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Soul Journeying

Kryon continues with the HUMAN SOUL theme. How far back can we track having a SOUL? Who are are seed parents and grandparents? How does “soul sharing” work? What is “Soul Inheritance”? All of these things are starting to stir up what we think we know, and some of us even say... “NAWH!.. can't be!” Kryon just says to all of us: “Give it time, and you will understand how limited your knowledge is, and how much bigger you are than you were told.”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There used to be a time when my partner had to adjust within the first few moments of a channelling. There was a time where he had to actually change his countenance, try to relax, and let the pineal flow without what is called the filters of Human consciousness. But now I just jump in whenever it's appropriate. It's the way of it, and the practice of communicating with Spirit pays off the more you do it, so the Human Being is asked to practice.

I'm going to continue the teaching of last night about the soul. I only have a couple of more things to say about it, and you may have heard some of it before. My partner speaks of these things when he teaches, but I want you to hear it from me. So this becomes part two of what we call soul journeying.

Now, just for clarity, the soul isn't journeying anywhere. The theme here is about you, who are journeying to meet it. It's about your cognizing what it is. Basically, it's you journeying to meet yourself. We have named it this way for a reason. It's not linear. You have to look at it backwards in order to understand the profundity of it.

Before we begin, I would like to say that I know where I am [New Zealand]. It's precious here. I've told you that there is a piece of Lemuria here. I've told you that Pleiadians are here. They fully represent the beauty of a benevolent race, one that is in ascension status and that is made up of your biological and spiritual seed-parents. There are only a few places on the earth where I can say that. There are only really 24 places that have been assigned to have the attributes of the Pleiadian time capsules. They will eventually pair up, and you will understand the push/pull energy between them. One pushes what you don't have toward you and one removes the old energy that you don't need. That's how they work. Call it a slow energy replenisher if you wish, but that's also the attribute of the push/pull energy at the center of the galaxy, which you have mistakenly called a black hole. There is not a singularity there, dear ones. It cannot exist even in 3D physics as you have conceived it.

There's a node in New Zealand and it's an important one because this is a piece of Lemuria. It is a previous home and existing one to those who helped you create the divinity inside you. The node is Mt. Cook/Aoraki, and I'm just going to take a moment to say thank you for the ones who took the time to respect it recently and who focused on it. It says thank you in return. There's a lot to know about that, and as time unfolds and it gets paired up with its counterpart, I want you to eventually look at the energies between them and realize what they are for. Enough said for that.

What is The Human Soul?

I want to continue discussion of your journey to knowledge of the Human soul. First of all, and most controversial, it's not a Human soul! We call it a Human soul because we're on Earth with you and because that's what you call it. The soul is the creator. We've told you this before. Long before this earth was even cool enough to walk on, the soul existed. It would eventually be a part of you. It's eternal in both directions [past and future]. Think about it: Before Humans existed in any form, you had a soul. So with your 3D logic, do you understand why it can't be called a Human soul? Let me take you on a journey. We ask this: Where have you been - the core you - the soul? Who are you?

Before the Pleiadians did what they did for this planet, where were you? Did you have anything to do with what came before life on this planet? Many spiritual leaders - experts in spiritual things of your earth - will tell you that everything started when you arrived. Really? That's funny! Let me ask you, did God arrive when humanity did or was God here already? If your soul is part of God then, indeed, you were here during creation!

I want to give you some information that may make things bigger than anything you have been told. There have been many worlds before yours that have gone through what you've going through. The Pleiadians are the most immediately connected to you and they are your spiritual parents. They did the work, and they continue to watch over you like parents would watch a child who has total and complete free choice of action without knowledge of their parents. There is benevolence, love and caring. There's an awakening on this planet, and you've passed the precession of the equinoxes, which was the spiritual calendar set up for this test. You're currently in an energy that I foresaw and that I told you about 23 years ago, and here we sit.

There's celebration in certain parts of the galaxy because of what is happening to planet Earth. Is that too big for you? Oh, don't look at your news today, for your struggle with old energy during the transition is not what we're talking about. I'm talking about world events, but not world as you would think of it in your news, but rather world that represents the earth from its creation to now - a world representing all the things that have taken place in your history and what you've done with it. You're sitting at the precipice of massive change. You have free will, as you always have and always will, but we've seen this before. Dear ones, we've seen this before! Here's what I want to tell you: So have you. Did you realize that?

Your Soul Has Been Everywhere!

