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The Recalibration of Knowledge

This time we also get an interview with a Lemurian included! Dr. Ovokaitys, MD, is with us again. This DNA researcher has been described by KRYON as “Yawee,” a priest in Lemuria, and builder of the Temple of Rejuvenation, first mentioned in Kryon book 2 in 1994. Some secrets of how the Temple worked, are now beginning to be revealed.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There's no 3D time here where I am, and it's difficult for me to give you or my partner messages that are synchronistic to the reality you live in. Instead, we often give you information about the energies and the potentials that are here and not something on your timeline. So that is what this particular message is about.

We have only a few things to say, but it's going to require that we do it slowly and accurately, for we're dealing with things my partner has no knowledge of. So I give him intuitive visions, and he then translates them in real time as he receives them. Even the voice that you hear, the consciousness that you perceive, and the energy that is around him is his ability to meld with Spirit in a quantum state. This allows him to bring forward in what you call real time a message that he is not aware of. He steps aside as he does now and, with curiosity, listens to what's happening next. It is not a takeover.

The man who is in the chair and I have an agreement, and it's one he hasn't talked about much. Years ago when I said to him, “We are going to channel in this fashion,” he said, “I refuse to have a takeover.” So instead, I offered him a meld and I said to him, “If you will meld with me during these times, there will come a day when the meld is permanent.” And he agreed. Then he asked me, “Is the meld unusual?” I told him no. It is what every single Human can do - not to sit in front of humans and channel as you see now, but instead to have a direct portal to the Creator in all things. It isn't unusual. In fact, it's what every Human on Earth intuitively feels is what they want - a connection to home.

These things have been done by Humans many times before, and before that they were done, and before that they were done [explained in a channelling to come later]. The result of doing the meld properly eventually connects you to the Creative source and you stop being a Human, as you define it.

The ones who seeded this planet walk this day here and they don't die. They're in a quantum state and they can travel wherever they want. They reside in certain parts of the earth, including Shasta and Hawaii [in your country] and many other portals on the planet. Many of you reading this know what I'm talking about. And that is the promise of what happens with earths everywhere that go through a process where they pass the decision points and start another process, a process where they change their reality out of 3D into a new paradigm.

My Cryptic Communication

I am trying not to be cryptic, and at the same time I do not reveal the specifics of things that are not known to you yet. Spirit has a promise to humanity: Since you are the planet of free choice at the moment, we can't give you hints. All the things that are revealed must already be here in Human potential thought. All inventions of what might come about have to already be germinating somewhere in the Human mind. And if it isn't so, we don't speak of it. This respects the process of the test that is before you and the experience you have come to have. It's your agreement with us.

Perhaps this is the first time you've heard this from a channeller, the fact that we do not reveal things that are not already here in some form? It's the truth. However, typically Human creative thought, even of invention, of potential, of philosophy, may take a decade or more to reach the place where the masses may hear about it. So today I'm going to tell you some things that we see the potentials of that are there already. It isn't fortune telling. It's on the earth already. So I will walk you through some things quickly.

The New Energy

You're in a new energy and it's just starting. It's different than the past. It is The Bridge of Swords. The Bridge of Swords we have described before is a bridge that humanity uses to go from one energy to another and it's celebrated all over the Universe. It's celebrated by those who helped seed the planet and by those who helped seed them, and the ones before them and the ones before them. They are standing around you, in front of you, in the corridor of your life, crossing the swords above our head, celebrating a victory. Like the ceremony of marriage in the military, where the comrades in battle stand and cross the swords and you walk down the aisle, that's the Bridge of Swords and that's what you're doing.

Oh, dear ones, it may sound cryptic to you again, but these who cross those swords have gone through what you have gone through. They KNOW what is happening and where it may eventually lead you. They have been waiting for this for a very long time. There are so many from so many different parts of the Universe, and they all know.

