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The Incredible Human

Did you hear anything about something dramatic happening in mid-October? Almost everyone in our esoteric “niche” did! There were predictions about everything from terrorist plots to a ship landing. What really happened? Kryon not only goes into that, but also reviews his favorite subject... what happens to us when we come into this earth, and we leave.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There would be those who would say I come in too quickly. They would say that the Human cannot support this kind of transition that fast. Those who have seen the process for years will say it should take longer. In this new energy, however, the invitation is open to have a 100 percent walk with God. For you, that means that when you go into meditation, you will instantly be able to call upon that power. For in this new energy, there is the ability to balance yourself and understand the process so well that you literally can be in meditation before you're in meditation! Does it really make sense that you have to prepare to talk to yourselves? For you are the essence of God. Why, then, should you prepare to talk to yourself? Oh, you can be reverent and you can clear the space and take the time, even build an altar if you wish. But the actual process is instant, and this is the difference between an old energy and a new one. But the love of God never turns off. Instead, it is you who are becoming accustomed to this new energy.

Again, I say this: Remember the masters? Who was your favorite? Did those around that favorite one tell you that he turned on and off? Or did he walk with God the whole time? You know the answer to that. The new energy you sit within is the teaching of mastery. Do you feel you deserve this love? For this is the big issue, is it not? I sit in front of a group of Lightworkers and they deserve it! They know they deserve it. This is what often makes the difference in understanding what is happening or not. Are you part of the process or just watching a process?

I'm going to do something tonight that I have done only one time before, and then when I'm finished with that, I'm going to give you information that has never been revealed. The reason for this revelation is because it has just happened. What I want to do first, however, is to lead you through a Human Being's life. I've done this before, but I want you to hear it in your own language [Spanish]. I want you to record it in your language [and it was].

This is a story of an incredible thing, the amazing Human Being. This is not a story of a special Human Being. It's not a story of a Human Being that has super powers. It doesn't matter whether they're rich or poor or what happens on the earth. I want to give you a story of the Human Being from my perspective - what happens when you leave my side of the veil, and what happens when you come back. This is you - every one of you. Listen, for this may upset what you've been told in the past.

You may say life starts simply, but it does not. There have been those who would love to trick Kryon. They ask ethical questions. “Dear Kryon, when does life begin? Is it in the inception of the egg that gives birth? Is it there, or is it nine months later?” The question, you see, is a trick. Because there's a lot of controversy for Humans there, you see? So they wait for Kryon's answer, and you're not going to like it, for it goes way beyond your seemingly ethical 3D mind.

There is a system in all this and it is beautiful. It's of birth and life and death. The potentials of who you will meet on this planet are known before you get here. The karmic attributes that you will enjoy when you land on this planet are all understood. The synchronicities of who you will meet are there! It's not fortune telling or predictions of the future. Instead, it's about pre-dispositions based on energy.

What are the possibilities that every potential that could exist is all mapped out? As complex as it might seem, before you ever step on this planet, you know of all the synchronicities that might occur. And in that, you pick your parents and they pick you. When does life begin? It actually begins eons before you're born. That's the love of God at work, and that should tell you something: There is no accident that you're here.

“Kryon, that couldn't be. You see, I'm an orphan. I never knew my parents.” Oh, Human Being in 3D, you're not listening. For from the depths of your wisdom you chose parents who would make you an orphan. So you might say, “Well, why would I do such a thing?” It's because when you're on my side of the veil, you have the mind of God. Sometimes you will choose challenge so that you will help the planet with your potential solutions. Listen to me. No one came here to suffer. What you came here for was to unravel the puzzle of life, and the ones who are sitting in the chairs and listening to this are interested and doing exactly that.

Each one of you here is a piece of the Creator. Each one of you started on my side of the veil. However, my side is not a place at all. You really cannot understand that, for in three dimensions there has to be a physical place where you come from. God is not in a place. God just is. This is difficult for you to understand, for you are in 3D. But actually, you're a piece of that soup called God.

There is no physical attribute of God. Being a part of God is not explainable in 3D. I sit in front of you, but I am not singular, I am, like you, a piece of the soup of God. My name on the other side of the veil is not Kryon. That name has been created for you. I inhabit my partner's energy in this communication as a group. I see those reading this and I see those listening to this message. Can you even imagine that?

