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The Lineage of Spirituality

The Delphi University is located in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in McCaysville, Georgia. This is one of Lee's favorite places, with the energy of the Delphi Temple of Wisdom ready to see another one of Kryon's channellings. This is a place of learning, healing, and where they teach channelling, so Lee is right at home. This channelling is a nice sweet revelation of some of the history of "intuitive Metaphisics," as Kryon calls is... the original sacred belief system of the planet.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is the voice of the Human Being, is it not, that right now all of you hear? It is also the voice of the Human Being for the readership that is upon you now. I speak of the future, for I am in a quantum state; the energy of the readership and the listenership is the same, for those who are in front of me in 3D are the same to me as those who are reading. And again I ask, Who is it who speaks? Is it a Human Being pretending to be special? We ask this openly because now is the time, Human Being, to examine the energy that is in the room in front of you. For those of you in real time right now, there is energy pouring from this chair. Some of you will feel it knocking your hair back because you're in a place of wisdom, designed with the intent that God would present in this place as a friend, and that the truth of Spirit would emanate from the very cellular structure of Human Beings in the room. That's what is happening now. The very fabric of the wood here is aware of the epiphanies of the healing of humanity. It has happened in the chairs where you sit, dear ones, all known to us because we were always here, too.

We knew who would sit in the chairs, and we knew the potentials of who would read - all this before it took place. This is not fortune telling, but rather it is only about potentials. Again, we say that all the scriptures on the planet, the most profound writings in history that carry a spiritual attribute, were written and spoken by Human Beings, all of them. God did not write any of them. Humans wrote them all. They wrote them with their intent, with their bare hands, communicating to friends in various cities, some of them in jail, some of them in prison, some of them overwhelmed by negative circumstances. Each one was proclaiming the joy in their heart because they had found something special. These are the scriptures of the earth, all written by Humans. Now in this place, we present even more wisdom and unite with the name of the building and the temple which it created [The Delphi University Temple of Wisdom].

I came 20 years ago into fruition and form, channelled by the Human Being who sits in the chair now. Although I have been here since before the earth was the earth, only at the beginning of the shift was I allowed to begin the communication process you have now with me. The message has been constant, continuous, never conflicting and never interruptive. It has hung together and has never competed with itself. The message from the beginning is that this is the age of the shift, and it is before you as you read these words.

The Ancients Knew It All...

Let me speak of spiritualism in general. The ancients, through their intuition, carried the "secrets of Spirit" that today you call New Age. There's nothing new about these attributes, for they are as old as humanity. In the ancients' beliefs, they were not secrets at all. They didn't need to be. Nothing really competed with them and the ancients openly acknowledged that there was an energy of the planet called Gaia, and that it worked closely with Human Beings. It fed them; it clothed them; it gave them wisdom. Humans celebrated the birth of their children around the energy of the earth. They named their children for their ancestors for many reasons, including the belief that their children were their own ancestors! The circle of life called reincarnation was accepted as reality, and it was intuitive for societies all over the planet who had never even seen each other or knew the other existed. Yet, all of these ancient beliefs you claim today as part of your New Age.

Through history, these belief attributes matured until the energy of the planet was developed enough for the masters to start appearing. These were masters who came to show how humanity could take these intuitive attributes and make a difference for the planet. Masters taught mastery, but humans wanted only to worship them. One by one the masters came and one by one they were eliminated by Humans. This martyrdom created new systems, for now there were prophets to be worshipped, and the belief systems of the world began to shift and change and the ways of the ancients had to go underground. So what we speak of in this wisdom place is not really metaphysics and it's not New Age. It is basic intuitive spiritualism. It is what the ancients knew and what they carried forward, yet now the information had to be hidden and had become the "secrets."