Help With What is Currently Happening

You've got help. What happens to a planet that is starting to soften? Old souls are the Lightbearers and have been for years. They're the ones who can show the rest of the earth light in a dark place. That's what you've been doing for years, and it's been an uphill battle.

It's an overused metaphor, but one that we continue to use for simplicity. Consider that you have those on the planet who have walked in the dark for thousands of years. It's just darkness. It's not evil or mystical, but simply the absence of light. It's a darkness where humanity doesn't unify, because it is hard to do that if an entire Human race is walking in the dark. It's hard to know what to do when you can't see where you are walking. So you take care of yourself. It's more about survival than anything else - the basics.

In survival, you collect others around you for safety and comfort. You can hear them; you can sense them; you can collect that which is what you would call a group, and you huddle in the dark, metaphorically. This is the metaphor for the planet as you know it. Wars break out because you're in the dark. You can't see the others, so you fear them and prepare to always defend your reality. That's the way it has been for almost all of history. Suddenly, however, there is light.

What happens when there's light in a dark place, even a little? Suddenly, many can see to walk from here to there. Imagine having to walk in the darkness from A to B for centuries, and suddenly there is a light on the path. There is no fear about the unknown when you can see in front of you! You're free to unify, since you can see that the others are just like you! You're free to have ideas. You're free to have knowledge.

This particular message is what I told you it would be. You may call it The Recalibration of Knowledge on the Planet. Unknowing to you, and very slowly, a softening is taking place, moving the energy of the planet more from the masculine to the feminine. That is to say, it is balancing what was unbalanced. North and South are coming together hemispherically, so that there's no longer a macho Northern hemisphere, but rather one which is balanced. It has to happen this way for Africa to do what it's going to do. (predictions ahead)

Look at Africa on the map. You'll know what I'm talking about. Balance must occur and it is occurring. Africa is literally going to be the “New World” within 75 years. What happens when you heal a continent and the basics are then available without the control of disease or dictators? The answer is an amazing beginning of a civilization that has no boundaries and nothing to unlearn but poverty. Watch for it and “stand back.”

What happens when the earth starts to soften up and there's more light? Even the terrorists change. I invite you to watch for it, Human Being; I invite you to watch all of it. You can watch some things happen that you didn't expect. When the Soviet Union fell over, how many of you had the answers of why that took place without a civil war? It was because that old energy was no longer supportable by the Humans who lived there. There comes a time in the physics of consciousness where if you do not have a cooperative group of Human Beings who will agree with an old energy precept, it cannot be sustained. What happens when the majority of the world doesn't want war anymore? You are actually seeing this develop. Has anyone told you that you are “overdue” for another world war? In 3D, you are. Within the paradigm of the old energy, you are.

I want you to watch some countries. I don't have a clock [this statement is Kryon telling us that there is no time frame on his side of the veil, only potentials]. I'll just tell you, it's imminent [in Spirit's timing, this could mean as soon as a decade]. I want you to watch some countries carefully for changes. You're going to be seeing changes that are obvious, and some that are not obvious [covert or assumptive]. But the obvious ones you will see sooner than not - Cuba, Korea [North], Iran, of course, and Venezuela. I want you to watch what happens when they start to realize that they don't have any more allies on Earth! Even their brothers who used to support them in their hatred of some are saying, “Well, perhaps not anymore. It doesn't seem to be supporting us anymore.” Watch the synchronicities that are occurring. The leaders who have either died or are going to in the next year or so will take with them the old ways. Watch what happens to those who take their place, and remember these meetings where I described these potentials to you.

The Old Energy is Alive, But Not Happy

I want to tell you something: Old energy dies kicking and screaming. Old energy does not surrender, ever. Old energy simply dies hard and slow. There will be hold-outs for a long time. There will be those who are convinced that the only way to get what they want is to create drama, war, and fear. They continue to want to spring up in places you felt were safe, and to pull you backwards with them. They hate the fact that the earth is going soft on them, and they continue to rattle their sabers, make threats, and make news doing it. They're not the majority, Human Being, but often they are the loudest. When you walk around in perfect health and you are feeling great except for your sore toe, what do you think about? Your SORE TOE! So then you watch your media talk about sore toes for endless hours, and you get depressed. I know you understand the metaphor.

