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The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation

This is the seventh time since 1995 that the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations building in New York City has asked Lee Carroll to bring Kryon for a live channelling. The meetings are often closed to the public, allowing only delegates, employees of the UN and guests, so they are not attended by a large number. They are often held upstairs in the secured areas in the committee rooms. This one was similar to the others - the attendees not necessarily spiritual, New Age or metaphysical. Some are there just to "have a look." This in itself changes the energy and also the messages, but they are always about world events.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There would be those here who don't understand this [speaking of channelling], so we adjust the energy. We have a few moments together and they will never occur again, not with this group. These are moments in quantum time, a time that you experience in a straight line but that isn't straight at all. Therefore, you must deal with a biased perception, but the only one you have and the only one you can trust. I adjust for this.

Dear Human Beings, in these moments, in this room, no matter what your belief system, no matter if you think that "here is a man pretending to channel," you carry a big light in the consciousness of humanity. The consciousness of shift is upon you now as you sit in this room, in this place, in your reality. Your light is far larger than you think, for even to bring you to a place of curiosity about this meeting is evidence that something within you is seeking the evolution of consciousness that is taking place in this shift.

I know where I am. We put a blanket of energy here today. We place it upon you. We'll let it press upon you for a moment to let a sweetness occur here. This is a cerebral place, an intellectual place. We now wish to add "spiritual place" to that energy.

You're beginning to think to yourself, "Could this be real? Is it possible that the man in the chair is actually in touch with the other side of the veil?" I'll give you 30 seconds to feel it, to discern it, for there are those here who can. It's an astute group here... those who will know that the energy is real or not. We don't need much time, we don't need the music, for in this moment angels enter this place and they sit upon your laps in whatever way you wish. Spirit wishes you to be comfortable with your own discernment and these messages of truth. For this day in this place I will give you the potentials of what you're facing. We will look at the immediate future and the distant future, indeed, for we have done this in this building many times before.

It is the seventh time we have presented the energy of Kryon here. Seven is a sacred number, so let us fill the room with sacredness. There are those who will feel it and are beginning to feel it, as the room warms a bit. Just a few of you are here, but perhaps you have a light you'd like to shine? Perhaps you've come to want to know how it is that you can shine it? I will answer that even before I discuss this planet: When you leave this room, you have the option to carry with you hope - not drama, not suffering, not a plan that is unsolvable, but absolute, positive hope. The knowledge and intuition that is before you is grand, grander than any history this planet has ever had.

More Human Beings than have ever existed together on Earth will come together in a confluence of peace. Will it be in your lifetime? The seeds of it are already in place. You will see them soon, and some of you have already seen them. The irony is that this is the place where some of it has begun. No, not in the big chamber, but in those places where you are creating health where there has been no health, and joy where there has been no joy, and normalcy where there has been suffering. Those in this building who hear my words will know exactly what I am speaking of. [Kryon is speaking about the main purpose of the UN, to help with food, water quality, education, health and the children of the third world. This is something they have been successful at, but which is spoken of very seldom.]

The Far Future

The last time I was here, I spoke of something two generations away. I spoke of a continent that would be healed, The Union of African States (UA). I spoke of a common monetary system for that new assemblage of states. I spoke of a continent that would have more economic influence than any continent has ever had on the planet, because it will be healthy, filled with new economic hope, filled with new enterprise, opportunities and millions of citizens who want to build, who want homes, who want good government, stability, and who eventually will have a giant marketplace. Even beyond the Chinese, who still must move through changing old ways, the UA speaks of starting from zero and creating something from the beginning.