The Secrets Began - The Preservation of Ancient Truth

I wish to take you to a place with me, metaphorically. This is a real place and a real happening in history. Let me take you to a place not that far removed from your time, for it is less than 300 years ago. I take you to a room filled with old men, seniors each, professionals each. Some were leaders in the government and some leaders in law, even one leader in the church. They were meeting in secret, sitting in a circle, in an important meeting that will not be identified by a name or a place or a town, but it took place. The meeting was an agreement to continue the secrets in various ways, using social organizations as a front. This was the time when intuitive spiritual thoughts were becoming seen as evil, where basic Human nature was being taught as from the darkness, and where the gifts of Spirit were seen as the devil's work. They had to do something to preserve the simple truths of God that had been with humanity for eons but were now being threatened. The birth of "modern religion" was taking hold, and it was beginning to teach that humanity was born dirty, not empowered, and that the prophets held the key to everything and, therefore, had to be followed and worshipped, even in death. Spirituality was being redefined in a package that was fragmented and impersonal. Men were beginning to write 3D rules of "how to follow and worship" and men collected the power from all of this. Humanity was beginning to slide into a spiritual darkness that would be filled with mythology, suffering, death, wars and hatred, all in the name of God.

The first thing these old men did was to pull out what they felt were the "accoutrements of energy" - the Crystallines. They placed these stones [crystals] in their circle in a very interesting pattern. That pattern is known today as the double tetrahedron, and was a sacred shape to them. On the floor in front of them the crystals went, and then the men started singing. They sang tone notes without lyrics because there was the acknowledgment that Human voice creates an energy of sacredness. God was seen as "in them" and they filled the room with tones to purify what they were about to do. They lit many candles, not because candles made it any more sacred, but because they didn't have electricity. [Kryon humor] It's odd, because you carry this attribute even to this day, like seed remembrance of this time when the truth had to be hidden.

The decisions in this room became the seeds of secret organizations that would go around the planet for decades, for centuries. Some of these organizations would flourish and be misunderstood, and others would morph and change into yet other organizations when the membership became greedy. Some wanted to use the secrets for power. Some of them called themselves, "The Enlightened Ones," [those who were illuminated]. But they were not, and others kept the secrets to themselves, said very little, and kept the purity of what was given.

One of those organizations is with your current society even today - the organization that you call Masonic [The Masons]. If they could give you the secrets that they hold today, these men would tell you the core information is that there is a prophet inside of each of them called God, and at the source of all wisdom, healing and energy on the planet comes from inside. What a concept! It is what you study today and call the New Age. It's what is taught in this very building. It has come full circle, has it not?

Science is Changing - Logic Demands It

Let me speak of the lineage of spiritualism, for the shift you are in is beginning to reveal the old truths. As proof of this, the bastion of logical thinking is starting to crack, for empirical science itself is beginning to argue the existence of "intelligent energy" as a pillar of possible creation and evolution.

All through your "modern times," God has had no place in science. Suddenly, however, within the last generation, those who study the numbers, odds and paradigms of creation are seeing a logic that is "against all odds." Completely out of the possibility of chance, the Universe seems to have developed in a way that only an intelligent designer could have created. This "intelligent design" concept is controversial, for it states that there is some kind of higher consciousness of creation. Argue though they might, science cannot deny that the odds are there and that the facts are in front of them. It simply could not have happened accidentally.

Gaia is starting to get a bad name! It's becoming highly controversial, for the very idea that the earth could have a "consciousness of life" within its evolution is now before the scientific community. Why? Because as the history of Earth is being revealed, the facts shout that there is a "plan" of life, a system of non-random events, an intelligence that favors life and keeps refining it.

Scientists are lining up as we speak with opinions in both camps. Is there, indeed, a self-sustaining energy of life evolution called Gaia that protects and balances life on Earth? Or, is the way the earth developed completely and totally random as evidenced by the fact that life has destroyed itself up to seven times in the millenniums before yours? Indeed it has! Therefore, there are those who say that "life is self-destructive" and each time it appears on the planet, it eventually destroys itself. Others are saying the opposite, that the starts and stops of the life cycle are simply Gaia determining how to create it better and better.

There is one particular "against all odds" attribute that is remarkable - the one that scientists are looking at that shows Gaia's presence is beyond chance. If you will take a look at the summary of what has slowly taken place, it's obvious that the energy of the planet that is called Gaia has learned from the starts and the stops of each life cycle. One major elimination of life force on the planet occurred when too much oxygen-based life blossomed all at once and robbed the atmosphere of oxygen. This, of course, killed the life because it had no more oxygen to exist. It's what happened next that is of interest. The next evolution of life expansion included an entirely new process called photosynthesis. Gaia created a system where the plants on the planet would produce the very oxygen that life would need. The "food" that plants would need would be what life discarded as waste. Therefore, one of the first natural, symbiotic relationships was born, seemingly randomly, but which was the next obvious intelligent process to come forward, completely outside the statistics of chance. Over a long period of time, it was obvious that life did not destroy itself randomly. Instead, it learned from the former mistakes and evolved the corrections it needed to survive. Gaia was alive and well, and slowly refining the stage for humanity.

