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The Effect of VACIS

Dear Kryon, I work in law enforcement and we have an x-ray truck called a VACIS. To control it’s speed, there’s a large magnet on the transmission, and it requires two people to be inside the truck all day. I feel somewhat out of balance when I spend any amount of time in it. I’ve since removed myself from working in it, but occasionally I have to fill in. My questions are: What kind of effect is this technology having on my physical body, and what can I do to protect myself from any damaging effects? Would a Q-Link pendant be enough?

Dear one, this is a very dangerous place to be. The product you mentioned isn’t sufficient to void this kind of strong magnetic field. It’s designed more for common environmental magnetic challenges. If you have to spend time in this vehicle, make it short and as infrequent as you can.

Also be aware that unless you spend most of your time there, your body can recover and adjust very well. So don’t despair that your job might require you do it occasionally. Just as in an MRI machine, your body has an incredible memory for balance, and will come back to its natural state of magnetic balance when you remove yourself from the field. It’s only those who remain in these fields day after day who are truly in a state of danger.

When a body is continually deprived of its balancing tools, it goes into dis-ease, which is a prime ingredient for early death.


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