feel it. In past channels, we've even told you that the things that you've tried in the past that didn't work, will work now. We have also told you not to give up on those projects just because you tried them in an old energy, and they failed. You can try them again with a fully different result.

Now, the above statement often doesn't make logical sense. Humans are used to the way farming works: If you're in a certain place with a certain kind of soil attribute, and you plant a certain kind of seed that doesn't grow, then the perception is this: The area and soil just don't work together. But you experiment. You try it again five years later and the seeds still won't grow. Then you know that your initial opinion was correct. Therefore, never combine the seeds and that soil again. It just doesn't work. It's dysfunctional to try the same thing over and over when you know it doesn't work.

Now, suddenly, we're telling you to try it again! To many, this is folly.

Dear ones, the changes are great since 2012. In this metaphor above, the change would have to be miraculous. Dirt is dirt and seeds are seeds, seemingly forever. However, for this metaphor, the area has changed: the energy, the soil, the warmth, the wetness, and the sunlight. The seeds are now ready to grow, whereas the entire process didn't work before.

So, for instance, if you're the one who tried to start a healing center, or write a book, or one of many esoteric projects, and they failed in the past, we have told you that now would be a good time to do it. For, everything has changed. That's how different the energy is.

The Frustrations

So, what I'm going to continue to tell you now is really about the past, and the shift. For, these are many of the attributes that often frustrate those who have worked with the energy of the planet for many years. The frustration is with understanding the change, and how to see what you did in the past which can now be eliminated.

The first is something I have called fortressing. Let me paint a picture for you: In an old energy, way before 2012, Lightworkers (Old Souls) were sending healing energy and doing meditations with groups that were meant to help the planet, just like today. However, they would often meet in secret. If not in secret, it simply would not be public. They did this so that they could discuss and teach things that were metaphysical and esoteric. The thinking in most of the metaphysical community was to “protect themselves from dark energy.” There were even efforts to make certain there were no “attacks” from the dark. Although this sounds dramatic, it was very accurate. For, when you are in a mostly dark place, it's very difficult to generate pure light. It's always a struggle for those with integrity and love who have the gifts of light.

One of the very common results of this ongoing process of protection is called fortressing. Fortressing is a protection against an old, dark, and pervasive energy. The thinking was this: How can an Old Soul do lightwork in the darkness? The answer was to protect yourself and … fortress. So, an automatic, unconscious result, for many, was to fortress - put up the shields.

Now, I don't want to be inappropriate here to anyone, but I will give you a fact. In an older energy, metaphysical workers were larger! I think you know what I'm talking about. They would unconsciously put on weight to fortress themselves from everyday darkness.

You think this is not so? Think for a moment: What was the typecast attribute in movies of a reader or a psychic? It was almost always an overweight woman! You know I'm right.

Producer: “We need an actor to do the séance scene.”

Actor agent: “Good! We'll find an overweight woman.”

This was the perception - even from the general public - and they were right. That's fortressing. It was very common and people who were involved as mediums or readers were most often visualized as an overweight woman over 40 [years old]. Now, why women? This is an important attribute of validation for women: I have told you before that females are the natural Shamans of the Earth. They are the ones who awaken with an enlightened Akash. It's the female who is the life-giver and has the intuition of compassion and love for the children. Guidance is most often sought from “mom,” even for males, even later in life.

This is not to say that men don't have enlightenment. Of course they do, but most men will acknowledge that the female is the one with better intuition about things that are spiritual. Angels are most often depicted as women. Did you ever consider that? Women carry the historic Shamanic torch of the planet, and it's in the Akash of most Old Soul females today.

Putting on extra weight was protection. Women Lightworkers felt better about everything and safer. This was because they were protected, they thought, against the dark energy that was with them all the time, wherever they were. This was a subconscious reaction to being in the battle of light and dark. Fortressing.

The Shift

Suddenly, all of you come into a new energy and Kryon tells you that protection is not needed anymore. Light is starting to be a greater energy than darkness. In a dark room, even a little light will win over the dark. This, perhaps, may seem like an oversimplification, and a very common, overused metaphor. It is. However, this is the only way to inform you about the multidimensional energy that is developing around you, which is specifically benevolent to a coming age, and is felt first by Old Souls. It is the energy of an evolving consciousness on Earth.