So you didn't start at birth at all. You always were! Before the Universe was created, you were. You belong to God and are of the family of God and you choose to come into the earth for a purpose... a purpose known to all (except you).

The reason for coming to this planet is something we have tried to explain many times. It's tough to do that, because it doesn't really have much to do with Earth. It has to do with the Universe. It has to do with future energies that you will establish from your experience here. It's tough to explain the outside world to a fish in a bowl, for the fish only knows of the bowl. If you tell the fish about your solar system and its surroundings, the fish has no understanding. It only knows of what it knows. So let us again say that what you do in this bowl affects something far greater on the outside.

You never believe it, but you wanted to come here. When you saw the potentials of your parents and where you would be born yet again, you said, “Yes!” You said, “I can hardly wait to get back. Let me come in now.”

Each one of you knows what has happened in your own life. Now you're thinking, aren't you? “Kryon, if I knew these potentials, I don't think I would have come.” This is the incredible Human Being, dear one. Yes, you knew. You knew the potentials of everything you've gone through so far. It was there as a potential and you walked right in and you lived it.

“Why is it that God loves humanity so much?” We've just answered that. You knew the potentials, and came anyway. It's because you love this planet as I do. Because there's something bigger going on. It's all about where the vibration will go on this planet. High? Low? For whatever happens there, it creates something far, far larger. And in order for this test to be in integrity, Human Beings must be born on this planet and search for the hidden Creator within.

Listen to this: At that appointed moment of birth, and after the embryo is fully developed, I stand with you metaphorically in a place we have called The Wind of Birth. This is a portal between linearity and interdimensionality. It's not a place, but rather an energy that is divine. I look at your energy and you look at mine. What follows is what took place with each one of you, for I represent the group that says goodbye to you and hello to you. I'm Kryon, lover of humanity.

In that beautiful energy, I said to you, “Are you ready? Are you sure?” And every single one of you gave me a beautiful energy embrace. Then you disappeared, and an incredible process began.

Being born on the planet is not easy. The first thing you do is split apart. Not all of the piece of God you are gets transferred to the Human body. Some of it continues to reside on this side of the veil. But you knew that, didn't you? For you spend so much time looking for the piece that was separated... the Higher-Self, wanting to connect to it. But with birth you become singular. It's lonely, you know? For you go from an interdimensional being to a singular, 3D one. The Higher-Self is the best portrayal of who you really are. It's the core soul energy, and it really is YOU. That's why it feels so good when you finally connect. It's a connection that you have asked for, and it becomes a remembrance.

So at birth you split apart. That's not all, and here's where it gets difficult for you to understand. Pieces and parts of your core spirit stay on my side of the veil, which is not the Higher-Self. These energies, who are also “you,” become your guides. I've just given you a secret: Your guides are you. That's why it feels so good when they're around you, and you feel so lost when they retreat.

“Kryon, I often feel so depressed and so alone.” I've heard this so many times. There are those in this room and hearing this who would say this to me. If you had an interdimensional picture of your life as I do, you'd see an entourage around you all the time. We've said this so many times: You're not alone. You can't be alone, but in 3D it appears that way, doesn't it? Some of you who are depressed have never really opened that door to Spirit, have you? If you had, you would have found that there is an energy... the energy of the Higher-Self, which pushes back at you to let you know there is something actually there. Every one of you has this.

I often see the one crying in the corner, so depressed, so alone, in despair. I see the beautiful energy of the guides standing around him doing nothing... because the Human never gave permission for them to do anything at all. Yet all of you have them!

So, into the earth comes the Human Being, and in the DNA there is divinity. You have not split your divinity that much, only your dimensionality. Your DNA is filled with sacredness. It has to be, because if you're going to reunite with a Higher-Self, you're going to have to have divinity in your cellular structure... and you do.

The first thing that happens at birth, is an interdimensional process that is timeless. The instant the child is born, there is a crystalline structure activated in the Cave of Creation. The earth knows you're back or the earth knows you've just arrived for the first time. For an old soul, the crystalline structure has been waiting for you, for really it's the essence of all of your lifetimes waiting for the next one. You realize, do you not, that you have had other lives here? It may seem foreign to you what those lives were, but you have a friend in each one of them. It's the friend called the Higher-Self. It's the same Higher-Self you have now. What that means, dear Human Being, is that those past lives were not a foreign experience at all. For you were there.