The Weather... Again

My partner has been “against the grain” in the past years, giving you what I have channelled about the weather. Is it global warming? No. Is it going to get better? No. This is a two-generation cycle. There will continue to be earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and storms. This is a recalibration of life in the ocean, and humanity must go through this in any way they can. This is a cycle, a known and expected one, but since you haven't gone through it in modern times, it's not well understood yet.

I would like to tell you that you have the same intuitive equipment like the animals do, to keep you safe in the right place at the right time. Yet you don't believe it. Oh, you'll use the Parking Angel, but not the Life Angel. The little stuff is easy for you, but the big stuff is a mystery. It's the same process, “Dear Spirit, where should I live? Dear Spirit, where should I go?” Spirit is right there answering, and you perceive it as intuition. But the first thing you do is to say, “Naw. That's me talking. No, I'm waiting for the voice in the sky. Sorry.” You still don't understanding that that is how God speaks to individuals - through the little voice that holds your hand and is the first intuitive impression after a question.

Sometimes you get your answer before the question is asked because we know you're asking it. Sometimes we're so anxious to give you the answer, so excited that you would even ask, that it comes even before you ask, way before. This is guidance. That's what to expect. It comes with the territory of a rejuvenation of the planet and this is the year it starts being enhanced. Now, are you going to receive it or throw it away since “you” thought of it?

The Revelations to Come in Physics

Now, let's talk physics because we now can reveal some things, beautiful things, that are starting to occur in science and are starting to be seen and partially understood. What you have before you, the gentleman sitting on the floor, is Yawee. I know him well.

[Kryon is speaking now about Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, M.D., DNA researcher and member of the Kryon team, who sits on the floor in this live session. Dr. Ovokaitys has been identified by Kryon in the past as a great Lemurian scientist and keeper of the truths within the Lemurian Temple of Rejuvenation, discussed in 1994 in Kryon Book Two.]

It's interesting, is it not, what the Akashic memory banks bring forward within a Human? Your Akash is soul memory designed to release information about your Akash as the energy of the earth changes to a measurement where it's appropriate to begin a process of revelation. Nikola Tesla created massless objects in his laboratory - what you would call anti-gravity. He knew how to transmit electricity wirelessly (by the way, through the ground, not the air), through the earth (not the atmosphere), and he was frustrated he could not prove it better. The technology was not there, but more than that, the energy of the planet, consciously, was not ready for him. He could not get past the barrier of the belief of others. By the way, he's back and so is Einstein and you'll know them when you see what they're up to.

The energy of your time is now appropriately ready for some of the theories that were before their time, which were just as accurate then as they are now. Watch for entirely new science to suddenly erupt with solutions for problems that you have been working on for years, solutions where you say, “Why didn't they think of that before?”

Expect cold fusion, by the way. I've told you this before. The experiment with cold fusion was accurate [speaking of the much-discounted Ponds and Fleshman experiment in the past]. The experimenters could not repeat their discovery because they were not aware of the attribute of magnetics that was influencing their experiment [which was done in a basement with the electric utility panels around them]. They thought it was simple chemistry. It wasn't. It was an accidental discovery of physics that remains a mystery at the moment, but that combines chemistry with magnetics, which few are trying. The same thing happened to Tesla, where he was actually able to observe an object fly off the bench, but really didn't know why. He knew it had to do with the design of magnetics, but couldn't begin to do the design with the tools and technology of the day. Can you imagine such a thing? Now you understand his depression. Such is the way advancement often happens on the planet.

