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Lightworker Frustrations

This is a discussion of what happens when you stay in the old energy as Lightworkers. Things are changing greatly with spiritual purpose. You are now in an energy that you have been waiting for. Is it enthralling ... or frustrating?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We are still in Austin, for those who are just finding this message. This is message number three in the series on “The frustrations of Lightworkers in the new energy.” The message today is a very known message, but, to many, it's going to be brand new. Long before 2012, we gave this information to you and then, after 2012, we refined it due to the new energy that had arrived. This message has to do with two attributes, and both are reactions from the old to the new.

Let me set the stage. The subject that we are speaking of, yet again, is about the Humans who have been here as Old Souls working with energy for a long time. These are the ones who are the healers, the mediums, the readers, and have actually been here through multiple energy changes. So mostly, I'm speaking of the ones who have been working in metaphysics for fifteen or more years. There are many here [in the room] and reading [this later].

The Change

First: There is a major change in the esoteric energy today, dear ones. The metaphor that we have always used is that, whereas the old energy had great darkness, this new energy has greater light. We've spoken lately of the dark-to-light ratio being so vastly different that even non-sensitive people can feel it. In past channels, we've even told you that the things that you've tried in the past that didn't work, will work now. We have also told you not to give up on those projects just because you tried them in an old energy, and they failed. You can try them again with a fully different result.

Now, the above statement often doesn't make logical sense. Humans are used to the way farming works: If you're in a certain place with a certain kind of soil attribute, and you plant a certain kind of seed that doesn't grow, then the perception is this: The area and soil just don't work together. But you experiment. You try it again five years later and the seeds still won't grow. Then you know that your initial opinion was correct. Therefore, never combine the seeds and that soil again. It just doesn't work. It's dysfunctional to try the same thing over and over when you know it doesn't work.

Now, suddenly, we're telling you to try it again! To many, this is folly.

Dear ones, the changes are great since 2012. In this metaphor above, the change would have to be miraculous. Dirt is dirt and seeds are seeds, seemingly forever. However, for this metaphor, the area has changed: the energy, the soil, the warmth, the wetness, and the sunlight. The seeds are now ready to grow, whereas the entire process didn't work before.

So, for instance, if you're the one who tried to start a healing center, or write a book, or one of many esoteric projects, and they failed in the past, we have told you that now would be a good time to do it. For, everything has changed. That's how different the energy is.