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Physically, Spiritually and Reptilian

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in my work, I actually look at the DNA of Human Beings - the chromosomes - which are the visible manifestations of our DNA. You’ve said that there will be changes in the DNA as it’s activated to higher vibrations. Will I be able to “see” these changes? I’d love to be able to detect the changes and know that they are the activations and not some abnormality.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I read a book called The Power of Twelve by Anne Brewer, and it fired my imagination. How much of this DNA recoding is true? She speaks of different levels, of genetic engineers, of Galactic Councils, and of their work on our astral bodies. Am I being redundant by asking a bit more information on DNA?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’ve only recently found your teachings, but find them fascinating and heartwarming - thank you.

I have a somewhat bizarre question that I hope you can shed some light on. Shamans from indigenous cultures across the world (Africa, South America, and Mexico) talk about a race of interdimensional reptilian beings that came to Earth long ago in order to escape another race of beings that were persecuting them. They found that they could hide inside Human Beings and avoid detection unbeknownst to the majority of humanity. This concept doesn’t worry me, as we are all one and all ultimately part of the divine. I’m curious as to whether these shamanic stories are based in fact, and if so, are these reptilian beings really our fears, our ego that we must overcome in order to reach enlightenment?

ANSWER: Physically: Those of you who actually study the pieces and parts of DNA won’t see many physical changes. The changes we speak about are interdimensional. However, for those unbelievers who say, “How convenient,” we say this: Even though you may not see physical structure changes, the chemistry itself will change. Immune systems will strengthen, life expectancy will lengthen, genes may rearrange themselves, and other systems will seem to be on a new track. So you’ll be able to see the results of something else seemingly affecting the 4D layer of DNA (the Human Genome). When you finally get the instruments that can detect interdimensionality (the shadows of other realities), you’ll see it very clearly around our DNA. This will beg the question: “Is there more to DNA than what’s under the 4D microscope?”

ANSWER: Spiritually: We told you many years ago that your DNA has been altered by off-world energies. It was on schedule, and we even told you when it occurred within your Human history. Your anthropologists know of the anomalies of Human development, too . . . asking why evolution provided such a vast variety of all Earth species except the Human Being! They can even point to when it happened (the end of the variety).* These historic facts all point to a truth that we’ve given you before: You had help, and it came from that part of the sky you call the “Seven Sisters.”

*Scientific American, January 2000, Volume 282, Number 1

*Kryon Book Eight, Passing the Marker, pages 367–69

ANSWER: Reptilian: Due to the above-stated truth, which can never be proven but which is intuitive and surges through your DNA, many stories have surfaced within many cultures about wars, battles, good and evil, reptilian origins, and how this could have been. So I will ask you to go inside and ask yourself: How much of this information fits into a loving scenario of the creation of a Human Being who’s divine and has a loving role to play within the Universe? Did you ever wonder who you might have been on another planet in past Universes? We told you before that the Humans who come here have done this before (lived in duality) in other places. We also told you that your whole spiritual record is in your DNA. This also means that there’s a subtle memory of you being other kinds of creatures if you look hard enough. But this is meaningless within your life on Earth at the moment, and has a “residual” energy that has been obsessive to many, and has even created fear-based teachings.

Think about it, family: Did you evolve as a result of a mistake . . . or a battle between evil and good Gods . . . or the spoils of a cosmic war . . . or secretive reptilians? I think your own divinity will tell you a better story - one of honor, logic, and divine purpose.


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