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The Five Alignments

Here are five important alignments that Kryon speaks about. However, this is the first time they have been put in ONE channeling.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I've come to this room many times, so some of you are used to the channelling. Others tolerate it, and others are in the dark about the whole idea. Dear ones, this is a time of reflection. It's a time of compassion, understanding and tolerance. This is actually a scientific meeting filled with spirituality and esoterics. Indeed, they do go together. There's something here for everyone, since the study of science

is the study of how the creative source (God) created all the profound systems you are studying.I'm going to offer you a subject today called The Five Alignments. What are you aligning with right now as you sit in the chairs? As you ponder all the things that you have seen in the last three days, what ideas or energies do you align with?

The Five Alignments

Alignment One. What is your alignment with the others who you have met? Is there an alignment at all? Do you feel something that might be unusual here, that is perhaps beyond just being “social”? Perhaps this is your first time to a meeting that is this esoteric? In the last days, some of you have met those who you feel you have met before. Some of you feel they have the attributes of being family! Some of you have not journeyed beyond yourself, so you don't know what I'm speaking of. However, many have.

I would like to tell you what often happens, dear ones, when old souls intermix in meetings and excursions like this. Perhaps you've heard of The Field? We're in a good place to talk about the physics of it, but I'm not going to since it has already been discussed by the scientists. The Field allows for synchronicities and harmonies and benevolent energies to occur that you could never plan by yourself. It almost feels like an invitation - an invitation to see and feel things that you would never feel or see in a meeting that was not like this. The Field has always been here, but its effect and power has increased dramatically.

An alignment is not a friendship. Rather, it's a meld. The best way to align with another person is through compassionate action. You've heard the teaching from me many times that states that togetherness often creates a resonance, a confluence of energies that resounds one with another. That's alignment. Did you know that you could instantly have an alignment with everyone in the room? It totally depends on what happens with all of you.

Perhaps there would be a commonality of thinking, or the realization of God inside. That would create an alignment. Perhaps it would be a compassionate event? That would do it also.

Dear one, the meeting series started for all of you here with an unexpected event. It was the collapse of a soul here. She fell into the aisle right in front of my partner while he presented, and she needed immediate medical attention. There were two reasons for it, dear ones. One was to melt your heart and to put you in a coherence that was harmonious with her. Instantly the meditators in the room went into a meditative state, projecting healing and peace and benevolence. The second reason it happened was for her personal healing. If she's going to collapse with an issue, there is no better place than here! That is how the meetings started here in Switzerland; the first channel, the first time that I came in with my partner in this series, there was an emergency among you. That created an alignment and all of you felt it.

Now here is the question: Can you align without an emergency? Can you see the God in every single one of the people around you? You don't even speak the same language, but it really doesn't matter. I wish to return to that moment three days ago, when your hearts were melted, and when you were with that soul as she laid helpless in the aisle - and you sent her peace and poured into her the compassion of the group. You had a common goal. That is alignment, not friendship. That lets two individuals who have never seen each other stand and hug one another because they just experienced the same common compassion together. The goal, however, is to do it automatically without an emergency.

Alignment Two. What is your alignment with nature? When my partner started this tour [speaking of the tour of 44 days that he is on], he was in a majestic place. It was a quiet place in the desert called Monument Valley. There was such a profound and unusual silence that you could feel it and sense it. There was a unity to the land because the indigenous of the area and their ancestors had practiced honoring the land for eons. They loved the land; they aligned with the land, and that's how the tour began. The land was “speaking” to the group through the silence and the honoring that had been placed there.

As he went on to Europe, he continued the alliance, teaching in Ireland where the land actually comes alive. So much grows there, and there is so much life that pours out of the ground that the tradition and the mythology of the public is often the ability to see the little people. That is because the land is multidimensional - something we have spoken of before. It's an alliance with the earth between Humans and the energy of the planet.

What is your alliance with the land? Can you align with nature? There are those who have said, “Well, I would like to do that! However, I work in the city. I'm in an office and I come and go.” Others have said, “I don't work at all, but it's difficult to get out of town.” Dear ones, getting out of town has nothing to do with it. When you breathe the air, do you recognize where the oxygen comes from that fills your lungs? Do you realize that the plants, trees and even the algae created it for you? There is a symbiotic relationship, whether you want to see it or not, between each Human Being and nature. This is one of the most profound alignments you have because you are from the dirt of the earth.

If you look at how you got here, even life itself, it was a mixture of the elements on the planet that created you. You might say that The Field developed a symbiotic relationship with the trees and the plants so that you could exist. That spark of life has now lived and remained for eons and brought you to this place. It's not a time to forget that. It's time to acknowledge that. That's alignment number two.

