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Magnetic Reconnection

Dear Kryon, I was wondering about an effect called magnetic reconnection. Current science believes that the lines of force just reconnect to polarities of magnetic fields after being separated and attracted . To me this seems incorrect. My idea is that when magnetic reconnection occurs, this creates a polarized circle loop. Then this field collapses upon itself going interdimensional. The end energies of the polarized lines of magnetic fields then reconnect, but after a portion of energy “disappears,” energy particles going near light speed are also observed. I don’t believe that these particles are pushed as much as they’re pulled along as an after-effect of the collapsed fields.

Your theory is very close to the actuality of the physics. Magnetics is really an engine of force. It indeed is a circle, and this provides the ongoing energy you see within a magnetic field. The invisible lines of force that seem to disconnect and reconnect are in a quantum state. This state requires that the energy goes far faster than the speed of light, and reconnect instantly no matter the distance. When it goes interdimensional, it’s in an entangled state, and is actually only disconnected to the perception of the 3D viewer. Gravity has some of these same attributes, for it is an “engine” also.

Keep up with your thinking, for it’s on the right track. Interdimensionality is a very, very difficult concept to plot out with your logic, so think out of the paradigm of straight lines or patterned influences of force. That’s only what you see magnetics do in 3D.


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