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The Quantum Factor - Physics with An Attitude!

Kryon has spoken of it before, but never in this detail: Could physics itself have a bias? Could it be that it actually has consciousness? When a Human observes light, it turns from a wave to a particle. Do we have an influence over physics? How does it "know" we are looking? Is there a very large scientific concept that we have completely overlooked, simply because we think we know how everything works? Here is a channelling that you might enjoy. "Physics with an attitude!"

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

And so the message this evening is the same as it was the evening before, and depending upon that which my partner does will determine that which is then developed as an audio transcription - for I gave it to him last night for the first time so that he would understand these things and would not be a surprize today. So in that, there comes a greater understanding and a better wisdom, for the things that we wish to present this evening are new to some.

We speak now about a premise that we have not spoken of before in this detail, so perhaps it will be a bit unbelievable. It is a premise that has to do with physics, but also everything to do with you. It is a premise that has to do with the energy that you sit in now.

A few moments ago when we opened this door, we asked, "Is the man in the chair pretending?" [speaking of Lee channelling]. We asked that so that you would have discernment and you would know truth, for here is a message that will go to the core of reality. Here is a message that is unbelievable to some, so because of its nature, we bring you the practical part as well. We fill a little of it with your science - that three-dimensional aspect that will anchor things that might sound unbelievable. We present to you that which some day your scientists will see, but which some of them are beginning to see today. They are not understanding totally what it could mean, or how it works or what truly is the core meaning of it. But you can't deny it's there. So in order to do this properly, we will present it in pieces and parts.

The Overview

Here's the premise: As you open the door to understanding that which is quantum in your science, you are going to discover a new kind of physics that is always benevolent in its attributes. That is to say, you're about to open a door and look at something that is not linear and that has a bias - the bias of benevolence. Is it possible that there is an actual energy in physics that is biased benevolently? This really doesn't make sense, because physics is supposed to be a system of laws, relationships, and not a system with any kind of consciousness.

So the puzzle before you is many fold, but first it is one where you have to now assume that the quantum world might have an added attribute that is beyond just a "set of rules." How could a "system" be biased? This is going to sound like science, but it is not all the science you expect. We want to give you this information because it ties in with the creative energy that you are experiencing now, dear Human Being.

Quantum Definition

It is difficult to know how to begin and difficult to know how to explain this in a way that you will actually understand. So let us start with this. Your science believes at the moment that quantum physics has to do with the way small particles react to each other. These would be particles that are so small; they are even particles of light, molecules of DNA, and other products of the wave particle theory. These are so small, you have to see them under an electron microscope. This is what you call quantum mechanics and it's only being seen within the very small.

Here is a puzzle already. Did you know that light and other matter regularly changes from waves to particles? Did you know that light changes to a particle when it is being observed by a Human Being? Now, how can a mathematical system "sense" that it is being observed? Already you know that quantum energy might just be very different than anything you thought. What if it isn't physics at all? What if quantum energy is "the creator's fingerprint"? It would be physics and also have a consciousness. But then, perhaps that's just too strange?

The Large Quantum Energy of the Galaxy

I'm going to give you information to think about. The quantum energy you see in the very small also occurs in the very large. In fact, we'll even go so far as to tell you that physics is actually different in different parts of the Universe, depending on what is at the center of each galaxy. Let's start with that premise - that physics is not a set standard of universal rules. It varies depending on the quantum stamp of the creator energy of each one. Some of them are very similar, but all of them are slightly different. And if you could know the differences, you'd wonder why, and I just told you - it's what's in the middle.

Because your physics is mainly 3D, you have difficulty with how things really work. And quantum physics is the only clue you have to a multi-verse and the possibility that some laws of mass and gravity are determined by what happens in the middle of each galaxy. The creation energy is in the middle. That bipolar energy, that push/pull that we have called "the twins" are in the middle of your galaxy. You see it in 3D as a singularity - which, by the way, is impossible - but it's really a double event. Science doesn't know that yet. So we give this to you so that when they discover it, you can say you heard it here. It will then give credibility to everything else I'm going to say. By the way, how is it, when everything in your physics comes in pairs, even your current laws of physics, that you create a singularity in the middle of the galaxy? Did anyone consider that it could be another pair?