Alignment Three. What is your alignment with the stars? Oh dear ones, this is a good one. You might say, “Well, I really don't have an alignment with the stars actually.” I would ask, why would you think that? Then you might say, “Well, it's not relevant to my life. I live in the city and I can't even see the stars. I don't ever think of them.”

Did you realize that the stars and the planetary systems that revolve around them are all of the same stuff that your Earth is made of? I've said it before: The elements on this planet are the elements of the galaxy. There aren't many mysterious elements lurking out in the vastness of space. They are all represented here on your Earth. Oh, perhaps you struggled to see what's inside the atom, but you don't have to struggle to understand that the atom you study is everywhere.

Indeed, there are different gravities, different gas combinations, and different sizes of everything, but I am talking about the fact that this earth came from all of that which is “out there”. That means that when you cast your eyes to the stars, they are part of you.

Did you hear some of the teaching today from the scientists who talked about that which is your chemistry - the DNA? Did you hear them discuss the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, you didn't actually come from anything here on the planet? If that's the case, where did you come from? What if the “missing link” is something from the stars? Now, that's an alignment!

Dear ones, the truth is that you are a combination of the biology of the evolution of this planet, plus the evolution of consciousness from the stars. Although your mainstream science will take a very long time to see this, they will continue to see the pointers to it - the missing pieces of the Human evolutionary chain. So again I ask, what is your alignment with the stars and those in the stars? Is it possible that there are consciousnesses outside of your planet? Is it possible they are active and that you can feel their benevolence? Could there be others watching you or even here on the planet in some form that only have you in mind and the shift you are going through? Did you ever think that possibly there are others here with benevolence and compassion to help you through it? And the answer is yes. So, what is your relationship to the stars?

Dear scientist sitting here, is it such a stretch to break the barriers of belief and think for a moment that things are much bigger than you think? It is so big - the enormity of the reality of who you are and where you have come from is astonishing. A true scientist should be open for new discovery, but what is the box of possibility that you were told about? Can you step out of it for a moment?

What if I told you there are far more entities in the galaxy who know you than there are Humans on the planet? They know the condition that you have, which is free will. They are also aware of the “hands off” policy until you made the decision that you have now started - to create The Shift. New things are coming to this planet as you evolve in your consciousness and as you begin to realize your alignment to the stars is real and perhaps even biological. There will absolutely come a day when you meet that “alignment” and it will look a lot like you.

Alignment Four: What is your alignment to you?

“Kryon, what do you mean, 'What is my alignment to me?' That's an odd question. I'm just me.” Really? And how do you feel about just me? When you think about who you are and how you feel about life, is there an alignment with something inside, or, as you are indicating, is there no relationship at all with your own soul?

I started this lesson by asking about your alignment with others. Can you see God in others? Can you see God in yourself? What is your alignment with yourself? I will tell you yet again, and again, and again, that so many Humans, even old souls, see themselves as unworthy and less than others.

Are you in love with yourself? This may seem like an odd question, but you can be in love with your existence in a non-egotistical way, or you can be in love with yourself in an egotistical way. With humanism, much of it is dysfunctional and egotistical. There is a huge difference, and one that separates all of you in duality. This is one of the first alignments that you are going to have to make and an important choice.

“Kryon, if it's the most important alignment, why is it number four?” The answer to that is something I will give you in a moment.

How is it - you with you? When you walk out of this room in awhile, do you think things like: “I am worthy to be here. This was beautiful because I created it as beautiful?” Did you learn during the three days that you don't have to ASK for things from Spirit? Who would you be asking when God is inside? When God is inside you, are you then asking yourself? The paradigm of your relationship to the creator is beginning to change. Instead of asking, you are aligning - aligning with the truth of the reality of who you are.

You learned that the proper way of stating and working with affirmations are often in contrast with the seeming now reality. The sick man affirming health would seem to be foolish for stating out loud how healthy he is as he coughs and sputters through the affirmation. However, if you understood how this actually works, you'd understand that he is actually affirming his own health and claiming who he is becoming. He is aligning with the future of his own cellular structure, which is healthy. That is a very multidimensional alignment with yourself!

Are you in that mode? Do you understand the difference between the past method and the current one? The change is going from working with an outside source to an inside source. Do you feel you are worthy? Can you sit before God and know you belong in this enhanced and powerful energy? When you think of the auditorium of Earth, is there a seat with your name on it - or are you standing in the back watching everyone else get something? Did you ever think of that?

Where is your place, dear ones? Do you belong or are you just on the sidelines hoping to exist? Perhaps you've had something in life beat you up like disease, and now you've been told that the whole experience is part of your own thinking? This is the new paradigm. Healing is from inside, and you have control over it. You can have victory over it if the alignment with you is there.

