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The Recalibration of Dark & Light

Let's take a break from the Patagonia Cruise (the two channellings below) to give you still another “recalibration” channelling. Duality is static and unchangeable... right? Think again. For all things are being reshuffled, and even the one that you think you understand fully - dark and light - is changing. This message contains some of the best news yet, and even covers some politics and a prediction at the end.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I speak to those who have an elegance of wisdom. You may not think of this as you, for there are those here who are literally only feeling this for the first time, but there's an elegance in this room. The elegance of discernment is here, and this is placed upon you so that you would discern what is true and what is not - including this very message.

There is a dispensation of wisdom occurring on this planet. For all those who would question themselves or what has happened this day [The Kryon seminar] or wonder if they were manipulated with knowledge or energy, they should go inside and feel that raw, pure energy of the love of God. Raw, in that it is not clouded with a filter; you can see it for what it is. The appropriateness of all things reveals itself, including your place on the earth, living the way you're living with those you live with, with everything you've learned. Your wisdom will tell you that it is all correct and proper, and you haven't made any mistakes. You are wiser than you think.

The room is filled with old souls. Very, very few of you here are not. An old soul is one who has been on the planet more than 100 times or more. My partner has spent the last hour teaching about the past and giving you an option to see the planet as it develops in a way nobody expected. Humans become fearful when there seems to be no predictions about what takes place, for the predictions of doom did not happen. However, they're just not looking in the right place, for what is taking place now is what many of the ancients told you could happen.

Old souls make a difference on this planet. They carry energetic weight with their wisdom. You are those old souls, dear Humans. But do not put a time on this change, for neither Spirit nor Gaia will react to your clock. Instead, put the compassion of God on the change. See that which is appropriate for your life for now, and then stand back and create it. Listen to it. See it happening. Take a trip to the future where it is happening. Feel it upon your lives.

Blessed is the Human Being who knows they are a part of the plan and the system, for these are the Humans who will plant the seeds for peace on Earth.

The Energy of Recalibration

We wish to continue the series that we are calling, “The Recalibration of All Things”. We have given you information in the past about the recalibration of the planet, of humanity and even of the Universe. Now we speak of the recalibration of dark and light and what it means to you.

So before I begin, I must define what I mean by dark and light and then I will also define what I mean by the new 2020 energy. When I speak about dark and light to you, what do you think about? I'll tell you what many are trained to think about: They're trained to think about evil and good and bad. They're trying to put these things in the appropriate boxes where they were taught they belong using linear thinking. They will turn to the mythology that taught them about an entity with a tail trying to capture your soul and other mysterious entities around that work for that main evil entity.

So I will tell you again: The entity that is after your soul is mythology, dear ones. It doesn't exist in your reality. But you might say, “Wait a minute, Kryon. Are you telling me evil doesn't exist?” No, dear ones, I didn't say that. What I'm telling you is that all the darkness on this planet has come from Human Beings. You don't need to assign energy to a mythological creature to have evil on the earth. The darkest of the dark can be created by the Humans if they choose to do that. Dark power can be created because Humans are powerful and can manifest it. Darkness is not that hard to manifest.

However, we have told you before that the light/dark balance of the planet is what is at hand. Those who carry light in the dark room will not have darkness around them, for the definition of darkness is the absence of light. But if there are only a few who carry the match, there's going to be a lot of darkness. So you are subject to that, for you will walk around in whatever light balance is created by humanity.

You might call it a system. All of life is affected - all of it - by the light and dark balance of where humanity decides to place this balance. The definition of dark and light has to do with the Human consciousness balance, since it is the Human Being who creates dark and light for the planet. It's a concept. So this is the subject of this message: What is the new balance of the earth energy going to mean to you, personally, today?

Second definition: The 2020 energy is a marker, a seeming perception of a time frame that you have now passed and are well into, which gives a confluence of energy permission to change reality. The earth, being Gaia, begins to shift with you and for you, and the energy of the planet moves into areas that it never has before.

The Movement of the Kundalini on Earth

I gave a channel in the area you call Peru. We talked about the prophecy of the ancients, which was called the movement of the feathered serpent. This has also been called the centering of wisdom on the planet. Some have called it the movement of the Kundalini. The Kundalini is an energy that is always associated with movement. It is also often associated with procreation, and the metaphor is therefore dealing with the rebirth of humanity.

Civilization itself is at stake within this movement, and you've passed the marker - an alignment that many said would never happen. This is the fifth time you've been through this opportunity and now, dear ones, you're headed for the potential of peace on Earth.

