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The Innate Revealed

We should all read this a few times, for one of the basic changes in the new energy is revealed in this channelling. Is it possible, in the old energy, that your “smart body” (Innate) was programmed to create something you no longer need? This is the premiss of this channeling, and it's a whopper of an old program... affecting every single one of us! Time to reprogram!

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This evening I wish to expose a very important system to you in ways we have not before. We're going to call this information, “The beginning of information about Innate.” We have given channels before, and one of them was called, The Mysterious Innate. In addition, we have given you some of the attributes about your own body, and tonight we wish to enhance that even more.

The Magnificent Innate

Dear ones, I want to tell you about a process in your body, not only mysterious because it's not in 3D, but elusive enough that you can't really define it. Yet it belongs to you so well that it is actually you. You might ask, “How can something be inside me, Kryon, that I don't really know about?” The answer I give yet again is that your DNA is not working at full capacity yet, and that this is the subject. Your consciousness is not yet synchronized to the reality of certain kinds of things at work within your body. But these realizations are coming to you eventually, and the recalibration of humanity includes an evolved Spirit within you, and we're going to talk a little bit more about that in this channelling.

Let us first identify Innate: What makes Innate so mysterious is that it is not a brain function. It is also, perhaps, one of the only systems in the body that is not centralized. This is difficult for you to conceive of. This system has not been discovered, so it is also not yet defined in medical science. Yet it has been seen over and over.

What you have in DNA is very difficult to explain. The trillions of DNA molecules in your body are all in communication with each other, all the time. It has to be the way of it, if you consider what DNA does. How does your body know which kind of cell it needs and where it needs it? It is Innate that is responsible for all of that at your birth. The DNA, you might say, is truly an esoteric central control. It is the field around the trillions of pieces of DNA that knows itself as one entity. All the DNA together work as one system through this field, and that one system is called Innate. So you might say that it is the combination of the DNA cells in your body together seen as one thing, which you call the smart body, Innate. It is decentralized. There is no single organ or gland of the body that is responsible for Innate. Every single part of the body is involved in this smart body system.

As elusive as it is, you know how to find body solutions through Innate, and you often use muscle testing, or kinesiology. There are many ways - tapping, body talk, decoding, and more. All of these systems give you what we would call smart body feedback. This is done very successfully in order to find out what the smart body wants to tell you. Those who facilitate these processes absolutely know that they are talking to the “smart field” in the body. This field is representing the DNA as a whole, not an organ or a gland, and not the brain.

Innate is a Smart Back-up System

So the first thing we want to tell you about Innate is that it is a body-wide system that “knows” more than anything that your nervous system or brain system could ever know. Innate is everywhere. It's in your toenail and in your hair. Innate is everywhere DNA is, in any form that DNA exists. It's unique and it's you.

Now, I've told you that medical science has seen this over and over, but they don't understand it. Let me give you an example. When a Human Being has a spinal cord severed in an accident, it is severed forever. We have talked about this before, and we said to you, “Isn't it odd that the spinal nerves don't reconnect and grow back?” Everything else in the body is programmed to regenerate, yet the cells in this area do not regenerate well. A severed limb can do it, but the nerves in the spinal cord don't reconnect. We've also told you there will be a time when it does regenerate, and that this is all part of the evolved Human that is coming. But let us talk about the way that it is now.

Picture this: Let's say that you know or have seen a paraplegic. Here is a man or woman in a chair who can move nothing but his or her head. Now, does it make sense to you that most of the nerves are severed in the spinal cord that allow any movement at all, yet the things in the body that depend on the brain's severed signals continue to work? The heart muscles continue to beat, even though you're told that the heart's beat-timing is sent from the brain for the signals to be in the right pattern.

Science has an answer to this for the heart (below), however, digestion also continues, reproduction continues and most of the body functions below the neck are uninterrupted. Yet the brain is not sending signals anymore. How do you explain it? Medical science actually has a pretty good explanation for the heart, since they see it all the time. They tell you that the heart can be autonomous, that it makes itself beat through special cells in the sinoatrial node. This is their description of Innate! They also are seeing a profound back-up system at work.

