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The Energy Of The Future

Kryon is giving more and more about what is happening, and going to happen. Are we moving in to a dangerous new part of space, as our solar system moves around the galaxy? Is our very cellular structure evolving? What changes in our Akashic remembrance is happening? Why now? All of these things are covered as a reference to our new spiritual evolution.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This particular channelling will be filled with information, as it often is, but there is also something else that we offer. We're coming to the close of your calendar year 2014. It's normally a time for reflection and, in this particular room, the energy that we wish to generate with the entourage around you is that of congratulations.

I want you to sit and bask in honor and, in these next moments, I would like you to try to disengage from the issues and the problems that you came with. As you sit there, if you have pain in your body - disengage. If you have pain in your heart - disengage. Corporeally, we understand fully that you are what you are, and you must go through what you go through, but you have the power to disengage from it for a while - for the next few moments.

No matter what the message is to follow, or whatever is said, there is another energy that pervades the room. It sits and hovers over you, looks at you, remembers you, is thankful for you, and knows you. Even as we begin the information, we ask that the multiplicity of the messages going out be felt and understood and enjoyed to their fullest, within these moments.


The Premise of Cellular Evolution

If you are listening or reading this, and you are not in this physical meeting, we need to review something - a premise. There are some scientists and researchers who believe that the Human brain contains everything it ever could contain. That is to say, it contains genius, intelligence, manifestation over physics, and mastery in every single Human cell. But those attributes are locked away and, somehow, depending upon the chemistry and the energy that is multidimensional in every Human brain, there is a posturing of energy that keeps it locked out. The belief is that perhaps, at the right time, certain energies will come along and unlock it. This is the theory - that Humans are complete and developed and ready for everything.

Now, that theory opposes the other theory that tells you that the Human brain is not complete and it is a product of continuing and future cellular evolution to come. It says that you are no smarter than the full ability of the body to be smart. There's nothing in your body beyond what you see, and you will grow cells eventually to create a more evolved Human Being. Between these two theories, I will tell you that the former one is the accurate one. Evolution from now on will be energy based, not chemical based, and will unlock hidden wisdom and cellular efficiency - something that is already there and built-in.

Sometimes the proof of this premise comes in odd ways, dear ones, and you see it and you don't know what to make of it. A brain injury will cause an Akashic remembrance to be triggered, and an artist will spring up instantly where that Human was never an artist before. Sometimes something will happen, a hit on the head, a blow perhaps, where a genius will be produced where there was none before. These are the small evidences you have that perhaps the former theory is absolutely true, one that says, “Inside you is everything waiting to come out.”

Take a look at spontaneous remission, for it's a puzzle, and some think it's a miracle. How could the body possibly instantly cure itself of some of the worst imbalances and diseases known to mankind? Yet it happens repeatedly. So you come into the area of what we've been teaching, which is spiritual logic. Take a look at what I've said in the past: The old energy, which is on this planet now, has locked your DNA at approximately 33 percent to 34 percent. The long-lived and wise masters who walked on this planet had theirs at 80 percent to 90 percent. Everything they did was to show you what you could do. We have been teaching this over and over. Let this be the premise at which we begin.

The Physics of It: A Review

Now for some physics, and I'll call it spiritual physics so it's not too complicated. In 1993, we gave you a book called The End Times. In this book, we made some statements. We talked about the magnetic grid of the earth, and we told you that it had to be there for Human life to exist - and it does. At the time, science didn't agree, but now many are seeing it. We went on to give you the esoterics of it, what my partner calls the woo-woo part. Your DNA, a multidimensional molecule, has within it everything that the Universe knows. It carries your Akashic Record, all of your lifetimes, all of your spiritual purpose, your spiritual being and your karma. Everything is in your DNA. This will never be proven, since it's a spiritual attribute. The DNA creates a field and it's called the Merkabah (a Hebrew word).

