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Targeting The Future

Are you comfortable talking about time? Could it be in a circle? If so, do you recognize where you are and what is happening? Does the Lightworker carry around any kind of pre-cognition about the shift you are in? If so.. you are in “Known Territory, instead of a puzzling, different word that is frustration many at this time.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We are in a beautiful place where hearts are touched in a way that only can be done while in a group. The idea of group dynamics in spiritual things has been well known for a long time, but the whole theme of this weekend has been delving into things that are not yet realized, and examining new paradigms that are not yet upon you.

There is an expression that we have used in the past, which states this: “A fool does not know he is a fool.” The expression is a metaphor for many things, but basically, it means that at whatever level you are of awareness, you cannot see above that level. If it's a lower level of awareness and, indeed, you are a fool, you have no idea that you are a fool, and will continue to be one.

Now, if you apply this to this weekend's teaching, you might say, “Am I a fool because I might not be fully aware of things around me?” The answer is no. That is simply a metaphor that tells you that it's tough to see things that are of a higher consciousness when you in a lower consciousness state. All Humans have higher awareness available, and if you look at this logically, you might say that there is cause for celebration! It's because there are many attributes of awareness and higher consciousness that you simply have not seen yet, but that are available to be discovered.

However, in this entire area of unseen things, there is a potential trap. The trap is a common Human one, and this is the one where you are so enamored with what might be there, even though you cannot see it or imagine it, that you want to postulate all about it and then make up things to satisfy your keen interest.

Be aware that, within this new energy, there will be what I will call “many postulation groups.” This means that many will go off on tangents of what they believe might be there, but which really isn't, and then start working toward a goal based upon what is unseen and incorrect. The only danger, the only trap that is here, dear ones, is that you are so curious, and your intellect is so greatly challenged, that you can get trapped in this place of wondering and being and doing and planning, and miss the whole point.

The Spinning Human

What good will it do for any Human to sit and spin? Because if you do, you will be a little too dizzy to meet the reality that actually should be yours, and you will never know you are spinning because fools do not know they are fools.

“Kryon, I don't understand anything you just said.”