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The End of History

At the top of every channeling page is a statement that it is a transcription of a live channelling, and that it has been "added to" by Kryon for the printed word. This is common for channellers, that the live audio would be only a starter for a fully transcribed "expanded" channelling. Sometimes the audio is only the "seed" for expanded information due to time constraints and the difference between hearing and reading. This is the case with this very profound channeling about how Human history is changing. Kryon went on to add at least another 20% to the live event. So if you ever think the live chanellings are the same as the transcriptions, think again! It's good to do both. So enjoy this very informative and challenging message from Kryon about what we face in the future... something that only historians are clearly seeing. But something we have expected all along... the unity of Humanity.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

And I say that every time. It means that which is multidimensional, for still misunderstood on this planet is magnetics. Not understood is one term; misunderstood is another. For it is a quantum attribute of your reality and one of the few that spills over into your life in an everyday way, just like me. For I am in service in a quantum way to you, but available just as much as Spirit is available.

Relax for a moment. The message this day is multifaceted and it's one of power. It's one of history, and there are many things to read into this even beyond the words that will be spoken this day. I speak to an audience who is larger than that which is in the room. There are many who are listening now and reading. I know the potential of the eyes on the page, the ears that are here. And although there may be a hundred or so of you here, there's thousands who are listening. To me, they are listening now. To me, they are reading now.

I call the message this day, "The End of History," and it's not a message of doom. Take it in a linear fashion or take it in a quantum fashion. If you take the title in a linear fashion, you might be frightened, for it sounds like the end of time. If you take the title in a quantum fashion, we are saying it is the end of historic energy. There's a shift happening on the planet, and we are going to come back to that very statement at the end of this message. For me to do this correctly and appropriately, I may offend some because of the history energy that is inbred in some of you who have been taught a certain way. So I ask you to be patient with this, my message, and to become unified with me as I give it.

I wish to take you back and explain some things to you, to paint a picture moving around in historic times. I want to go back to Abraham, the father of monotheism. Abraham is where we like to actually look at the history of what you would say is modern spiritual belief, for it is the way the world thinks. Oh, there were many before him. Some of you are Lemurian and you know what I mean. But Abraham represents to the earth the beginning of what you would call the father of the major religions on the planet. So I want to give you the history of what happened, and I want you to look at it carefully.

Abraham, Father of the Jews

I want to honor Abraham [Abram], born in Ur, which is now part of modern Iraq, and I want to honor his sons, not all born of Sara. The one I wish to speak of is Ishmael. Abraham is Jewish... the great Jewish prophet. Ishmael is his son. There's no way that you could say Ishmael was not Jewish, and he is even to this day. Ishmael was born in Hebron. So in addition, he is very Israeli. Ishmael is a Jew.

Now some would argue, due to how the Jewish lineage is computed by men [mother's side]. But Spirit looks at the DNA and the Akashic lineage, so spiritually, Ishmael is a Jew. He came in to be part of the lineage of the Jews.

He fell from favor even with the Jewish people early on for political reasons. Then Ishmael went on to become that which is the ancestor of all Arabs... the father of Arabia. Therefore, you could say that the Arabs are with Jewish blood, that of Abraham flowing through them. But early on, the Jews cast Ishmael out. So although you have the one God and monotheism, and you have the principle of the love of God and the unity of God, there was a split. The truth was mixed with untruths and, even to this day, there would be a billion Human Beings who would say it was Ishmael and not Isaac who was almost sacrificed at the Temple Mount. They would also say that he is not a Jew.

So what is the truth here? Human Beings were not built to unify. In an older energy on the planet from those days, and even the days that you were born in, the energy laid upon you is for you to separate, not unify. And that is why we call it the old energy. Oh, they were wise men and women who knew better, but it is the old energy that separates and divides, and it is the old energy that has created the divisions of hatred within millions of those who are actually "all Jews."

Muhammad's Beautiful Message of Unity

Let me tell you about Muhammad, the prophet. Muhammad is of the lineage of Ishmael, who is of the lineage of Abraham. Therefore, Muhammad had Jewish blood, so that was his lineage but not necessarily his culture. But his Akashic lineage was from Abraham. [Abraham is the founder of Islam, according to the Quran.]

