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The History of DNA and the Human Race

There is much here that has been in portions of other channellings through the years. However, now Kryon is putting some of these things together in ways that are becoming very straight forward. There is much here to offend just about everyone, so it will probably be a popular channelling (smile). However, Kryon wishes to again let you know the sacredness of the beginning... sometimes the source for much controversy, conspiracy and mythology. This is all given as information to enhance the Human spirit, not to forward a belief system. If some of these things are unbelievable to you, it should not change your love of Spirit or the way you view God. Kryon often says, "Take these things into your life and validate them over time. They are historic, and given to you for perspective only. It is not necessary for you to believe these things to continue to hold your light. Feel the love of God as proof that you are part of the creator."

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We would give anything to void the rules of free choice, to show ourselves in a way that would allow proof that we’re actually here. But on this planet of free choice, it is you who must open that door to us. We stand like the angels we are in your lives, walking the whole duration with you. At the point in which you are born on this planet, the angels surround the area of your birth, then they stay with you until your last breath. In those beginning weeks, you might see the infant with wide eyes actually looking at the angels! The infant will point, or sometimes even smile at them, even at two or three weeks old, because the infant recognizes us. All of you did it, indeed, in those early days where there is so much change and so much to get used to being so fresh out of the womb, the angels are a comfort to the infant. Do you remember? Then slowly that reality slips from you. Slowly. But many of you have seen it when the infant looks into what you call empty space and is pleased with what he sees.

These are the same angels who are with you now. They don’t age, you know? But you do. They have been with you all your lives; they walk beside you; they came in with you; they’ll leave with you. And if you never speak to them, they will say nothing. For that is the agreement. But oh, dear Human Beings, if you just give us one little space of intent, and you say, “Dear God, show me that I’m loved,” you open the floodgate. For this is when we enter your lives to the degree you will allow us. This is when we will give you what you ask for, beginning the synchronicity, the teaching, the hand-holding, and the end of feeling all alone. This is when we fill you up to such a degree that you will not be concerned with disease or age or drama. And all you will see is the promise of who you are. This has always been the way of it since the day we began, for our job is to allow awareness that you are part of us.

The message is sacred

There are still those who wonder about this process of channelling. It works best when the channeller is clear. It works when the bias of being a singular Human is set aside. It is the way of it and has always been the way of it. All scripture on the planet has been written by Humans. Take a look at how this works, Human Being, for you, by yourselves, are responsible for all the prophecy and all the good things that you would find in those words that comfort you, that you say are from God. And so it is again that we come before you with information that is given in this sacred, ancient way.

The information given this evening for those who are in the room is given in what you would call real time. Those who are listening and hearing in what these sitting here call their future know how this works. However, this linear track of time is not our reality. We are quantum, so therefore we can see the potential of who is looking at this page, even though it hasn’t happened yet for those who sit in front of me. What it means is that the message, although all about history, is still a personal one and we invite you to feel the ancient truth of it, for we know whose eyes are on the page.

All of the information I give now has at some point been given in the last 20 years within the Kryon channelling. But we have never given you this synopsis, for we are starting to summarize subjects for simplicity, for clarity, so that they begin to be less obtuse and more present in your reality. Plain speaking and plain words are what clear channelling is able to bring you.

The information of today’s teaching

This is the gift to us, that you would sit and let us wash your feet. And while my partner gives you information, the third language will be present in all the hearts here. Some of those who are listening and reading in your future will be touched as well. For we know who you are as your ears hear these words, for we see you there. We see your faces and we see the light that you have as well. It is no accident that with free choice you are willing to have this communication enter your lives this day.

Let the information given today be passed to many. This information we give now is about the lineage of DNA… from the start of DNA to the present. We will speak of the way it occurred on the planet, the way it works, the way it changed, and the things that you need to know around it in this new energy to get you to the place where you can begin to use it as it was designed.

In this teaching, we must start where my partner started even today in his lecture series. For much of what he taught in these last hours is going to be covered here. However, for those who are just joining us through transcription, we will start at the beginning… such is the way you live in a linear world. We start with history of DNA and humanity.

What’s all this about DNA?

The question has been asked, “Kryon, why is it you speak so much of DNA? It is a biological attribute of the Human body. It is the blueprint for the Human genome. It writes the chemistry for all of the genes, over 30,000 of them. But why would you speak of this? You don’t speak of molecular substances or chemistry, so why would you speak of DNA? Instead, speak to us about spiritual things.”

The above criticism has been spoken by many. They have a strong spiritual quest, but their disappointment is seen and they don’t understand why we speak of DNA, seemingly a physical attribute of the Human. So let me finally explain, dear ones, if you are one of those, that it is time to reveal your DNA for what it is.

DNA is the core element of who you are, both physically and spiritually. If you had to choose a place where the Higher-Self dwells, it’s in your DNA. The Akashic Record, that blueprint of everything you ever were, is in the DNA. All of the lifetimes, all of your spiritual growth, all of your talents over eons of your lives, is there. The karma that you came in with and that many of you have dismissed is there. The record of that enlightened action is there.