The Next Stage - Human Consciousness

So why do I speak of this as a spiritual lineage? Because here you sit, Human Being. You are the product of all of it, and Gaia continues to provide you with the changes you need. What is happening on the planet at the moment is a shift of consciousness, as is the next step in the evolutionary life force scenario. Life is not going to destroy itself because it is somehow destined to do so. Instead, you see the essence of Gaia at work. Therefore, you might say that Human consciousness and the earth are allied, and you'd be right. It is the first time in the history of humanity where the alliance is so strong it blurs the image of where one starts and the other stops. It confirms the Mayans' vibrational observations within their studies and spiritual calendars. You are allied with the earth and the consciousness that you have speaks to the crystalline structure [the remembrance of the Akashic Record] and it vibrates with your thoughts. More than just within the Cave of Creation [lecture from Lee earlier in the day], your thoughts are carried directly to the Crystalline Grid of the planet.

The Mayans spoke of this time within the Galactic Alignment [the 2020 energy] as the Cycle of the Yellow Sun. They predicted this cycle of Gaia and told you within their writings and glyphs that this time in history would be some of the highest vibrations of the planet ever available to Human consciousness. This information is still not taught in the very places where the information is written in stone [Mexico], for the old ways keep it suppressed! But it is there for all to read, and it is not information of doom and gloom!

Has God Changed?

The basic spiritual system has changed and there are many who have said they didn't want that change. So I speak of that briefly. Karma is the old system of life and death, birth and extended life, which causes energies and synchronicities to be created that would allow a puzzle to be solved. One person would live a life and they would come back and they would carry in their DNA an energy of what they didn't accomplish the last time around. Sometimes they would carry in their DNA what they did accomplish... and try their best to undo it. Karma has been the driving force behind what a Human Being's personality became, what they wanted, their fears, their hopes and their passions. Karma drove it all.

In the last 20 years, that all changed. There would be those who have been in this metaphysics for a very long time who would deny that there is ever a change. They would say this to you: "God is the same yesterday, today and forever." They'd be right! For the love of God does not change, and the essence of the "personality of God" is forever. So this is their argument, to say there can be no change and no shift when it comes to God. There is no argument with that fact. The argument is this: There is a change in the Human Being's relationship to God, Gaia, the Akashic Record and all that represents the system. This is where the changes are occurring and in that relationship to God and Gaia, consciousness is beginning to shift to the degree that Humans can come into the planet and now say, "Karma is something I am finished with - be gone." Then any Human with this epiphany can move out of the old Akashic groove of those things they came in to fix, that they felt so strong about, things that their parents wanted, and that they thought they did also until they realized these were inappropriate energies carried around within them, only for karmic reasons. They can wipe clean any karmic slate of energy and move into a place where they claim their mastery to create their own reality and not be prodded and pushed by something ancient within them that seems to be old and not something they even recognize.

In this room, there are more than 30 of you who did that. You moved past the energy that you came in with and in the process there was learning, and in the process there were tears. In the process there was an uncomfortable part of you that had to climb out of your own skin and into that which you knew was appropriate but that which you could control. This is the beginning of the Humans' co-creative energies that we now celebrate in this place. This is the Temple of Wisdom, and these things have been taught here before.

What the Futurists Will Tell You

What is the wisest thing that could be said at this moment? I will tell you what it is, for it is that Human Beings are in control of this planet! Within their consciousness, they control the dirt of the earth and the skies above. Within their consciousness, they control the vibratory level of what happens next. Within their consciousness, they control the fractals of time that in the past would then lie upon the land and supply the energy of what would happen next [a repeating cycle of self-destruction]. You are going to hear from those who are "experts" that the next two years could be filled with horror. You are going to hear that your economy is going to continue to fail and fall over completely. You are going to hear that Gaia, the earth, is going to belch and burst and come forward from the oceans with gas that will cover this planet and suffocate humanity [methane]. You are going to hear, of course, that new disease is always a conspiracy of the dark side to fill the planet with plague. You're going to hear it all, and you're going to hear it because all of those things lay in the potentials of your lifetime. In other words, these things are, indeed, within the potentials of reality.