It's important you realize this, for it gives you permission to look, remember, even to pick up some of the talents that you had before. This will be the teaching, the advanced teaching, that I want my partner to go forward with next year. The crystalline structure of your own crystal is activated, and it's almost like rings of a tree. Each lifetime is represented and can be seen. Now here's something you should know: Everything you have done spiritually on this planet is imbued into that crystal. Everything you have learned the hard way is imbued into that crystal. It lays there in your DNA, transferred to your DNA at birth into two interdimensional energies, or layers, we've called the Akashic Record of DNA [Layers 7 and 8 in the Kryon DNA teaching]. It's this way so that should you awaken or start asking spiritual questions, everything you've ever known or experienced through the ages will come back.

This is very good news to many who read this. It means that nothing is lost through your efforts here through the ages. When you come back, dear Human Being, everything you've learned in this life is still there, and you don't have to learn it again. You don't have to go through anything again if you don't want to. Do you understand what I am telling you at this moment? For those of you who wish to push on the door, to find the God within, to actually reach out to the Creator, are literally opening the jar of spirituality of everything you've ever learned. Slowly, it pours upon you and you remember.

So many of you are asking the questions, “What do I do? How do I do it? What is next? What are the processes, what are the procedures? How, how, how?” And we have said for 20 years, that when you start opening that door, intuition starts to show you what you've already learned! You already know it. In order to make sense of it, new processes have been placed upon the earth to help structure these things in ways that you can understand. These are processes that never existed before 1987.

The teacher, Peggy, is here [Peggy Phoenix Dubro]. Eons ago, she knew the potentials of what she might do here. She is a passionate steward of a new energy. But this information has been given to her slowly to help you make sense of God. Before 1989, the very energy she teaches would not have been possible to teach, and as the years passed since then and the energy of Gaia shifts, her work is enhanced. See how this works? Her “jar of knowledge” is being opened and realized by all.|

Everything you do is registered on this planet as energy, and it stays in the Crystalline Grid after you are gone. Geologists know that most of the rock on this planet, especially in the crust, is crystalline. Crystals do something that most of you understand: they hold energy and have memory. Even scientists know about the energy of memory in a crystalline substance. So it shouldn't be much of a stretch of imagination or too esoteric for you to understand that everything you do is held in that memory bank.

This is what vibrates higher within the planet. It's what you have done collectively, all of your lives, which has stayed here and made this planet vibrate higher. This energy is currently amazing! For the incredible Human Being has changed even the Crystalline Grid in the last two weeks!

You live your life. Some of you find the secrets of these things, and some of you don't. The secrets are only things that are hidden from plain view. But they reveal themselves clearly when any Human begins to look for them.

As we said last night [at the channelling the night before], there is no judgment of any Human. However, in Human terms, in linearity, you want God to judge you, don't you? The thought that you might die and all of you get to go to the same glorious place does not make sense to you, does it? You say, “Well, Kryon, what about the bad guy? I was good. He was bad. We're going to the same place?” Yes, Human Being, you're both going home. Job well done. We gave you this information in the channelling, in your culture, within your scriptures. Did you see it? Did you understand it? It was called The Prodigal Son? This is not new information. Within this parable, the father represents God, and the two sons represent Humans on Earth. One does everything right and one does everything wrong. Then they both come home to the same energy; they get the same party!

There will come a day when all of you breathe your last breath. It's not a sad day for you. It may be a sad day for those you leave behind, but not for you. You've all been there before. The ones listening [to the recording], the ones in this room, and the ones reading... listen to me: When you are finished with your natural life, you take a trip to the Cave of Creation. This is when you leave the essence of everything you've accomplished within the crystal. All the thoughts that you've had that were beautiful, all the thoughts that you've had that made you learn things, all your epiphanies, all imbued into that interdimensional object.

Then the part of you that was not Human (the interdimensional soul part) leaves this planet and recombines with the Higher-Self. All that which was split apart - the divinity of the cells, all of the guides, returns to the appropriate piece of God yet again. This, is what you should celebrate. I do! Because when I meet you on the other side, I meet a brother/sister. I'm doing it right now. I'm saying goodbye to those who are leaving me, being born. I'm saying hello again to those who have passed over and are coming home. “Kryon, how can you be in so many places at once?” You can't ask that and still understand. I'm not singular. I am a piece of the Creator, just like you.

