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The Human Soul

What is the Human Soul? Is it only restricted to Humans? Does it learn? Does it have a personality? What is a Walk-in? What is a Soul-mate? You think you know the answers to these? Kryon may give you something else to consider here. In all things, use discernment. Things are not always what they seem, or what you have thought they were in an older energy.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The message to follow is exactly what my partner thought it would be. There is a protocol that I use with my partner [Lee] that he recognizes: He gets the opportunity to enhance a message that he “hears” for the first time in one place but will deliver in another. Whereas, he might be hesitant to ever repeat a channelling, he would be more inclined to if he “knew” it was appropriate. Last week, we stopped the recorder during a channelling. When this happens, without an obvious 3D reason or technical issue, it's his “signal” to sit down again and channel the same message again so that it can be recorded and transcribed. The structure is the same, and the verbiage is very similar, but the information will be enhanced.

Dear Human Beings, you want to singularize everything. You have a tendency to take that which is understood in your dimensionality and place it upon God. It's not surprising that you do this, and there's no judgment, since it's all you have to use as your guide. Your reality is your reality and, therefore, you place it upon God. It's what you know. But now it's up to me to give you this explanation yet again about what you call the Human soul, which is not really Human at all.

Let me state this: The creative source of the Universe always was and always will be. That which you call the Creative Source, which you have labeled God or Spirit, is what we are talking about right now. You might say that this concept is comprised of pieces of all that is, and you'd be right. Even before this Universe existed, this source was there. It is responsible for all that exists anywhere, including the universes that existed before yours and that coexistent with yours now. It's responsible for things you know and things you know nothing about and never will. This is the Creative Source, which you call God. It's a quantum soup of energy, which is beyond your known physics.

It is in a realm of reality all by itself, which is God. It is spectacular and beautiful and you were there! You were there because you, the very core of you, is part of this realm that is God. I want you to really get this straight: Can you imagine being in this reality? It literally enables you to see any part of your beautiful Universe, including very creation itself. Imagine existing in front of a super nova, watching it explode, seeing all the energy in a special way, and knowing it is all part of natural physics, part of the creating process, the cycles of energy - and no harm comes to you as you watch it.

You would be able to see and hear everything that is seeable or hearable in any dimension that exists! Your senses would be so grand and so great you would know of things at great distances as they were happening all at once around you, and you would be able to separate and view anything, no matter where it was, and even hold an image of it as long as you wished. The Creative Source is that way. Everything that you can imagine that is God is bigger than you can imagine! And you were there and have done this.

We only have the word you in this discussion, but I'm not talking about the Human you, which you are now. You are part of me and I am part of you. This is the hardest thing we will ever teach, but we'll continue to teach it, for it is basic truth. The linear mind doesn't understand it, and that is also on purpose. If you could see who you really were, you wouldn't stick around being who you think you are. It's hidden from you.

Some of the teachings in the new energy are an expansive consciousness, where you are seeing more of who you really are. In that expansive consciousness, it's not just about discovery of a new biology or new inventions, but rather it's a realization of the who, when it comes to who is in you. The Creator is imbued in every molecule of DNA. It's there in a way you cannot itemize and you cannot count. So, dear one, neither can you count souls on the planet because they are not singular or ready to be counted.

The soup of energy, which is God, becomes your soul, and this is the hard part. Before I'm done today, if you think this is confusing, just wait. What I have to reveal is not something that you can cognize easily, and it's not something that you are really ready to fully understand. But I want to tell you that even within your confusion, I want you to see the grandness of what is here.

The grandest thing is that you are a part of the Creative Source. When the restraints of humanism are lifted from you, dear Human Being, the God within begins to show. You're not a part of God, you are God! This is because the soup of God does not compartmentalize itself and slip into Human bodies with names and personalities - and that is what I want to tell you about.

Souls are not singular

This is controversial to your intellect! The souls that you claim as “yours” are not singular, but rather they are part of the whole. That's easy to say, but hard to grasp. When you look at another Human Being and you say, “Namaste,” you are honoring the God in you, greeting the God in them. Did you ever think they might represent the same soul? Are they the same God? Then they have to be the same soul! But you don't think that way. You have your soul and they have theirs. That's what you think, and it's the best you can do because if you combine them together there are logic problems with your linear mind.

