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Peeling The Onion Of Reality

As below, this transcription is a result of a recording that did not work, and a subsequent channeling over the poor recording, to add information and to clarify certain ideas and teachings. “Peeling the Onion” is a description that Kryon has used before that is a metaphor for starting to “peel away” the attributes of the old energy that we have surrounded ourselves with. Is it possible that the “game of life” itself is changing?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I want to continue a subject that we started this morning. Sometimes life looks like a mystery, and what I said this morning is that it will continue to be one unless Humans acknowledge that around you are energies you haven't been taught about, which will explain much of the mystery. There is a greater source that is literally in your face. This morning, we told you that this grand source is literally knocking on your nose (indicating that if you would open your eyes, you would see it). Of course, this is a metaphor.

There is an energy on the planet that is new, and the newness of it all comes from that which you as humanity have accomplished as you lifted yourself out of the predictions of the past. Many of you grew up with predictions that told you about the end of a cycle for your lives. Your entire civilization would not last much past 2000. Your warlike ways would create the final battle, and the destruction of humanity would happen with a worldwide nuclear war. But it didn't happen.

What happened instead was totally unpredicted. It would be the beginning of a climb into a new paradigm of thinking - a change that many of you are not ready for. Because of this, now would be a good time to see what's really around you, so that there would be more understanding.

This morning, I called it “peeling the onion of reality”. Part of that which you are peeling away and examining is what you were told from birth about many things. A major layer you're peeling away is what you were taught about God. Another layer is what you have learned about your relationship to the parts of life around you - other Human Beings, the society that you're in and the very paradigm that you think is life.

What if you peel the onion of your existing reality and instead of random chance in your life, you see synchronicity? What if you see a truth you never were taught, one that perhaps you helped design? What if it showed a part of why you are here? Would that change your attitude of life itself? Instead of being tossed around by random circumstances, you are actually in control of what you helped design! Wow! All that came from peeling away old information.

We've said this before. You sit in an energy today that is changing your society right before your eyes. Even now, you are seeing it on your news every day. Suddenly, integrity in certain situations is being seen differently. It's almost like a curtain was pulled and situations which have been out of integrity for centuries are just now being revealed! Did you notice?

Our teaching has been this: Things that have existed in an old, darker energy for eons cannot continue to exist in the light. So, how would you describe that paradigm? What is the name of that? The name many have used is the evolution of enlightenment. The metaphor is that a light is being turned on in a dark place, and it's not just for spiritual things. It's for many attributes within your culture, and it's creating energies and reactions you didn't expect.

We've told you that this new energy is going to affect everything. Eventually, you're going to see what I'm talking about happening everywhere at some level. You're going to see it in corporations; you're going to see it in banking; you're going to see it in government programs; you're going to see it in politics; and you're going to see a population react completely differently to new integrity and compassionate energies.

“Kryon, how long will it take?” Again, the answer is “yes”. I've given you the future potential, and it is totally controlled by you. The speed of how fast humanity will begin to drop the old paradigms is up to you. The reason it's slow? It just feels so good to you to participate in what has worked so well in the past. Your feeling is this: “This is the way it works! You can't change the way things work, no matter what you are telling me.” The answer to this objection is as follows: There is a new paradigm coming that will actually change the way things work. So what your challenge becomes is to believe that truth and start watching for it. Seeing these changes will then enhance the truth of what we are saying. For many, that means it may not be as comfortable as before, since it's a new paradigm, and not what humanity is used to or what is expected.

This paradigm shift from an older way to a different way may require a repeating scenario of two steps forward and one step back. There will be things that will make you cry, and other things that will seem to be a return to the darker ways. It's because this shift does not happen in a Pollyanna world. It represents an actual battle of energies, but now the light is stronger than ever before. Humanity is going from a very old darkness to a new light. I want to give you a metaphor that we've never given you before, to show you truly what has happened.

The Metaphoric Chess Game

For centuries, you've been playing the game called chess. So this will be the metaphor of a chess game of dark and light. Now, I like this metaphor because there are already black and white characters on a real chessboard. So you actually have something in 3D to compare it to.