Muhammad had a beautiful meeting, more than one, with an angelic presence. The angels talked to humanity back then in basic 3D ways. But how many of you have put together that most of the angels in that time who spoke to Human Beings talked to those of Jewish lineage? Like Muhammad, like Moses, like Jesus, like Abraham. For this was part of a set-up of history, part of what makes the Jewish lineage important to the core Akash of humanity, and we have spoken before, "As go the Jews, go Earth." Indeed, there is something there to look at which is important, and it is going to change soon. For in our eyes, the "Jews" are all those in the Middle East.

Muhammad's information from the angel was this: "Unify the Arabs and give them the God of Israel." And he did! The information he had was beautiful and was written down later for his followers. It was all about the incredible love of God and the unity of man. Muhammad the prophet was a unifier, not a separatist.

Long before Muhammad, there came Jesus - Jesus the Jew. He became responsible for what you would call Christianity today. All of his disciples were Jewish. The Rock, Peter the fisherman, who started the Christian church, was Jewish. And we tell you these things to remind you that there's a unity here. Perhaps there is a reason, dear ones, why the 12 layers of DNA have Hebrew names? Indeed, it's in honor of the masters and the lineage, including that of Muhammad, of Ishmael, of Isaac, of Abraham and of Jesus. All of them, part of the original spiritual language [Hebrew].

"Oh," you might say, "there was Sumerian and before that there was Lemurian. There was Sanskrit and Tamil, and many other older languages." Correct, but we're speaking of a language of today - one that you can relate to, that has power, and that is spoken today by the pure lineage of the masters who walked the planet.

So what did humanity do with all this? What did they do with all this sacred information from these Jewish masters? They went to war, because Humans separate things. They don't put them together. So here we are with one beautiful God, creator of all there is, and millions who believe that very thing, yet they are going to war with each other over ideology about what God said, which prophet was best, and which group is in God's favor. That's ancient history, thousands of years old. But it shows exactly what the old energy is all about.

Human Nature?

Now, it would occur to some to say, "It is Human nature." Therefore, this is what happens with Humans and it will repeat itself over and over and that is the energy of history, bathed in the soup of Human nature that some say never changes. Therefore, [they say] it will happen yet again and again and again. I'm here to tell you, dear one, that it isn't because something is happening on this planet that will end history. It's going to end the old energy of history. It's going to end the old Human nature, for it's evolutionary.

Taught to Hate From Birth

On this earth today, many who are born in Israel are taught from birth how to dislike and distrust all those around them. At this time in history on this earth, those around them from birth are taught how to hate the Jews. Carefully taught, they are. Against all odds, they are proud of this separation because it is the lineage of their ancestors that is at stake, and they want to follow historic protocol. They want to stay separate. Yet I want to tell you that's what is changing. Oh, it's really changing! It's changing in the places you don't expect. It's changing in Jerusalem. It's changing in Iran. And the children are waking up and saying, "Tell me again why I should hate them? They did what, when? That wasn't them. It was their ancestors. The ones here now are current and didn't participate in history. Tell me again, because I don't feel it."

The parents are shaking their heads, and saying, "Do as we say, for tradition and history tells us that they are our enemy and always will be." And the children are saying, "No. I am not going to do this, and neither are those around me." This is slowly making a difference on this planet and it is not being recorded. For your worldwide media has no idea what to do with this new energy and it doesn't seem to even be news to them. They are steeped in the old Human nature, where things that separate are news, and things that unify are not. Yet it is one of the greatest energies this planet is seeing today. I'm here to tell you it's real and it's happening under the hood, you might say. Oh, there are other things I'd like to report to you.

The Mold is Set - Unity Works

Let's talk about Europe - Eastern and Western Europe. Look at the history. I want you to look at the history of the Europeans. What do you know about them? What did you study in school about them, American? You had to learn all those dates and facts. You sit in a country that's barely 200 years old and you had to memorize all the battles and all those conquerors and all those army specifics for hundreds of years! Fourteen hundreds, 1300s - all the way to the present century they seemed to be conquering each other on a regular basis. They warred with each other like the tides of the ocean, constant and predictable. When they got tired of that, they conquered other continents. The small country of Spain alone is responsible for conquering all of South America, middle America and well up into North America. Millions today are speaking their language who never did before they arrived.

The armies of Napoleon spread across parts of Europe like water flowing in a river, conquering everything in its path. There are some cities today in Europe that still don't know which country they belong to! This is because their borders kept changing so often! Now, that's history. I want you to look at it carefully. Still, there would be those who say, "This is just what men do. They create borders and cultures and they go to war. That's Human nature."