Your Human spiritual history is there, written in the quantum parts. Some of you understand this to the degree that you know you were Lemurian. If you feel this way, you know the incredible profundity of what’s inside you. That is the reason we speak of these things. It’s very hard for a Human to believe this, for it means that much of what you have felt was “outside of yourself” is actually inside. But this follows the teaching of the masters, and of Kryon, that you are a piece of the creator, and the processes of mastery are within you.

The science of DNA

It has only been in the last few years that science has given you the proof of what we are going to speak of now. We have alluded to this in the past and now we’ll just say it straight out so that there is no mystery about what science is puzzling over: Your DNA is over three billion chemicals strong. Each molecule of DNA, which is a loop, has over three billions chemicals within it. It is a molecule so small that you need an electron microscope to see it.

The Human Genome Project, a scientific endeavor, has revealed a mystery: Only 3% of the DNA chemistry does anything! We speak of the protein-encoded portion of the DNA parts. It alone produces over 30,000 Human genes. These genes are the blueprint of life that you were looking for. But only 3% of DNA is the entire gene-producing scenario. Three percent does it all, everything the project was looking for. Over 90% of the chemistry of observed DNA, therefore, is a mystery, for it seems to have no function that is obvious. There is no observable system, symmetry, or biological purpose seen within the 90% of the chemistry. It has no chemical codes as the protein-encoded parts do. It seems random in nature, and some have even called it “junk DNA.”

Some biologists are convinced that this part of DNA is left over chemistry from the evolutionary process and is no longer used by the Human Being. There is no code, and it seems to do nothing. Therefore, the tendency is to ignore it. It’s useless.


A group of ancients makes an astounding discovery: Left on the beach by a time traveler is an amazing wireless stereo system. The small, efficient speakers are pumping out the most amazing rhythms, and the men are mesmerized by it all. They don’t dare touch it, but they sit and enjoy the music, not understanding how it is being produced or anything about the gleaming equipment before them.

After many days, they begin to look deeper into the seeming magic of it all. They are curious, for curiosity is the main trait of the Human Being. They begin to analyze it. They look it over, again, not daring to touch it, and the elders finally announce to all that they have figured it out.

They see the CD player, the main amplifiers, and the processors that are sitting with the speakers... lots of equipment. The speakers, however, are where the audio is coming from, and so it is the speakers that are seemingly doing all the work.

The tribe comes together and they announce their findings: Advanced space creatures have landed and left some of their equipment. The wise men of the tribe can’t figure out what everything does, but two small items are responsible for the wonderful music they are hearing. The rest of the equipment is a mystery, and must simply be space junk that isn’t related to the music.


The parable speaks for itself. What is not understood as “part of the whole” is discarded due to ignorance. Hidden within this example is even more than you think. It’s not just the incredible technology to play the music that is not seen. What about the creation and composition of the music? What about those who recorded it, and the incredible resources that went into even getting it to the CD player? What about the history of music itself, and the evolvement of rhythms over the centuries? There is a giant, intellectual secret hiding in the sand before them and they only see the speakers, since that is the only thing “making noise.”

Evolution and what you call Mother Nature (Gaia) work together and are very efficient when it comes to Human biology and to life in general. Whether it’s the appearance of photosynthesis at just the right time on the planet, or the way the Human genome has evolved, the system throws away things that are not needed. The 90% of DNA that is not understood is not junk. Hardly! Instead it is the processor and the instructions driving the part that is understood. It is processing the music that is being played by the 3%.

I will tell you what it is specifically, and in the revelation yet again I want you to ponder what it could mean to you personally. Ninety percent of your DNA is literally the quantum blueprint of your divinity. It is the blueprint of your Akash. It is the record of all lifetimes, all things accomplished, all growth, all epiphany, and all failure. For those of you who called yourselves Lemurians, it represents a vast amount of experience on the planet, all the way from the beginning, which we are going to speak of.

Things in a quantum state are not logical in 3D. Quantum physics makes very little sense to the linear thinker, and you are linear. Therefore, the “bias” you carry is this very fact: That your reality is based in only a few of the dimensions that the Universe enjoys. Until the “rest of the picture” reveals itself, most likely due to your scientific quests, you will only see the limited reality you sit within. Things outside of 3D will remain a mystery, seemingly to be random and chaotic instead of logical and systematic. Your DNA carries with it your spiritual blueprint, and all the instructions for who you are. All of that is in the 90%, which is quantum.

Therefore, the discussion of DNA is the discussion of your creation, your Akashic record, and your spiritual lineage. This is why we are concentrating on it.

Human consciousness… 3D?

It’s time to connect these things and think about the bigger picture: Within that 90% of quantum DNA is Human consciousness. The consciousness of humanity is not measureable with codes and genes. It is outside the purview of chemistry and continues to be something that science sees as a mysterious result of how biology comes together… again, there is no understanding of what creates the “whole Human.” Within Human consciousness there is your ability to talk to DNA, to control it, to work with it, and to become part of it. This is what we have taught from the beginning. Therefore, one of the largest secrets of your own reality is your ability to be in charge of your own body and its basic functions.