Now, Human Being, let's be clear on what you're going to hear from me. These items of doom need not happen! Fear, conspiracy and doom predictions are there because the energy of an old cycle is trying to exert itself. There are enough of you to make the difference in directing the energies of your consciousness to an earth that begins to shift the way you want it to, instead of following a time fractal. You are going to steer it the way you want it to, instead of the ways of those who predict the doom. We say this to you because those are the potentials that have always been. They are the strongest ones and remain so. You don't have to try that hard to do it, for all you have to do is hold the light that you have. All you have to do is hold the light that's there already and you will accomplish it. Indeed, you will begin an entirely new time fractal, one with your new energy.

We have given you some prophecies about unstable countries that will become stable, unbalanced dictators who will be removed, and surprises in the way things work economically that you never thought could repair themselves. These are all hard to believe, since they are all positive and you're in the middle of one of them now - a realignment with the purpose of how money works in your culture and responds to responsibility and the elimination of the pure greed factor to the extent it has been there. It doesn't seem positive at all! It's difficult, isn't it? It's fearful, isn't it? It's worrisome, isn't it? How many of you will instead turn this around and celebrate the pruning of the economic tree? "Thank you, God, that this tree will now survive because we pruned off the parts that don't serve us." "Thank you, God," you might say, "that the free enterprise that made this particular country unique can survive because we again have changed the way it works. Thank you, God, that history does not have to repeat itself and we will not have life extinction just because many think it will." This power of yours is what is being taught right now by Spirit through many channels. It is what the system has become. You're now in charge! Look to the other things I've told you, too. Look to massive changes coming in the Middle East.

The Galactic Alignment is All Part of the Shift

The cosmos plays a part, too. The alignments are for a reason, and the one we spoke about 20 years ago is here. It is here on time and only the second time since Humans have been on the planet. [The Glactic Alignment - the 2020 energy] It is here when the time fractal dictated it would be and it's here at one of the greatest concentrations of high energy the planet has ever had. It's here during a time of high consciousness. What are you going to do with that? All of the tools are at your feet. If you believe in synchronicity and coincidence, I will tell you that you sit in the Temple of Wisdom built for the shift [speaking to those who are seated in the audience] before the shift ever occurred, with a stewardship of those here who know why it exists. It exists today to continue the teaching in a mature fashion that was started before the shift. So you might say it was perfectly timed. Here you are sitting in a place that aligns with why you sit in the chair. Here you are sitting in a place that aligns with the message of Kryon. Do you see how this was organized and arranged? There had to be some foreknowledge, some intuition, some intelligence within the system. There had to be some real channelling involved. Indeed, there was. It is the proof, is it not, that where you sit is part of where you're supposed to sit?

Even the alignments of the planets and the stars at this particular point in time is a confluence of energy for 36 years to allow this planet to start a peaceful evolvement. That's what this energy is about. It's what we've always seen. That's what the cosmos do for you; they cooperate and enhance the Human experience.

The DNA Connection

Your biology is shifting. There are scientists who want to take apart the brain after someone dies to find out if it will show why that particular Human was brilliant. What is the brain's difference if they were a healer or a spoon bender or a psychic or had many other odd attributes. But they're not going to discover anything different about the brains of these, for the three-dimensional chemistry remains static. It is a slave to the rest of DNA that controls the quantumness of a Human. That is to say, the 90 percent of DNA that is quantum is that which responds to consciousness and which responds to Gaia's touch. That is what is going to change this planet. That is what you're working on; that is where the healing comes from; that's where the channelling comes from. That is what the masters wished to teach, but were not able to.

The quantum portion of your DNA is the 90 percent that your science sees as "junk" because it can't find a code or a system or a chemical "signature." All of it simply is working with the engine of your 3D chemistry, the protein encoded portions of DNA that control all your genes. It's all about cosmic energy creating magnetism and carrying instruction sets for a new humanity directly into the 90 percent of your DNA. What I am saying is this: There is no way any scientist is going to "see" why Humans are changing. The DNA chemistry will appear to remain the same, since the random "junk" is what is changing. It can't be seen in 3D. Soon, however, science will figure it out and realize that the three percent is the "engine" of your 3D body, and the 90 percent is the quantum instruction set that tells the engine what to do. They will have a puzzle before them, but admit that it is a factor. I'll be telling you more about this soon.