A Conversation with Yawee [The Name for Dr. Todd]

Todd is here and in this new energy his Lemurian Akash is starting to reveal what he knows. The energy moves forward and releases engrams into his consciousness. He doesn't get everything all at once, none of you do. The vision that he had started his quest, [speaking of his DNA vision years ago], but he is now remembering items that are being released to him little by little.

My messages to Yawee about his profound pineal tonings did not come from the ethers. He already knew it. But let us say, he needed a prodding so that he would match the clock of 2020. And it had worked and he will be ready on time. But he knew this information already. He already had the inkling and perception of the tones put together, because he knows about the cycle of physics that nobody talks about... and so we will today.

The Temple of Rejuvenation

As Yawee, Todd ran something called the Temple of Rejuvenation in Lemuria. There were attempts to recreate it in Atlantis much, much later, but that didn't work because Yawee wasn't there. Yawee had an attribute that the Lemurians knew was unusual, and that was that he lived three times the lifetime span that they did. So he had within him some secrets about energy, and specifically DNA. In the Temple of Rejuvenation, he had discovered something that is in the works of being discovered right now. I don't have a clock. How soon? You'll see.

So I address Yawee now in order to continue the teaching: Good morning, Yawee. [Note that the time of day is irrelevant, seeing as how this meeting was approaching 5 p.m. Many never noticed this. It's Kryon humor.]

Todd: Good day, Magnetic Master.

We've spoken before. We've done it like this and we've done it in private. You're not being put on the spot, for we always give these discussions in appropriate love, just in order to perhaps press issues that are already there, so they match your clock [again, speaking of the 3D time we have]. What do you remember about the Temple of Rejuvenation that comes to you in certain aspects? Do you remember what the energies were there?

Todd: There was the use of the intrinsic magnetic core of the earth that was especially concentrated in certain areas and was further augmented by altitude.

You remember, dear ones listening to this and reading this, that the Temple of Rejuvenation rested on the top of Lemuria's mountain. Lemuria is the highest mountain on the planet. To this day, it remains the highest mountain, but today it is submerged. It is called Hawaii. The Islands of Hawaii are only the mountaintops of one giant mountain. Measured from the bottom to the top, it is the largest on the planet. There is snow at the top, even now. Can you imagine it 20,000 feet higher? Can you imagine what it looked like observable from space? This is the one that the Pleiadians chose to come to first. Obvious, it was.

Yawee, you might remember, you were always cold. Always cold. For you couldn't have a heater in the temple because then it didn't work! When you saw that which is being done in science today on the screen that my partner brought [a video that Lee showed earlier on macro-entanglement], did you see anything interesting that you might remember?

We speak of temperature. We speak of cold that is so cold that it actually creates less resistance to the flow of energy. This is actually the catalyst for increasing that which is magnetic by 10, 100 times, even 1,000-fold depending on the temperature. Without technical machinery, it was one of the attributes that allowed you to do what you did in that temple.

I want to ask you this. How much do you remember about the physical apparatus that was necessary for this? I ask you these things only of interest to see what your Akash is up to. We have said there was something called the target Human.

Todd: In this moment, the key attribute is a magnetic driver with a particular geometry both above and below the so-called target Human. So there was both magnetics - there was the no-zone point that creates the entanglement and there was the importance of a counter rotation and counter spin.

Very good. Impressive. Now, the big question. So the Human is entangled, is it? With what is the Human quantumly entangled with? Do you remember? Let me ask you this. How many Humans are in the room?

Todd: About 10.

Indeed. And is there a special one?

Todd: The template Human.

Correct! Ah, indeed. Do you remember any other attribute about the template Human that would be noticeable if you saw them? You're not there yet. And that is what we're going to jog in your memory today, if it's all right with you.

Todd: Sure.

I'll get back to you Yawee, but for now I have to go through a process for all of you to understand what is happening. In the process, there is revelation. I now take you to basic atomic structure. I've done this before, but I've never taken you to this stage. I want you to look at an electron with me, as though you are there and as small as it is. Now go slowly, my partner, for you've had no training in this and it's important that you get the message as presented and don't enhance it [Kryon speaking to Lee].

