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Predictions for the Next Generation II

This channelling is really the extension of the one below. Given about two weeks later in Florida, Kryon again tells about what the next 25 years may hold for us, depending on the potentials before us. Predictions from Kryon are only based on energy that is “now.” But he continues to show us that the potentials of even 20 years ago are being fulfilled. This indicates that we are on track... believe it or not.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There would be those who would say that this is not possible. There are always those who say that a Human Being could never do such a thing as what you are witnessing. Again, I say to you that those who have the energy here with the talents to see the colors will know this is real. Proof of the unseen is difficult in the 3D mind, for you expect to see 3D things to prove non-3D things, do you not? For this is the voice that has been with you all of the day [the Human voice], and is the voice of my partner [Lee]. Although it is the voice of the Human, suddenly it’s supposed to be the voice of a being from beyond the veil! Again, we say to you that this is, indeed, so, and not something odd or something strange. For those of you who can feel the energy, know that it is being enhanced right now, for this is the voice from home. It is a voice like no other voice, for this one has a third language connected to it. This one speaks to the Human heart, the Higher-Self of each of you.

Let it be known that there is truth within the words here. Let them not meet your ears and mind, but rather let them instead meet your heart. Let them be interpreted by that part of you that we call the Higher-Self. Then you will relax with these things.

I am Kryon and I know where I am. It is not odd that I would speak to humanity in this way nor is it odd that I speak to you reading and hearing in this way. My words are being read and I know who’s reading them. So this message is also for you who are out of the time frame of those who are listening with their ears in 3D time. For this message is timeless, and is a continuation of one we had before [in Laguna Hills, California]. Two weeks ago in your time, we gave you a message, a channelling called “Current Events.” We spoke of what you had done and we spoke of the energy of the moment. Now we wish to continue and give you the energy of what can be.

We’re going to start with the history of what has been. But we’re not ready to begin the teaching – not yet. There are those here who don’t believe this is happening. “This is a Human Being pretending,” they say. Their minds are saying, “All this is not for me.” They look at the clock. They wonder when the meeting will be done. I know who you are, dear one. Loved beyond measure, you are, just like the others. I would like to give a message directed to you: When you leave this place in disbelief, the same number of angelic beings are going to walk out with you as walk out with the healer! Do you understand? And the reason for your unbelief, dear Human Being, is that you don’t want to open that jar of spirituality you carry, because it was not easy when you opened the jar the last time. It didn’t end well, did it? It’s far easier to ignore it this time around. But you find yourself in a meeting like this in disbelief, complete and total. Well, you can join the ranks of those like my partner, who sat through innumerable amounts of these meetings in disbelief – until the seeds of truth began to make sense to him and grow accordingly, in his own time, with his own logic, with his own heart.

This is the beauty of free choice for the Human Being, that they can choose to open the spiritual jar of their own DNA, or not. Blessed are you, unbeliever, for I know your name and it is beautiful, and you will see me again. When you do, there will be no judgment. None at all. We have told you before that you sit in a place that is magnificent in its poignant potential. The things that could be, are! Let me show you what is before you. Right now!

If you take a look, a snapshot, at where the magnetic attributes of the planet are based upon where we said they were headed, you would find they are right where we said they would be. They represent a changed planet. For when I a