Fifty years ago, this new energy started to arrive. Oh, the alignments go slow, dear Human Being, but it was here. It was starting; it was beginning. Fifty years ago, something happened in Europe and you didn't hear much about it back then. Some very clear thinkers got together after World War II and said, "If we don't do something different and out of the box of today's thinking, it's all going to happen again because this is what we do. Men make war." Even the young country called America was involved in war. America itself almost split apart before that, because that's what men do. They split good things apart. It was obvious to these wise men that they could try something, something that might work - a uniting instead of separation. And so they formed an idea. Let me tell you what it was.

They said to themselves, "What if we could get as many countries as we can to agree to become a collection of 'country states'? If we start this now and go at it slowly, we could eventually have a system where we would trade together to the point where the borders come down, no checkpoints and no passports. All these cultures and former enemy countries would all trade evenly together, and for that to happen we might even have a common currency. Look at the United States, for this is how it works there. Europe would never go to war with itself again. It couldn't, since it would be allied financially."

Of course, they were laughed at! Everyone who heard it said it couldn't' be done and that there were just too many issues to solve. Those who objected said, "No, no, no. That's not what we do. We have too many different cultures. There's some with strong currencies, there's some with weak currencies. There are too many objections. Imagine going from one country to another without being inspected at the border? That won't work. Who are you to suggest something of this nature?" And the forward thinkers said, "We are unifiers. And we think it's a good idea so we will have strength and will never war again." That was two generations ago, 50 years.

Today, you have the European Union of States. There are more all the time, way past the original number of countries. Some are "standing in line" to be accepted! The borders are gone and the checkpoints are missing and the currency called the Euro is the strongest currency on Earth - stronger even than yours [the USA]. Now, let me tell you what did that. It's a consciousness shift that even 50 years ago was developing. Through two generations, it slowly allowed for free thinkers to unify things that had never been unified before. The result? These countries will never conquer each other again, because "history" ended at that moment. They started a new paradigm for Europe and one that has no historic profile known to man. The old history of the area is gone, and it will not repeat itself.

Those in the old Eastern Bloc of Europe, where there is still to this day very little unity, will still say, "History will again repeat itself. We are victims of it. It's only a matter of time." But not all of them feel this way. There are some who are starting to feel a unity of spirituality within their own cultures that they were never allowed to speak of before. So they are free thinking, out of the box of the old paradigm. It's new.

There are those who are standing on podiums and in pulpits and are proclaiming, "History is ended. It's the end of suffering. It's the end of dictatorships. It's the end of those who would put us in a low place. Instead, it's the beginning of discovering who we are." And although they don't say it in these exact words, they are discovering the creator inside - that which is the unity of God. So it's a full circle back to what the Angel told Muhammad, isn't it? For unity was the key to peace, and still is. It is a sacred principle and will never change.

Who would have thought this would have happened? The United States is what it is because 200 years ago the founders said, "Let us make a group of state countries without physical borders in a system that's never been tried. It's one of unity - the UNITED States of America." Oh, it had its tests, but the unifiers won. And it is why this country is what it is and is seen and respected for what it is and for what it's done. So young, it is, but representing the new energy, it is.

Your Declaration of Independence was channelled. Did you know that? It was collective effort channelling by those who had asked God for help. Go read it and feel that which is sacred inside, for it unifies and does not separate.

South America and the New Energy

South America is starting to consider the same thing. My partner was just there and I allowed him to see the energy of the potential future in that land.

I would like to paint history for you regarding South America. There was a time when every single country had a dictator. Less than 15 years ago, they had failing economies and currencies that were worthless. Trouble and strife and killings were the norm. Marauding drug lords openly killed in the streets and corruption was everywhere. Even the politicians created fear and many disappeared overnight, never to be seen again. Today it isn't that way. Today, there is an ongoing stability as one country after another brings a new, positive, stable energy to their cultures. So, without a concentrated effort by any kind of multi-national leadership or direction, how could this have changed in only 15 years?

Within the entire continent, there's only one dictator left. What's happening? If you think that's amazing, there is a move afoot that you're not going to hear about yet. But they're discussing it right now, so let me tell you what they're thinking. "What would happen if we took these countries and eliminated the borders?" Sound familiar? They're talking about it. In back rooms where nobody is reporting it, they're saying, "What about a plan of eventually having one currency from the top of Columbia to the bottom of Chile? And we would be strong and we would be unified." And dear ones, I'm here to tell you, that it's going to work, and it might not take 50 years. Soon the one dictator will be gone, and the unification can begin.