Physicists say that electrons spin. They don't, and they can't. There's no surface on an electron, since they are energy. They don't spin, but instead have an electronic potential. Every single particle on this planet, everything you can see, all things in this Universe, are created with polarity. This is new information now. All things are created with polarity, and they're designed to be self-balancing. And because of the polarity of what you would call plus and minus, they move and try to balance themselves within a field - all things, both physical and other.

However, all polarities are prone to be biased by what I will call peer pressure. Electrons that carry (or spin with a polarity) of what you would call a certain kind of charge - we'll call it positive - are drawn to those that are negative so that they will null themselves out. They seek each other out to create the null of balance. They seek to be balanced, and if they are not, they are not happy. I use this word only to emphasize the condition of a particle of physics that does not find its balance. Even the unscientific can appreciate this.

But even with atoms, there are not always matched pairs of electrons, since there is no atomic rule that says that electrons will always be created in even numbers. So there will often be what I will call the odd one out and when that happens, the entire atom will then be charged positively or negatively, depending upon the odd one out. When this happens, this atom will seek out another atom, which has an odd one out of an opposite charge. That has a name: Magnetism. I've just explained magnetism. Now, science knows part of that already. What they have not realized yet, however, is that all things have a duality. They suspect it and there are theories that will show it soon enough, and I've given it to you today because it always has existed in someone's mind.

So from the very smallest to the very biggest, even the galaxy has duality. At the center of your galaxy, what you call the black hole, is a quantum push/pull engine, and I'm going to tell you in a minute why it's that way.

Here is a big question, and I will answer it right now. Why does everything have a polarity? Why would it be created this way, even down to the electron? The smallest thing, even to what you call the Higgs Bosen [God Particle] and the quarks, they all have polarity. There isn't a piece of nature that you're going to find that doesn't have polarity. Why? I will tell you why: Physicists will laugh. Not in ridicule, but in agreement. If it were not this way, the Universe would be a dull, boring place to be. Because, by creating a duality in every single particle, you create an active Universe that is self-balancing and is never at rest. If it were not this way, it would be static, unchanging, and non-creative. Therefore, without polarity, there would be no life. Life is created by having a duality, a polarity in atomic particles. Life is that which is necessary for the Universe to exist. There's no reason for physics without life - and you thought it was the other way around, didn't you? Life was an accident on one planet. Oh, how 3D of you! Life is the DESIGN.

Let's continue the discussion, for it's going someplace. Yawee, you just described the process of creating macro-entanglement in the Temple. What you described was magnetics and null points. Very good! Do you perhaps understand that magnetics and null points are even at the center of your galaxy?

Todd: Of course.

So that means the galaxy is an entangled state with itself. This now explains why all the constellations and solar systems are not following Newtonian movement. Instead, they all move together as one around the center, because they are entangled. I've just given the reason for it, and science will start to understand that soon. It has been a mystery so far, but now you know.

So you have macro-entanglement. The largest thing you can imagine, the galaxy, is entangled with itself. Is it possible there are other entanglement issues that you don't see or recognize or know about in every single day of life? And the answer's yes. So here we go.

Oh, dear Human Being, what I'm going to give you next is beautiful, and it has to do with DNA and Yawee knew it. He knew how to do something magical.

The blueprint for DNA is perfect. The good doctor will tell you that in his current incarnation [as Todd]. I've told you that before. It's perfect inside you, yet you sit here with DNA that doesn't work well. It seems to be a dichotomy, since it is perfect and designed for extended life, yet it does some things that are counter-intuitive to that.

DNA is designed as an informational source to receive the energy of that which is around it, created by the consciousness of humanity. It then postures itself in an appropriate reaction to the energy it is in. In other words, if the planet has low energy, it will, too. It's a quantum engine, and if the quantum energy created by Human consciousness is low, it works poorly.

