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Predictions for the Next Generation II

This channelling is really the extension of the one below. Given about two weeks later in Florida, Kryon again tells about what the next 25 years may hold for us, depending on the potentials before us. Predictions from Kryon are only based on energy that is “now.” But he continues to show us that the potentials of even 20 years ago are being fulfilled. This indicates that we are on track... believe it or not.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There would be those who would say that this is not possible. There are always those who say that a Human Being could never do such a thing as what you are witnessing. Again, I say to you that those who have the energy here with the talents to see the colors will know this is real. Proof of the unseen is difficult in the 3D mind, for you expect to see 3D things to prove non-3D things, do you not? For this is the voice that has been with you all of the day [the Human voice], and is the voice of my partner [Lee]. Although it is the voice of the Human, suddenly it’s supposed to be the voice of a being from beyond the veil! Again, we say to you that this is, indeed, so, and not something odd or something strange. For those of you who can feel the energy, know that it is being enhanced right now, for this is the voice from home. It is a voice like no other voice, for this one has a third language connected to it. This one speaks to the Human heart, the Higher-Self of each of you.

Let it be known that there is truth within the words here. Let them not meet your ears and mind, but rather let them instead meet your heart. Let them be interpreted by that part of you that we call the Higher-Self. Then you will relax with these things.

I am Kryon and I know where I am. It is not odd that I would speak to humanity in this way nor is it odd that I speak to you reading and hearing in this way. My words are being read and I know who’s reading them. So this message is also for you who are out of the time frame of those who are listening with their ears in 3D time. For this message is timeless, and is a continuation of one we had before [in Laguna Hills, California]. Two weeks ago in your time, we gave you a message, a channelling called “Current Events.” We spoke of what you had done and we spoke of the energy of the moment. Now we wish to continue and give you the energy of what can be.

We’re going to start with the history of what has been. But we’re not ready to begin the teaching – not yet. There are those here who don’t believe this is happening. “This is a Human Being pretending,” they say. Their minds are saying, “All this is not for me.” They look at the clock. They wonder when the meeting will be done. I know who you are, dear one. Loved beyond measure, you are, just like the others. I would like to give a message directed to you: When you leave this place in disbelief, the same number of angelic beings are going to walk out with you as walk out with the healer! Do you understand? And the reason for your unbelief, dear Human Being, is that you don’t want to open that jar of spirituality you carry, because it was not easy when you opened the jar the last time. It didn’t end well, did it? It’s far easier to ignore it this time around. But you find yourself in a meeting like this in disbelief, complete and total. Well, you can join the ranks of those like my partner, who sat through innumerable amounts of these meetings in disbelief – until the seeds of truth began to make sense to him and grow accordingly, in his own time, with his own logic, with his own heart.

This is the beauty of free choice for the Human Being, that they can choose to open the spiritual jar of their own DNA, or not. Blessed are you, unbeliever, for I know your name and it is beautiful, and you will see me again. When you do, there will be no judgment. None at all. We have told you before that you sit in a place that is magnificent in its poignant potential. The things that could be, are! Let me show you what is before you. Right now!

If you take a look, a snapshot, at where the magnetic attributes of the planet are based upon where we said they were headed, you would find they are right where we said they would be. They represent a changed planet. For when I arrived in 1989, the magnetic attributes of the grid were not as they are now. We gave you the potentials of the shift, and it is here. We told you that it was possible, indeed probable, that there would be a 12-year cycle of movement of the magnetic grid, and there was.

The grid moved appropriately, not because God deemed it, because humanity deemed it. It was the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, which placed upon the earth a mandate for the magnetics to move, and Human consciousness moved with it. Humanity assigns these earth attributes to some super power from beyond, not understanding the power that they collectively have. Even as you sit there, you don’t know you can move mountains, yet you can.

So the magnetics moved and you can see it today and you can see where it ended up is perfect. For this is the attribute that speaks to the DNA that you need to have with you now in this time. The tools at hand are much, much different than they were when you were born. That’s why some of you are here. Some of you are saying, “This is the energy I’ve waited for,” and you’re right. It is. Some of you have said, “This is the energy of shift and change,” and you’re right. It is. And if you wanted any further proof about the magnetics, I’ll say to you, go find the science. Look up some things and check the variances in the last years. You will see that what I told you in 1989 is now here.