Now, according to new science, even some of the processes of the planet itself are seen to be affected by Human thought. Are you starting to get the picture? The 90% of your DNA may actually be part of something larger than your own personal biology.

One of the first things we ever told you is that consciousness moves the earth. Consciousness is what is responsible for the vibration of the planet, and you have always been able to change what you have thought was something unrelated to you… the reality of what happens on your planet. When you begin to understand this truth, you will absolutely understand that Gaia responds to YOU!

So, these are the workings of it, spoken in a clear fashion. It’s only because of the development of the Human genome and the revelation of the 90%, which seems to do nothing, that allows us to speak of what it really does. It’s going to make sense to science at some point in time. The hint: When they take a look at that 90% and they begin to study it as non-coded engrams, they will begin to see that the largest part of DNA is really signal modifiers to the 3%, which is the engine that drives the biology of the Human body.

The puzzle of the Human body’s weakness

One month ago we spoke of this issue: Here you are at the top of the DNA evolutionary ladder on planet Earth, and you have a system that is weak… far weaker than you would expect it to be. This is a review.

Your cellular structure does not represent what was given to you originally. Rather than evolving, the quantum portion of your DNA has devolved in response to Human consciousness (the driver of your reality). The fact is that your immune system doesn’t work very well! Many major diseases and viruses on the planet go right around it. Did you notice? You can’t even stop a common cold.

There’s a problem here, you might say, and there is! For the 90% of your DNA that’s supposed to be quantum is only 30% efficient. We gave you that information some time ago, but for this lesson, I give you it again so that the logic of this teaching is succinct.

Briefly, I’ll say this: How does it make you feel to know that you could have cancer in your system and your body will never tell you? You’ve got to go to a medical expert and have a technical test to find out what your body is doing! What kind of a system is that? The self-diagnostics that have been built into the Human Being simply don’t work well. Cancer is the result of an incompatibility of the Human body to cope with modern food. The result creates signals that are not congruent with how the body is supposed to work… balanced division of cells in a manner that is balanced with the chemistry of what it takes in as food. Instead, the body produces abnormal growth… tumors that eventually devour the entire organism.

Cancer is not a virus, and it isn’t contagious. Instead, it’s an imbalance… an allergy to modern society. The body’s immune system isn’t really involved at all, for cancer appears to all the body’s defenses as normal cells doing what they always do. They are not, for they are specifically cancerous, but they have “learned” to hide within cellular structure. A quantum consciousness creates a system of “knowing” that alerts the body to imbalance. The result is that you would know right away that there was a problem, but you don’t since the system isn’t working as designed.

Another attribute of quantum DNA behaving as it should is the creation of a much, much longer Human life span. The body doesn’t want to age! It wants to live! This is basic survival, so it is able, through an intuitive process, to create an intelligent scenario regarding the division of cells. Without this quantum enhancement, the body’s cellular clock simply counts days and goes with the cycle of the moon. It doesn’t know any better. It’s not working as designed.

Some of the ancients, indeed, lived lifetimes two and three times as long as yours. It depended on where they were and how much of the quantumness they had lost. Know this: The eventual successful life extension processes being developed on this planet will all have one thing in common… the increased signals to the DNA to return to a more quantum state. You call it “activating the DNA.”

A quantum consciousness is one that is “one with everything” and would absolutely know if cells were running wild and inappropriate growth was threatening health. But your immune system won’t alert you. Something is broken, but you have grown up in this reality, so the logic of what I’m saying escapes you. If you spend enough time hanging upside down, soon your body will object to walking or the whole idea of it. Eventually, everyone simply hangs upside down and starves, having forgotten how to walk. Walking is something that only the masters could do, or so the thought develops. Therefore, nobody walks. This is simply the way Human reality develops over time, and this is what we are challenging daily in this new energy.

When nerves are severed in your spinal cord, there’s a chemistry that races to that area and keeps them from growing back together. Did you know that? The process itself is known by science and even has a name! It’s just the opposite of what you want, and seems contrary to the logic of how a body should work. Something is broken.

Starfish can grow back an arm, and you can’t. How does that feel, being at the top of the evolutionary ladder? All of this because the “blueprint” that creates the genes is not functioning as designed.

But it used to…

Let me take you back to the beginning.

The creation of your quantumness… the creator in you

Here it is, laid out so that anyone can see it and hear it and all of the attributes of it you need to hear, in plain language. One hundred thousand years ago, there were up to 17 kinds of Human Beings in development. Just like the variety of nature would call for regarding some of the other animals and mammals, there was the built-in variety that Gaia provides for in the survival of a species. Just as there are dozens of kinds of monkeys, and a tremendous variety in so many other animals on the planet, a variety of humans was also in progress. But if you noticed, there is only one kind of Human today. Oh, there are different colors and a variety of facial attributes, but only one kind. There is not the typical kind of differences you find in nature. You don’t have the kinds with tails, and the ones without. You don’t have the super small, hairy ones in one continent next to the super tall, spotted ones in another. Something happened.

Go back with me 100,000 years and you’ll see that documented by science who discovered this anomaly within the last decade. They are seeing the same thing. Counterintuitive to all biological evolutionary forces, something happened to create only one kind of Human Being, and it