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The Akashic Circle

The second day of the New Jersey seminar, Kryon gave a very sweet message about how we basically... uh.. well, we are our own ancestors!! In addition, the message describes what happen when we switch genders (yes.. you have been the other! .. sorry). There's a plan, and Kryon explains the Akashic circle. Nice energy.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Sit with me and feel the truth of this energy you feel. There is so much here. The Human Being participating tonight in this incarnation, and who sits in the chair, is truly unaware of what is around them, unaware of the ancestry of their own Akash, unaware truly of the multidimensional energies that surround them.

Each one is brought to this place so that they can learn more about the family. Sit with me for a moment and suspend all the earthly things that would get in the way of pure love of peace. Suspend for a moment the puzzles of life, all of the things that occupy your brain, and that which you call the sense of conscience. You're always at work, Human Being. It is part of survival. It is you dealing with that which you call life. So I'm going to ask you to suspend it. There is a bigger picture, a snapshot just for you that I'd like to present.

I once again, in the now, present something to you which is a metaphor. It's at the same time a reality, which is also the same time an explanation. Picture a man in a jail cell, not that long ago. He's writing to his friends about something he is excited about, that he has discovered. He's in jail because of his belief. He's making a little too much noise about the love he has found. In those days where he is, they do not allow dissension from the norm. He doesn't know if he's going to get out of jail, and he doesn't know if he's going to live.

He suspends all of those thoughts and he writes to his friends on the parchment in front of him. His words are beautiful. He never thought of himself as a writer, but out pours his heart. He writes to his friends. "I have found peace and I am joyful. I have found that which is God. I have found truth." He encourages those even who are not in jail to look inward and find the love of God. He's writing to his friends, his personal friends in Corinth and Ephesis, and his name is Paul.

More than 30 years before this was the death of the man he writes about, whose teachings showed him the way, but he never even knew him. This man used to be Sol of Tarsis, a merchant. On the road to Damascus, he had a vision where he met the energy of the man in angelic form. He was in such a sacred energy that it made him fall on his face, on his knees. He felt that which was divine and he knew he was having a vision. His words today can be read in what you would call the Holy Scriptures, or what some call the Word of God. Yet again I say to you, the Word of God in that case was the word of Paul and his letters to his friends.

All the Scriptures on the planet, all of them, have been written by Human Beings under the influence of joy and wisdom and that which is the energy of the divine. You've called these documents the Word of God.

What does that tell you? It's a true acknowledgment that Humans carry within themselves something that is grand and special from the Creator himself/herself, something that is beautiful and sacred.

There are systems upon systems that hide so c