The mind that is linear sees your soul as yours alone, and this itself will keep you from understanding this message. What I'm going to tell you is that when you cross your own bridge of understanding, you'll see that it amplifies perspective. It does not subtract from the magnificence of your soul in any way.

There's no such thing as a singular soul, for it is always connected to the whole. The soup of God is always in a soup. You might call it a collective if you wish, for it does not separate itself from the whole. The pieces and parts of it, if you wish to call it that, inhabit Human consciousness and you identify these parts as your own, but they are greater than that. My partner's teaching this year will be about the nine attributes of the Human Being. Three of those attributes are from the soul group, and he talks about the core. The core is what you feel when you get into a deep meditative state. You touch the core and you think it's you. Well, it isn't! It's everyone! That's why it feels so magnificent. I don't want you to think this is a foreign entity inside you, either. It is you, but the bigger you. You are God.

The soul is not limited to Humans - and it isn't “learning”

I'm going to break some paradigms that you've been taught. The Human soul, as you call it, does not belong to Humans. It's part of creation in all parts of the Universe. Therefore, other spiritual biological entities also have souls just like yours. Not all intelligent life in your galaxy have souls, only the ones “seeded” from a spiritual source. We will leave this for another time. Just understand that the very nomenclature “Human soul” is incorrect.

There is no such thing as a soul in a “learning capacity”. Souls don't learn. Humans do. Yet you are told that souls come and go in order to learn something. You are told that some are wiser than others. My partner uses the words old soul, which may be confusing. You're all old, it's just that some of you have been Humans longer than others. The actual term old soul doesn't even make sense, because there's no time for a soul. Souls always were and always will be a part of God. So really, old soul is not a correct label, but Humans will continue to use it because it means something different when you are in a 3D reality. It's a descriptive of a Human who has lived many, many lives.

Listen, there's no such thing as souls who are in a learning capacity in order to be better souls. They are not eventually going someplace else where they might be graduate souls. This is all in the bias of the mind of the Human Being who is attached to Human reality. Humans learn; Humans graduate; a Human moves from one level to another. Souls do not, dear ones. You simply have placed your reality onto another system, not understanding that it's not like you. So get used to this, and other things about souls. A soul does not have a Human reality. A soul has God reality.

What if I told you that your soul is identical in its magnificence to every soul on this planet? Get ready: Who is the worst Human Being you can think of? In history, alive now, dead - who is the worst one? Guess what? He or she has the same soul you do - a perfect piece of God that allows discovery or not. That tells you a great deal about free choice. It tells you that this specific magnificent piece of God is available, at full strength, to any Human who wishes to look.

We gave you a channel once before that explained what the rules were of Spirit. The main one was that we cannot interfere with free choice. We can watch you make mistakes, watch you turn your back on the magnificence inside you, but we can't interfere or even give you signals. We can watch you develop evil and nurture it. We can watch you kill and do horrendous things, sometimes even in the name of God, and we can't do anything. It has to be you who makes the choice. Those who have been Human longer on this planet make far better choices. They are aware of the God inside at some level. That's just one attribute that I want to demystify. There is no “level” of learning with souls.

There are no soul levels or advancement

This one is similar to the last one: There is no advancement of souls from one level to the next. There is an idea that Human Beings have that a soul might start as an animal and then graduate to a Human. In this thinking, somehow the soul goes through certain incarnations where it is a lesser Human Being or perhaps an animal in order to graduate to a wise, old soul. This is simply not the way of it.

Again, dear one, Human reality, logic and your basic Human nature create levels of advancement for yourselves. Then you place this system upon God and then even teach these things. Did you know that this diminishes the Creative Source? “Kryon, do you mean that animals don't have souls?” I didn't say that. Animals have a different kind of what you might call a soul, and yes, certain ones reincarnate. We have told you that before. But listen: The system never crosses the barrier of animal to Human - ever.

The energy of the creator that you carry is precious and it's sacred. It only belongs to entities in this galaxy who have been seeded for spirituality and are given the free choice to expand to an ascended state. That is what is inside you, Human Being, and it's not in a dolphin, a dog or a horse. It belongs to your spiritual Human DNA, and it's part of a grand plan. It didn't start as an animal. There are those who actually believe the lower the animal, the lower the soul. There is the thought that you start as a hamster and become a dolphin someday and eventually a Human. By the way, this is still taught in certain places on Earth. I want to tell you that's not the way of it at all, and it is simply humanism carried into a mythological state and does not honor who you are or what is inside you.

