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The Recalibration of GAIA

Is the earth recalibrating itself to our DNA? What exactly could that mean? Does our DNA have something special within it that GAIA “sees?” How does that work? Is there really a shift that is affecting all this? This is the discussion in this latest “recalibration” series from Kryon.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The family before me is known and I will say it yet again, that there is no mystery about who sits here and who may be listening or eventually who may be reading. It comes together in a timeless state, which is not the reality that you share at this moment. It's a reality that I have of a timeless place in a quantum state filled with the potentials of those I know who will hear and read this message. So, although it may seem for you in the room to be now, it is all now for me.

I wish I could take you back several thousand years. Slowly, as the time goes backwards, the buildings would disappear and everything would be reduced to dirt, and the indigenous would show themselves. If you took a look at what the indigenous were doing then, they had two things that they emphasized and two things that occupied all that was important to them. The first was the honoring of their ancestors, and the second was the honoring of Gaia.

The energies of the indigenous were focused on the land, but not just a land that would give them water or food, but the actual energy of the dirt of the earth. Many of you know of what I speak if you have studied their lives. It is no different from the indigenous all over Earth, for this was intuitive that Gaia is the energy of what you would call Mother Earth, and it was aligned with humanity in a society that was not nearly as complex as yours is now. Instead, they experienced the overwhelming energies of being in alliance with the planet and with those ancestors who had gone before.

I tell you this because the object of the lesson this day is how that alliance is still alive and changing. You may not see as they did, but the alliance is still there and it's there in ways that are mysterious to you. I'm going to help clear this up, and describe the system and how it all works. So do not be shocked or surprised if I start at the molecular level of the Human Being. I have to, for therein lie the mysteries.

The Connection Between Gaia and the Human

Here is the premise, dear ones: “As goes consciousness, goes Gaia. As goes Gaia, goes DNA.” There is a partnership involved that is more than you think. The indigenous did not pray for rain. They did not pray for good crops and did not worship any deity. In their reality, they felt the planet and they knew that it was part of them. It was all there was. So they were always one with the planet, and the appearance of rain and crops were an alliance with Gaia, and they used ceremonies of alignment, not prayers of asking. If they didn't get what they wanted, they knew they were out of alignment. You are missing that attribute today, but the process of this alignment is still alive and it still works.

Let us speak of DNA yet again. The DNA molecule sits there and is unique. It is unique to all things, for there is a complement of divinity in it that the animals do not have. There are certain animals that have so many things - there are even animals designed to reincarnate, specific ones that do so for you as Humans. Yet they do not have souls as you, and they do not have the divine spark that you do. Their cycle is a cycle of love to support you.

The Reincarnation of Pets - A Gaia System

I speak now of something that I rarely speak of and you should know this: All of the systems of the planet revolve around you. This is a support system for Human Beings to make their lives easier and better as Gaia responds to what they give it. If you love an animal, you probably are aware that the animal's life is short - too short. Let me give you some information, and if you believe that this channelling is real, then believe this: Those animals that you fall in love with will come back to you. The very soul continues the love affair and, if you want to, it is there for you to find again - and that is a compassionate support system that honors that divinity inside a Human. Did you know that in your DNA is a quantum attribute that we have discussed for many years? My partner spoke of it just yesterday.

DNA Has a Quantum Field

Science is starting to see that it is it possible that the DNA molecule has attributes that actually give information to the spin of quantum structure in the Universe. So this means that DNA is a quantum engine. But now I wish to expand that picture for you, for DNA does not sit alone. It is a family, and in the Human body that family is more than 100 trillion strong in one Human Being. But you have the puzzle before you that science has never even looked at: How does DNA all “know” together? At the moment, science does not even see the need to study communication between DNA molecules. They haven't seen the field yet; they haven't seen the structure yet; and they haven't seen the shadows yet. [From Lee: The “shadows of the atom” were discovered one month after this channelling.]

DNA must work together in the Human body for the intelligence of what we call the innate of the Human body to function. All of DNA must work as one. From the top of your head to your toes, these molecules must act as one set of instructions. This is unique information, and there is no other Human Being on the planet that has your DNA. Therefore, you must acknowledge that there is something that must happen within your body that connects all DNA together. Otherwise, you could not function.