Let us start with the astronomer and ask, "Dear Astronomer, do you believe in God?" The astronomer will think for a moment and might then say, "I am not one to define divinity. It's not my science. I might believe in God, but that's not my study, for I deal in the scientific method." So you might ask him instead, "All right, what do you see that is scientifically interesting to you about our galaxy?" This is where the astronomer may get a bit excited and say, "All right, I will tell you what is interesting to all of us. We've discovered something we don't understand. There are physical principles in large things that do not apply to orbital mechanics as you have learned them within Newtonian and Euclidian physics. It's odd to us that the galaxy moves as one plate, almost like the stars were pebbles glued upon it. It all rotates together. There has to be some kind of energy that holds that form. For orbital mechanics as we know them have to do with gravity and mass and orbiting objects around a fulcrum, such as our sun, and it creates orbits that are all different. All objects around a gravitational center seek their orbits based upon mass and speed. That's why all the planets have different orbits. It's the physics that we expect. That's what our solar system does. But not a galaxy. Galaxies have something in the middle that must be gravity based, yet everything moves around the center as one. There is some kind of gravitational or attractive unity there. We don't understand it."

The Incredible Design - Against All Odds

But that's not all. Then they will tell you something that you cannot believe. It has to do with what you call random chance. So we're going to call this channelling, "The Quantum Factor." There is something you didn't expect that is happening all around you. In your three-dimensional reality, everything that happens on the earth seems to be in a random state. That is to say, reality responds in an expected bell-shaped curve. Common things happen more often than uncommon things. The odds take a shape of expected randomness. If you were to roll a dice over and over thousands of times, you would see a consistency of randomness that is what you call the way things work. That's what you expect. There's no bias to it.

Back to the astronomer - the astronomer is saying, "Everywhere we look, examining what you would call ‘the creating energy of the Universe', is incredibly mathematically improbable. It would be like if you rolled the dice and you got six and then six and then six, a thousand times. It is beyond the realm of randomness. It shows there had to be intelligent design." Now I'm not talking about a metaphysical person. I'm talking about an astronomer. Everywhere they look, against all odds, the Universe is benevolently designed for life. They've used the term "intelligent design." I use the term "benevolent design." And I will tell you that the energy that glues the solar systems of your galaxy together, more than 100 billion stars, is a giant quantum hand that sits upon all the galaxies of your Universe like the hand of God. It's a quantum, benevolent hand.

How can this be? It is the first of many examples we are going to give you, for this is the quantum factor, the very creator fingerprint of the Universe. It is biased in love, biased for life, biased in benevolence. Here you are, sitting on an earth that shouldn't actually exist, for the only thing that allows it to exist is intelligent design.

How long did it take for science to realize this? For them, it's a puzzle, not a divine statement. It's out of statistical probability and seems to only have been possible by design - a benevolence that is the creator energy of the Universe. Think of that. What does this mean to you? If there is a benevolence in the overall creation of the Universe allowing for life, allowing for this earth to exist, it means that other earths exist. There's life everywhere! We told you that many times. However, we sit on a very special earth - the planet that is the only planet of free choice anywhere. There's only one in every Universe, and there have been other planets of free choice before. There are also graduate planets of free choice, providing the seeds of life to other planets, which then become new planets of divine free choice.

So here you are, the creative energy in you has the wisdom of the ages. It is the wisdom of the ages of your galaxy, not of your earth. Others before you in the billions of years that this galaxy has existed have participated in other tests of consciousness. They have graduated to new levels of benevolence, passing it on to the next planet. It is a long-term event, and eventually you will do the same. In this way, you populate the galaxy with your own seeds and the seeds of those before you - seeds of divine purpose.

As you pass this benevolence, it actually shapes the next Universe and how intelligent the design will be. It has been around a long time to get to this place where physics can be shown to have an attitude. It is an attitude of benevolence. That's the big picture. Let's move to a medium one.