In this metaphor, let's say that there are literally dark energy players and light energy players. Every single soul in the room and listening to this has been in a light/dark puzzle - a battle of duality for a very long time. Think of this as the chess game of your history. You represent the white pieces on the board, and throughout history you were always on the side of light. In this game with very set rules, you had been trying to work with integrity, honesty, compassion and the light. However, it hadn't gone well at all. You were always losing. You would move here and there, but in this chess game, the dark characters always had the advantage. In fact, the rules seem to be in the dark's favor. The dark consciousness would capture a player then advance, and eventually end the game. You won very few games.

Metaphorically, you've seen the end of this game four times in your Human history. This is the metaphor of four previous civilizations on Earth ending poorly, and having to actually restart. That end game was always counter-intuitive to what you wanted. Light should have won, in your mind. When the dark won, it was “winner take all”, and the winner was destruction, death, war and low consciousness. The reason the dark supremacy was counter-intuitive was because of what we have said before: Low consciousness cannot see that which is in front of them. They cannot calculate what is ahead because there is no light for it. We told you, “a fool does not know they are a fool.” They have no idea. They think they have the world figured out, but they only see what the dark consciousness will allow them to see. They also can't see that if they win, it is the demise of humanity.

On the other hand, the white players always knew that there was light hiding and that it would show itself with victory. They always knew that war was dysfunctional and could never be a solution. Yet war won, over and over. There has never been a war that accomplished what it wanted to accomplish, never. It has always been a dysfunctional answer that led to a new struggle. The proof? If war was a solution, then there would have been only one. Instead, each war seeds the next episode with more war. So why didn't the light win? After all, it could see, and darkness could not.

The white players were always pushing their pieces on the playing board with love and compassion, integrity and honesty. There were shamen and wise people helping. The ones who know better were there. The ones who say, “Let love do this, let compassion do this” were there. Yet light never won. For centuries, light never won.

Then something happened. In this metaphoric older chess game, the rules of who could move where and when were always biased to the dark players. Human nature favored the dark players, and fear was the tool that always worked. So even if the dark players could not see much, they had the edge because they could move forward using rules that tricked or forced light players on the board. The rules of the game favored the dark, and the rules were protected at all costs.

The game of chess that you play with others in real life has the same exact rules for black and white pieces. But in this metaphor, the rules would move around, depending on the consciousness of humanity. With low consciousness, the rules were always biased. The dark pieces could move places that the white pieces could not. The white pieces never knew it and expected the rules to be equal. But they were not, and darkness ruled.

The Great Shift

At the end of the fifth and final game, darkness was again winning. Weapons of mass destruction had again been invented and deployed, and it looked like another bad ending was coming. This was the actual prophecy of your culture 50 years ago. The unfair and biased rules of the dark had again prevailed, only this time there would be no restart of humanity. When it was finished, Earth itself would be ruined for all life. Ancient calendars counted down the 5,200-year civilization clock once again, almost to the end. All the dark pieces again advanced across the game board, pushing off the white pieces, just like before. But then something happened, something esoteric yet energetically obvious to all, happened.

Just before the time when Kryon came into this planet, the Soviet Union fell over and ceased to exist. One of the major players in the predicted end times was gone. This was never predicted in your holy books. Did you know that? Where is the prediction of this in scripture? Find it. It's not there. This was so profoundly different from what was expected that esoteric intellectuals have been asking the question, “Could there be multiple realities and humanity moved between them? Is there somewhere where a world was actually destroyed with you still there? Did humanity somehow rise above that potential in another Universe or dimension, perhaps, which went another direction?” We have actually discussed that potential in an another channelling, and the answer was that the reality is in the perception of the question, which is based on a linear idea of how things may work. So is another reality another dimension?

There are multi-verses. We've channelled that. There are multidimensional realities. We've channelled that. You are actually in a new reality that you created in the late '80s, and you have moved out of a consciousness of the older predictions. You are now (ready?) in a new reality that has no predictions! Stop. What does that tell you? Perhaps, indeed, you have moved into a dimension where Earth no longer is what it was? Look, there's no scripture talking about where you are today. Did you notice? How does this feel to you?

