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This channelling is a full explanation of the fact that we must deal with what we create, since we can’t “un-experience it.” In addition, there is the discussion of what we learned or were taught that is still there. Perhaps it’s time to “re-write” some things?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s a short message today of greetings, specifically for those who would come to a meeting like this.

Many have asked, “What is it like? What does the other side of the veil really see when they look at humanity? What is seen when they look at individuals?”

It’s what you would see, dear ones, when you look at a beautiful child. We see the beautiful child within you. We see pure love. We see you as purity, but we also see you covered with things of your own making and dark things from your own creation. These are things you have created which slow you down, which is why this particular message was created.

I want to give you a revelation, just for a moment, before I continue: You are dearly loved, much more than you think, by a Creator who has nothing but love and compassion for your soul. You are cherished by a Creator who does not judge you for anything. Dear ones, I want you to revel in this message. The message is this: You deserve to be here. It is not an accident that you are here on this planet or even listening to this message. I would love you to feel and visualize the arms of a loving God around you. And in your ear, the Creator will whisper: “It's about time you found out about a greater truth, and that’s why you’re here.”

A Greater Truth

There is a far greater truth about you and your relationship to what you call The Creator. This greater truth has a very difficult time breaking through that which you have created for yourself. Because your survival depends on certain kinds of actions that you perform in life, you create many false realities in the process of just being on the planet. I want to show you how this works and give you a visualization of a “room of your consciousness,” and what happens to you and most of humanity, as well.

You are linear as you walk about in your 3D body, but your consciousness is not. Your consciousness is magnificent and powerful, and NOT LINEAR. This creates an issue with many who treat it in a linear fashion.

The Room of Consciousness

Come with me, dear ones, to visualize a room, a single room, which will represent your entire life. All of life is to be lived in this room, and it represents all your thoughts, realities, trainings, and ideas. Now, if this room were linear (and it isn’t), you would regularly clean out the room. Things accumulate. As you live in this room, there is also waste that occurs and things you discard that you no longer need. But in a consciousness room, there is no trash can. Read between the lines: There is no delete key like on a computer or in a linear situation where you can simply hit a key and things go away. Instead, they stay in the room.

What do you do with those things? Well, you normally push them into a corner of your subconscious mind (where things accumulate and often become hazardous). What about things that were told to you as a child? What happened to those things? Some of you would say, “Well, those were child things, and I know better now. So, I discarded them.” Really? Where did you put them?

If this were a linear room, you would open the door and sweep out the rubbish. “Kryon, all that was when I was a child growing up, and now I can think for myself.”

Dear one, you think so, but you can’t do that with consciousness the way you do in your linear home, not really. It all just “stays there.” You see, there is no delete key in your brain.

Father: “You are not smart and won’t amount to anything unless you get responsible and clean up your room. Your brothers are far smarter than you!”

If this was you hearing this, do you realize that it’s still there?

“You’re not the prettiest girl on the block, you know. Who is going to be interested in you?”

If you were a young girl hearing this, do you realize that it’s still there? Not only is it still there, but these things are more than words. They are a permanent emotional imprint in your mind.

What's Important and Real, and What Is Not

So, think with me: There must be a system where you can put things in their proper place and cognize what is meaningful and what is not – what is real and what is not – what is accurate and true, and what is not. There is.

How many of you belong to a political party because your father and mother did? Do you understand that, even though you may hold all those ideas to be yours alone … they actually were “trained” into your consciousness very early on. How much of what you believe to be true comes from your absolute free choice, and how much comes from being in a home with your parents while you were growing up? Most of you have no recollection of really deciding for yourself. What about your perception of God?

Everything is still there, all together in one “authority pile” since there’s no delete key in your brain. Basically, you may have simply absorbed it all as “your truth.”

We have spoken over and over in our channellings about “peeling the onion.” This phrase is a metaphor for peeling off those things you learned that were not accurate but firmly stuck in your brain due to all that which was around them. Did you ever see a bunch of adults doing things, and felt that because they were involved, and were adults, it must be all okay? Did you, perhaps, start bad health habits due to this? Did you pick up phrases and ways of dealing with others by watching your parents?

Do you realize that it’s still there?

Let’s describe this onion. It’s bright white (like it should be), but the things you gather along the way which have impacted you, that are not really of your consciousness, are dark-colored. So, the “onion of life” often starts to get dirty and ugly and even gets black. If you could start peeling that onion, layer by layer, you might start to become aware of what is really you, and what is only what you were told.