Now, that potential for the planet is something that is far away, and the ones in this room won't live long enough to know if Kryon is right or not. But the recordings of those words are here, forever. So in that future will come Kryon's validity... perhaps a bit too late for those in the chairs doubting, today? However, it begins now. There are stirrings right now for those to put together Africa in this way. The key will be the healing. It is also beginning. That is to say, a continent that has very little disease, good fresh water, a consciousness of a governmental unity will emmerge. And you might say, "That could never be Africa!" We say, just watch. It's going to happen, but only the seeds of this change will be available to be viewed in your lifetimes. You will not see it take place, for it is two generations away; half a century will go by before this takes place. I also gave a prophecy, should he choose it, of who my partner would be. I told you that he would come back, and in half a century he would find himself among that population as a black leader. By the way, this will also change the entire perception of what those of color bring to the planet. For in this new Africa comes respect, strength, and many will desire what they have.

The Near Future

Now let me tell you about things that are closer to you (potentially in your lifetimes). Let these words be carefully interpreted, for they are the potentials of the now. They do not speak of a future that is absolute or empirical that must happen, for there is no such thing. Even the potentials and timing of what I give will change depending upon Human consciousness. There are some things that are in progress now that may astonish you, and I will just give them to you in this short message. For they will solve the unsolvable, one of the biggest puzzles of modern times, and one that many feel cannot be solved. These are the opinions of those who feel that Human consciousness will never change.

At this moment, I speak of the potentials on the planet. There are several old-energy dictatorships that occupy the energy of those in the big rooms [the Grand Assembly] and they'll go away by themselves. [These are dictators who have a legal seat in the Grand Assembly, as leaders of specific countries and members of the UN.] You've seen it before, and they will topple themselves, simply because they will be totally out of touch with the reality of what their people want. Their old energy will catch up with them, and their own people will remove them. You have seen this before in several countries in the last 20 years.

There is the common thought that things happen in a linear fashion, and in the way they always did. There is a thought that this never changes. There is a thought that you must group together certain kinds of logical attributes in order to create treaties. There is a thought that you must have pressure or no pressure as ways to get governments to react or not react. These are things that you've always done in order to make certain governments behave the way you wish them to behave. Call them embargoes, call it suffering, call it pressure. It also may occur to you that these things are simply not working in the new energy. A big stick is no longer what it used to be, and old energy diplomacy is nothing but old ways of delaying these issues.

Today's energy will bring things that nobody expected, due to an entirely new way of approaching relations between countries. Compromise and new associations of strength and unity are going to be the "new way" of success. Strength of arms and weapons do not create hope, joy, health, or build new schools and hospitals. Therefore, their place in the scheme of "who is the strongest" will fade. Instead, "who is the strongest" will be lead by governments with the highest consciousness, most able to give their people good lives and financial integrity. You are already seeing this in your own financial systems, which you are slowly beginning to "clean."

It's going to surprise you how it all works, for it's out of the norm. It's not going to take long and you will see the North Korean issue disappear. You will see some forms of unification begin, and it has the potential of happening more on its own than from something you do here [the UN]. It would be wise of you to follow the line of reasoning in this channel and hold off on things that you are currently planning. [Here is direct advice from Kryon about what the UN might be planning for North Korea, asking them to be patient, for something else is cooking under the hood.]

South America will shock you in its stability. It's beginning now, for the kundalini of the planet is moving in that direction to center itself at the bottom of that continent, in Chile. At the top in Columbia and the bottom in Chile are the most stable and static governments you have ever seen in South America. They are building a platform for the countries in-between to join them.

In the past, there have been heroes before their time, trying to put together the states of South America, both Spanish and Portuguese. This is not necessarily going to happen [with one Human leading a crusade for unity], but what will happen is a consciousness confluence. That is to say, stability will seek out its own center, for hope is the key, and the old ways are diminishing. There is one dictator who is there, who may interrupt it all: You may number his days and I've said it here for all to see and watch for. For old energies cannot exist with new energy consciousness populations. This energy will fall over by itself from within. Either that, or against all odds, he may change! You will see it and I have said it here.

Celebrations will occur shortly in the small Caribbean island 90 miles off your U.S. shore. Perhaps for the first time the United States will have the tolerance to allow what they have seen in the past as a very close Communist government, to exist as it is, but with full trade and travel. This is out of the paradigm of anything any of you would ever expect, for up to now it has been black and white, until China, that is. Now perhaps it's time for Cuba? I am telling you that this is currently in the works.