We also told you that the magnetic grid of the earth, a multidimensional energy, transfers certain things to your DNA on a day-by-day basis. The grid then becomes a major energy transfer system. That should have connected the dots for some of those who were paying attention - for if the grid changes, dear ones, you do, too. I told you the grid would change more in 10 years than it had in 100, and it did. You can measure your magnetic grid's movement with a compass. Between 1993 and 2002, it moved greatly, more than in any other time in modern Human history. We said this would be, and so it was. Our grid group left in 2002, as we told you we would.

Again, those paying attention should have known something was happening. I also told you within those initial transmissions back then that you would have no Armageddon, and you did not. Also, that there would be no World War III, and there wasn't. In the face of all the prophecy that told you differently, we told you there was a potential for Human Beings to pass the marker, survive, and start a new energy on the planet. We told you this would be the start of peace on Earth, and this is where you sit today. All of those years ago, we told you about the potential of where you sit today, listening to this message, and asking what might be next. So I'll label the channel right now: The Energy of the Future.

The Energy of the Future

Last week, I gave you a channelling of what to expect within the next three years. The message tonight will talk to you about the energies that are going to be manifested beyond that and some of the changes to expect and why they are taking place. You may want to listen to this channel a number of times to put it together, for there are reviews and new information.

So before we begin, what have we established?

Number One: Locked into the Human body via your DNA is brilliance and mastery, working at approximately 34 percent.

Number Two: The magnetic grid of the planet postures everything to do with your DNA. It also has much to do with what you call Human nature, what you want and what you've created. It seems static, never changing, and has been seen as “the way it is”. However, we will call it the temporary lock on DNA. You see, when your Human consciousness and spiritual maturity starts to move in the next years, your DNA will start to change. This has nothing to do with chemistry, but everything to do with energy stored within it, and rewriting the data. New energies will unlock certain parts that have been locked, some of them being the very parts that I've just told you about at the beginning of this channelling - the things that are puzzling regarding healing and the Akash.

The Nodes and Nulls - Energies for the Future

Now, let's go a step further. Within the last two years, we told you about the opening of the nodes and the nulls, the time capsules of the planet that were waiting for this new energy. We told you who put them there, and that the creative source itself is responsible. We told you that they have been there for more than 100,000 years, waiting to be opened if you would pass the marker, and you just did. They are opening slowly, and we have identified them and have matched up some of the pairs for you. They're beginning to open.

What do they do? I'll tell you. They pour out information onto the magnetic, Crystalline and Gaia grids - the three active interpersonal grids of this planet, the ones that interface between you and your consciousness. That's where their information goes. Isn't it interesting? The information does not go directly into your consciousness, but into the grids. Now, this allows for free choice, for it's not put into your mind. That would void free choice. Instead, it's put upon the grid. With free choice, any Human can ignore anything I'm saying and walk out of this room. He can say, “The man in the chair is a fraud. The information is ridiculous; it's stupid!” At the same time, sitting next to this doubter will be someone who is being miraculously healed this day. That's the difference. Free choice to accept or reject things around you is the key to honoring your individual consciousness.

The New Approaching Energy of Space

If you could see multidimensional energies, and you had the ability to stand back and watch your solar system as it raced around the middle of the galaxy, you could see a ribbon of energy that you are currently intersecting. Right now, your solar system, you might say, has been in a bubble of protective energy since life began on this planet. This is an astronomical measurement and is known by science. It even has a name. So this is not esoteric. As this bubble dissipates and you move into a new area of space, this ribbon of energy that you are now intersecting is different. In fact, it represents higher energy, and some might even call it radiation.

As your solar system moves firmly into it, it's the first time that this has ever occurred with Humans on the earth. It takes millions of years for your solar system to make one revolution around the center. Therefore, you were not here the last time this took place. You are now sanctioned with the consciousness of the creative seed in you, and here comes the radiation, right on schedule. We have said this before and we have channelled this, for this is not new information. But now we put it together.