The Only Sustainable Quantum Energy on the Planet

Let me take you to an experiment over a decade ago. Two men in Scotland were involved - a physicist and a medical doctor. The medical doctor is Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, my partner's colleague. What a coincidence these two men of science met in this lifetime [Kryon smile]. The physicist and the medical doctor were the first to co-develop a sustainable, coherent, controllable, repeatable, quantum event. That is to say, they have an invention that creates quantum energy that can be sustained, repeated, and used. They've done it by opposing laser energies out of phase through what we would call a quantum holographic lens arrangement. An actual shift of time occurs and that coherent quantum soup, although very small, is controllable and can be repeated, manipulated, and delivered where they want it to go.

Now, they're not the first Humans on the planet to create quantum energy. But they're the first ones to create one that is designed and repeatable. The first Human to create quantum energy was Nikola Tesla. He couldn't control it, but he knew it was there and had seen it over and over within his magnetic experiments.

What the physicist and the doctor did over the next decade showed the quantum factor, for they then applied this designed quantum soup that they had invented to biology. Every time they imbued this energy into a biological test or experiment, they got healing! Think of it. What are the odds that you would develop some kind of an energy on the planet and wherever you pointed it, it healed? What are the odds of that? It's like rolling six and then six and then six. Are you starting to see a pattern?

When this quantum energy is able to be reproduced in other laboratories, there will be those (and there always are) who will try to weaponize it. Here is something you should know: It will be the first energy every discovered that won't allow this. It can't be weaponized because it is benevolent. Imagine, a quantum energy that's just simply physics, but which has an attitude! What does that tell you? It should show you that there's something going on within high physics that is more than math and attributes of matter.

In time, the quantum factor will be discovered on this planet. When it is, it will be highly controversial, and it's going to fly in the face of logic and 3D and the way things work via the scientific method. The ramp-up to all this is difficult. The old souls in front of me have signed on to work this new energy and they've waded through lifetimes, just waiting for this. What would you do as a scientist if the experiments before you had "a mind of their own"? What would you think if magnetics, gravity and light could only be assembled in a certain way that created healing and never a destructive alignment? All this is going to redefine some of the basic forces in the Universe. Intelligent design is only the first, and even today many astronomers and physicists still think it's an anomaly.

That will be the next largest discovery on the planet. It's been held back from you because it takes a higher vibrating consciousness to create and understand it. When any planet discovers a quantum energy and is able to use it, you could go to that planet and know that you will meet high-consciousness entities. This has never been given to you before that, for within the quantum factor contains the secret of interplanetary travel using large, entangled states. There are ways of doing things you never thought could happen. You can throw away your rocket ships. You're on the edge of that.

DNA - A Quantum Force

Now let me take you to the very small. Over a decade ago, Vladimir Poponin, a Russian scientist, used light in an experiment with one molecule of DNA. Through this experiment, he discovered a multidimensional field around DNA. Light patterned itself into a mathematical equation [sine wave] when DNA was present. He discovered that DNA had a quantum field. Not only that, it was a quantum field somehow filled with information. How else could the field pattern light into a sine wave? Now, this came from a quantum biologist, not Kryon. Yet there are many who doubt this experiment ever happened, since it shows something that no Human expected. There are those who simply don't wish to look at the fact that real quantum biologists did a real experiment! They chose to relegate all that information to the new age and not to science. It's always interesting what Humans do with science, isn't it? If it doesn't fit the 3D model of their reality, then they deny it exists.

When the full Human genome was transcribed, every single chemical in it was seen. The numbers are shocking, for in a molecule that is so small you cannot see it without an electron microscope, there are more than 3 billion chemicals! The double helix is more complex than you know. This molecule is small enough to be qualified to be in a quantum state, and Vladimir Poponin showed that it actually had a field around it, even a single DNA molecule.

Those who did the Human Genome Project wanted to know how the 3 billion chemicals of DNA create more than 26,000 genes of the Human body. By the way, there are more genes than that, but I'm using the scientists' numbers, not mine. So this is what they were interested in. They did not see DNA in a quantum state. They were not looking for that, even though the very science of DNA shouts with logic that it has to be quantum. They weren't looking for that. Instead, they counted chemicals and looked for codes, and they found them in a very odd arrangement.