Now, everyone in this reading and listening audience knows of the difficulty of losing weight. It's an industry on the planet! However, now, suddenly, you have something different added to that entire puzzle: If this discussion fits you, listen: You put it on for protection and you were pleased to do it because it seemed to work. It made you safe and able to do your work. It was a good thing. Psychologically, it worked and was correct for you. It may have even saved your life. Your brain and Innate all agree.

Now, in this new energy, we are telling you that, not only is the weight not needed, but the invitation for health and living longer is to take it away. So, let's add another protocol for weight loss for those of you who relate to all this, and who are having an “aha” moment, while reading, as to why it's so difficult to lose weight.

The next step is for you to cognize what has happened with the shift. To cognize something is to fully make it your reality. So, to actually accomplish this, the difficult part is to work with your subconscious. Self-realization is the path to changing belief, so as you fully understand what has taken place, it starts to rewrite even the most stubborn neural pathways of the past.

UNDERSTAND: You don't need the weight anymore. Spiritually, the energy has changed and it's now safe to discard the weight. It was a past necessity that is no longer needed. It's safe to exist in the open now because you are carrying so much light! The esoteric light you carry as a powerful Old Soul is now your full protection. The protection is your consciousness and your activated Merkabah and has nothing to do with that cellular substance around you called fat.

Dear ones, when you cognize this fully, and think about it over and over, things begin to change. No matter why you think you are carrying too much weight, when you start telling your body that it's not needed anymore, things begin to change. Your biology is still a “survivalist” system and wants to protect. It creates that within your metabolism, the eating, which, in the past, helped you. It was part of your existence. Today, it doesn't have to be.

So, in this process, you are changing the mode of protection from building fat, to allowing your innate consciousness to do the work - the one that carries light. So, you are not “unprotected.” Instead, you have just shifted the way your own body does it.

So, it boils down to how you think and how you work with your own protection system to cognize a new truth. “I am still using my own body and my own thinking to protect myself from the darkness. I am going from a very old method of weight-gain for protection to a very new and far more healthy method of using my enlightened-self. I am now able to push away the darkness everywhere I walk. I am magnificent, and the darkness will recede from me everywhere I go, even as I sleep, forever.”


Here is something more for those who have worked through the darkest times, and now you find yourself in a very different attribute of light and dark, and frustrated with it.

The second attribute of frustration is one that is harder to describe. It's kind of like fortressing, but it seems to be the reverse of putting on weight. It's to hide yourself in plain sight. There are many ways of protecting yourself from others who would look at you and say, “You're different. I really don't want to have anything to do with you.” There are two ways to work this issue that are both subconscious solutions. To have someone say this to you is very demeaning, and it's also confrontational. Many gentle Lightworkers run from having this kind of scenario happen - ever.

Number One: You become a hermit: If you simply don't go anywhere, you are not going to meet people. Have them come to you, and only the ones who believe as you do. It was far easier to have people come to your house to practice the Course in Miracles, or Reiki, or the various things that you wanted to teach, which people wanted to hear. Not only that, but the ones who came over didn't tell anyone what they were doing, either! It just fit very well into the scenario of being invisible to anyone who would criticize you or try to stop you.

So many of you were hermits for years, and that protected you from those who might look at you differently and say, “I don't want to work with you. I don't know what you believe but it's too strange, so I don't want to be your friend.” It was better to be a hermit by choice than to suffer being isolated by your culture. This was often the attribute of a Lightworker in the old energy.

Number Two: This one seems like an oxymoron, or an opposite of what is desired. However, it actually worked very well: If you are too strange, then people will leave you alone - and they do. That's not a difficult thing to do, and it starts with how you act and what you wear, and so on.

Person: “How are you today?”

Lightworker: “It depends upon the color of the spaceship above us.”

Person: Silence for a moment, then a walk in the opposite direction.

Many did this in their own way, and it worked! Very quickly it got around that that individual Human Lightworker was unbalanced, and should be avoided. That was the perfect solution for “no confrontations.” It was like being a hermit, only it was “automatic” without much effort.