The first thing that this radiation intercepts is the largest thing in your solar system - your sun. The sun is a nuclear engine, and it has the most energy of your system. The new radiation interfaces with your sun and immediately the sun will change its energy. The sun will then blast this new information through the solar wind (the heliosphere of the sun) right to the earth. It will immediately be intercepted by your magnetic grid (as normal), for your magnetic grid always intercepts any energy from the heliosphere. The heliosphere (the magnetic grid of the sun) overlaps the magnetic grid of the earth, and the information transfer is complete through something called inductance. Now it's in your magnetic grid. As a review, remember that we have taught you that whatever attribute is in your magnetic grid is then transmitted to your DNA. Connect the dots from a 25-year-old message: The new energy affects the sun. The sun gives the energy to your grid, and your grid gives it to your DNA. You are affected.

The New 'Message' from Space

Let me tell you what the message is that is being communicated: Unlock to 44 percent! This is the message: The Human race has passed the marker and is ready for the next step in evolution. I am talking about the old soul. You are the ones who will be first to get this message. It is you, and some of your “old soul” children, who are starting to feel and accept this!

Let me tell you in this lesson today that the first thing that this unlocking will begin to create is what we're going to call Akashic acuity. You're going to start remembering, and it's about time. Can you celebrate this? It's about time that when you're born you don't start from scratch, in the dark, and doing everything all over again. Instead, you remember!

I want to talk to some individuals who are listening to this and are in this room. Have your grandchildren had the audacity to tell you who they used to be? Don't raise your hand; I know you're here. They feel it, and they know it, and out of the mouths of these babes come the most profound information that this planet has ever heard! They knew who they were! Some will point their fingers at you and say, “Don't you remember? I was your mum in another life.” That's a bit disconcerting, isn't it?

I want you to remember one of the premises of incarnation, the one that we have given you over and over. You incarnate in family groups. There's a reason for this, so there is comfort and joy. It's so you don't have to learn the energy of each related person, all over again, each time. The energies of the family stay together and you can accomplish more that way. There's always a benevolent reason for these things. Every single attribute of the esoteric system of life, whether it's your grids or reincarnation, is benevolent. Did you hear that? It's a beautiful system, and not random. It's not about judgment; it's not about punishment. It is, instead, about the love of God for you, and what I'm about to tell you is what is changing is energy.

Akashic Acuity

So we have established that you are moving into this new radiation, and we have established that it intersects the sun. The sun blasts your magnetic field with it (via the solar wind) and the magnetic field talks to your DNA. Suddenly, there is the potential some of your DNA is being unlocked. The attributes of unlocking Akashic acuity will help you to remember who you've been. Now, with this remembrance comes energy - not about who you were, but rather it gives you the energy of what you did. I don't mean physically; I mean energetically and mentally. Old souls carry with them experience. When you look into the eyes of a child, you're going to see wisdom just waiting to break out. Dear ones, these children are different. They are not going to go through what you did! They have a whole new set of issues, and most of their issues are trying to navigate the old issues you create for them!

There's something we brought up in a former channelling called the wisdom factor. Now, the wisdom factor is caused by Akashic acuity. After living Human life over and over, you start remembering the wisdom that you have gained through these past lifetimes. You don't necessarily remember who you were, but rather the fact that you were at all and the experiences you had. Imagine a child coming into the planet knowing how to read? Imagine a child coming into the planet knowing not to touch something hot? Where did it come from? You're going to see more of this, and a feeling of “been there, done that”.

Akashic acuity is remembrance of experience during past lifetimes. As the child grows, that remembrance becomes pure wisdom. As the child starts to awaken and the pineal opens, something else happens. The grid starts talking to the child through the DNA, and in the grid is also the information from the time capsules we spoke about in past channellings. The time capsules start feeding the planet with increased wisdom and knowledge. You don't have to reincarnate to awaken even further! Akashic acuity means suddenly Humans know more than other children have in the past - much more.