So there is no learning, there are no levels of advancement, and there's no hierarchy. “Wait a minute, Kryon, what about archangels and lesser angels?” We've given that discussion before. All of the categorizing of Spirit is your own Human organization. It's where you put them in your importance and what you name them. That is a Human attribute, dear ones, and it is not God. There's no management system or flow charts with God. There's no hierarchy of who is in charge of whom with God. Instead, it is a system that is known by all who are on my side of the veil. It is beautiful, sacred and perfect. There is a “oneness” here.

There are scientists who have looked out into the Universe and are starting to realize it could not have happened by accident. Humans are taught that things happen randomly and that this leads to evolution. Some scientists are now struggling with what they see because it is outside of the reality of the evolution of life being chance. The odds are staggering that it was a benevolent system of design.

It's true: Your galaxy was designed this way. It was created for life and postured in a way that allows for what is happening in this moment - allowing you to sit on this earth and hear these words. It's all about you and free choice to find the God part, the soul within you. It really is. Everything revolves around the Human Being on this planet and many of the animals know it at some level. However, getting you to realize it has been slow. So right now, the task is to better understand the spiritual system that supports you.

It's not you against the world

You are not bucking the system when you go outside and you look at the things that you don't think you can control. Things happen to you; sometimes the weather seems to be your enemy, and sometimes you're just bounced around from place to place. Many feel it's you against everything around you. Is this how you feel? Did you know that all of these things are invitations for you to change? Perhaps you know Humans who have had very unfortunate lives? Everything bad has happened to them at every single juncture! Dear Human Being, that particular Human has actually had a grand opportunity to be brought to zero and to take the hand of God, perhaps over and over! But instead, they took the role of victim and eventually they claimed it! That's who they are, and so it will continue happening. With free choice, many have turned their backs on the idea they might be able to control their lives better, and this kind of decision often creates more randomness of events and no control over life. That's a path they willingly have taken. Some will wallow in the grief of life and some will take the hand of God and move forward.

These are the decision points that we give to humanity over and over. Dear ones, learning is not always through grief! Do you understand? Sometimes we get your attention through joy and celebration. It depends upon who you are, what you believe, and what might get your attention. Did you know that “random” things are only the beginning blueprint of your reality? Did you know that “average” is only a state of reality that exists if no other energy is involved in changing it? I want you to think about that one - and perhaps we will teach more about that later.

Your soul is forever. It's unchangeable. It's perfect and beautiful. What do you call it? Higher-Self? That's a good name. That is the self that vibrates higher than you do - a part of God. But you still want this self to have your name on it, don't you? Did you know that the soul has no personality? There are no attributes of humanism at all in the soul. Oh, if I could only give you the big picture! I would love you to see it! There is a perfection of the Universe that you share with every other Human Being on the planet. It's inside, ready to be developed. Do you know what enhanced Human consciousness really is? It's building the bridge to connectivity with the soul. It's when you start to understand that, really, you're all the same.

Will religion on the planet survive the new energy?

We have spoken in the past about the evolution of spiritual systems [religion] on the planet. We have discussed what to expect, and we have told you to look at how organized religion will shift. In fact, it's already happening - a very slow understanding that your systems simply reflect the concept of branches of the same tree, and they are not opposed to each other but simply different. We describe it again, for it shows how the collective soul plays a part in awareness.

The question has arisen, “Will religion survive?” and the answer is yes. We told you before that it doesn't matter how Humans find God. It really doesn't matter! There will be many levels of Human awareness represented by many ways to worship and grow. Cultures don't need to meld into one group to become enlightened. It's important that all of the various processes remain, so that Human Beings just starting out can go through whatever spiritual processes they wish and have enough time to honor their own timing of learning. The search for God is unique to each Human Being.

So what about organized religion? How is it going to change? It's going to start seeing connectivity, and this is what we teach. When the religions of this planet join together in dialogue and they eventually realize they are unique, but have much the same compassionate purpose, they will relax. When they see it's fine to worship the way they wish, yet at the same time acknowledge the others' right to worship the way they wish, wisdom will expand. You will see an expansion of this planet's spiritual awareness, with increased knowledge and understanding and compassion. But as long as they separate into groups, where each one claims to be “right” and they don't talk to each other, there can be no growth. But you knew that, didn't you?

