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The Dysfunction Of Darkness

It was the day after the Paris terrorist attack, and the Kundalini Tour attendees gathered for a morning channeling. Kryon again addresses what is happening on the planet, and that it was predicted. Things are unfolding the way Kryon has told us they would, and the darkness is trying to keep its hold on Human consciousness. However.. things are not always as they seem.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The channel today has many energies, and there is much unspoken that will be said through that which is called “The Third Language”. The channel we give you today is for everyone. It's for everyone listening, everyone who might be reading, and available for many years to come.

We are in Peru, at the end of the Human adventure called The Kundalini Tour. The Kundalini adventure was named as a metaphor of an attribute of the Human body. It represents the birth of a new consciousness on the planet and the procreation of newness in all things. The birth of a child is so special, and it is seen as a beginning, not an end. Birth is not seen as something dramatic and sad. Because of the potential that is there, new life is celebrated on the planet. That is the metaphor of the name.

You have to understand the timing of this channelling. We sit here as a group, in this time, and something very fresh has just happened. It involves the compassion of the entire planet when we see what Humans can do to Humans. It was only yesterday that the events in France took your breath away. The compassion is fresh; the tears for the death that is senseless are fresh. There is great suffering, and lives will be changed forever. What is your reaction to this? There is a table in front of me that has been called the Altar of Compassion. The room is filled with old souls. They are easily emotionally touched, but they also have something else - something I wish to dwell on for a moment. In addition, I want everyone to ponder something.

What is Your Reaction?

Dear ones, as a Human Being sitting there, can you actually affect anything around you? Are you a receiver of energy or a transmitter or both? Most of the planet feels they are simply receivers. They are victims of whatever happens around them. The idea that they might be able to change the planet with their own consciousness is simply not that which they believe. So this, dear ones, is the change we're talking about. We have spoken of the awareness levels of Humans before, but now I want you to use the information and not just realize it. Old souls have tremendous energy and power in this time!

Have you seen the news? There are those who are carrying signs and wringing their hands in despair. They're saying, “See? The old prophecies are correct. The end is near! It's coming! The signs are all around.” Well, I have news for them, and they may not understand this because they feel they are victims of whatever happens, but here is the news: The end has come and gone. The beginning is here!

Your Power

Old souls who sit in front of me, it's time for compassionate action. A small group of Humans who come together with similar thoughts and who know they are transmitters of energy can help those left behind have peace over what has happened. There are many people right now who need to be hugged and held and who cannot believe what has happened. They feel that they are victims of evil and you can change that! You can change that long distance from South America. Distance means nothing! That idea is so linear! You can reach out to them, without knowing their name, and surround them with the glory and peace of God.

Souls are forever. They never die. Help them to understand this. Listen to them, don't talk to them, and hug them. Be part of the healing that needs to be - now. You are transmitters, and old souls do it very, very well. That's what I want you to do right now. You've gone to class long enough. I want you to graduate right now and put this into effect. God is inside! Now project that energy to others who need this compassion so that their sorrow will be a little bit less. They'll feel you. They won't know what it is, or why it is, but there will be a peace they can have over their loss. Then when you get together as souls later on the other side of the veil, they will be able to look at you and say, “I felt you that day. That was you. Thank you. Thank you!” Can you do that for them?

That's the first part of this channel. It's the most important thing we can tell you. You can't sit in the chair and listen to these concepts anymore without becoming part of what is happening on the planet. Time for action!

The Dark Menace is Here

I have been giving you messages of the recalibration of dark and light for years:

“Civilization itself is at stake within this movement, and you've passed the marker - an alignment that many said would never happen. This is the fifth time you've been through this opportunity and now, dear ones, you're headed for the potential of peace on Earth. Twenty-three years ago, we told you this could happen and that the potentials were strong for it. Now, all that is around you is struggling with it, for the shift is here. I'll say this over and over: The old energy of darkness dies hard, screaming and struggling to keep what it has had, and it struggles with its own demise. So that is the energy we speak of now, and the subject is the Human consciousness balance between dark and light.”

Kryon, Feb 2012, San Antonio, TX*

Over a year ago, I also gave you predictions that the coming change will be different from anything you have ever expected.** There is darkness that has come together on this planet, and we told you it would increase. It is a response to the light that you have turned on. It is fighting for its own life within the old energy. A consciousness of darkness has always prevailed on the planet. Corruption and greed, and uncaring death, have always been the way of an older Human nature. Suddenly, in this precession of the equinoxes, the prophecies are starting to come true. The end of the indigenous calendars predicted it, and it's here.

The metaphor is clear. Light is starting to be turned on. That is a metaphor for increased awareness - of everything! We told you many years ago that, “When everyone can talk to everyone, there can be no secrets.” This was given before the Internet, and now you know what we speak of. This technology is actually a tool for you to fight the darkness. I will show you in a moment. What I give you in this channel may seem impossible. Let me start at the beginning.

Fear Scenarios

The shift is upon you and the darkness is starting to assemble. Those who have no idea about any of this are starting to project their fears, and you're going to hear this in many places: “Here it comes - the end. We knew it! There's going to be a race war on the planet.” Let me address that. That's hardly new. How linear of you. That's been done before. Genocide - race eliminating race? That's very old energy. It's not that at all.

Others will say, “It's the end, and it's going to be religious war! Look! There are billions of Christians, and billions of Islam, and the Jews in between. Here it comes, religious war!” Again, I say to you: Oh, how linear! That's been the way of it forever. Are you not aware that most of the wars on this planet have been in the name of God? How old, how linear. No, that's not what is happening.

