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The Practical Old Soul

For some, this “Day in the life of a future Old Soul” is simply not believable However Kryon tells us that our consciousness is evolving slowly to this very level. This channelling is a peek of what this may look like in future generations. Meanwhile, it is the Old Soul that is reading this who has the invitation to make these changes begin now.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

You are facing a beautiful, beautiful energy and yet you may not realize it. In order to get from dark to light, there are profound transitions. What you know from living on the planet is that transition can be difficult, especially when you go from a darker energy to a lighter one. There are those in the dark who will fight to the death in order to keep from changing. It is a way of life and a way of control for them. But, dear ones, this earth transition is indeed happening. The speed of it will take only as long as you decide it will. Free choice on the planet will determine the timing. You are in the change now, and you have just begun to see it.

There will come a time, literally, when you can say, “The sun has come out; light has won.” This will not mean that the entire planet has become enlightened. Instead, what you are going to have is a planet that thinks differently. It will be a paradigm of existence that is more based on the basic truth of what an old soul would know, as opposed to what a beginner on the planet would know. It is a new paradigm based upon the concepts of a changing Human nature - a maturing and rebalancing of consciousness - and it is going to look a lot different.

What do you think the future practical life of an old soul might look like for a day? How would it be different from what you do now, just for a day? I want to give you a short example.

A Day in the Life of the New Human

We often use the character Wo in parables and stories, and now we will again. Wo is not a man or a woman. In this story, Wo can be either, although we are going to call Wo a he, but actually he is a wo-man. This will be the story of a day in the practical life of an old soul in a future time that is not yet here. It will show a new paradigm from the moment he gets up to when he goes to sleep.


This story has to start, dear ones, with you understanding that this individual, this Human, this old soul in the future, has a completely different paradigm of existence than you have today. It is a paradigm where the Human has literally changed the relationship he has to everything around him. He has changed his relationship to God, to those around him and to the earth. So it may be tough for you to believe everything I am going to show you now, but I want you to listen to the story just for a moment. As I tell it to you, every once in a while I will say, “Stop”. Then I will reveal an old energy comparison to what you are being shown. It will be a night-and-day revelation to the differences in the way Wo treats things in the coming future from what happens today.

In this new paradigm, Wo, this old soul, was born into a civilization that is long past thinking that all their help comes from the outside. They are not a civilization who believes that they are unworthy in the sight of God. They don't feel that they must call on a greater source in order to accomplish everyday life solutions. So right there in that revelation, you see a big difference from the civilization you live in. Their paradigm of existence has changed, and Wo believes that all things spiritual and beautiful are carried inside the Human Being. “God inside” is a cognized message from the masters and is the new Human nature. It is now being applied practically in everyday life. So there is no “scamper to find help” like you see today, or an older energy where much of an entire civilization believes that they are unworthy and that all good things come from above. So I want you to think about that for a moment, because that is how Wo approaches his day.


Do you really think that this will ever occur? Do you think that humanity would ever get to a place where they felt they did not have to get help from an outside source? Do you think there ever will come a day where houses of worship are simply antique buildings? It seems to be a stretch of the imagination until you think of this. What does evolution of consciousness mean to you? It's not going to be something that is forced upon humanity. Rather, it is something that humanity is going to see for themselves over time. It is going to be logical and make sense through a slowly evolving consciousness. Over time, humanity will begin to understand what the masters really meant and start practicing what they said. For eons, Humans have been told that the most sacred things that exist are inside every single Human Being. “Made in his image” means made in the image of love and, in that, humanity would start to realize that the image God the creator has always been inside. Therefore, Humans can access God, spirit, ancestors instantly, through processes that are built-in. So this is where we start the story.


Wo awakens like he does every morning, about to go to work. He puts both feet on the floor and he does an affirmation exercise, and expects good things. This is the first thing he does. He pushes the consciousness of benevolence through his day right at the beginning. The affirmation he would have is this: “This is a good day, and I am going to have a consciousness that will surpass any challenge I have today. Good things are before me.”


Why would he do this? How many Humans do that in an old energy? Let me give you the popular way: You put your feet on the floor and you are about to get up and you say, “Oh, here it is again, another challenging day. I hope things go better than they did yesterday. Yesterday's issues are all still on my mind, and I did not get a very good sleep. I don't know what is going to happen to me today. I hope I survive!” Are you seeing a difference? The biggest difference is the expectation of benevolence, but there really is more. Wo is really saying, “This day is controllable by me!” This is a practical consideration, so the first thing he does, with feet on the floor, is to celebrate the fact that he is going to get through any problems that come. What he is doing is CREATING his reality that day.

Remember this: Humanity will always have duality to work with. There will always be choice between darkness and light, drama and love. The idea that someday you will have a perfect planet where nothing ever goes wrong is an artificial idea that many Humans have because of your linear thinking - black or white - or the idea that everyone will think alike and be angelic. You will always have free choice, and you will always have unique pasts and Akashic records that work with you in positive ways. This creates different ideas and opinions. You will still have a form of politics, but it will look far different and be much more elegant.