---------------- added by Kryon for this transcription -------------

Two very small, harmless microbes are exploring the Human Being. They each have a radio for communication. [Kryon smile]. They are introduced into the Human's system one day through the right hand of the Human. One stays put while the other explores. The traveling microbe spends years migrating through cellular structure. Trillions of pieces of DNA are seen, and miles and miles of cellular matter are observed. Chemistry is revealed. Finally, the traveling microbe ends up in the left hand.

They explore the Human the way a geologist explores the earth. They are not aware of anything being alive, for after all, it's so big! To them, it's just a vast land of mysterious structure that never shifts. They don't feel movement because they are too small, much like the Human is not aware of the earth racing through space at thousands of miles an hour. They are just explorers of a vast new area - perhaps the same as you would be when you begin to explore space?

They speak to each other daily via their radios, the one telling the other about the marvels of what he sees. The traveling microbe is aware that he may never see the other one... so far away from where he started... but he is an explorer so he is satisfied. This is also much like a space traveler will be when you start touring the solar system. The only obvious motion will be you, and everything else will appear to be static, but very far away.

Suddenly, the consciousness of the Human Being speaks to both of them! He greets them and welcomes them to his spiritual self. His name is Joe. They are amazed at the power of this Joe consciousness, for they were never really aware that there was anything or anyone watching or caring. This must be God, they say, for there would be no other explanation. The real proof for them is in 3D, for Joe can obviously be in two places at the same time! Joe described what was happening to the one microbe in the left hand at the same time he described what was happening to the microbe in the right hand! Think of it - an entity with the power to be in two places at the same time! Of course, Joe was just sitting there with his hands in his lap, talking to his cells.

What we are saying here is that your perception of reality is only how you define reality. Kryon is not in two places at the same time. Kryon is simply the size of God. Whatever is happening, God is there. You have an issue with time, however, since it is not variable in your perception. So visualize that long road you see as history and time, and put it in a circle. Now expand yourself to an enormous size, and put that circle in your lap. Now look at it. Suddenly, you can see all of it happening at the same time. This is how we perceive your Akash.

---------------- end of added section -------------

This may explain why what you do now in ordinary life affects the vibration of this planet. You have discovered how to create peace in your life and eliminate the drama. The earth knows it and your energy of that victory will be here forever. It stays here. Those who say, “I'm so ordinary; just an ordinary Human trying to do my best. I'm not a healer, I'm not a channeller, I'm not really very important at all.” That individual does not understand the bigger picture, that what she does while being ordinary is here forever. She doesn't understand that every step she took in integrity went into the very core of the planet. And when she is done, it's just another page in a vast journal of time, where every page is one life, and every life adds to the whole.


I'm going to tell you what has happened in the last two weeks. So, my partner, I want you to get this right, for it's the first time you've heard it, too. I want you to go slowly so that you can present this in a linear fashion that makes sense. [These are instructions to Lee.]

There was recently what you would call a potential prediction in October [2008]. I can speak of this now because October is gone. In your linearity as my partner speaks this, that was last month. In recent channellings, we even told you of some potentials that might have occurred. To many, some of these potentials sounded like they might be challenging.

We were not the only ones to speak of these things. In fact, even science told you the same thing! The science of prediction is well established on this planet. For more than a decade now, those in a university of learning have discovered how to make certain kinds of devices that react to Human consciousness [Princeton University - The Human Consciousness Project]. Since Human consciousness is interdimensional, these devices react before events happen! You might say they are able to pick up the randomness of potential. This is not a secret, and even my partner has reported these things in his lectures. It's an interesting study about the energy of humanity, and futurists love these machines. For the machines start to react before potential things happen. The scientists saw it happen before things like the recent 2004 tsunami and even the death of Princess Di... all worldwide compassion events.

Recently, these indicators were starting to signal something was happening. They were starting to read that something was in world consciousness being sensed before it would happen. It was centering around the middle of October. What they were beginning to pick up is a shift that took place on October 13 and 14 worldwide*. A major shift took place. The earth moved in an interdimensional level. Did you know that? You say, “No, I didn't,” and that's what I want to tell you about.

