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The Kryon Kundalini Tour was one of the most spectacular tours we have ever done. During the tour 28 channellings were given, and nine of them were the letters of the word KUNDALINI. This is the first of those channellings... preparing us for the earth changes that were taking place in the rebalancing of the planet.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I am aware of where I am and of the celebration of the day. If you ever wondered, God does not exist in a vacuum. That is to say God exists in you and, therefore, is aware of everything you are. There are those who would say that getting in touch with God is difficult and that you must follow a protocol. Let me tell you what the protocol is: It's called being alive. God knows you. When you are not here, you are with God. When you are not here, you are part of God, and there is beauty in this arrangement.

There is much to be told in this time, but right now I am aware of you. I'm aware of those who are listening to this voice who are not in your timeline. To me, you are all listening right now, but there would also be those who are listening and reading in what you would call your future. Some of them are you! But many are those who are not in this room, so I'm going to do something very non-3D. I would like to welcome those who are listening and reading to this room, for dear ones, I see you now.

The synchronicity of the numbers is fun for us. The organizers of the Kundalini Tour have simply scheduled those areas they wished to visit, perhaps without understanding that it was all structured in base-twelve. When you take a look at the cycles of the Universe, including that which you call mathematics, it is all based in twelves. The threes and fours, in particular, make up the structure of not only the cycles, but also atomic structure and biology. The only time you see uneven numbers in atomic structure is when atoms move around to create a potential charge and that has a name: Magnetics. But the cycles that you see in biology and in normal life are threes and fours, and that includes your DNA if you noticed.

So now you begin the Kundalini Tour, and even though there would be those in the room who may not join the full tour, you are still with us. For we see you in a state of consciousness, where weeks from now you are still here. Weeks from now, as you look at your clocks, you come along with all of us in such a way that it works outside of three dimensions. By the time you get to the last message in Lima, there will have been twelve events. Isn't it interesting that the organizers created this number of events by accident and without design? So these things have come together appropriately, honoring of the way the earth works.

The base-twelve around 360 degrees is the way you still navigate today with Gaia, not in fives and tens. If you take the number twelve and add the one and the two together numerologically, you get the energy of the three. The number three is a catalyst. That is to say that when certain elements come together, they catalyze, or push the creation of a third energy. That's exactly what is happening. Now, add to this another synchronicity as well - the word Kundalini in your language has nine letters. This number represents completion. So you might say that this transition that the earth is going through right now has the number nine involved. Indeed, it is the beginning of a final transition for the planet. There will come a time when you will make a historic demarcation between energy as measured before and after 2020. All of the history of mankind up to this date will be measured as one energy, and Human history from now on will be measured and seen as another energy. That is how profound the potentials are past 2020.

There have been others before you

Now, let me tell you something: I have said this before. Spirit has no clock as you do. We don't measure the years, and we don't see things like you do as generations of Humans' lives with a timeline. Listen to me, old soul: You are always here! Did you think of that? You may measure your life from the ti