There's a shift happening on this planet.


Let me tell you where else it's happening that you are unaware - that which is the beginning of the unity of the African states. Soon the continent will have what they never had before, and when that continent is healed and there is no AIDS and no major disease, they're going to want what you have. They're going to want houses and schools and an economy that works without corruption. They will be done with small-minded leaders who kill their populations for power in what has been called for generations "The History of Africa." Soon it will be the end of history in Africa, and a new continent will emerge.

Be aware that the strength may not come from the expected areas, for new leadership is brewing. There is so much land there and the population is so ready there, it will be one of the strongest economies on the planet within two generations plus 20 years. And it's going to happen because of a unifying idea put together by a few. These are the potentials of the planet, and the end of history as you know it.

In approximately 70 years, there will be a black man who leads this African continent into affluence and peace. He won't be a president, but rather a planner and a revolutionary economic thinker. He, and a strong woman with him, will implement the plan continent-wide. They will unite. This is the potential and this is the plan. Africa will arise out the ashes of centuries of disease and despair and create a viable economic force with workers who can create good products for the day. You think China is economically strong? China must do what it does, hobbled by the secrecy and bias of the old ways of its own history. As large as it is, it will have to eventually compete with Africa, a land of free thinkers and fast change. China will have a major competitor, one that doesn't have any cultural barriers to the advancement of the free Human spirit.

It is the old souls who are here who again will change the planet's future, just as you are doing in your own way today. Today you fight the darkness of consciousness with your light and one of the last battles that religion will place upon you. This is why you are here, to put light on the planet by your very compassionate thoughts. This is the "work" of the "Lightworker."

Spirituality in North America

In this place you call America, there are more than 350 kinds of Christianity. There is the story of one Savior, but many ideas about what he said, what he meant, and who he was. Every single one of those ideas seems to branch off and create a new church. A monotheistic God is suffering being compartmentalized into hundreds of pieces.

The history of the church hasn't been all that marvelous either, and Peter, the Rock, would turn in his grave if he knew what history had given his church. There was a time when Christians visited villages and burned them and pillaged because the village didn't believe in their savior. It was during the Spanish Inquisition. They were terrorists! You should hear this, dear ones, and I don't mean to stir your emotions but I will say this: Before you label any spiritual belief something that is evil, you should take a look at history. Christians did it, too, very early on. The Jews did it, too, and so did early Muslims. The radical fundamentalist children of Abraham warred with each other for centuries. It's what Humans do.

Humanity does this. It separates. It goes to war over God. It even separates itself into boxes when the creative energy is one energy! I'm here to tell you this discourse of history is ending, because that parameter of Human nature is beginning to shift and the children know it! And they're starting to see it and put it together. You see, there's a shift happening on this planet.

The Internet - The first Worldwide Tool of Unification

Now I give you something that few think about: What do you think the Internet is all about, historically? Citizens of all the countries on Earth can talk to one another without electronic borders. The young people of those nations can all see each other, talk to each other, and express opinions. No matter what the country does to suppress it, they're doing it anyway. They are putting together a network of consciousness, of oneness, a multicultural consciousness. It's here to stay. It's part of the new energy. The young people know it and are leading the way.

I gave you a prophecy more than 10 years ago. I told you there would come a day when "everyone could talk to everyone and, therefore, there could be no conspiracy." For conspiracy depends on separation and secrecy - something hiding in the dark that only a few know about. Seen the news lately? What is happening? Could it be that there is a new paradigm happening that seems to go against history?

The New Age

Then there's the New Age. Let me tell you something that happened 20 years ago. It's something I had to get my partner through: There were those in one of your western areas [of the USA] who labeled Kryon as the evil of the century. My partner was attacked by some of those in the New Age who were respected and well thought of. It was an energy that wanted to stop him, before he wrote too many books, or went to the United Nations with his message. He was in his third year of channelling and there were many involved, an organized effort to discount his message. My partner was on his knees asking me, "Why? Why would those who write books about love then try to kill the work of another? And I told him, "That's what Humans do. They conquer and divide and feel it's part of survival of their own work." Then I told him they wouldn't always do it and there would come a time when that was not in the consciousness of Humanity to ever do that. That's why he was here, to help facilitate the new energy.

If an Arab and a Jew can look at one another and see the Akashic lineage and see the one family, there is hope. If they can see that their differences no longer require that they kill one another, then there is a beginning of a change in history. And that's what is happening now. All of humanity, no matter what the spiritual belief, has been guilty of falling into the historic trap of separating instead of unifying. Now it's starting to change. There's a shift happening.