Look at this: The heliosphere of the sun is changing. What is it doing right now? Where is it right now? If you do some research, you’ll be shocked to find out that it is at its lowest ebb ever. The heliosphere of the sun, that is to say, the magnetics of the sun is at the lowest point it has ever been on the planet. It is far less than it was when you were born, just like the magnetic grid. For if you measure the gauss of the grid, you’re going to find it has weakened. It is more finite. So is the magnetic energy being sent from the sun. Now there’s a reason, dear Human Beings, for all of this. It’s because these magnetic attributes are being finely tuned in an elegant way to speak to your DNA, just like we said. Go find what we told you. Take a look. You cannot deny that we told you this would happen. You might say it becomes our track record of prediction. However, it’s really a record that is all about what you’ve created for yourselves on the planet.

It is magnificent, is it not, to see what humanity has done for humanity? And it starts with the Lighthouses, like those in the room, like those reading this and listening to this. You have to understand, these are the things we told you were potentially doable and potentially manifestable by those who would carry enough light to shine it in dark places. These things were not given so that you would convert anyone to your belief system or so that there would be those who would come to these meetings or sit in these chairs. Not so that there would be many more reading these words, but rather so that light would be spread on this planet so that others could see the dark and discover whatever they needed to discover.

If you look at the consciousness of the planet and what we have called the Indigo Children, they are children of the new consciousness. Call them whatever you want. How do you explain these new Humans? When we told you that humanity’s consciousness would shift and now you see before you so many children in so many countries speaking many languages who, indeed, are very different, what do you say? It’s a coincidence? Just ask the parents, just ask the teachers. A worldwide phenomenon is occurring. The children are different, dear ones, because they must be in order to create what is coming. It’s here. These things we told you were possible are here.

Look at what you have done recently. I speak now basically and mainly to Americans who sit here, who listen, who read, for this is their country. Again, I remind you that you have done the impossible: You’ve chosen an Indigo leader. So there may be different thinking – thinking that is out of the box of politics as usual that you might have expected. This would not have been possible 20 years ago, and we have said that before. What you have done is to set up the potentials of what we always saw coming. Let me tell you, dear ones, you would never, ever be able to graduate into those places we said that you would be within without this man’s contribution. He came along at the appropriate time and you put him in office at the appropriate time and we saw that coming.

Go look for what we said, for you can find it in the channelling of the words of Kryon. Eight years ago, we told you that there would be Indigo leadership and the potential was great for this. Go find it! For that shows the potential was there and you did it. What this should tell you is that even eight years ago, the potentials of where you were going were seen clearly, because they were so strong. Whereas there would be those who would say you can never have peace on earth, I will say to you the potential is strong that you will! Whereas they said you would never place a man of color in the presidency, you did!

Let me paint a picture of some of the potentials and show you where it’s going, for you’ve earned that: When you arrived on this earth, every single one of you had a karmic imprint. It comes with the system. The ancients who explained karma to you are accurate, for it, indeed, is the system. It is the system of unfinished energy business and it always will be. But in this new energy, we also told you 20 years ago that you can void it completely. The system remains the system because the majority of humanity wishes it to remain. The majority of humanity is using it and will continue to, but you don’t have to.

Twenty years ago, this idea of you voiding your karmic imprint was laughed at, scoffed at. Twenty years ago we said you could change your astrological imprint. Go look for it. That is how powerful the Human Being is within this new energy. Those things that imprint your personality with attributes that seem to create who you are are all changeable. So today’s teaching [in the earlier seminar] of mining the Akash, that is to say, going and getting the things that you have earned from a previous expression [lifetime], are doable. Remember, you weren’t always the astrological sign that you are now. How would you like to go pick up the one that better suits who you are today as a Lightworker? It is doable! It’s in your DNA since the Akash is in your DNA. These are the beginning of the tools we predicted. These are the things that many of you will start learning to accomplish in this age, that were only for the ascended ones, for the masters in past history. Yet here you are in this new energy of shift, with the ability to do them.

We have spoken of this new Akashic tool many, many times in the past months. My partner has put this together as I told him to, and will begin teaching this even in a more profound and finite way than he did today. Lightworkers have to know it. Eventually you must claim this. I’ll tell you why, because the Lightworker is going to need these tools to survive, to stay longer on the planet, to get out of fear, and to get out of drama.

