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Old Energy And New Energy

Dear Kryon, I've gotten pretty good at living completely in the NOW, knowing that all things arrive exactly when needed. My question is this: Although all my moment-to-moment needs are always taken care of, the debts that I acquired in the old energy still remain. I have just enough money to live in the moment, but not enough to pay my old bills. What are we supposed to do with old credit card, medical, and other miscellaneous bills? They're certainly “old energy” and in the new energy, there doesn't seem to be a place for them. However, I would dearly like to pay my obligations and release them. How does this fit in? I thank you in advance for your answer.

Your desire to pay off these debts shows the integrity in your quest. A “sufficiency” is what is promised, and if you include a small portion of your needs to work against your debt, that's what will then be included in your “moment-by-moment” needs. However, why not expand this co-creation to include the possibility of miracles to pay off these amounts? Look for synchronistic events that may appear - plans or ideas that were not there before - to allow these debts to be reduced substantially instead of having to drag them around with you for years. Your intent is the key, and your faith is the manifestation. Spirit sees all your situations as solved and temporary. How do you see them? As impossible and forever? Start celebrating the reduction of these debts. Give what you can slowly, but “see” them being dissolved through means that you cannot plan yourself, but which will come to you through synchronicity.


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