They discovered that of the 3 billion chemicals in the DNA double helix, all the genes were being created in the protein-encoded parts of DNA. Three and a half percent of DNA was creating all the genes. More than 90% of the chemical makeup of DNA seemed to be random. It did absolutely nothing - that they could see or understand. Even to this day, science does not see the obvious, that the 90% is quantum and the 3.5% is linear.

Today, your quantum physicists are often dealing with ten dimensions plus time (11 dimensions) in the most popular kind of multi-dimensional physics, string theory. If you began to ask them about what this all looks like, they would say the words, "chaos" and "random patterning." For this is the way that quantum fields work. They are filled with potentials instead of absolutes, and they vary depending on many factors... including Human consciousness. Someday there will be the realization there is a strong possibility that DNA, although a biological molecule, is in a quantum state. This will break the rules of "size" in a quantum state. For it actually is "mostly quantum," and even affects the spin of the atoms that enter its field. Then the next obvious question will occur: "What information is in the ninety percent of DNA that is quantum?"

Now we get to the core truth, don't we? So I will tell you. The ninety percent of DNA which is quantum, is filled with information, both esoteric and timeless. It is a quantum blueprint for everything you are and have been since you arrived on the planet the first time. DNA contains instruction sets for your life; everything from your full Akashic Record - every single lifetime you have had - to the benevolent creator's fingerprint within the seeds of creation itself. Every single talent you ever had is there, even if you don't have any of those today... the record is there. Every predisposition of weakness and strength are there. Biologically, every single instruction to every single stem cell is there.

Did you ever wonder where stem cells get their "information" to make the Human Being? It's in the 90% of your DNA, and it's all quantum. Why do some quantum DNA contain instructions to create weaker bodies? Why is it that some predispositions for disease are there? Now I'm giving you this information so that you will understand something that is coming next... perhaps the most important biological attribute ever presented.

DNA is a Dynamic Molecule, not a static one.

Humanity is stuck in the 3D portion of their biological thinking. In your 3-D life, you simply accept the chemistry you're given. You act as though the three percent gene producing part is all there is. You believe it is a chemical protocol that is unchangeable and simply "you." You don't see it for the way it's designed. It's dynamic and always has been. It's not set, but will continue to simply repeat what it does unless there is another quantum influence on it.

Therefore you live with the 3 percent as though it were all there is, and since it just "came with your body" and seems to control everything, you never talk to it. Many of you come in with pre-dispositions based upon the karma which is put upon you from your past lives. You don't come in clean [without karmic energy]. Instead, you arrive with pre-dispositions, fears and phobias. Some are positive. Perhaps you come in as a prodigy continuing your last life... the 8-year-old who can paint like a master and do brushstrokes that take 30 years to develop. What does that tell you about what must be in the DNA?

Perhaps you come in as the composer, the pianist, the prodigy, the violinist, just waiting until your hands can go on the fingerboard or can reach up and fret the notes. Perhaps you come in knowing how to play the piano, just waiting for your hands to get big enough to do what you used to do... without any lessons. How do you explain that, dear ones? The answer is that all this is contained in the dynamic quantum instruction sets of your DNA... the part you never talk to it.

Cell Division - a static process?

Let me take you to the cellular division process. We've said this before, but you need to hear this to understand how it works. A cell is ready to divide. The Human body is designed to rejuvenate... all tissue. You've been told that there's some tissue that does not rejuvenate, but that is incorrect. It all rejuvenates at different speeds at different times and in different ways. It rejuvenates. So now you know that the Human body is designed to live a long time. Unfortunately, the energy that you have created on this planet and what you've gone through, has beat it up. You don't live much more than 80 years. That was not the design.

The Biblical personalities were sometimes prophets and sometimes masters and sometimes just there... and lived for hundreds of years. Did they really? Or perhaps this is that just a metaphor? Did they get that right in the Bible without a error in transcription? I'm going to tell you the truth. It's very accurate. Thousands of years ago you lived a very long time, Lemurian. If you knew your lifespan, you'd gasp. But not anymore. Instructions have been given over time to DNA, literally, by the energy of the planet... en energy that you have created through consciousness.