Now, I would like to tell you that when you drop all of those attributes, the things that you wish to manifest will arrive. Literally, it’s the fear, the frustration, the combination of what you brought in with you, which keeps you from opening the door [the spiritual door to your Higher-Self]. Those are the very things, that when you get rid of them, manifest the things that you need. Perhaps your idea of what you need is with the work that you feel that you’re supposed to do? Perhaps it is the passions of the things that you have that you want to manifest in this part of your life? It’s only going to come with a change in you, a change we’ve talked about. These are the new tools in this time that we are beginning to teach.

Now I’m going to tell you that these things are going to be taught for a long time because there are many who need it and they need to hear it. There are those who say, “Well, what is going to happen in the future? Give us some idea, Kryon. What’s going to happen? Where is all this going; what are the potentials?”

I am going to give you some of the potentials regarding Human manifestation for the next two generations. Therefore, these potential things may occur within approximately 50 years. I’m going to give you some of the potentials that are looming grandly and greatly, for they are. Regardless of what you think is going on in this planet, the new consciousness Human Being is going to play a large part in your future. Think of this: every child born has an Indigo [new energy] imprint. The magnetic grid of the planet is doing that, for not only does it talk to your DNA, but it postures the energy of those being born. This is why the magnetic grid shifted at all. Millions of children are growing up with a different consciousness than you had when you were born.

When they grow up and begin to teach themselves [Indigos reaching Indigos], you’re going to see a shift and a change. And it’s going to be one that might be interesting, too. It’s not what you’re going to expect. For there is even strife among them and that is to say that they even will disagree about the proper way to bring compassion to the planet. Can you imagine that? Disagreements about how to bring passion to the planet? Compassion integrity! Some will want to fast track it. Some will think you can buy it. So what we’re trying to say is this: There are issues even among them and you will see strife even among them. Until that settles, much will be static. Is that all that different from any new thing that comes to you? The answer is no.

I would like to remind you, dear Lemurian, how long it took you as Human Beings in a start-up situation, to even begin to understand things like honesty and integrity. They didn’t come easy. They are not natural, for they must be developed. They represent the essence of responsibility and pieces of divinity within your DNA. You don’t start that way, with maturity of culture or economy. Instead, you grow into it. Cultural attributes must be learned, and you did. It took a long time, yet here you are in another learning stage of evolution.

It’s going to take a while for the new energy to be a staple. In the process it isn’t always going to seem like there’s a synchronicity of sameness, of attitude, or singularity of thought. Don’t be startled by it. Let it unfold as it will, and the truth will seek its highest level and the things that should be on top will go there. That’s going to be the biggest difference between now and then.

Let me tell you something: The first thing you’re going to see in these next two generations is change regarding things you thought never would change. Many of those who are hearing this will say that what I’m going to tell you is impossible for what we are speaking of is a change in basic Human nature. How do you treat each other? What do you think about one another? What do you think is correct and right? What’s the first reaction to challenge? Drama, jealousy? There will be a tempering of the things that are inappropriate in life. These items represent duality, and that duality is changing.

There will come a day within two generations where things won’t be what they are today. Eventually this will be reflected in leadership within governments. Leaders will be elected because of their compassion for those around them, and their good ideas for those around them, not just because they’re popular or charismatic. Can you imagine a change like this?

Can you imagine a change in common sense? You say, “Well, wait a minute, Kryon, common sense is common sense.” No, it is not. Common sense is dynamic: It is simply your idea of what naturally works within in a current consciousness. What happens when a consciousness changes? So do to the attributes of common sense. I will tell you, that in 50 years if you could attend some meetings of what they think common sense is, you’d be alarmed. It literally defies what you think is going to happen. Look at what has happened in the last 30 years to America: Look at what you have been able to openly discuss, talk about, and change. Look at what you’ve just done with your country, against all odds of former “cultural Human nature.” Now, just do it again! Amplify it. I will tell you this, that the whole idea of Human nature and common sense is going to change and so is the goal, the very goal of your being.

Expect a slow shift away from goal-setting as you know it. For right now, you set your goal as a thing that you wish to achieve, then you’re told by those in the self-help industry that if you want to get to there, visualize yourself there. That’s going to change. You might say, “Kryon, what will it be if we can’t visualize what we wish to be? It must be that way, otherwise how do we get there?” What if you don’t visualize what you want, but instead visualize a concept that you have no idea about? “Kryon, how can that work? Visualize what you don’t know? How can that work?”

