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Magnetic Fields & People

Kryon, I’m wondering about magnetic fields and people. Do some people have larger magnetic fields than others? My son seems to have magnetic energy coming out of his fingers; he can even draw on a Magna Doodle. Can you shed some light on this?

It’s really not magnetics that your son has. It seems that way, but it’s just a portion of a powerful energy field around him. Many can drain batteries or cause electronic equipment to malfunction (crash computers). This is not as much magnetics as it is a very energetic Human field.

So yes, many Humans have fields that are different. They’re not larger, but more active. The actual size is set for all, and is the same. How active they are is the point, and that’s about activation of DNA. Many young people have this naturally, since their DNA has been changed . . . not chemically, but interdimensionally.


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