Twenty-three years ago, we told you this could happen and that the potentials were strong for it. Now, all that is around you is struggling with it, for the shift is here. I'll say this over and over: The old energy of darkness dies hard, screaming and struggling to keep what it has had, and it struggles with its own demise. So that is the energy we speak of now, and the subject is the Human consciousness balance between dark and light. Many have called this duality.

How does this new balance affect you?

Let's start with the personal, then we'll go to something bigger and then something even bigger. We'll end with a prediction we've never given before - a potential that has arisen only recently.

Dear ones, I am Kryon. I give you information of love about the planet and your own energy. I never give you information that has not already been generated by the potential of Human consciousness. Quite often the predictions are given and then they happen. When they do, you consider that fortune telling. It is not. It is energy in that random, chaotic place you called quantum, weighing the potentials of what could happen regarding your lives and the earth. So the future is driven by the potentials that you have created with your own consciousness as a civilization on the planet - not fortune telling, but a measurement of what you are creating.

Twenty-three years ago, we saw the potentials of today, for you were starting to develop these very things and the seeds were being planted for what you are seeing now. It's beautiful and difficult at the same time. Change is always accompanied with difficulty. Even the most well-balanced Human will say, “I have found my balance and I'm pleased with this balance.” Then someone comes along and says, “Well, we're going to change things.” That's when that well-balanced Human yells, “No! I'm balanced. Don't change anything!” For change means you're going to put a weight on one side of that balance scale and you're going to have to learn to shift so that you center again. That's always unpleasant and a lot of work. But that's not what you're going to be doing this time. This time it's even harder! We call it recalibration.

Let me tell you what it means by giving you a short review of a message [channelling] I gave recently. In an older energy, you went about protecting yourselves from darkness. If you were a healer, you protected yourselves from those who might have imbalance, psychological problems, even disease in their bodies. Then you often did a number of things to make sure you were protected. There was a process, a procedure for that. So I'm telling you right now that this is gone.

This is a review. If you're constantly creating light, then darkness does not have a chance. We've said this over and over and now it comes full circle to you personally: Wherever you go, darkness can't touch you. Are you listening to me? It can't touch you. The essence of your light is the love of God and you are broadcasting it, Lightworker - broadcasting it! There's no dark thing that can get in there as long as you're broadcasting light!

Now let me tell you a guaranteed way where you can stop broadcasting light and open yourselves up to go backwards instead of forward. It's by saying, “I can't do it. Who am I? I'm not worthy.” There will be many spiritual leaders who will tell you you're not worthy. They will tell you that you were born dirty and unworthy to even talk to God. They will tell you that you have to suffer to get the attention and approval of God. However, God is in you, and even the master of love told you that. Therefore, you are not born dirty, but born magnificent! If God is in you, then light is in you.

We move on to point two: Drama, anger, frustration. There's a lot of it. So when you leave this room, how much of that are you going to participate in? It depends upon the duality, doesn't it? If you are a Lightworker, a lighthouse on this planet that changes the balance of light everywhere you walk, then you're going to be given immediate power over anger, frustration and drama. Power over it! Now, you can't change the people around you. You just can't. They will flail and do whatever they want to and they may go into anger and drama. They may even try to push your buttons. I think you know who I'm talking about. I know who's here and who is reading. They'll do it in order to get control over you, and if they can affect you, you've fallen for it, haven't you?

If a person can get dramatic, if they can get angry enough, if they can push your buttons, then they just won the light/dark battle. For years, this has been a struggle because the balance of dark and light has always teetered in the middle of balance, but so often favored the dark. The dark was easy and blind. During these years, the Lightworkers had to work hard to gain the upper hand for themselves, so they would not be affected by the other. I hope you understand what I'm saying. It has been an upstream swim for the Lightworker!

Now, however, energy is being delivered to you as this earth shifts, which is going to make it far easier for you, the Lightworker, to be in control of emotions, no matter what is around you. Then you can stand there with all the angels on your side, while others try all they want to affect you, but you won't need to react. I challenge you to do this, for there'll be those of you who walk into the workplace in a couple of days and may have a challenge. It is the way of it. The old balance will still be there trying to assert itself in an old way, not being aware that you've changed. So what will your reaction be? Can you begin to take your power?

What happens when one person takes the high road? Eventually, that road is where the other person will want to be also! It's well lighted and attractive. You don't just change yourself by creating light. What you do on this planet is seen by all. Every single, small victory at home or at work will help you walk in a peaceful way where you didn't before. That victory is seen by everybody, and you seem better balanced.