The Great Human Lie

What were you told about yourself in a spiritual way? Are you worthy or not? What were you told about that Creative Source, that beautiful Creative Source that put your soul together in compassion and love and beauty? Were you told that God, the loving Creative Source, sees you as impure? Were you told, perhaps, you were “born dirty” and not deserving of anything? Were you told that you can’t speak to God directly, since you don’t deserve it? Did you ever actually analyze that, or just go along with all the adults in costumes who had big thick books that other Humans in history wrote that told the same story?

What have you been told about how things work on the planet? As you look around, in survival, how do you get ahead? Have you been told that the stronger and more forceful you are in situations, the more people will cower in fear, and you can move ahead? Have you been told that this is necessary because you have to push forward in order to exist in this Human jungle of life on Earth?

The onion becomes blacker and blacker, as the negative fearful things begin to fill up your subconscious, and your room starts filling up with things that obscure the light. Pretty soon, this room of yours is filled with trash: things that you’ve learned from your childhood or from your early survival instructions from teachers and friends … all filled with low energy dysfunction and uncompassionate energy – and it’s all still there.

Even if you start to awaken to the truth of this message, dear ones, there is frustration. Let me look into what many are saying right now: “Dear Spirit, I want so much not to be afraid. I want so much not to have these dark things around me that often close in on me and create fear. I want to be free from this and I want a miracle in my life. I would love to sing at the top of my lungs about my light, even if I’m in trouble. However, I see the future, and I’m afraid of it because I don’t understand it, and I don’t know what’s coming next.”

Dear ones, this is the statement of many of the lightworkers hearing or reading this right now, at this moment. It’s almost like you’re sitting in a chair in this room, and there is light on the chair – and so you know God is there – but you don’t know what to do in order to clear away the ugly things. You see, there is no delete key in your brain.

Peeling the Onion of Consciousness

Have we told you yet that you are multidimensional? Indeed, you are. Your soul is multidimensional, love is multidimensional, and even your biology is multidimensional. You think this is fanciful talk? If so, then why are there such things as “quantum biologists”? LISTEN: The Human spirit is not linear, and that is the key, because when you start to step out of what you were told, into a multidimensional realization, not a belief, then you start to use an entire set of spiritual tools that allow you to peel away false things and see unrealized potentials.

You begin to realize: “Ahh, I can peel it, I can get to the core!”

Then you start asking the big questions: “What if I could peel this onion to the extent that I could return to my own beginning … with no agenda from my history? What if I could peel it to be so pure that nothing I’ve ever been told will affect me? What if I can build a life where all those subconscious things are still there, but the importance of them now is something that I can examine and arrange? What if I can now clearly sense what is important, and what is not – what is truth and what is just passed down as truth” You can.

The Great Awakening

Don’t you think that these tools would be given to you for this? In all love from the Creative Source, who has been waiting for you to see this, there is this truth: The tools can only be seen in the light. All it takes to start using them is an awakening to a greater truth and the possibility that you were always standing in the light of your magnificence, and that, slowly, all those around you defined your very soul, and told you who to be – and the clear onion that was you became dark and tainted with disinformation and negative energy.

In this visualization, isn’t it interesting that, as you begin to do some self-examination, you find that false things are becoming smaller and smaller and smaller and the room becomes bigger and bigger and the light starts to brightly shine and fill the room completely? What is happening? In this metaphor, your room gets bigger because the hidden truths of who you really are become larger.

There is also another “rule” I told you about in the past. As you discover the way light works, there becomes a great deal more light than you alone have created in your quest. It’s almost like the very cells of your body have been waiting for your consciousness to “turn on the light.” Then you begin to have help that you never had before the time you made your intent to peel the onion. This is the multidimensional secret answer to why there is “no delete key” in your brain. You actually have something better.

All of these things are possible, dear ones. Did you know that fear will shrink away when light is turned on? Did you know that truth will shine a light so bright that all the things that you were afraid of shrink in comparison? This is because the truth will show them as being false.

Today I say to you: Let the truth shine its light so bright that you can see it immediately. Let the things that are untrue get smaller and pass from your thoughts. Allow your room to expand past the boundaries you thought were “you.” See the core magnificence of you that we see.

And so it is.


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