The Final Attribute

Let me give you the last attribute, my dear Human Being. This is new and yet it's not new. More than 2,000 years ago, something started to change on the planet. All through history, the ancients saw esoteric systems as just systems. That's all they saw them as... spiritual systems. They used and celebrated the systems, and they never took any more than they could give back. They saw the balance of nature and celebrated it. In a way, it was their religion, but they didn't worship it necessarily, but instead used the system. There was no energy around it other than it worked for them. They often feared it and learned to respect it. They knew about God inside, about how they were all connected, but they never felt anything personal. They knew of the circle of life, but used it to make sense of their current issues.

Then the masters started coming into this planet and giving you information. If you looked at their words, you'll see what they said. They said you had the ability to heal yourselves. You had the ability to open the door and find something else that you didn't expect. They spoke of something that had never been mentioned before; they spoke of love and compassion as tools of the system. It was an evolvement, an unexpected evolvement. It's what the earth was ready to hear, but the masters were not honored. Both in the east and the west, the masters were eliminated, and only their experiences and words were left to be worked up into doctrines and processes that really didn't represent them at all.

There are those in old metaphysics who will say this that emotion has no place in the system. They say that it gets in the way of the system, and they boil everything down to the way spirit works with men and how men work with spirit, and they never give any credibility to the love of God. That is what has changed. In these last 20 years, I have come into this place to give you information about the fact that there is a creator who is your family... the missing piece. This creator that Humans look for does not wish to be worshipped. Instead, it is to be loved as family. The missing piece, the one you look for, has a face. It has a heart, and you look at it every day in the mirror. The love of God is real. Compassion for humanity through all life forms is the glue that has been missing all along. It is an evolutionary idea and a step that goes beyond the system. It's quantum and has no empirical measurement. It has no place and no form. You can't "list it" and can't intellectualize it. Therefore, it's out of the box of everything else that has been listed within the system.

From the day I arrived, I said, "I wash your feet with the love of God, the tears that we shed because we are enamored with the ability to sit at the feet of humanity." Today you have let us into a place built for this! The wisdom of the day says there is a God and it is wise and loving and it is within you. If you give it a chance, you'd find out it's family, and if you give it a chance, you'd find out that this is the power that we've spoken of all along.

This, therefore, is the lineage of spirituality on this planet, that you have rediscovered the truth of the ancients, that the secrets are revealed to be core information of what all humanity knew from the beginning. The shift, therefore, must be called a time of reclaiming what was always true and always yours. Your Akash should ring with it, validating that it is true and accurate, that mastery is inside, and that you are in control of the planet.

In this place there is geology that will remember this message [crystalline structures]. They will ring true with it until this place does not exist. In this place there will be teaching in the future centered around the fact that the Human Being is in control of everything, and the power that surrounds all is the love of God. Put them together, dear one, and you're unstoppable and you will create peace on this planet and slowly you will see things morph into a reasonable exchange with Human Beings, where there does not have to be war due to hatred or a conflict of different ideas. A maturity of consciousness will develop when leadership turns to the rest of leadership and does not isolate themselves, consciousness that says what humanity wants is a peaceful place for its children.

There isn't one of you in the room, or listening or reading, that doesn't agree with that. So create it! Walk from this place and create it! Walk from this place and know that you are filled with the power of this shift and that the reason that things are happening the way they are is because there has been a remarkable change in Humans - a change that we knew could come if you chose it and you did.

I speak of these things as Kryon, lover of humanity. What are you going to do with it? Was it a nice, sweet message for you or was there more? Some of you will leave with pieces of me. It's the me that's you. In a quantum state, I infuse the hearts of those who wish to be infused with the love of God at this moment, with the seeds of healing at this moment, with epiphanies at this moment of what you're able to do for yourself. Let these seeds be planted so that when you leave this place or get up from your reading chair, much will happen that is what you've asked for.

And for some of you, it's the reason you came.

And so it is.


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