All of us on this side know what you have done! Listen to our applause when you walk from a place and know you did it: You didn't fall for it this time, and you are not affected anymore. Some of you know of what I speak. Anger, frustration, drama - it doesn't have to be in your life at all.

Perhaps you've decided, as you walk from place to place, that you may have to get out of town, get out of a relationship, get out of a job, for things to settle for you. Now I want you to rethink that idea for a moment. What happens if things start to change for you personally and the things that bothered you before now don't? That changes the conditions, doesn't it? Now you can be in the same situations you always were, and yet it's completely different. You're not frustrated anymore. You don't get angry anymore, even as those around you continue to spin in drama and unrest. You actually have more wisdom due to it and can manifest better.

I'll tell you what may eventually happen. Those spinners will see you, and eventually some are going to come to you in private and say, “How do you do it? I wish I didn't have to spin as much. I see that you've changed. For some reason, you're not bothered anymore. For some reason, you have a smile and I can see the peace of God in you and I want it. You don't gossip. You don't make other people wrong. You have an honoring for all people when you open your mouth and speak. I can hear it. Something changed in you and I'd love to know what it is.” Then, my dear Human Being, and only then, should you open up and say, “I've found something that I never thought existed. I found the peace of God inside me.” That's powerful, and your actions prove it.

Number three: Are you aware of how your body is shifting? It's allowing for you not only to heal yourself, but to feel better as you do it. This creates a cellular communication where you don't age as much. Your body will stay younger when the chemistry doesn't have to deal with anxiety.

The Planetary Balance

A summary: On this planet, the balance of what has happened, what Humans have done through the ages, stays here. It is recorded quantumly in what is called The Crystalline Grid. Everything that takes place on the planet, which Humans create, stays here as energy. Every situation where energy is created stays in The Crystalline Grid. If there's a dark energy created by Humans, The Crystalline Grid emanates darkness. If there's a light energy, it emanates light.

For 23 years and the last 18, in particular, you have changed the dark/light balance of Gaia. In the process, your DNA starts to shift. It is quantumly tuned to The Crystalline Grid. That is to say, it then starts to shift not only in you but also in every baby that's born. You might say that the Human DNA field “looks around” at birth and picks up the energy that is given to it by The Crystalline Grid. That, then, is the starting energy it will have for life. Therefore, what you do now affects the energy of the earth and even the consciousness of humanity to come. Think about it. For eons, nothing has changed. Human nature was always the same and, therefore, you never saw anything but war and frustration. This is now starting to change, and the Lightworkers on the planet have created it.

The children are changing. They're different. Some of them are taking on quantum attributes. Many adults laugh at this concept, as they sit and enjoy a better earth, not even acknowledging the considerable change before them, since they are in their own box of reality. But that's what's going on, and it's because the dark and light balance of the earth is affecting newborn DNA. History is not repeating itself, and instead of the planet's population continuing to separate and split itself apart, it is attempting slowly to put itself together. But it happens over generations, so it's not as obvious as something that happens on a week-to-week basis, which Humans would rather look at in their impatience and intellectual pursuit of a fast-moving reality.

However, what this means is that you can stay here longer, no matter what you've been told. Longer life is in your grasp - a lot longer. I'm talking to somebody who needed to hear that. We've given instructions on creating pure intent. We've told you that if you start a process of belief, where you literally go inside and become one with that which is your innate [innate is the quantum intelligence of biology], then you are starting a process where you are beginning to move into a more multidimensional Human, the true reality of all the matter in the Universe. Being 3D is not a normal reality. It's the reality of a closed system of thinking and begets only what it knows instead of moving into what it can imagine.

Innate intelligence? Why would you use kinesiology unless you wanted to know something you don't know? Innate is the energy that you contact when you do muscle testing. Innate is the key. The dark and light balance of the planet is starting to move into a lighter balance, and then it becomes easier for you to contact your own cellular structure and start a process that will operate by itself, as long as you continue to desire light in your life.

Stop Assigning Power to an Outside Force

It's time for you to stop giving credit to the almighty outside and give credit to the almighty inside, as the masters did. What if the true divinity and power on the planet is hidden in Human Beings instead of angels in the sky or big buildings with impressive facades? Humans love to give away their power to others, both Human and not, since most Humans don't trust themselves. But what if balanced health could be yours and you could stop the aging process? Dear ones, you should live 200 years, at least! You rejuvenate! This is your design, but this design is not operating at full efficiency due to the dark/light balance that has been on the planet for eons. Now it is changing.

