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The Magnetic Field Near The Equator

Dear Kryon, could you comment on the situation of Southeast Asia in general and Malaysia and Singapore in particular? I’d like to know more about the magnetic field near the equator, could you advise?

It might not seem “fair” to anyone in these areas, but the equatorial attributes of the magnetic grid carry some of the same ones that are at the pole. In many of these places the force of the grid magnetics are very low. This is because you’re sitting in the neutral area between positive and negative. It often creates a difficult place to live and makes a constant stable consciousness very hard to achieve. This creates unstable government as well as a greater feeling of anxiety for the people living there. If you doubt this, take a look at where so much of the earth’s poverty is, and the unstable places to live. They’ll be at or near the equator.

In 1989 the question was asked of Kryon, “Where on earth is the best place to live?” Our answer was, “Move to places that are cool.” Perhaps now you understand why.


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