So, what is Wo really doing in that moment? He is creating, through his consciousness, something physical - a bubble, you might say, that then goes before him wherever he travels. It becomes as practical as putting on shoes to let you walk on hard surfaces. Is it too much to think that a Human one day might start the day that way?

Wo brushes his teeth and does all the things that you do today to get prepared to leave the house. Wo still goes to work in a vehicle, although not all his neighbors do. Things have changed greatly over time. Wo's vehicle may look a little different, but he gets in it in order to travel to work on roads.

On his way to work, Wo sees something that might actually change his life forever, if he lets it. There has been some kind of an accident with another vehicle. In his day, this doesn't happen very often, but Human reactions, errors of judgment and distractions are still present and there has been a horrible event, and it's right before his eyes. On the curb there is a crying woman, a mother. There are those surrounding her, trying to calm her. A short distance from her Wo can see the ambulances loading the very still, covered bodies of her two, small, dead children.

For this woman, life has taken a horrible twist. It's going to create the potential of lifelong grief that surpasses anything imaginable. For her, the day started out well, but in an instant her children are gone. She would carry this day to her grave. Could there be any greater horror story for any mother?

Wo is overcome with sadness and starts to weep. You see, in this new earth, in a very practical way, compassion is the king of emotions. Wo sees it all, and suddenly there is more than just empathy from him. Instead, he feels everything she feels. He stops his car and continues weeping in his control seat. He then does something very special, dear ones. He gets a hold of himself and starts a process that he knows well and has done many times before. He begins to visualize this woman in her future as she is recovering, understanding, surviving, and having some peace over this event in ways that perhaps are unsustainable in today’s psychological understanding.

He sees her recovering in so great a manner that he can visualize her laughing again. This is the visualization then he sends directly to the curb where she is in that moment of her horror and grief, knowing that he has just planted a very real seed. It's real, and Wo has just practiced something called compassionate action.


Today, if this happened, there would also be those who were very compassionate. However, it might wound them forever. They would never forget the sight. It would affect the child inside (the inner child) and their joy factor. In today’s civilization, there are so many things like this, so many horrors like this that continue daily, that many sensitive Humans empathize to the degree that it ruins their lives. All they can think about is how unjust things are and how they want to change them. They will weep daily for what is happening somewhere else, and in the process, dear ones, they have not helped anybody! Instead, in the process they have pulled themselves down into a lower energy of empathy, worry and fear. They will die younger than normal due to it. It's all because their compassion got the best of them.

But Wo would not let that happen, because he knows that this is the old way and is dangerous. So one of the attributes in this new energy that we are revealing, within the practical nature of a normal person, is to see situations like this and go immediately into compassionate action. What Wo did was to immediately think of a solution and send actions of compassion, because consciousness can change things. Much like today when you might pray for a person, Wo is doing more than that. He is projecting joy in the future for her. He is creating understanding and recovery for that woman, letting it begin this day.

He starts his car and continues. He stops his weeping, and instead he starts smiling because he can see it actually happening in his mind. There will come a day when she will laugh again. There will come a day when she will recover. Not today, not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, but a time when all of these things will be settled within her in a way that she can understand. Wo participates in that humanness of her recovery, even though she remains on the curb as he pulls away.

Wo gets to work and soon he is having a nice day. He is doing his work, and then he is called into the office of the one who does the control. Now, what happens next is not specific. I will generalize it. It comes in one of many scenarios, all of which you will recognize. He faces off with his controller. It might be any of these scenarios: “Wo, you are late again. Wo, there has been a problem over here with one of your clients. Wo, you will have to work on the weekend because this did not work out well. Wo, we are not going to promote you this time, just like last time.” Wo, this. Wo, that. “Wo, we are considering eliminating your position, or replacing you.”

Wo leaves the office and for a moment - just for a moment - he is flooded with an old energy called “worry” and “fear”. What would he do without this job? How would he tell his wife what has just happened? What does it mean to him? Is it as simple as having to work some overtime that he did not plan or is it more than that? Then Wo is still, and takes a deep breath. In an instant, he reframes everything that happened and he realizes this is the beginning of a shift, of a change. It will be a benevolent change, even if he doesn't understand how. Wo doesn’t know the timing of any of it, but he starts to smile, because it is the beginning of a shift that he knows will be good for him and benevolent for all he is.


If this happened today, what would be the typical reaction? It would be this: Worry the whole day; worry the whole night; worry the entire next month; tell all your friends so that they can worry also with you. This is called “drama”. Whatever happens happens, but the drama continues and continues. It would also build a bridge of darkness between the employer and the worker. Then more worry: “What is going to be next? What can happen? They do not appreciate me. I am not worthy.”

None of those things were on Wo’s mind, but he had to convert the potential in about three seconds from an old energy fear reaction to a thought that is way above the consciousness of today. He automatically flipped the energy into a scenario that said, “Maybe I do not belong here. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe something is going to happen that is beautiful. I can hardly wait. I will do as I am told. I will work the overtime. I will even accept the pink slip (termination notice) because there is something better coming.”