So different realities carry dimensional shift. However, it doesn't mean that you continued to exist in an old one, simply because you shifted dramatically. Instead, you simply moved realities - something you never had done before.

For some of you, it doesn't feel right. You want a map, don't you? You want some kind of a map that says, “You are here; here's where you are headed and here's what you're doing now.” However, in this new reality, you don't get one and may not. Moving even slightly into a multidimensional state creates odd perceptions of what has really happened. Some are frightened by the shift.

But there is more. What about the chess game? With the shift of 2012, something else happened. You see, with this huge energy shift came a rule change in the chess game. Instead of the dark pieces having the edge, now the white ones do, and instead of just light and dark, there is a consciousness applied to the white pieces that was not there before. So, who controls the chess game? You do!

The New Rules

In the process of going through the shift with more light coming in, and with an advanced consciousness of compassion, the rules of the game changed. Now, suddenly each white piece on the chess game can duplicate itself! Instead of losing players from being pushed off the board by the darkness, the ones with a higher consciousness will create more players and will eventually overwhelm the other side. The dark pieces could do the same, but because they can't see in the dark, they have no idea. New rules are here, and they favor those who can sense the ability to create a new self.

Let me tell you something: The ones who are creating the new players and paradigms right now are actually in your news! Can you see it? Can you see what happens when integrity starts to show up and when dark ideas and actions are no longer able to crawl around in the dark without being seen? Instead, new light is shining on them and everyone sees it! Dear one, you've got to know that this is different! We told you to watch for it, and here it is.

These are the chess players of light who are creating more of themselves, overwhelming the darkness on the chess board. This is you today, after 2012. Some day you may even change the earth calendar as you did 600 years after the birth of the “dispensation of love”, when you actually reset the calendar due to the shift of energy from the past. [moving into BC-AD designation]

The end of war is not the end of the puzzle. It's the beginning. There will come a time when the idea of killing other Human Beings as a solution to anything will be looked at as the most dysfunctional, barbaric thing that any Human Being could ever do. There is a potential of a future earth that will only read about these things and will only see them in old news reports.

Dear ones, when you awaken and peel the onion of old rules and old reality, you'll see the amazing power you have inside. That power literally came from the stars. The power? Listen to this: When you realize what your consciousness can do, you'll realize that disease cannot survive in an enlightened body. What? You mean consciousness can change the chemistry of your body? Yes, and this has been our teaching for almost 30 years. Many of the indigenous of the planet have done this and so will you. So, therefore, what will a “healer” do? A healer will be a consciousness coach! Instead of helping to eliminating a disease, the teaching will be how to create a body chemistry that will never let it in!

It's not happening tomorrow, dear ones. You've just barely turned the corner within the years that you have gone through since 2012. So it remains difficult, and no one likes change. Lightworkers, when I say you are experiencing a new paradigm, it's very real for many. It's so different for many of you, that some have even said, “I can't do it; this is way too difficult, even though it is what we've asked for and wanted for lifetimes.” Are you surprised this shift is hard?

I want to tell you something as we close. The main reason why you find this shift so difficult is because it's a rework of everything you know. Anytime you change a paradigm, a system, the way things work or the way things are, it's difficult. There will be that part of you that asks, “Why? Why do we have to change?” The answer is one that is different from any you have heard before. It's in order to go to the place that you have always wanted to go for lifetimes - a place where you are in control of your lives and in control of your own culture and civilization. It will be a time when you can love each other across the ocean and will have something that is a “united humanity”. It is a time when you will all know your neighbors. This is the potential we see, not a demise of the planet, not an end, but a renewal.

This way of being, which the Pleiadians showed you when they arrived, was something you could create over time with free choice. Welcome to this new party, dear ones. You are on your way to understanding what's next.

There is more coming. There are things you don't expect coming and they are not necessarily negative or positive. They are just different from what you expected.

How will you react to seeing something you've looked forward to for lifetimes? Will you cower and say, “I can't do it! I'm afraid!” Or will you instead say, “All this uncertainty and growth is exactly what I've been waiting for.” Let's play a game of chess in this new light.

That's the free choice we talk about.

And so it is.


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