Religion is not going to diminish or go away. In fact, it's going to get bigger! Look for better understanding between belief systems. When you see separation and radicalism, it will look alarming to you - yet it has been there all along. In the very new energy, it will start showing itself as being lower consciousness and not of God. Change is everywhere.

Isn't it interesting that on your planet, there is a full realization of a monotheistic God? There is one God, a theme expressed by most of the Humans on Earth. Most of the earth also believes there is an afterlife [something beyond death]. Yet you segment yourself into thousands of “doctrinal pieces”, deciding who gets to worship the one God in the correct fashion. Those who do not somehow will be left behind. This attitude is what will change. It's about connectivity and compassion for another's process.

Walk-ins - Soul sharing

Now, what I'm about to give you will challenge your perception of connectivity to the max. We bring up the subject of soul sharing. You're not going to like this, dear ones, because it breaks the paradigm of your traditional thought.

We'll start simple, then we'll get complex. Soul sharing: Have you heard of a walk-in? Many have. Let's speak about what it is, what you think it is, what you're taught it is, and then the problems of logic and singularity that exist because of it. Here is what you're often told: A Human Being will pass in death and then come back. But in order to come back quickly and skip over an often seven- to 15-year growing-up period, they become “walk-ins”. In order to accomplish spiritual things quicker, they will soul share by agreement, and will “pop in” to another existing Human's life at the approximate age of eight to 13. That's a walk-in as you see it. So now, supposedly, you have two souls in one body. Follow me so far?

Now, the walk-in has an attribute that you have to ask about. “What happens to the first soul? Does it take a subservient position? If the first Human's name is Sally and the second soul comes in and that used to be Henry, how does that work?” It's confusing. “What does Henry think about it, being in another gender with Sally? Can they exist together? Does one take a back seat? Does one go forward? Does one simply give up and go back? What is the process of this?”

Human Beings who are esoteric wring their hands and have discussions where they argue and say, “How can this be, and what do we make of it?” And we sit by and we look at it and we say to you, what are you talking about? What is the issue?

You have a 3D argument going on, and all of the machinations of your logic reveal your singular bias. Henry and Sally are just fine with it all! You see, what you don't know, and what you haven't figured out yet, is that there are not two souls in that body! There is only one, and it's called God. The Henry and the Sally separation is only what you made out of it. One soul joining another and soul sharing is like God with God. It's you with you. You just got bigger. One soup joined another, and now there is a larger soup.

There will be arguments like, “Well, what attributes of the Akash belong to Sally and what attributes of the Akash belong to Henry?” What if I told you they combined them? What if I told you things just got bigger with the walk-in? Would that be alright? What if I told you that the whole purpose of the walk-in is the combined Akash? This is so the experiences of many lifetimes can combine to another Human Being as one. Now that's confusing, since you want them to only be one. You see, it's bigger than you think.

There are no puzzles to figure out with the majesty of God. Walk-ins are very common, especially with an old soul passing and coming back quickly into one who has already grown biologically. It is a system of benevolence and a fast-tracking system that allows things to happen better than they would have otherwise, and also take less time. Now, that was easy. But these explanations are going to get more confusing if you're confused already.

Soul mates/Soul sharing

The next subject is soul mates. It's not always what you think. Here is an example: One person meets another person and they have a connection. It doesn't matter if it's outside of romance, although that's there, too, to really confuse things. It may be from a past life as a brother, sister, mother or dad, but they know each other. They think like one person. They can have conversations just looking in each other's eyes and they are amazed. They must have spent lifetimes together in order to have this similarity of thought and thinking of ideas and passions. There's an attraction to be with that person, to just stay with that person, because they represent something that is so special - and you call it soul mate.

What if I told you that you just met a portion of yourself? I told you, dear ones, it gets spooky. What if soul sharing is simply an attribute where you meet a piece of yourself in another Human Being? This is where many will put this information down, walk out of the room, and say, “This is not for me. This can't be for me.” Dear Human, I want you to use your discernment right now and spiritual logic. If God is not singula