You're going to start seeing something in the next generation and the one after that: extended life without science. It's going to start happening automatically, and it will be a puzzle for the biologists. Why would Humans start living so much longer? They will say, “Maybe it's nutrition. Maybe it's this and maybe it's that. Maybe it's the lack of disease because we're curing them.” They'll have all number of reasons and none of them will be accurate, because they don't know the energy of what you've done and how it's affecting the DNA. Counter-intuitive to all the pollution you are pumping into the environment, Humans will start to have extended lifetimes.


Let me talk about governments, because you're going to see some change. First, look at history: For years, even in your lifetime and those of your grandparents, the leadership of countries has decided to conquer one another simply because they could! There was an unspoken barbaric attitude that, “If we are more powerful, then we deserve to conquer the weak and take their land.” This is history and wasn't all that long ago.

Let me remind you, 30,000 years of your past history is filled with this. It's literally the history of humanity. Whoever had the most power invaded the one who did not, did you notice? The strong one didn't have to have a reason, either. If a country had no army, then they eventually had no country! Today, that is no longer in your consciousness, or that of most current governments. But sometimes it still happens, and when you see it, even on a small scale, it disgusts you, does it not? That entire attitude doesn't seem to be accurate anymore, and it's shocking when you see it. There's now more respect for sovereignty and the idea of conquering is something from the past.

Governments change. Attitudes change. So you might say, “Well, we licked that one. We've gone someplace.” And you'd be right, for the planet really has changed in that regard. So, what about the next one? What is next for government that is vastly different from the “norm” that you grew up in? You're going to start seeing a change in the way government conducts itself. Believe it or not, you're going to start seeing that which has more integrity! There will be those who demand it and those who will shrink from it and there is where the battles will be.

You may even see in your lifetime the end to name-calling during elections! Now, wouldn't that be something, where one candidate stands up and says, “I don't agree with my opponent, but he's a patriot and I can see that he loves his country as I do. I don't agree with him, and here is why and what I stand for”? This is more than taking the high road. It's a new paradigm of thinking.

Right now, you are more prone to say, “My opponent is a bad guy. Look at what he's done and look at the mistakes he's made and look at his personal ways of dishonesty and mischief.” That's an old paradigm, dear ones. I want you to watch for this change. The first one who does it on a main political stage will create a breath of fresh air in your politics, and the system will never be the same. A new paradigm will be seen as “viable” by those who study these things. When you start seeing it in that arena, you'll know it's real. Don't expect much change in the ways things work, because the old energy is strong. It may take four more years for you to see a difference, perhaps even four more after that. But along will come someone who sets a standard that will be so different that everyone will know it's something that really works.

When the Indigos run for office, there will be a shift in the way they run and in the integrity that they have. They are conceptual and they can see the reaction of consciousness on those they talk to, and the older ones right now can't. So we tell you that the dark and light balance is then going to change what? It eventually will change who you elect! And it's about time. Don't look for it immediately, but it's going to be there. Watch for more conceptual common sense campaigning, leaving the old style behind that you have had for 200 years.


This is a summary on this subject: You have attacked your own financial systems in the last five years to try and make them fair and to clean out as much of the greed as possible. Historians alive today will tell you that this would have been seen as an impossible situation, since big money was seen as untouchable. Yet you have disturbed the nest and started planting the seeds of a better system. This recession you're in is a recalibration of big money. You called them on it, and we told you it was coming almost a year before it happened. We even told you what would fall first [insurance] and that it would be one of the largest insurance companies on the planet [and it was].

So think about this for a moment. We could see it coming because energy is like that. It creates slow, strong potentials that can be predicted. It's not over either, since the old system has to recreate itself. Your bankers are confused, if you've noticed. It doesn't matter what the government says they are allowed to do, or how much money they are being given to do it. They're not doing it! They are frozen in the headlights of a new paradigm and don't know how to operate. That should tell you how new and uncertain this change is - like nothing you have seen.

Now that, my dear Human Being, is a shift of dark and light. Do you see this? Integrity won out over abundance and power, and the system gets altered. It may get altered again, but there'll come a day when the ones who have the money to loan must create win-win situations, instead of greed-based systems. You haven't even seen these systems yet, but you will. You won't believe some of the ideas that the Indigos will think of for banking where everybody wins, and there won't be those left behind, scratching their heads and asking, “What happened to my house?” New systems are coming, and they won't be ones that are in your economic textbooks.

