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The Huge Glacier in Greenland

Dear Kryon, at a convention in San Francisco last weekend, Konrad Steffen of Colorado Univ. claims satellite photos of the North Pole and the huge glacier in Greenland, indicate that twice as much ice melted this past summer than in 1992. He couldn't say to what extent natural climate changes were responsible vs. Human influence. Will the melting trend continue to escalate? Any comments?

Yes. You are seeing geology speed up. In 1989 we brought you information about the potential of earth changes, specifically about weather. Now you are actually witnessing this event.

ALL of it is in response to Human consciousness, but you see it as products of physical weather patterns, global warming, etc. Indeed, it seems that way, but can you tell me why the warming? It isn't what you think. The oceans are warming and that is caused by the earth's vibration increasing. Eventually you will see this when you discover all the new vents. It's very earth related, and not atmosphere related.

Remember, your consciousness started all this. Your consciousness can also stabilize it. When it does, the scientists will have still another puzzle: Why did it stop?


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