It's a back-up system within the DNA field that keeps you alive. The DNA field of your body actually connects with the brain, and the signals are still sent in a quantum way [wireless]. The sinoatrial node is a nerve antenna that continues to “pick up” the brain's transmissions through the field. It's so good at this that even if the brain is dead, it “remembers” the pattern for awhile, like a battery back-up. This is the power of Innate.

Remember that your quantum DNA field is in connection with the full body all the time, even though the spinal cord is severed. The brain continues to send the signals, the DNA field receives them and sends them to the heart muscles, to the digestive processes - everything but the muscles in other areas. I ask you to look carefully at this oddity of the body through spinal injury, and you'll know that I'm right. This is so you have real-world proof of this phenomenon.

Innate, the smart body, will keep you alive even if the wires to the brain are severed. Innate is smart, much more than what you will call the survival organ, the brain. The brain is a massive computer of survival and existence. It gives you the ability to be here. But it's not that smart. It can't even tell you if you have a horrible disease in your blood. But Innate can.

The Singularity of Innate

It's time for you to think of your DNA as one thing, not trillions of things. Science does not even acknowledge that DNA can communicate with itself, yet it has to in order for your body to sort things out the way it does. The beauty of what we are teaching is this: The corporeal body, the one that the brain controls, is beginning to build a bridge to Innate. This bridge is going to be through intuition and will eventually create a time where you will be your own medical intuitive! You will not only know what is going within your body, but you will also have a much higher understanding of the energy of your Akash.

Innate has its own kind of programming. It is programmed for something that you should know about since, with this new energy, it's time to rewrite that program.

Survival Programming

Whereas the Human brain is programmed for corporeal survival, Innate is programmed for spiritual survival. You might ask, “What is the difference?” Corporeal survival is your ability to get away from the tiger chasing you and find food and shelter. It gives you the logic to figure out these things and to stay alive. Spiritual survival is a very different thing, and it's very esoteric. It's a much larger kind of survival. It pushes humanity's spiritual evolution and provides a higher working level of your DNA. Let me explain.

Innate knows what the ancients knew. It knows the grand plan; remember, it's connected to the Higher-Self. It knows how long humanity has on this planet before it will no longer be able to make a decision toward planetary graduation. Innate knows that; your DNA knows that. What is the prime directive of Innate? It is to do everything it can for you, giving you multiple chances at free choice, allowing an awakening to take place, therefore, allowing humanity to go across the bridge of survival and move into an ascended planet status. That is the prime directive.

Spiritual survival represents the potential evolution of Earth, and everything is designed around that. Innate is designed to push you forward in any way possible within the free choice system into spiritual awareness. That is what Innate is for. Do you see the grand plan in all this? You have a built-in guidance system to help you navigate your potential.

In this process, Innate also crosses the bridge with corporeal chemistry in very different ways. Innate is responsible for spontaneous remission. Now you know where that comes from. Did you really think that came out of the brain? How can a Human have a disease disappear overnight? How is it possible that the corporeal body can cleanse itself of something so unbalanced overnight? How can tissue grow in a greatly accelerated rate to cause healing almost overnight? I have just given you things that hospitals have seen over and over. They have X-rayed them and verified them and chemically tested them. There is no way, they might say, that this could normally happen. For those who are spiritual, it has to be a miracle! For the science minded, it remains unexplainable. The beauty of this is that it is, indeed, explainable. It's the miracle of Innate! It's your own body keeping you alive. It's a profound, miraculous back-up system.

That's the power that you have. When Innate finally starts to build the bridge to the corporeal self, the Human Being as you know it today will disappear. The one who takes its place will have a much longer life, able to repair itself and even grow limbs back. This is how it was designed, dear ones, and this should start to make sense to you.

Innate's Old Energy Programming

Now that you know what Innate is, let's talk about Innate's programming from the past. In Kryon Book One [1993], I spoke about something that Innate is responsible for. I said, “It's time to drop your karma.” Karma is energy carried with you as a result of past-life experience, pulled forward through the veil into a reincarnate body. It is an energy of unfinished business. That's karma. It's real, and it was needed in an older energy.

It's in the DNA and Innate governs it. So when I told you to drop your karma, I told you that you must talk to your body and talk to your cells. When you do that, say, “I am done with the energy of the past. I drop my old karma. I move forward.” These were the first instructions you ever had from me about a process that crosses the bridge from the corporeal self to the Innate. We told you to use pure intent.