The Planet's Economy

There'll come a time on the planet when there'll probably be no more than five currencies. Unity is the way of all things; it is the structure that creates succinctness in integrity, power of trade, and ease of working. Entire continents will band together as a trading group, and there will be far fewer rules and details to wade through and, therefore, it will be efficient and involve fewer money changers. This also helps to eliminate the very poor, since they will now be involved more in what happens in their own lands. That is what the earth is awakening to. It may take two generations before this has really been realized and seen accurately, but you'll wake up one day and realize what you've done. You are putting things together instead of tearing them apart. That's counter-intuitive to the old Human process!

In the next two decades, somebody will awaken and say, “Hey, we didn't have a world war. Isn't that something? And we're not going to, either, because everybody is trading with everybody. We may have found a balance that works!” Perhaps someone will even rename the “doomsday clock” something else, since it seems to be running backwards.

It's the Pollyanna approach, isn't it? Many think so and feel it's foolish. There will always be those who would argue and say, “Kryon, it's not accurate and it's naïve. It's only a matter of time before we wipe ourselves out and have the Armageddon. After all, that's what Humans do.” Well, dear ones, that's what Humans used to do! It's up to you whether you listen to those representing “the way it was” or not. They'll say, “The earth is coming to an end.” There will be those who even will hang on to the last possible moment to say that December 21 is the end of the earth.

So I have something for you to do for them. On December 22, 2020, just call them and remind them that their drama is over and the earth is still here. Now perhaps they can join you in planting seeds for peace on Earth, instead of wallowing in that which creates attention, fear and anxiety. Some of them may just do it. Others will miss the drama and continue to look for something else to fear. There will always be conspiracists and doomsayers aplenty. They won't like the Kryon message.


And now for a prediction: I would not give you the following information if it were not in the works. I cannot give you a timeframe of this prediction because Spirit has no clock. We don't know what time it is. Time is a three-dimensional construct of your own creation. It serves you for your survival, and it has to be there. In 3D, you can't get from A to B unless you have a clock. In a quantum state, there is no A to B. In a quantum state, you're always in both places, so clocks do not exist. God has no clock. That is why when you get information from Sprit about doing something in your life, you must wait for synchronicity instead of rushing out and trying to do it now. Spiritual revelations do not carry an implication to go do it now. Instead, these are messages of the revelation of potentials that you will then experience on your own time through those you meet and the synchronicity you create.

You have something inappropriate in your country. It's big and it has to do with big money, and it's going to fall. Perhaps in an unusual way, it will fall. I cannot tell you when, but I will tell you it's ripe with potential failure. Years ago, I told you when everybody can talk to everybody, there can be no more conspiracies. You got to see this same attribute years ago in another industry you call tobacco, where they were very big business. But under the hood, as you might say, the integrity was not there, for they were addicting young people to the product they were selling and it was making an entire population unhealthy and even setting up early death.

The result was that your country stopped purchasing the product en mass, and today the industry survives by selling to those countries that are not yet aware of what you found out. What took place was the power of integrity over money. Yet again, we bring you this to show you what may very well happen again, for this is the prediction. Big pharma [the drug companies of America] are going to have to change very soon or collapse. When you have an industry that keeps people sick for money, it cannot survive in the new consciousness.

The big money that is involved in this closed circle is immense, and the lack of integrity is going to be revealed, slowly. The lives “lost for profit” will be counted, and there are going to be embarrassed faces, and even a suicide or two. To think of an industry that's supposed to cure people, keeping them sick on purpose will be a wound in the very fabric of what is correct and for humanity.

So they will fall and you'll know their names and they're going to have to scramble to keep up with the rest of the world who may not have the proclivities for greed that made these fall. This may also change the perception of what countries have the best health inventions and solutions, and many in this country may turn to overseas answers for their health needs.

That's the prediction. When it starts to happen, dear one, and perhaps the movie starts it [the one that's in the works that is a secret], I want you to remember where you heard it first. Perhaps this information, given in advance, will solidify that this is real - that the channelling you hear today comes from the source that we say it does, the one inside you.

When you're not here, you're with me. I know your face and I know who you really are. I know your real name, not the one you've got right now. That is the truth of the day. Recalibration is upon you in so many ways. We'll continue this information, this cycle of revelation, and many more things will be revealed. It's time. That's the energy of 2020.

And so it is.


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