How about a society that is taught this: Goal setting is where a Human Being stands before himself and other Human Beings and says, “I want my goal to be where I end up in the perfect scenario of synchronicity, whatever that is, which enhances myself and those around me.” Can you imagine how that fits into a society, into a culture, where Human Beings acknowledge from the get-go that they want to fit in to the appropriate puzzle, which is that of creation? Goal setting: Not visualizing a scenario, but an energy, the energy of appropriateness. That’s where you’re headed.

Could it be that Human Beings will develop that far? Oh, Human Beings, look at what you’ve done within the last 30 years. Think of what you could do in the next 50. Consciousness is moving quickly. Human nature is shifting. Common sense is shifting. Goal setting is shifting.

Let me give you another potential: Against all odds and thousands of years of history even the spiritual attributes of what you call religion on the planet will start shifting and tempering itself. You don’t have to look very far for you to understand that some of the major players of the planet regarding what you call organized religion are in trouble. It is because what they teach reeks with the old energy ways. It is not applicable to real life, as seen by the young people, and that is why the young people are fleeing from the membership roles of churches. They’re not seeing a life’s reality in any of it. The doctrines do not ring with them as being needed or true. They’re seeing it as old. Look for this, for it is evident even now.

Organized religions will begin to shift. Some of them will even shift away from the mythology that they have been teaching for thousands of years. Instead, they will begin going to the core issues and finding truth that will attract the young people again. Ideas about God that will make sense to a new generation will be put forward. Organized religion will thrive, but it’s going to thrive with a core that has far more integrity than it has ever had. Many of you didn’t want to hear that, but this is the truth of the potentials. It is also an appropriate potential, for most of the planet will not believe as you do, or read words like this. However, most of the planet seeks God in its own way, and will need to have hope within their own belief that God is current and wise. It is a snapshot within two generations of all of those on the planet regarding their own religions and what they find to be appropriate and non-appropriate. This is going to shift.

I’ve said this before. Watch what the new pope does. “Kryon, there is no new pope.” Oh, really? It depends on when you read this, and when you do and there is a new pope, watch. For this individual is going to have to make massive change if his system is going to keep their church… and they may. When that man sits in the chair, there is the potential of massive change. There has to be, to keep the systems they have.

This is what is before you. It has to do with cleaning up the integrity of all things within your society. What have you seen in the last three weeks? How many leaders have been brought down because of things discovered? Have you noticed? Is there something infectious going on with integrity issues? The answer is yes. It’s about time, and you know it. Let me tell you, there’s three more leaders who are shaking in their shoes as we speak. You’ll see. It’s time to call them on these things, is it not? And you’re doing it.

I’ll say this because there are those who need to hear it, listening and reading: Do not fear what is going on in your country, American. At this point in time, with the potentials in place, I guarantee you that these things will pass and there’ll be a time when you look backward and say, “Thank goodness we got through this.” When integrity-based decisions are made that represent your core economic issues, you’re going to grow an economy that makes sense. Right now you are changing the rules, if you haven’t noticed, in all fields. So whereas it seems to get worse and worse, you’re trying to make up your mind what to do from moment to moment in order to save this and save that, it will correct itself if you use integrity. What you are doing is pruning your economy. When it grows back, it will be far stronger than it was.

The system will work better. Eventually there will be more jobs than ever. It’s going to work! Will you take a moment to remember that this is what we saw? We told you it was coming? We even told you the first institution to fall first, and it did! You could read these things within the Kryon published works and celebrate it. I’ll say it again, I dare you to celebrate your recession! Can you? You’re going to get through it. History is going to treat it as an economic renaissance. There’ll be a name given to it, not yet heard, not yet given, which has the energy of that idea. It is a renaissance of the American economy – a start-over so significant that it’s going to shape the way you do business for the next two generations and create a model of how to do it for others.

In two generations, the biggest competitor on Earth will have arrived with a huge economy of its own, one that will rival even that of China. No matter what China does, no matter how many people they have, this new economy is going to successfully compete – for China is slow to move and must plough through its own historic consciousness to get there.

There is an entire continent ready to be healed. It is rife with war and civil strife at the moment and has been since you were born. It is sick at the moment, but it’s not going to stay sick forever. Millions and millions of individuals are involved, and they don’t know it yet. For like almost everything else, it is against all odds.