I want to define life for you - not biological life, but spiritual life. So for all those intellectuals, just hold on, for many won't like this. Spiritual life, as measured by Spirit, is when a Human has free choice. When is that? It's when they take their first breath. Not in utero. There will be those who will say, “That's wrong, that's wrong. The soul in the woman's body is alive!” Just wait. I'm talking about spiritually. That which Spirit sees, and it's when you come from the other side of the veil and take your first breath.

A child with the mother has no free choice. That child is linked to the choice of the mother until it is born. It is, indeed, a soul in preparation for free choice, and there are many attributes that are spiritual that we have discussed before about how that soul reacts. But now I'm discussing life with polarity [duality], free choice.

But let's discuss that “child inside” for a moment, for there is a process I want you to know about. I want to talk about 240 days into the pregnancy. At about that time, the child has perfect DNA. It hasn't taken its first breath. The DNA hasn't measured the energy of the planet yet, since it is contained. Did you realize that? Inside the womb is a perfect child. The child's DNA has all the attributes of the Akash and also the parent, but it's different in a way you have not been told. The DNA is 100% as designed.

The quantum instructions within the DNA are all talking to the biology of the child,, getting ready for the first breath. Now, I reveal to you, Todd, Yawee, what you already know.

Explanation of the Temple of Rejuvenation

The Temple of Rejuvenation has two Human Beings quantumly entangled. One is the target. The other one is the “template.” Life extension, through the knowledge of DNA that Yawee had, was to entangle the target with the template and transfer certain attributes from the one to the other.

The only way this could ever work is if DNA had a quantum attribute, and it does. All our teaching for more than 10 years has told you that the 90 percent of DNA that is non-encoded and considered “junk” is a quantum instruction set. Therefore, the DNA molecule must have some quantum attributes yet to be discovered, but that are very real and have to do with instructions to the chemistry of more than three billion parts of the DNA molecule. This is especially true to the gene-producing chemistry of the protein-encoded parts. For simplicity, I tell you that DNA is actively dynamic and can change the reality of everything you think of as “normal.”

Yawee, you explained very well the attributes of the target creating an entangled state with the template Human. Now we reveal that the template was (1) a woman (2) who is pregnant. You have...

Todd interrupting: ... the source of the perfect DNA template!

That is correct! So the secret of the Temple of Rejuvenation is twofold: (1) DNA is perfect on Earth within an unborn child and you can transfer some of the attributes of that perfection before it assimilates the energy of the planet. (2) You can extend life and healing through a quantum communication with the DNA molecule. Do you see the implications? The wise, divine feminine who is with child is the only one who could be on the template table. Are you starting to understand the beauty of this, the implications of this and where it's going?

There are several things that are going to happen in mainstream science. First, you're going to find some secrets of DNA and they're going to be embryonic. Start watching scientists discover the embryonic cells and the magic within them. You already know that unusual stem cells exist in the placenta. You also know that the pre-programmed adult stem cells are still there in the body. But what about the DNA of the unborn? (Intellectuals, please keep reading, for to stop now will create unrest.) Second, your work today Yawee, will represent “the perfect template” without using what you did in Lemuria. That's why you're the Human who will do this. It's an extension of why you came here, and is perfect for 2020 and beyond.

These embryonic cells of the unborn are untouchable by society, and they might as well be on Mars, for no science is going to try to use these cells in a 3D manner, which is all you know how to do at this point. If they try, it won't work anyway. There are quantum processes you are learning about that are not only non-invasive, but actually helpful and that can transfer attributes from one biological cell to another and from one Human to another. Think “wireless” [Kryon human again]. What you thought would take wires over 1,000 miles long is now done with satellites. It's an analogy that shows you that you are moving into totally new understandings of the transfer of energy. Let's discuss the mother in that temple for a moment.