There must be communication between DNA molecules. This is where the genes are produced, and this is where the information is that is your Higher-Self. This is the Akashic Record and it must all vibrate together as one, trillions of parts as one. So we say it to you, for physicists to see, and for them to understand finally that the Human Being has DNA that is in an entangled state*. That is to say it is locked into one state and the parts behave as one.

The Entangled DNA of the Human Body

There is an attribute of physics that has not been seen or discussed yet and I give it here for the first time so you will understand a little bit more about how it works. But more than that, when it is discovered you will remember where you heard it. If you have multiple quantum fields around molecules, that means that they must overlap. So the fields overlap one another and you already have the science that shows you what happens - multiple overlapping magnetic fields occur. Magnetics is a quantum energy, so the results of the DNA are similar. There's magic that takes place, which even science does not understand, called inductance. In your everyday life, you see this when you look at the magnetic field of the sun, which is called the heliosphere (solar wind), interfering with the magnetic field of the earth, which is the magnetic grid. You get sparks! The Aurora Borealis. That is what happens when magnetic fields overlap. In this state, information is transmitted, and in electronics this attribute is well known and used every day.

Now, if you were then to have not a magnetic field, but a quantum field around every molecule, I will tell you that you don't get sparks, you get a designer entangled state. Overlapping quantum fields are attributes that have not yet been studied, recognized, or measured. When they do, they will see the mechanics of an entangled state that then creates an overall field that is much larger around the Human Being. What might be in that field around the Human Being, which is measured at 8 meters wide? And, has it ever been seen? The answer is yes! You'll find it in your scriptures, the old ones in Second Kings [Holy Bible]. For again we say it was Elisha who saw the master Elijah ascend of his own will, and on the ground his field glowed. It illuminated and he left the planet in a bubble of light, a vehicle that took him. Elisha named the vehicle (in Hebrew), which means “to ride.” It became the Merkabah. So now you have a name for it, and one that is recognized not only by the ancients in spiritual lands, but also to this day by those who see it with second sight. It is the quantum field of the Human Being - the Merkabah.

So the Merkabah is really a quantum field, and this field is filled with information. The information that it is filled with seems to be non-structured to you, but it actually is quite structured as we see it. It is the matrix of the templates of the Human Being himself, and it is ready and waiting to be altered by another quantum field, and that field is called consciousness. Now I haven't mentioned Gaia yet, have I? All of this is leading up to tell you something that I have only hinted at before on how it works.

So there sits the Human Being with all of this intact, which you can't see, that we just tell you about. Intangible, unmeasurable things are laughed at by science. Fields around humans? Next time a scientist starts to walk away from you, ask him for his compassion meter or his anxiety meter or his love meter. What? He doesn't have one? Does that mean none of those chemistry-altering emotions exist? No. Not only do they exist, but yes, they also can be measured, but not yet. Perhaps in the near future, the “what can't be measured, can't exist” paradigm will change.

The Human Quantum Field and the Innate System

Around every single Human Being is a beautiful field that some have even called magic, for in this field is your Akashic Record, and even the attributes of your Higher-Self (soul). It echoes what's inside the DNA molecule itself, and if you had quantum eyes you could look at a Human and read who they were, and who they used to be, and what their issues are. You would see what we would call the innate of the Human Being, the very intelligence of cellular structure. There are those in the room who have that sight, and they are what you would call medical intuitives, past life readers, and more. Healers in this room depend upon this second sight, and they see it around the Human Being. It is no mystery. It's not magic; it's science. I still haven't mentioned Gaia yet, have I? I'm getting there.

The innate of the Human Being is the bridge between the intelligence of your cellular structure (and your DNA) and your 3D Human consciousness. There are those in the room that practice something called kinesiology. Now, kinesiology is a way to talk to innate. The Human Being is smart, but oddly enough, still not smart enough to know what is going on in his own body. We have said it before, and it's a mystery, isn't it? You can have a disease growing in your body right now, yet you're just smiling and having no idea about it until it hurts. Isn't that odd? But innate knows it at the outset.