Then it continued. It was not a half an hour later that he heard the cheering going on. One of his friends in one of the other cubicles in his office had been promoted to one of the positions he wanted. He wandered over to be part of the celebration and fully participated - and he meant it. He was so pleased that a friend of his was succeeding, and so pleased that that friend got a raise - so pleased! He didn't see it as a reflection that had anything to do with him. He didn't let the former news affect his happiness for his friend.


Do I have to say it? In an older energy, there is so much of self and so much ego projection. “Why not me? What did he have that I did not have? He took my job. I do not like him anymore. I am not going to talk to him anymore. I am going to go home and eat worms.” It's like some would do anything at this point to stay depressed. He continues, “This is awful! First, I get an idea that I may not be employed anymore, then I find out somebody else got promoted instead of me.”

But that was not the reaction at all, for you see, Wo already knew “this or something better” and he had a belief that “benevolence is coming”. He did not know when or how, but here in front of him was a friend who had something wonderful happen - something that was good and would change the person's lifestyle. He knew that the friend would soon tell their family, and they would have a beautiful dinner and sing celebration songs. What a good time this is to celebrate the joy of a friend!


Is this even possible? Can a Human really put away feelings of hurt or worry to a degree where the first thought is to celebrate the one next to them who might be taking their job away? This, dear ones, is the evolution of consciousness. You see, just like Wo felt empathy for the woman, he also felt the joy of his friend. It had become built-in over generations of evolution. It might seem to you to be beyond what a Human could normally do, but that's where it's going.

It is now time for Wo to go home. Wo, like so many Humans everywhere, had a lot on his mind, but he received an intuitive thought that said, “You are forgetting something.” Wo couldn't quite put his finger on it, as you say, and it was still an elusive thought without substance. He drove home.

Wo’s home was small but beautiful. He had a beautiful family who thought much like he did. But there were a few things that Wo knew that had to be a certain way. His wife was a wonderful cook, and dinner was served at a certain time each evening. He had to be there for this and no being late. Early in his marriage, he had made the mistake of being late and he only did it that one time. The reaction was that she felt unappreciated. Indeed, Wo's partner deserved him to be there on time to enjoy what she had prepared and had worked on for at least an hour and half before he got home. The family would be waiting. Indeed, Wo was on time, just like always, and was about to pull into the house - and then his intuition gave him the message, “Wo, this is your wedding anniversary.” Gasp.

Immediately, there was a decision to make. Do I run to the flower shop, get the flowers, get the card, and come back and be late for dinner? Which is better, being late for dinner or not having the flowers (a horrible thing)? His intuition served him well. Wo made a quick stop, not to the flower shop but to the stall he remembered was on the corner, not too far away. There were lots of flowers, good ones, higher prices, but lots of good ones that she deserved. Wo quickly purchased the flowers and came back as fast as he could, but it took 15 minutes. Now he was 15 minutes late.

He did not know what would happen, but at least he had the flowers. Now he could walk in and say, “Happy Anniversary! Honey, I’m sorry I’m late.” So that's what he did.

But something else happened as well. You see, when he walked through the door, all of his friends were there! It was a Happy Anniversary surprise party, and he had the flowers right there in his hand. (Thank you intuition!) He was not late for dinner, because there was no dinner! Instead there was a party. Wo had not disappointed her, and HE HAD FLOWERS! Get the point? What had just happened?


Wo had paused for a moment and had listened to his intuition, a higher part of him which knew beyond what he knew what was going on in the house. His intuition knew what he should do, and he listened and trusted it, and he immediately went to get the flowers.

In an older energy, dear ones, you would have had a clueless Human being making a 50% chance of a right or wrong decision, not understanding that there is a higher, innate part of yourself who knows so much more than you do. There is a Higher-Self above you, and for Wo, it knew that there was a party in the house. Listening to his intuition was common for Wo, and he used it every day as a staple, not something that fleeted by without substance. It told him who to call and how to say the things he had to say to the clients he needed to talk to. It was his way of life and Wo knew it worked. He had practice, and it worked yet again.

When the party was over, his wife said, “Thank you so much for those beautiful, natural, fresh-picked flowers! Wo, we had a great time!” Wo agreed, and the furthest thing from his mind was to tell her what happened at work. Wo thought and smiled, “I'll give her the good news later.”

Wo was about to go to sleep. His feet were on the floor, and before he lifted them into bed he said, “Thank you, Spirit. Thank you, Creator. Thank you for letting me be there for that woman. Thank you for letting me help my friend celebrate. Thank all of the cells of my body for youthing today. Thank you for the disease that was chased away today because I did not get into worry or fear or drama. Thank you inner child and innate that I can smile now. I am not worried about my job. You see, this or something better.” Wo turned and looked at his life's partner. “Good night, sweetheart.


This story is real. All of it. This is what has happened on planets you don't know about. This is the potential for you to think so far above anything that is going on in your life now that it seems unreal or impossible. This paradigm defines enlightenment. The age of compassion is coming. It will rewrite and reframe all that Humans think about and react to.

I just gave you a snapshot, not something out of the purview of reality at all, but something instead that belongs to you and is in your deserved and future lineage. This is because you passed the marker in 2012. Many might say, “Wow, I would like to be there to see it.” [Kryon chuckles] You will. All of you, all of you.

And so it is.


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