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Where can I find access to the Dead Sea Scrolls? I've long thought that the “known” story of Jesus is convoluted and different from the truth. Are these scrolls accessible to average people?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, are you aware of NESARA? Is this a real law, or a metaphor to help increase consciousness?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've been reading a lot these days about NESARA, and I was hoping that you would have more information on this.

QUESTION: Who are the “wingmakers”? What is their role in the ascension process? Do they work with your group?

ANSWER: This is a time on Earth where there will be many new systems, laws, and organizations that will intend to reflect the new consciousness that's being built. As you look at them, you must discern for yourself if it's right for you. Here are some guidelines:

(1) What is the greatest intent or goal of the system? Does it promote the individual or a group?

(2) Is it political or affiliated with a bias? If so, it's a mixture of the old and new and isn't appropriate.

(3) Does it ask for your membership? This is an old energy method. The family of God has a built-in membership that's spiritual, understood, and forever.

(4) Is there an underlying monetary or marketing structure? Examine this. Lightworkers must earn a living, too, but does it go further than this and involve your investing? Stay away from any organization that asks you to follow another Human Being, dead or alive.

Ask yourself... do you really need an organization in your life to accomplish your lightwork?


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