Your soul has been involved in other places, on other planets and in other constellations. It has experienced life that is ancient in this galaxy, dear ones, compared to yours on Earth. So old! Life can fully start and build itself structure within a few million years, when a planet is ripe and ready and begins properly and accelerates in the right way. It's not that unusual or difficult. Listen science, this is a prediction: When you eventually find any kind of life in other places that are not related to this planet, it will have the same kind of biological DNA structure as you are used to. These DNA structures are common to the galaxy, and it is how life develops. Oh, there will be some variations, but you will see a structural commonality that will give you a larger question: Is there a galactic biological system? Yes! It will tell you something: What you have on the planet is not unique. Hardly!

When you look out at the stars and ask yourself, “Is there life?”, it's like standing on a beautiful beach on the planet and asking if there's another beach anywhere else. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The processes that would create multiple beaches on your planet are the same processes that would create multiple planets that would have life.

So you have been part of many of these places - not the corporeal you, but the soul you, the part of the collective that is the soul. This begs the question, “Who are you?” The best and most profound way to answer that is through the pineal. You can start a communication through your cellular structure that, at first, you won't feel. But this opens a door and keeps it open. Then very, very slowly, the energy seeps in and you realize you are changing in a very benevolent and sweet way. It doesn't surprise you or shock you or make you afraid. Instead, you wake up one day and you realize you are not alone. You realize that there's help, and that you're more peaceful and healthier. That's when you start realizing that it's working. So, what is the discovery? It's that your soul isn't a Human soul. It's the God part of you, and has been part of the development of life in this galaxy for eons. Now, that's an OLD SOUL!

Just so we don't frighten and we don't startle you, we go slowly. Humans are slow to cognize things that they haven't seen before or never imagined before, so we go slowly. There's nothing more beautiful than watching awakening Human Beings who are finding what has been missing in their lives, but which has really been there all along. We have told you that you are “eternal in both directions”, meaning you always were and always will be. So, does this give you a hint to where your soul might have been in the past, before the earth?

Your Seed-grandparents

You have been part of the bigger plan all along and have been a soul of the Pleiadians as well. Does this shock you? The Pleiadians had a full million years or so of life on their worlds, as life was just beginning on Earth. They also had a planet that seeded theirs, a much older one, in another constellation in this galaxy. That makes the older group your “seed-grandparents”, and their name is Arcturian. Orion was even before that! If you're working with these groups, dear ones, you already know that they are here to help - the way grandparents help. But you were there, too! You really are “star children” in the grandest sense!

Lifting the Veil is Not Automatic

Now, I wish to let you know that in this new energy, the veil between us is lifting slightly because you have pulled on it. It's from a brute force of consciousness and spiritual awakening. This is what will pull upon the veil that separates us. It doesn't get thinner by itself. It just stays there waiting for you to pull on it with your consciousness. That is the arrangement you have at the moment.

Let me put it in better terms. If you are going to awaken to who is around you and who is multidimensional, it is going to be on your terms, not ours. That's always the way it has been, dear ones. It is the Human who has to search if God is to be found. God is not going to present a situation to you that is going to give you positive proof of who you are or what is on the other side of the veil. This is the big puzzle for you to figure out. It has to be that way, and it's fair and honors free choice. Every single planet that has gone through this has figured it out in this fashion. So here's what I want to tell you and here's how it applies to today's teaching: You were there. You were there! Again, you are your own ancestors and you are your own seeds. Let me ask you: Do you think some of this information you carry in your Akash might someday awaken when it's needed? [Hint]

Does this galactic ancestry carry over into your Akash? Some of it does, but not as much as your experience on Earth does. Now, we're going to tell you a little more about that in a moment, but right now I want to tell that there are two things I wish to remind you of. We've given them before, but now we're talking about souls in general, so it's even more profound.

Two issues need to be worked on to move into graduation. The first is this: Even though yesterday [the first channelling] we told you that you cannot place Human attributes on God and that it's a mistake to think that the creator of the Universe has Human ways, there's still one issue that you always seem to develop on your own. It's an old energy concept that's going to have to disappear before anything happens of significance on this planet and that is the concept of judgment.

Judgment is a Human attribute and an old energy one at that. It's a separatist attribute coming from one Human looking at another, or one civilization looking at another, and deciding that the other one is not doing something right or is somehow interfering with the status quo. It's a survival attribute, not a balanced attribute. Judgment is everywhere, all over the planet, and it always has been. Did you ever watch your children go through their phases of maturity? One of the phases is, “You're doing it wrong!” Then they separate from that other “wrong” child and cling to those who are “doing it right”. It's a growth issue.