What happens when you heal a continent? You'll see, for it’s about to be healed. When it is, those there are going to discover that they can build an economy as good as yours, because you’ve set the standard! They’re going to start by looking at you. We’re speaking of Africa. We’re speaking of the potential of a group of states, eventually, who will emerge called The African Union [or something similar]. It will be a bigger conglomerate even than the United States, made and patterned in the same way, with an economy created in the same way. Millions will be almost instantly involved.

What you solve here in your recession is what they will observe as the energy they begin with. This is different than other emerging economies. Many of those begin and grow and walk through all the mistakes you made during your growth. But the Africans will not go through the gyrations of the 200 years as you did. They will see America and take from you what you teach them. This “healed continent” is going to want what you have. They’re going to want to have their own affluence and they’re going to want to have their own banking that is free from major greed. They’re going to want to have all of the things that make a society grand and great, and they won’t have any problem funding it. Many stand by to create a new society where there are borrowers for businesses and homes. Once you take millions and millions of people who are no longer in survival mode, they want homes, schools, factories and land. Watch for it. It’s inevitable. It’s going to start happening while you’re still here. Look at what has happened in China despite a non-capitalistic government; now amplify this idea for Africa.

“Well, Kryon, you haven’t addressed the big one. Terrorism.” I suppose you think Kryon doesn’t know it’s here? I’ll give you some information you didn’t expect to hear. You’re not going to beat terrorism with terrorism, ever. You’re not going to beat an old energy force with force. It just isn’t going to work. Try it. You’ll fail every time. As you put out one fire, another will develop somewhere else. It's perpetual failure.

Here is how you’re going to beat it: You’re going to beat it with new consciousness from new humanity. There’ll come a time on this planet, not too far from now, where the very consciousness of the idea of terrorism will not be palatable to the Human Being, for he will know better. The more it doesn’t work, the less there will be. For it won’t create the desired result anymore… and that’s common sense not to keep doing it. It won’t even create fear! Instead, it will create disgust even among those who use to feel it was the only way. Do you see what I’m saying?

There’ll also be a renaissance in a very old eastern religion and a respect like never before. There will come a time when the idea of “killing in the name of God” will be seen as barbaric. Instead, the idea of eastern religion will be to evangelize those around them with systems that work and ideas that create harmony and attract converts.

Tolerance will begin to take hold mainly because their young people will become the leaders, and those young people will have a conceptual plan that is very different from the old energy. They will absolutely know that violence does not create peace. Other fundamentalists of many other religions who have previously made themselves known due to their violent ways will also start to find that violence creates no new converts – only harmony will do that. You think this is crazy based on what you have seen, don’t you? It’s going to start changing. Give it time. But it isn’t going to happen without Lightworkers, dear ones.

We will use an expression in your culture, my partner gives it to me, “What happens under the hood, nobody sees.” That’s you. For the more light you put on this planet with what you know, touching the Higher-Self, staying around longer, picking up the Akash, puts light on the planet for the rest to see that was formerly in the dark. That’s how it works. That is always how it has worked and now you’re starting to define it. So, you will understand why you’re here.

This is the beginning of a crossover of energies and you’re right in front of it, dear ones, and you are here for that reason, every single one of you. Listen: there are those in this room, and who are reading, who have gone through horror in this last year. I want to tell you I know who you are. There is an expression, “Iron sharpens iron.” Like the blacksmith who pounds the piece of iron while it’s red hot so that it will become a tool when it cools, you are being shaped. Then that tool goes on to make other tools and those make other tools. We know what you’ve been through and we congratulate you for coming out on the other side of this with the light brighter than when you started.

I am knowing of my family and they are here. I am knowing of the issues that are here. I am knowing of the potentials that are here. So I say to you, dear Human Being who lives in 3D, take all of the new dimensions and trust them. Trust the unseen. Do not paint the picture of what you think is there based on only the three dimensions you were born in. Start now, setting the energy of appropriateness, putting yourselves into that puzzle of synchronicity and saying, “It is well wherever I end up, for it will help the planet.” That’s what the masters did, and still do.

That is the message for this day. I cannot leave without telling you that this is very personal for you. When you push on that door to the Higher-Self, whatever that means to you, and you sit alone, you’re going to feel a family start to open up in front of you. You’re going to feel a family flow into your life that’s going to stay with you every moment. You will never, ever be alone and you will never feel alone. In that family, I reside, for I am your family.

And so it is.


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