You might have to use muscle testing (kinesiology) in order to find out what you're allergic to or what's going on in your system - a yes or no process. Isn't it interesting that you have to go through that process to discover what is happening in your own body? So you might say to yourself, “Maybe something is missing? We should be able to know what is happening in our own cellular structure!” You'd be right. Indeed, there should be a bridge between all that information, which is quantum, and your consciousness. You'd be right. I haven't mentioned Gaia yet, have I? And here's where it gets good.

Gaia Energy is Driven by Humanity

Gaia cooperates with humanity. Gaia is always measuring the attributes of group humanity. When there were only a few Human Beings on the planet and when they were in touch with Gaia, Gaia responded. So did your DNA. It took its cue from Gaia in how well it worked. DNA, which is the blueprint of a Human, is designed to work with Gaia, and Gaia is designed to be reactive to Human consciousness. They are a closed system, and one always affects the other.

DNA is designed to give the Human Being a very long life and is also designed for full rejuvenation and self-healing. DNA is designed so that the bridge between you and the innate is always there. Yet that's not the way it is, is it? You've heard of those Human Beings of old who lived a great distance of years? Was that a misprint in scripture? No. So what allowed some Human Beings to actually have more health years back then than now? Was that true about their ages? I will tell you: Yes, it was, and here's why. The field around you and others is so aligned with Gaia that you cooperate and shift according to one another. It's what the ancients knew, and it is why they were one with the planet. This is something that you are going to start discovering as well.

Gaia takes its cue from Human consciousness for the energy to create on the planet. We have told you that for 22 years. It also goes the other way, for your DNA as a whole responds to something called the Crystalline Grid of the planet. It's an esoteric “memory grid” and is the stored energy and events of humanity. We've given you teachings about the Crystalline Grid before, but you might say it is a shell around the dirt of the earth that is not seen but that holds all of the energies and history of anyone who has ever lived on the planet. When you are born, and at your first breath, the quantum field of your humanness looks at the Crystalline Grid and adjusts its efficiency for the energy of the planet. This energy is what humanity has been created in in the time it has been here.

Right now, the energy on this planet is filled with millenniums of war, old energy fighting, machismo, and intolerance. This, then, is what the DNA adjusts to at your birth. Whereas you are designed for 100 percent DNA efficiency, right now it's at 30 percent. And that, dear one, is what is changing, for the DNA is now starting to operate at a higher efficiency because there's a consciousness shift going on. You're seeing it first, of course, with the ones who are currently being born. At their first breath, they're now at 35 percent, and this translates into a Human Being that is far more aware and more conceptual at a far earlier age. It's almost as though they have an instinctual awareness of overall Humanism, instead of having to learn it all over again, as you did.

We have told you about these new children, and that is why your children are so unusual and you know they are. Many in the audience who have grandchildren are really seeing it; the kids are different. So you might say, “Well it's too bad that we can't do that ourselves, raise our DNA efficiency.” Well, you can! For the energy of the planet is alert and ready to send the signal to the old soul who starts to understand that they can change their own fields through the templates that float in them, through consciousness, pure intent, and through that which is compassion. You can change the quantum “print” of DNA with compassion! We have said that from the beginning, so let me summarize this in simple words that are not scientific. Go slow, my partner. Make this succinct. [Kryon talking to Lee]

New DNA Adjustment to New Gaia Energy

You're DNA adjusts itself for what has happened on the earth when you're born. It has created a reality for you that you call Human Nature. The earth changes, the Crystalline Grid is actually lifting the veil slightly, and your DNA is starting to respond. The first response will be seen within your children, and they are already coming in with a different conceptual Human attribute. They don't think in the same linear fashion you do. Have you noticed?

This is going to change more and more as time goes by. Eventually, there will be a much more efficient DNA that creates the missing bridge between the innate and the normal Human brain. That means that you will have more intuitive thoughts about what is wrong and right within your own cellular structure. Some of you will discover different eating habits for the first time, and you'll be tuned in to a cellular structure that says, “If I will change this and that, I'm going to live longer.” The result will be instinctive eating changes that have no explanation. Innate is starting to communicate.