The Wise King

I want to take you back to Solomon, a very wise king. It's a very famous story, when the two mothers claimed the same child. They both pleaded with Solomon to give them the single baby, and it landed in the king's lap to solve this issue. The wise king, who knew the outcome before he made his decision, ordered the child cut in half. Each woman would receive half a child. He knew what would happen and it did. One mother immediately turned white and said, "Give the other woman the child." Then Solomon knew who the child belonged to instantly. It was the one who gave up the child. That was the real mother. How did he know? Because compassion is the wisest thing on the planet and is filled with solution and unification. That says it all. It is the compassion of the wise, divine, feminine mother that is sweeping this earth and literally the Kundalini moves from one continent to another as the earth is feeling the shift.

Some are feeling desperately alone in the process and not understanding. If a computer had consciousness, imagine what it would feel like if you turned it off and then rebooted it. It would lose its memory of everything that had happened. It is the same now with Human consciousness as it reboots itself into another paradigm where history is not going to control what happens next. And that's what you're feeling - alone with a potential reboot into a paradigm that doesn't have any kind of Human nature history.

Compassion and Unity are the New Energy

The energy of 2021 has been with you for 33 years as I sit here, and will be with you 20 more [as computed by the Mayan calendar]. That is how the alignment works as it moves literally through the center of the galaxy equator. As the precession of the equinoxes [wobble of the earth] takes its effect and you move into the middle of the alignment, it's a 36 year window of experience, not a crosshair on some winter solstice date. You are living within this energy and you have been for some years, New Ager.

Now, let's speak only to those in this room; not the listener, not the reader. I want to talk to the room. I want to talk to those who sit in this energy. I want you to go away differently than you came in today. I want you to go away with an activation of that which is angelic and that which is creator energy inside, which is going to give you wisdom.

Not all of you here believe as the channeller does, and it doesn't matter. So here is your test, your instructions for the day. Can you look at those here as family, even if you don't agree with them? Can you love them? You have a choice to leave this place and say, "Well, I'm not going to go to a meeting like that again! They're crazy." Or you can say, "I'm not going to go to a meeting like that again because I don't necessarily agree with them. But I love them and they're welcome in my house anytime. If they want to come to dinner with me, it's OK. And I can joke with them and be with them and shake their hands. I might even marry one of them, because I recognize that there is one God, and there's one Creator, and we all have it inside of us. I don't agree, but I can unify myself."

So you get to an understanding that your ideas and differences don't separate you anymore. Human Beings can exist together just like the countries that exist next to each other without borders. Their cultures are still unique, and they still have their own country. But now they're together in a larger plan, one where they are never going to war with each other again. They can't. They're existence is tied to each other. Unification does that. Solomon knew it, and the secret is compassion.

Dear ones, leave this place compassionate for one another. When you get home and you turn on your television and see someone you don't agree with because they're politically not in step with you, can you love them? Can you see the creator inside anyway? Can you see them playing out a game of how things will settle in this country so that you're forced to work together in unity? Did any of you see that? Forced to work together. Forced to compromise. Forced to unify and not separate. When you see it in politics, you'll know it's real.

That's what we're telling you. Look for it. The old energy leaves slowly, but there'll come a day when the old energy is gone. This could take a generation! Some of you say, "I won't be here then." I tell you, "Oh, yes you will!" Because you're not going to miss the finale! Not the energy of home or any angelic energy will be able to hold you back. Back you will come and there will be a turnaround time that is faster than anything in your spiritual history, because history doesn't matter, even spiritual history. You're going to arrive and leave quickly. You have always come back to Earth, old soul. That's why we love you the way we do.

I want to wash your feet now for what you're doing with the planet, old soul. Take the opportunity to love someone, to see them quantumly, to see them as many, not one. Look at all Humans in light of their lineage to the planet. See them as important, like you. Unify with them. You see, there is a shift happening on this planet and you represent it.

When I say the words, "And so it is," hold the energy. Leave at your own pace. Stay seated if you wish for a little while, then leave in quietness. Let this place remain a sanctuary until you return again. So there is no applause, there's no noise - only unity, only a love for one another, only quantum thinking about what is before this planet if you wish it, dear one.

Do you feel different about the puzzles before you now? I hope you do. Solvable, every single one.

And so it is.


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