Cellular Shift is Not Automatic

Pure intent addresses your cells in a way that is so pure that the body sees it as truth and acts upon it. That is how karma is dropped. It sees you as the boss, as it should, and acts. Now, I want you to see what was not stated all those years ago that it's now time to reveal. I want this to make sense to you, so we first present the logic for it. Whatever programming the body has, it is totally governed by free choice. You have the choice to obey your brain's survival instructions or not. You have the free choice to believe that this message is real or not. Therefore, the esoteric choices in this new energy are not going to come automatically from your body. Free choice means you are required to use your divine consciousness to direct Innate to move into the new energy. Does it make sense to you that as you come into a new energy as an old soul, where karma is no longer needed, that Innate would drop it by itself? The answer is no. Innate waits for direction, and your consciousness shift isn't programmed into your DNA. That is what free choice is all about.

Now listen, for this is the teaching of the day. Innate, as smart as it is, will continue as before until it gets its new instruction. You have got to reprogram Innate, because it has an old energy bias. It has been working with you the same way as long as you've been a Human. It was designed to do certain things in a certain way, and it's time to change that. Your consciousness is the key to change this. It always was and always will be. Your free choice is needed to deprogram what I will call the instruction sets of Innate. So dropping your karma was the first new energy instruction I ever gave you, and now there is another one.

Reprogram the Innate in your body right now! This reprogramming is through your free conscious intent, and it's not hard. Your consciousness, through pure intent, is the king of body change. You've always known you can change your chemistry and heal your body, so talking to Innate is the key. Now it gets more complicated. I'll tell you what the old program is, in a moment.

The Power of You

Here is the way it works: You must talk to Innate as your best friend, as you would a Human Being sitting in front of you. Consider, you're going to have a conversation with your best friend. Would you then just repeat things over and over? The answer is no. Instead, you'd give a good friend the credibility of intelligence to listen and understand. That is the credibility you must have with Innate. Innate is your smart body and it's time for you to reprogram what it thinks is your spiritual survival. This is because Innate has not crossed that marker of energy with you. Your consciousness has crossed into this new energy, not your old original cellular structure. Recalibration, dear ones, is not automatic.

Old soul, there are a few things you should understand. Do you find it interesting that Innate knows all about your past lives but you don't? How is that for an efficient system? Would you like to know more? What energy is it that you have in a past life, which you have earned, that you could use again today? We've talked about this. Mining the Akash is done through free choice of consciousness, and talking to your Innate. Muscle testing, tapping, body talk, affirmations, decoding - whatever you can do that circumvents the corporeal logic of the Human brain constitutes work with Innate. You have got to think differently in your reality to fully realize this potential. You are used to quantity, repetition and other linear concepts in order to change things within you. Not anymore.

So now let us talk about what you have to reprogram, which is the biggest issue of Innate.

Reprogramming Your Body

Number one: Drop your karma. We say it again, that is number one. What is it that continues to push you around, dear ones, that is the Achilles' heel of your personality? What is it that is there that you just don't understand? I'll tell you, it's the energy of the past, and it's not needed for the future. Get rid of it. Innate will do what you tell it to. If it sees it as spiritual logic, it will cooperate, because with this channel, Innate is listening along with you! It knows what you know, and you are the consciousness trigger to change your own Innate.

Number two: Change the prime directive of Innate. What is it that Innate is built to do that makes no sense at all? I'm going to tell you right now, and it's one of the largest revelations to date. Dear ones, there is a system called reincarnation that is the engine, at the moment, for spiritual advancement on the planet. For example, you live a lifetime, you learn certain things, and you pass on. You are reborn into the planet, and within your DNA and Akash is the wisdom you carried from the past life. Each life gives you more wisdom, and you have the free choice to use it or not. But it comes in with you at birth as a new potential.

An old soul carries far more esoteric wisdom than a new soul does. You understand this so far? You, as an old soul, have been there and done that. Have you seen newbies on the planet? They can't make heads or tails out of anything! Every single lifetime builds a library of wisdom as you sit in the chair today. You know you're an old soul. Now guess what Innate does with that?