Habits that you've had for years will start to drop away because your cellular structure will start to help you eliminate them, knowing they don't suit you. Don't be surprised if one of them is overeating and metabolic adjustments to bring your body weight into line without the discomfort of extreme diets. Others are the dropping of substances that you are addicted to, and within that process, an allowance that lets you live much longer.

You will see regeneration of cellular structure that will surprise you. You'll heal faster and you'll know it. You'll start to see a situation where you're less sick than you've ever been in your life. The prevailing 3D wisdom will tell you, “Well, you're older now, so you're going to get sick more.” But you won't, and you'll know that something is changing. So what we're saying to you, dear ones, is that you can have the same things that the youngsters have. You will now slowly awaken to a new energy on this planet, which will allow you to live longer. Your DNA is going to start cooperating in a more efficient way. 35 percent? Perhaps even 40 percent, old soul? It's on its way to something far higher.

The prophet Elijah, Jesus, the master Christ, Budda, Mohammad, Paramahansa Yogananda, and many more had DNA working at 90 to 100 percent. All of them chose the way they wished to use it, and you could see it in them and feel it in them. The prophet Elijah chose to leave the planet through an ascended status of his own design and choosing. That's how powerful it is. Jesus the Christ decided to do the same thing in his own way, for the reasons that made sense for those around him, whose DNA was working poorly.

There are energies within the Human Being that are catalysts to enlightenment. One of them is compassion, and you felt it this day, did you not? [speaking of the earlier presentation of the 33 miners story in Chile] It touched your heart. So what would you say was the energy in the room, and what color was it, and how thick was it? Well, many of you would say there was no color at all. Some might ask, “What do you mean by thick, Kryon?”

As you sat there in the chairs, energy sat upon you and you felt your hearts squeezed a little bit. You had empathy for those who got their lives back, and you saw the hearts of relatives filled up to the point of weeping in joy. This is what I speak of - something invisible and yet “thick” with emotion. It is profound what you can create around you that will change lives in the room. Gaia knows you, and every compassionate moment is recorded.

Some of you have come for healing this weekend and I know this. So this would be a very good time to receive it. Those readings are no different, and perhaps you are in the chair for this reason also? There is an entourage here; there is compassion here; there is profundity of old souls here; this is a quantum soup of opportunity, dear one. Why don't you claim it right now - that you're going to rise from that chair of yours and have the seeds planted within you, by your own choice, for the health that you've asked for? Claim the beginning of the healing that you know has always been available, for you are starting to be in touch with the intelligence of your own Merkabah.

Spiritual organizations are filled with miracles. Hospitals are seeing documented results of that which is called spontaneous remission. This is where, suddenly, cellular structure does something that science cannot begin to explain. A total remission of disease occurs, sometimes almost overnight. But I'll tell you what it is: It's DNA temporarily going 100 percent for a moment and cleaning the body of disease. You've seen it, but you just didn't know what it was.

So why don't you do it right now? If you can imagine it, then you can have it. See yourself with pure cellular health. It serves the earth, dear Human Being, for you to live longer than you think you're going to live. We need your light. So why not do it now?

Let all of those in the room join in compassionate consciousness right now in a quantum state that is entangled with all those here and reading, sending the compassion of healing to the ones who need it without even knowing their faces or their names. It's beautiful. Some day you'll see what the ceremony of Human Beings together can do when you all walk out healed! Why not? When you can go to a meeting for half a day and come out younger than you've been - why not? Then you'll start to see all of what I have said today is accurate and true. It is against all logic of prevailing scientific thought, but well within the purview of the love of god.

We leave this place and yet we don't. There'll never be a meeting like this again, with this exact number of souls, with the names that you have, with the Akash you have, so it's a unique meeting much like you are unique. Go from this place different than you came, and know that Kryon does not exist within the Human Being who is sitting on this stage.

Kryon exists in the quantum soup that is God and that walks out with you if you choose. If you choose.

And so it is.


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