Judgment creates wars and increased separation. However, when you built your religious structures, you decided that it belonged to God as well. It does not. It belongs completely to Humans. But because it was so ingrained into your consciousness, you naturally assigned it to the highest power that is. You needed God to have the ability to be separatist also - separating Humans into the ones who make it and the ones who don't. God does not judge or separate pieces of itself!

The second is this: You're walking around feeling small. Why is that? Why do you humble yourself before God? Now, I just got in trouble, didn't I? You are told that being humble before God is a good thing! However, if you are a piece of God, why are you humbling yourself before yourself? Does this information make sense to you? It's time to use evolving Spiritual common sense. If you are a piece of creation, you don't have to bow to yourself.

What if instead you said, “It's time to stand up from my humbling position and take the power that's mine! I take my power with benevolence, courtesy, generosity and integrity - not humbleness.” What good is it going to do to grovel before God? How is that helping the planet? The reason I'm in trouble with this message is because the “grovel message” is what you've been given since day one! Remember this past message? “God is great and you're not. Therefore, you should bow before the almighty.” But there is something wrong with this picture. The masters told you of your magnificence, not of your unworthiness! If you apply my teachings of yesterday and today, you start to realize that you are a piece of the very majesty that is God itself! The “almighty” is within you. It's in every single molecule of the trillions of DNA molecules. This represents the Higher-Self of each Human, and this Higher-Self has a very peaceful and patient consciousness, waiting for you to discover what is really there. Do you really think your Higher-Self wants to be worshipped? The answer is no.

I want you to start thinking differently about God, and about the soul, and about what you have inside. You deserve to awaken to your magnificence. How about that statement? Also know this: Human magnificence doesn't show itself in egotism. You don't stand and beat your chest and tell everyone how good you are. No master has ever done that. Instead, you awaken to the wisdom within and the maturity of mastery. People will see it in you!

What is one of the chief attributes of mastery? Silence. You knew that. We have taught you, “Be still and know you are God.” It's silence. When you are silent, there is an internal knowing. You're wise beyond words because in history you've been there and done that. Perhaps you don't know the details, but just sit there for a moment and be quiet. Don't you feel who you are? Is this too far removed from your Human intellectual pursuit? Is this too far removed from your 3D logic to think that there was more to life than what you've been told?

Stop humanizing God. Stop creating attributes of situations that are Human and then applying them to God. How many times have you heard there are trapped souls in some places? You are told that they may be trapped between one place and another, then humans decide what those places are. This is all Human made. You know this, don't you? How can the parts of the creator of the Universe be trapped? There is no individual soul energy. It's not in 3D and it's not singular. It's all part of the whole. It is a collective, which is part of you.

How can you have part of God trapped between some Human-created levels? You can't. It's mythology at its best, dear ones, so the next time somebody looks at whatever it is that they're looking at and says, “That's the result of a soul being trapped,” I want you to know better. You don't have to correct anyone, dear one. It's good enough that YOU know better. I want you to see the real system that exists, the one that is beautiful. Listen: With souls, there are no Earth problems and no purgatory. All that is Human structure applied to God. There's no soul that goes some place in preparation for something else, as we told you that yesterday. There are no levels of soul-dom. Your soul is part of God, and God is the creator of this Universe. The awesome energy of God is not segmented or trapped - ever! It's beyond that, way beyond that. It represents an energy of something I can't even describe to you. But for now, all you have to know is that this energy of God loves you beyond measure and that everything that is there for you is benevolent. You don't have to jump hurdles, dear ones. You don't have to prove yourself one way or the other. Instead, let the essence of God in you become self-evident.

Soul Sharing

When you expire corporeally [in death] and move on to the next energy, the soul is collected from your body and becomes part of the whole again. Now, when you sense somebody who has departed and who is singular [you might know their name], it's real and very singular. “Joe died, and I feel his presence.”

However, remember what we've told you in the past? Pieces and parts of your loved ones who have passed over become a part of you [your soul] for life. That's soul sharing, dear ones. It's important you understand how this works. If your soul is not singular, there is room to believe that within it are complexities of existence. How can your soul be all your past lives, too? Do you see what I'm saying? You are a magnificent system of humanity and not singular. “Joe's body died, and the magnificent part that was bigger than the cells of Joe lives on. I sense his eternalness.” Start seeing yourself as a collection of God's best.