Innate's Old Program

Here is what Innate has learned to do, which the old system required. Are you ready? Death. In order for you to graduate, pick up the wisdom, and move forward into a higher spiritual consciousness in the next life, you need a short and productive life. Then you reincarnate with that wisdom. The faster the learning cycles are, the higher potential there is for the planet to awaken into a higher vibration - spiritual evolution. Are you starting to see where this is going? Innate, by design, will give you short lifetimes! What a system! It's important that you see the sense in this. In an older consciousness, this became the “engine of enlightenment.” The recycling of old souls was the key. Let them have experience and wisdom. Then recycle them back into the planet so that the wisdom could be used.

It's important to remember that the old energy didn't really allow for present-life wisdom to be realized [used] by the grid of the planet. This was only accomplished through rebirth, and from DNA only working at about one-third its potential.

Suddenly in 2012, you passed the marker [as measured by the precession of the equinoxes], and you've come to a place in consciousness that the ancient prophecies all told you about. Dear ones, that's why I'm here! You have the ability, for the first time, to do what we saw was possible 25 years ago when I arrived. Your DNA is starting to evolve.

I want all of you to start telling Innate that you don't need to go through the transition of death to pass on the wisdom you have. There is a new process now, and it's different than any you have had in the past. Not only can your present wisdom to pass into the grids of the planet today, but everything you have learned from the beginning can be applied, too. Your full Akashic wisdom and learning is suddenly accessible in real time to the energy of Earth.

You don't need to reincarnate quickly anymore. Instead, you can do it by remaining here as your DNA starts to increase in efficiency. By the time you get to 36 percent (do the numerology), the process is complete. You will then have the ability to stay - a very long time! Dear ones, Innate doesn't know that. For thousands of years, it has been progressing this planet's potential spiritual growth by giving short lifetimes. Innate needs to know this, and you are the ones to tell it. Longer lifetimes are the key to the planet's evolution!

Doesn't it make logical sense, dear ones, that you could accomplish more on this planet if you don't have to be reborn and have to grow up all over again? Stay!

There are many on this earth who will say, “This is silly. You are born one way and stay that way.” But this is simply old traditional thinking. You can reprogram almost everything in your body! Many of you know that you've changed your entire personality, perhaps even your Human nature! You've even changed your corporeal structure. There are those reading this who have stopped aging, and that's what this is about - proof that these things are real.

The key to stopping the aging process as you know it today is reprogramming the Innate. Your body is designed to age you, even against common sense! Your cellular body was designed to rejuvenate, and it isn't doing it well. Do you understand? It is the job of Innate to change this, but it needs the signal to do that. This is free choice, and you are the only one who can do it - not a facilitator or a healer, not a channeller. YOU need to learn how to communicate with Innate.

Tell Innate: “I no longer have to die to create spiritual growth.” You can do this almost any way you want. Learn how to build affirmations that are positive. Get in touch with the body through whatever process that comes your way. You are ready to communicate to the smart body.

Now, the beauty of this is the following: You don't have to convince Innate of anything. It knows! It has been waiting for the call! As soon as it sees the progress that you have made in your consciousness, it's a done deal. Did you hear that? Innate knows who you are! After all, it's the smart body. But it doesn't know until you make the call.

Innate is ready to cooperate as soon as it sees the new and evolved avenue of spiritual evolution. The result of this is that you may live a lot longer. Some say, “I'm not certain I want that!” If you say that, then you are buying into an old paradigm that age equals health problems. It doesn't have to! So that's the next thing: Stay healthy as you don't age. Youthing is not complicated! Is it possible it's filled with love? Yes. Is it new? Yes. It's also smart enough to work well.

Dear ones, I just gave you an attribute that I have never been able to give humanity, and you heard it for the first time tonight. For this information to be given, you had to cross the 2012 energy, past 2013, into 2014. It's time you knew the truth. You are in control of so much more than you have been taught. That's how powerful you are. You're going to see it, and then you're going to believe it. Indeed, you are all unique, and not all of you are going to be able to awaken Innate with the same strength. That's because each of you are individuals on a unique spiritual path. Dear ones, I know who you are!

Old souls of this planet, awaken! Awaken to a new process, and a new kind of life. You can double your lifespan and more! Don't be afraid of what you see around you. There will be those who don't agree with any of this, and the result will be that they can't do it. They don't understand it. Slowly, as you don't age as much, the differences between you and them may actually frighten them. It won't be forever, because there will come a time when all humanity will know what I'm teaching tonight is true.

And so it is.


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