How do I describe this? Humans tend to linearize interdimensional potentials in their own belief systems to make them viable to the 3D mind. Thousands of Human Beings were convinced there was going to be a landing of a giant flying saucer on the 13th or the 14th of October. Out of that flying saucer would come entities from beyond your planet with wisdom. This ship would be the biggest imaginable, and it would be reported by the entire earth. This group believed this potential strongly, since it was a collectively perceived vision. They published it and counted upon it.

This was the best story they had to linearize an Earth shift. It was expected. They linearized it completely to make it 3D and make sense. They had a ship landing from afar and entities of wisdom helping all of you. I tell you right now, there is nothing wrong with this. It's the best thing they had to make sense of what they “saw.” But did they get it right? Did a ship land that the entire earth reported? No. But were they right? Yes. It seems to be a puzzle. It didn't happen as perceived. With so many involved with this prediction, what went wrong? Were the scientific instruments right? Yes. But you didn't see anything, did you? Let me continue.

I told you in channel before those dates not to fear change in October, for even Kryon saw a challenge coming. For Kryon sees the potentials of what is there, and I was not the only one to channel it. Seemingly, from many sources and many places you heard the story, “Beware of October.” If you did the simplest kind of numerology on the 13th and the 14th, the 13th becomes a four. In numerological terms, a four is Earth energy. If you do the numerology on the 14, it becomes a five, or “change.” Therefore, what was to happen was Gaia - Earth - change. You were expecting an earthquake. A big one. A global one.

Much like the tsunami, which actually was so large it changed the rotation of the core of the planet, this event would do something similar and create global shift. Now here's what you should know: There is an old energy paradigm that connects Gaia to Human consciousness. Every single shift on this planet that had a consciousness vibration alteration required some kind of physical event on the planet. In this case, it was going to be an earthquake... movement of the planet's crust. That's how connected Human consciousness is to Gaia. Now, be careful, my partner, because I want you to get this one correct. Let's go slow.

Two weeks ago, this planet moved in an interdimensional way without the expected challenge. All the sources, including the ones on my side of the veil, expected something larger than took place. We didn't expect the Human consciousness had raised to a place where nothing would happen. It's the first time this has ever happened. A major shift of this planet took place without the challenge of disaster and without the challenge of death. Understand that this old energy connection had to do with compassion. And the only way to generate the kind of compassion needed for a major shift was for the kind of thing you all were used to... but it didn't happen that way.

All the predictions were there. What about that saucer landing? Well, in an interdimensional way, this planet has been imbued with more wisdom from the ancients than ever before. Without any challenge, without any Earth motion, the needed compassion was also delivered. Well, did a landing occur? In a way, it did. For now this planet is vibrating higher than before. It is a consciousness shift that normally would have taken physical planetary involvement, but you slept right through it, didn't you?

Blessed is the Human Being who slept through it, because there is a new paradigm happening: Change without challenge. This is the goal, but it can only be accomplished if Human consciousness is at a higher level and it was. Now I can tell you that it won't be that way every time, but it was this time. Things are moving quickly, and even the best futurists will be taken back by the lack of visionary consistency - for that's what happens to a timeless object that is always in vibratory transition.

Again, the incredible Human Being shocked us all, just as it took place in 1987 [The Harmonic Convergence]. The shift is working. Less than one half of one percent of you need to make an awakening to create peace on Earth. Many cry, “Oh, Kryon, how soon?” It's up to you. But things will happen faster than you think, and all you have to do is look inside to enhance the process. Free the light that you carry. It's about self-discovery. That's what I wanted to tell you.

Is it any wonder you're dearly loved? Ordinary? Hardly! And that is the message this night. I want this message spread so that others will hear it... others will read it. It's typical of Human Beings to say, “Well, that's interesting.” Then they go about their lives. I'm sitting here on this side of the veil saying, “Why didn't you blow up a balloon, or build a statue or something?” How many of you have the courage to go have a party about the things that didn't happen? What a concept. And if you do, you are becoming the interdimensional Human. Incredible.

That is our message. It's what you're doing. Many channels will come and go. And some of them will report what you're doing. Look for this consistency of message, for it is the big news today.

It's hard to say goodbye. Let it be known this day that the truth was spoken in this room, and that lives were changed. It's hard to say goodbye.

And so it is.


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