A cell divides. Right before it divides, it needs the blueprint to clone itself. The blueprint is available from the stem cell. The stem cell gets its information from the quantum part of the DNA, which has never changed since you were born. It's remained static, since nothing has ever changed it... and the fact that you don't believe it's changeable and have just accepted aging. There's not a conscious effort to do anything with it, and it just lays there like it always did.

The diving cell "talks" to the stem cell and says, "Do the same thing you always did? Change anything?" And the stem cell talks to the cell that is dividing, saying, "Make another one just the same." Then you rejuvenate just like the last one, accepting everything you received when you were born.

There's another quantum energy on the planet that has the quantum factor... the Great Shift. It is a benevolence that you have created, and that is new. You now sit in a revolutionary change and some of you are aware it and feeling it. It is the shift of Human consciousness and it's shifting right into the quantum factor, since you are becoming more quantum in your consciousness... and it is becoming benevolent. That is why you're seeing this earth react the way it is.

You're starting to see those who will not allow the old systems. You will no longer have dictators. Citizens all over earth want control over lives. They don't want war. They want their families to be safe! They want peace and abundance. They want their grandchildren to have hope for a better life than they had. You're starting to see it over and over in these places that have had dictators for years.

The question was asked, "When will Africa be included in this? Will it have benevolent revolution?" So again I will tell you about the next generation. Guess who's going to be there to make sure this happens? The man in the chair! [speaking of Lee] This is his choice, and he's is ready. He will have black skin, as he has before, and he's going to be right where he needs to be.

Seventy-five years from now, he'll be there ready to go, and he's not going to be a channeller. There's no way to prove that, is there? He won't know who he used to be, either... but he'll just know what he's supposed to do. Like the prodigy, it's written in his DNA, and he wrote it! He won't be alone, for there are those he knows who will be there too. Perhaps even the doctor? (speaking of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys). So karmically, you often travel together, except my partner has dropped his karma! So then what happens? The answer is free choice and control of who you will become. He will arrive "ready to play a part in a benevolent, unified Africa."

By then, there's going to be a healed Africa, ripe and ready to develop one of the most abundant and resource-filled continents this planet has ever seen... without any history that is democratic. They won't have to unlearn anything! They could start from nothing. They can take the best of any system that they've ever seen and build it. Africa will become one of the most abundant continents in the world. And, by the way, they're going to have one currency. [Kryon smile]

Some say, "Well, what about China? They're very large. Look at what they've done." So I again say, look at what they have to unlearn. They must rewrite thousands of years of culture in order to change. Africa will only have the history that you see today. Sickness, disease, dictators... and survival. There will be no establishment to remember or rewrite. It will be original... and benevolent! This is benevolent energy on the planet working in synchronicity for you. Did you ever wonder how energy can be developed like this? Because it loves you and it has an attitude!

The Great Shift

Here's what you should know: Within this shift of Human consciousness, you're starting to receive the quantum factor of benevolence in Human consciousness. That is to say, human nature is becoming more and more benevolent, What this also means is that you are now able to interface with another quantum field... a field around you called the Merkabah, which is your DNA's field. This will create "a confluence of quantumness interfacing with another." I don't know if you know what that means in physics, but I will tell you. What you think, you create.

So, what is the first thing you wish to create, Human? How about rewriting your DNA potentials... the quantum parts that talk to the stem cells and allow you to live longer lives? How'd you like to live another hundred years? Every time I ask that, Humans give me standard old energy, 3-D answers... and I just heard it here. "Not me! I don't want to look that way. It's bad enough what I look like now. I'll be old and infirm. Also, Earth just won't support it. The population will be too big. It's not a responsible thing to do. We won't even be able to feed that many."

Oh, how 3-D of you! Do you see your bias?