The woman on the table back then, who is the “template,” won the “Lemurian lottery”[Kryon being funny], for she knows that her baby, being entangled with another Human no matter how old or how sick, creates an enhancement of who that baby will be. This is complicated, but the process of helping the other will be etched into the baby's Akash, and the child will be born with an attribute of the healer. There is complexity and controversy and over-intellectual thinking in all this, for your 3D brains will race to find things wrong with this. All I can tell you is that a quantum system is not a linear one, and your logic will fall on the floor if you try to analyze these things. Can you imagine time in a circle? Can you see being in two places at the same time, or even of changing your molecular structure at will to be part of another object? If you can't do that, then you are not allowed to comment reasonably. For all those things are part of quantum possibilities of DNA. If you don't believe me, ask a Pleiadian [more cryptic Kryon humor].

Now Yawee, are you understanding what you were doing back then? Do you need any more answers?

Todd: Well, I could say, do I? Yes!

Yawee, what is it that you dream about? What is it that you dream about that you don't know and want to?

Todd: I dream about recalibration of the DNA and the coherent alignment that allows us to move freely, I guess, as the Pleiadians do in a quantum state from one place to another.

Of course you would ask that, since you see a much larger picture based on what your Akash has seen and remembers. You also know it's possible.

Meanwhile, all those in here are asking the same thing about what they just heard: “Where can we find a pregnant woman and do this now?”

It's way beyond that, and the Pleiadians knew it. All this information originally came from them and passed to you, Yawee. It was for then, not now. The Pleiadians don't need a pregnant woman in order for them to do what they do today. They have DNA, too, but it's in a fully developed quantum state - a state that is the potential for the Human race.

I would remind you that my partner has given you messages in the past about the attitude of physics. Now we are right back to the polarity discussion that started this channelling. This “attitude,” Yawee, is imbued into the natural invention that you have discovered. Physics is active and seeks balance. That is to say that every field you have created with your process has the attributes - are you ready? - of perfect DNA. It already sees the attributes of the blueprint of the unborn. You don't need a pregnant woman. The attributes can be passed to the Human and received by that Human in whatever posture that his cellular structure is able to absorb.

What you have done in your work is to create a quantum field with those Pleiadian attributes, and the cells listen when they are exposed to them. It's not finely tuned yet, but you will discover how eventually. When you do, you will have the regeneration engine of the future, without a “template Human,” but instead with the attributes of the template Human.

This process and others will be seen by science also. You won't be alone. It is not appropriate that you would have the secret of life exclusively, so there will be others. Embryonic studies with animals are going to start to reveal that which gives the ability to grow back limbs for Humans, and many of the other things we have talked about for 23 years. It begs still a greater question: “What is the true role of animals on the planet? Do they reincarnate?” This is for another time.

Look for these kinds of things to happen soon, and also the use of adult stem cells in a bigger way. And there it is, all laid out in front of you.

Yawee, one of your attributes is that you live with the Pleiadians. You are still in an entangled state with them, which is not in 3D. They want to hear the tones again as they did 26,000 years ago. They're ready. And when that signal is sent, it will say “humanity has arrived and is going to stay”.

And that is the message for the day. Some will say, “Too much science, Kryon!” Others will say, “Indeed, the beauty of the system of the Creator is at hand.” Dear ones, don't be turned away with the particulars of the science. You don't have to know and understand it, but we ask you to celebrate it. For God the creator is the master physicist of the Universe and has used these tools to create the system of life and the balance of love. All of this is going to enhance Human life and Human understanding.

Again, I will tell you that the distance between the nucleus and the electron of every single atom is filled with the love of God. That's the soup of the Creator, built for life and ready to take your hand if you want it to. It is the recalibration of knowledge on the planet and the first step into a quantum paradigm. Get ready for it.

I have no clock. I can't tell you when. I can only tell you that it is at hand and it was not when we started with you all those years ago. We passed the marker together and now the work begins.

And so it is.


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