You're going to see something different, with a paradigm you've never experienced before. For the first time on this planet, you have an army without borders, without a country, even without a common language. It is an army of darkness, and it's going to fight anything that has beauty, integrity, light, freedom, love or higher vibrational thinking. It is going to fight all of this! Perhaps you might say to yourself, “Kryon, how could this all fit into a new world energy of light?” Ah, the big question! There are several ways I can explain it. The first is that Humans have free choice.

Does it really shock you that darkness would fight for survival? Darkness represents control, absolute control over everything, but mostly over money. When they eventually are gone, economies will shift. It will be far easier to put together new systems - for the benefit of all. As long as they exist, the darkness will fight for the old energy of separation and control. In the dark, greed and corruption can exist easily. In the light, they cannot. Dear ones, this does not have anything to do with religion. It's the clash between dark and light, old and new, the battle for the new energy is here.

Now, let me tell you something you may find controversial. Darkness is not smart. The metaphor is this. If you illuminate a formerly darkened area, you are more sensible in how you navigate within it. You will do things that make sense instead of fearing where to go. Integrity will be easier with the lights on. This is because no one threatens you anymore. You can see into the corners. You can see the similarities of Human to Human and be smarter. When you're in darkness, things that are common sense are not common sense. They represent “fear sense”. You might even say that darkness is dysfunctional. You'd be right. Darkness is even stupid. And you'd be right.

Let me ask you a question. You see a beehive - a hive of bees and the bees are all buzzing around. You don't like all that freedom of buzzing and coming and going, so you take a giant stick, stand in front of the beehive, and beat on it. Do you think that's smart? That is exactly what has happened! Not only that, it's going to happen again. The dark army is dysfunctional. It does not see what is coming, for it will continue to beat the beehive, and it will do it all over the world. It doesn't understand that every time it does this, it exposes itself for what it is and unites the bees. However, it believes it will make the bees afraid! They will not come out, but rather stay inside and fear them - dysfunctional.

No More Fence-sitting

We gave you another prophecy years ago. No one is going to be able to sit on the fence in the new energy. There is no government that can sit and watch, because they will all be involved. They're going to have to make the decision to fight the darkness or not. And if they do not fight the darkness, they will then be vulnerable to the dark army. We told you this information years ago. All governments on this planet will eventually be involved in eliminating the dark army. So when the dark army beats on the beehive, those who have been sitting on the fence will be ripped off and will see light and dark and must make a decision. The dark army, by its very actions, is seeding its own destruction. It does not understand light. It only understands one thing: Fear. This represents a very old energy. It goes like this: “If you can make people afraid, you will win any battle.” This is an old energy consciousness, and there is truth to it, if you're a victim. If you're a transmitter of light, it won't affect you. You'll know better.

Funding is the Grease of the Engine of Darkness

Everyone on the planet will have to get off the fence in order to eliminate the dark army. Now we have told you before how to do it. And politicians will roll their eyes. Those on the inside of government who know how things work will roll their eyes. You can eliminate the dark army without death. The very thing they're afraid of losing, you can take from them now. Money! How does a dark army work when they can't eat? How will they function when they have no weapons? I guarantee you, even the darkest member of a dark army will go home if they're not fed, or there's no one around to organize them because the leaders are hungry and left. It's impossible, some say. The money is coming from unknown sources, they say. Let me tell you something. No, it isn't. It is coming from very known sources. Much of it comes from the resources of conquered land, but not all. They will start losing their land soon, so they will need funds all the more. If the sources of their income were totally exposed - there are those listening who need to hear this - if the sources of their income were totally exposed, it would make a big difference to the public, who would be shocked.

Let me talk to politicians. You regularly sit across the table from those who are from other countries and who are allies. They smile at you as they fund the dark side. After all, there is money to be made with war! This has been the way of it for years. But this won't last long. Politician, when it's found out that you knew about it, you are the one who will be held responsible. You didn't do anything about it.

I want to talk to Americans, because my partner [Lee] is an American. I'm going to tell you something now, and you're not going to believe it. Many of your hard-earned tax funds are finding their way to the dark army! And there are those within your government who know it. I'll give you an answer as to what to do about it in just a few words: International transparent forensic accounting. International transparent forensic accounting! It is time to clean up the funding of the dark, and kill their ability to make war.

I have a warning for any of those in leadership who know about where the money is coming from, and are not doing anything about it. Your leadership days are numbered. The light is going to expose it and you will lose. Why not get on the right side of the fence now?

Is this too high-minded? Is this too simple? To think that the world could come together and pull the rug from under the darkness where they sit and the cocoon of money that they're in - could this actually happen? Watch for a wild card!.

If you did this, would it change the kind of attack you had in Paris? After all, that wasn't an army at all, but just a few. The answer is yes - for the few answer to the many and were trained by the many. They saw the many as an established core to work from. Without the core, there is no purpose. The few are then on their own, without anything backing them up.

It's up to you listening, not the ones in this room. The ones listening and reading later may not even be into Kryon or channeling, but they hear this and know I'm right. This is not a dark message. It's a light message! The beginning is here. Things are changing. You are witnessing the change as we speak.

There'll come a day when you will never see this happen again, these organized groups of evil. This is the joyful message I have for you today. History will remember these times when the world finally got together and realized where they were going. It is tough now. It changes the paradigm of existence. Lives, governments and business will all start to understand the battle is here and is theirs to win. What is your reaction?

I want you to congratulate, love, and understand those who were lost yesterday [in Paris]. I've said this before: They are on my side of the veil now. They're all right. They're now looking back at you and - we have used the phrase before - they're saying, “We did our part. Now you do yours.” They will return to this planet, all of them, and participate in the beauty of the light you are creating at this time of shift on your planet.

Believe me, the end has already happened. This is the beginning.

I am in love with humanity, because of what I have seen you do.

And so it is.


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