We say it again: If you wish to go to your knees to honor God in any way - when you pray or when you meditate - we are there. There's really only one request you should consider asking your Higher-Self. The question is, “Dear God, tell me what I need to know.” It's the best one. Again, the reasoning is this: All of the other things that you could possibly ask are subservient to that one request. “Tell me what it is that I need to know, dear Spirit, in order to solve the problem to get from A to B.” You know who you are. You didn't come here to suffer, dear ones. It's time to work through that concept as well. Someone needed to hear that. Suffering was not the plan. Whatever has happened is now water under the bridge. You have complete control over your own cellular structure and it wants to hear from you.

Soul Inheritance

I want to bring up the final one, and this one is difficult. We always save the best till last - the ones that are harder to understand and concepts that are perhaps things you haven't pondered much. You will now.

This attribute has to do with what we will call soul inheritance. When you look at inheritance as you perceive it, it's mostly cellular and in three dimensions [your reality]. Inheritance of this kind is what we would call chemical inheritance, but the confusing part is that you, as a Human Being who is aware of your spiritual compliment, are dealing with an oxymoron - two kinds of inheritance at the same time.

All this happens in one single body. Chemical inheritance is that which you are taught in school. It carries over with it a great deal of what your parents had and what your grandparents had [genealogy]. You look like them, have attributes in cellular structure like them, and within your DNA there are things that pass forward to you through birth. These would be certain talents, instincts, allergies and predispositions for disease or health. Some of you can even look at your hands and you will recognize your parent's hands. That's chemical inheritance and it's powerful.

The oxymoron: The man who sits in the chair in front of you right now [Lee] has a chemical inheritance. His chemistry is Irish, and if he tracks back his lineage he will find that it's not too many generations removed before he finds his relatives in Ireland. There, he can track his name [Carroll], which is very Irish, right back to a family who is there today. Some day he may even visit his heritage. That is his chemical inheritance.

However, we have exposed lately that his immediate past life was not Irish! It was across the ditch in Australia! [an expression used in New Zealand] Say what? How can that work? Who is he? Is he Irish or is he Australian? The answer is that he has one path that is Akashic and one path that is chemical. So, therefore, he is a combination - a unique Human Being who has an entirely different past when you look at the Akashic family compared to the chemical one. The fact is that they are both accurate. Is that confusing or what? But most of you have this identical attribute!

It doesn't have to be confusing when you look at The Parable of Evelyn the Everlasting Tree that we gave you before. I'm giving you things that mean something to those of you who were here last night. Human, you stand in the forest and you all have the same roots from one tree in the center. Do you have the lineage of who you think you are in the trees around you or the master tree? You have both.

The chemistry you have, you can track backwards chemically and you will know your 3D lineage. This is your corporeal lineage, which can easily co-exist with a different Akashic lineage. However, the most powerful lineage is the past life and is Akashic. This is the one that will give you the most difficulty and also the most reward. What is confusing is this: How can there be two paths that are so different? As a linear thinker, you want to separate them in your mind and ask, “Which one is accurate?” But they both are.

Look at it this way. Let's say you are a car. Your car soul came from lineage of cars that drive on the left-hand side of the road. That is your karmic car lineage. When you incarnate, however, you are a Ford. That doesn't change the side of the road you were used to, or the side you now have to learn to get used to. You are just doing it now as a Ford. So your chemistry is the Ford, but your Akash is what side you drive on.

Take my partner: He knows that he's part of the chemistry of his parents, his grandparents and their parents. He has the chemistry of all of them. But he also knows that the part of him that is God knows the lives he lived with other chemistry, from other parents and other grandparents. The instructions we have are these, dear ones: Don't overanalyze it! I want you to look at yourself and celebrate how this has come together to create who you are. You are a unique Human Being - absolutely unique. The corporeal complications and the puzzle are beyond anything you can imagine. I have just disentangled a puzzle that some will listen to, and they'll start to realize the puzzle has always been there. It's going to unravel in each of you some things that you didn't understand, like how an Akashic reader can take you on a whole different path than what your parents did.

Don't try to figure it out! Instead, I want you to only see the beauty of how it has created you. Is that good enough? That's all you have to look at. You are unique in every single way. Perhaps you've got the strength of the chemistry that you need and the Akashic lives that you need in order to build an old soul who can make a difference on this planet today? Did you think of that? Everything that you've gone through had a purpose. But now you're done going to school and you're done just surviving. Now it's time to come out of the cave, see who you are, check out the magnificence around you, and stand tall and feel the light of a benevolent God. Claim your mastery!

Simple? No. But you will always start with small steps, and they will always turn into bigger ones. So now it's time to start. That's the message of the day. It will get more complicated. I promise.

And so it is.


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