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The Incredible Human

Did you hear anything about something dramatic happening in mid-October? Almost everyone in our esoteric “niche” did! There were predictions about everything from terrorist plots to a ship landing. What really happened? Kryon not only goes into that, but also reviews his favorite subject... what happens to us when we come into this earth, and we leave.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There would be those who would say I come in too quickly. They would say that the Human cannot support this kind of transition that fast. Those who have seen the process for years will say it should take longer. In this new energy, however, the invitation is open to have a 100 percent walk with God. For you, that means that when you go into meditation, you will instantly be able to call upon that power. For in this new energy, there is the ability to balance yourself and understand the process so well that you literally can be in meditation before you're in meditation! Does it really make sense that you have to prepare to talk to yourselves? For you are the essence of God. Why, then, should you prepare to talk to yourself? Oh, you can be reverent and you can clear the space and take the time, even build an altar if you wish. But the actual process is instant, and this is the difference between an old energy and a new one. But the love of God never turns off. Instead, it is you who are becoming accustomed to this new energy.

Again, I say this: Remember the masters? Who was your favorite? Did those around that favorite one tell you that he turned on and off? Or did he walk with God the whole time? You know the answer to that. The new energy you sit within is the teaching of mastery. Do you feel you deserve this love? For this is the big issue, is it not? I sit in front of a group of Lightworkers and they deserve it! They know they deserve it. This is what often makes the difference in understanding what is happening or not. Are you part of the process or just watching a process?

I'm going to do something tonight that I have done only one time before, and then when I'm finished with that, I'm going to give you information that has never been revealed. The reason for this revelation is because it has just happened. What I want to do first, however, is to lead you through a Human Being's life. I've done this before, but I want you to hear it in your own language [Spanish]. I want you to record it in your language [and it was].

This is a story of an incredible thing, the amazing Human Being. This is not a story of a special Human Being. It's not a story of a Human Being that has super powers. It doesn't matter whether they're rich or poor or what happens on the earth. I want to give you a story of the Human Being from my perspective - what happens when you leave my side of the veil, and what happens when you come back. This is you - every one of you. Listen, for this may upset what you've been told in the past.

You may say life starts simply, but it does not. There have been those who would love to trick Kryon. They ask ethical questions. “Dear Kryon, when does life begin? Is it in the inception of the egg that gives birth? Is it there, or is it nine months later?” The question, you see, is a trick. Because there's a lot of controversy for Humans there, you see? So they wait for Kryon's answer, and you're not going to like it, for it goes way beyond your seemingly ethical 3D mind.

There is a system in all this and it is beautiful. It's of birth and life and death. The potentials of who you will meet on this planet are known before you get here. The karmic attributes that you will enjoy when you land on this planet are all understood. The synchronicities of who you will meet are there! It's not fortune telling or predictions of the future. Instead, it's about pre-dispositions based on energy.

What are the possibilities that every potential that could e