Because this worked so well, the Lightworker would start laughing and making up things so that people would run away. It worked, and it allowed many Old Souls to do their work without criticism or confrontation. You could do it alone, or in small groups with people of like mind. You could easily do meditations and esoteric studies and healing modalities. It was so great! You see, the only people who would ever talk to you were other people like yourself. Nice, you thought.

Now I'm going to tell you something - for both kinds of hermits: The ones who were actual hermits, and the ones who decided to be ultra-strange and be outcasts. I tell you this because they are still here, and even in this room.

Listen: Things are changing, dear ones. If you're going to be a hermit and climb into the closet, then there's no interaction with anyone. No other person can see you, what you believe, or your magnificence, or your beauty. They cannot hear your wisdom as a result of your studies. They can't know about your incredible knowledge of how things work. If you stay in the closet, it helps no Human.

It helps no Human on the planet.

In fact, you're broadcasting a message that, if you come to a meeting like this or listen to a channel like this, you must be demented and perhaps a little odd. So the result of continuing in the way you are, is that you may be pushing people out of this meeting, or away from something beautiful and magnificent. You are pushing them away from information about a God that doesn't judge and who is loving and benevolent. If you continue to do that, it helps no one but yourself. It pushes people away from truth.

In addition, the perception you have given may be so strangely powerful, that now people will have their “antennas out” to avoid other people like you, who might believe as you do. Do you realize that the “other strange people like you” are also Lightworkers who know about the esoterics of life, and healing, and how to solve life's problems? So your actions become amplified as an example of the kind of person to stay away from.

That helps no Human on the planet.

So, for both of those kinds of hermits, we say: Come out of the closet and feel your magnificence! Perhaps for the first time, be yourself. Perhaps for the first time, watch how beautiful this is, and watch how attractive you are to others. Did you know that? You've spent all of this time thinking that others will judge you because you are a little odd or different. What if your difference is now far more acceptable? What if your difference is compassion and benevolence and quietness and wisdom? Perhaps you're not the life of the party but, instead, you're the one who people love to talk to, anyway?

I want you to think about this because being yourself is the most beautiful thing you can do in this new energy to help others around you. For those who have been strange for so long, on purpose, I want you to analyze this for yourself, and ask yourself this: Are you an effective Lightworker? Who are you helping today by how you behave?

Listen: You can act a little different than most, and even dress a little different than most, if your compassion and love show! What if what is different about you is wisdom and joy? If someone asks you, you can tell them: “The reason I act and dress as I do is because it's joyful. It's what a child might do.” They may say, “Yes, we noticed.” Then you can say, “These things are filled with love and fun, and that gets me into a compassionate, beautiful energy where I really see the God in you.”

Suddenly, you are not strange at all. Instead, you are Shamanic and wise and fun. Indeed, you may be an unusual person, but you're an unusual person in light and beauty.

These changes in you are a metamorphosis. You are changing from pushing people away from the light, to attracting them with light. Why be frustrated, with fortressing or hermitage? These things can change who you are and how you are perceived, if you wish. It's not like trying to be someone else, but rather, it's being a wise Old Soul. That's attractive to so many who are searching for the truth that you have today. Perhaps this is why you are here?

Some of you have said, “Well, I've been strange for so long I'm not sure it's going to work to change it.” Or “I've been this size for so long, it can't change.” Why don't you give it a try?

The expected beauty of increased light has finally arrived in this new time and energy. The attitude of others is changing now in this slow increase of illumination. Dear ones, many may not come to a meeting like this, for it is the study of graduate ideas for those who are here as Old Souls. Instead, there are many on the street who are starting to experience things that are different and confusing for them. You have the answers. They don't expect the transparency, the integrity, the changes, and they are experiencing the light for the first time. Think: If you are part of that light, they are going to be attracted to you. This is why you studied all of it for so long. Right away, you will know that the reactions of people to your light will not be the same as they were twenty years ago.

Hospitals are starting to use the various processes and methods you kept a secret in your house. How about that? Maybe it's time for you to become YOU, on this planet. Maybe your time has arrived, o strange one.

And so it is.


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