The one who has seen black and white all their lives is afraid of color. What will we do with all that? It will be confusing. It will distract us. We won't even know what to do with it! We might even self-destruct

What if... just what if... you also became wiser as well? What if you started to control that which is your population and the use of the earth's resources in a better way. What if you stopped using up the resources of earth and depended instead upon the ocean for power as we told you how to do? What if you decided to dig a hole and make steam out of the heat that's below your feet, instead of building a nuclear reactor? What if you finally realized that nuclear reactors are the world's most expensive and dangerous steam engines! There are lots of ways of making steam that will not hurt one animal, or molecule of air, and the process lays there ready for your discovery. What if you became benevolent and responsible, and GAIA supported the balance of your numbers? What a concept!

What is the second thing you might wish to change? How about creating peace on the planet? Believe it or not, this is actually in progress and has been for over 50 years!

Changing what is in your DNA

Stems cells are only one thing to change in your DNA. What about your emotional engrams... the energy which allows consciousness? There are those in this room that need to hear this. Who is it you won't forgive? Who is it you think has etched in to your life something that you can never forget, and that you wake up every day with it? I know who's here. Remember... when a cell divides, let us call it a brain cell, it asks, "The same or different?" Have you talked to your cells about this? Do you want this in your life forever? "The same or different?" Your DNA can become more benevolent if you wish it to. It's more peaceful, if you want it to. Even an event, which caused that groove of horror to be etched into your brain that you feel can never be forgotten, can be rewritten into balance! Do you see what we are telling you? You are in control! Are you paying attention? You can rewrite anything. That's the power of the Human being in this new energy.

The Old Soul has the Experience

In this new energy, old souls will pick this up first. Perhaps you are an old soul... wise on the planet, and you begin to start changing. Others around you will see it in your actions... perhaps even a change in Human nature, and they'll say, "What have you got? I want it." What will you say?

You don't ever have to give them a Kryon book! You never have to say one word about your belief system. Instead, they watch you work with other Humans beings; they watch you love others who are seemingly unlovable. They watch you care about people who you could never care about before.

Human nature becoming more benevolent? Perhaps you start to see it in areas you never thought you'd see it. Politics will begin to change. The way you do business starts to change. What you expect of each other becomes more peaceful, and less abrasive. Oh, dear ones, there will always be those who are unbalanced. There will always be that which you cannot control. There will always be Human free choice, and prisons. There will be ones who come to the planet for the first time who haven't got a clue how anything works, and do everything wrong, seemingly, just like you did. I'm talking about a slow move of the majority of consciousness, and old souls are the first to see it and make this shift.

There is a lineage in the room. Not just one of many lifetimes but one of wisdom that brings you to the chair. The questions you ask about civilization and earth are wise ones. "When are we going to learn the lessons?" you say. Well, it begins, and you must see the issues in order to have asked that question, right? There's a wisdom pool sitting in the room that is enormous. Don't you feel it?

And so, dear Human Being, you have the ability to start to return to an energy that you thought you'd lost, where Human beings are allowed to live longer and it doesn't destroy the environment. They don't overcrowd themselves because they can control it through their minds instead of laws... and through wisdom.

Some day you'll meet the star seeds, your Pleiadian sisters and brothers. They're even here now, since they are quantum. You've got Pleiadian ancestors who live a very, very long time in a graduate situation in a planet that went through the test just like yours. And it developed a quantum factor. They have benevolence and they have quantum energy. That's how they get here instantly and return, and they'll never interrupt your free choice. That's also why they don't land and say hello. Instead, they sit and cheer on the sidelines for what you've finally done. They are waiting with you to celebrate the December solstice of 2020... the half way point of the 36 year shift you are in.

Before we close, dear ones, we'll again tell you that this is a slow process. We have seen it before. It happens through generations, through children of the children of the children. It is not anything that you're going to see as a flashbulb experience. There may be some things that move backwards for a while before they move forward. But if you look at it together, it is a slow ship where the rudder of wisdom is steering toward a time when hatred will be something that is isolated, and does not cloak itself in culture or religion. It is because quantum energy is benevolent, and Humans are starting to see this.

So that is the truth this day. That is the energy this day. These are the potentials that I see, this day, and that is why we bring you this message this day. Go from this place different than you came, knowing more about who you are and what you've done and what is before you.

I am Kryon, lover of humanity.

And so it is.


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