How are you aligned with yourself? Can you visualize hugging yourself and saying, “Good job! We've gone through another day and we're becoming more balanced. We are beginning to really understand love.” Is that you? Dear ones, it is indeed you, if you wish it to be. Free will is always the key. These are the things you can do or not as you choose. Do you believe it, or has someone told you differently? If they have, look at their life. Is it what you wish to emulate?

Alignment Five: What is your relationship to the creator? Have you figured it out yet? Is it possible that inside you is a piece of that which you call God, which we call the creative source?

Do you recognize the difference in my language between God and the creative source? God is a singular, 3D name often representing a source of power and judgment. The creative source is an expansive concept. It can be as large and as multiple as you want. Did you know that the creative source is multidimensional and, therefore, quantum? Did you know that it is infinite and everywhere? Did you know that it permeates every single particle of matter? Did you know it's personal and knows your name? It is not one thing at all. It's everything, everywhere.

An alignment with the creative source should be something that is very doable. Is it possible for you? If the answer for you is “yes,” even marginally “yes,” then you have to say to yourself, “If I am part of The Creative Source, therefore, 'I am that I am - multidimensional.' Therefore, I am also a piece of every single Human Being on the planet, beyond that which anyone can see or analyze or measure. I am many dimensions.” This idea, dear ones, is where the evolution of humanity will occur - a coherence of unity with all that is.

The alignment between you and the creative source will create a multidimensional change in you. Those who start to become multidimensional start to soar in their intellect, in their intuition and in their awareness of a greater truth. As you walk out the door today, can you say, “I'm a piece of the creator, and I have God inside me. I am eternal”? Does it make you nervous to say it? If so, examine why: You may be participating in the past of what you were told, instead of a future where you are able to cognize by yourself what is the intuitive truth. Which do you want?

A Grander Truth

I just gave you five alignments. However, now I'll tell you a secret: There's only one. I just gave you the five attributes of the one alignment.

There is only one alignment energy, and it is in a circle. All of you are together in The Field. There is always an invitation for you to feel this fact. All of you are together with an alignment with the creative source. All of you are together with the alignment of yourself. All of you are together with the alignment with nature and the stars. It is one alignment with many facets, like a jewel that wants to shine brightly. Once you start to see one intermingle with the other alignments, you start to understand what you have inside you. It is that point in time when you realize it is all connected. It is that time when you realize you can't be alone and that other individuals are connected to you. The old Human nature is separatism, fear, war and a survival based on competition. The new Human is unity, compassion and a survival based on cooperation and understanding each other.

We have told you that if you go into a closet and shut the door, there are a million angels with you. But, dear ones, if everyone is part of the creative source, it also means that everyone on Earth at some level is also in that closet. Can you align with this thought?

We have covered the deceptions of the old energy before. The veil is starting to lift and you are beginning to have spiritual common sense, and you know better. New intuition starts to tell you these things and it becomes self-evident to many that compassion is the key, not reaction, separation, self-preservation and defense. All that has been said in these last three days talks about this fact. The discoveries of the prophecy of the ancients point to this fact, that there is a new energy on the planet and that you are now sitting in it.

Dear old soul, what does all this mean to you? The new paradigm that is here asks you to look at things differently. This is because of what is going to happen on the planet - and it begins with old souls. There are those in the room who do not believe in channelling, but they might believe in love. Dear one, if this is you, you might leave this place a little different, having heard and felt what is here in this room. Can you feel the coherence of hearts?

There are those here who understand everything I've said. There are even several of you who will leave healed, and you haven't even discovered it yet. When you start the alignment, the one alignment with all that is, it creates a divine energy of who you are and it starts to wrap around you. Then you realize that you don't have to figure it out. You don't have to know the details, and the things you may have learned and forgotten this day are still in you. In fact, you start to resonate in a way that says, “I knew all of this as an old soul, and this whole series of meetings with all this knowledge is simply a course in REMEMBERING.”

This describes the old soul in the new energy - the one who is different, who craves balance, who starts to understand themselves and who understands compassionate action. These are the ones who know what they might be able to accomplish as they walk out from here and show others their light.

It is the beginning of a new earth. You are a new Human, with a new paradigm of existence, if you choose to understand what I have just given you. It's up to you. Don't be afraid of the love of God! Some of you have never really let it in. You turn it on and off, don't you? It's only available when you meditate perhaps, not understanding that it's 24/7? You can feel it always in your life, as you speak to others, as you eat dinner, as you go to sleep, as you wake up. It never sleeps and is always there. There's nothing like the lover you have with creative source.

Until next time. Think on these things.

And so it is.


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