It brings me now to the prophecy I've been giving for some time. For it remains strong [the potentials have not changed]. One of the most unusual things that you ever, ever could imagine may happen, and it involves Iran. I will say it again to you as I've said three other times to three other groups. Now I will state it in these halls of the United Nations. Iran may hold the key to the most stable, most profitable, most influential nation in the Middle East. And if this potential is fulfilled, it will be the young people of Iran who will create "The Great Iranian Revolution."

When Iran is run by those with young Islamic minds, but without the old energy "mullah minds," you will find stability. For the young people of that great nation will start to look around and see the differences they can make in peace through trades, through investment. The track that the older generation has them on is filled with hate, fear and the potential of war. It perpetuates a thousand years of grief, sustaining the enemies of old and keeping the struggle alive. The young people will realize that their prophet was about unity, and they will begin to study deeply, the real meaning of Islam, and will not be at odds with bringing together past enemies. For this is what their prophet was all about, and why he came in the first place.

The last thing you're going to see or imagine you would ever see has a strong potential to happen. The potentials are that Iran will actually invest in the peace of Jerusalem and that their influences and their funding will begin to have great influence for a solution in Israel - not just a solution between Israel and those called the Palestinians, but a greater one that creates solutions with the Islamic states around them.

Jerusalem is a shared city. By de facto, it is one that has Jews, Christians, Armenian Christians, and Islamic influences all sharing in four quadrants. Imagine this same scenario, but with credentials! That is to say, keeping the same arrangement, but having it become a separate country, or "area of peace." You say, "The Jewish people would never allow that!" Ask the younger generation of Hebrew speakers if they might consider it, for you will be shocked at the answer. They may actually trade it for the ability to settle in areas they all would rather live! They, too, are beginning to share what their young Iranian counterparts are thinking about... creating compromise and peace instead of continuing a path of hate and intolerance. The youth behind you generation-wise [your children], will eventually take the reins of government, and the differences in thinking will be obvious. The real war is the one between the old energy and new. This has been the message of Kryon for more than 20 years. That war is very winnable with both sides as victors.

Peace in the Middle East, created by Middle Easterners - what a concept! In the past, you have felt it would come from here (the UN), or western influence creating compromise between two sides who would not even meet with each other! The potentials are that it will happen right at the center of the Middle East, not from the West. It will not come from those trying their best to create influences so that Middle Eastern countries will act appropriately in a framework of Western thought. This potential I give you is not anything that is on the futurists' lists of what may happen. It's what we call the "wild card." It's what happened with the Soviet Union... again, nothing that was on the futurists' screen of potentials.

Wars are fought and the feelings are forgotten. The great Civil War in the United States did not create a permanent division in consciousness. World War II did not create enemies forever. Instead, today you find all those governments and citizens working together. Most of them don't relate to the feelings of the past. The Middle East is different, and what happened in the past is taught as what is "happening today." This is what will change.

You will see the countries around Iran join with Iran, even former enemies. Borders will be relaxed. Eventually, it will affect Pakistan and Afghanistan, who won't want to be left out of the new Middle Eastern union. India will also be involved in a way that embraces Pakistan in trade like never before. Those who feature old energy thinking will have no place to hide, for peace will be the way of it. A brand new idea will emmerge that says, "If we can stop the traditions of hate now, and teach our children to hope, eventually there will a group of nations who will only remember what the tensions used to be, from reading their history books." It's a quantum generation that is coming, one who can think ahead, way past their own lives... past their parents' teaching of old hatred and old ways. This, indeed, is part of the new rift that will develop between parent and child for the next 50 years in the Middle East.

This is what we see and it is within the lifetime of many here. It may go slower, depending on what you do. It may go faster, depending on what you do. But as long as my partner has channelled, this has been in the works. It is why we told you of the possibility back in 1989. Things happen slowly in politics, in consciousness. Sometimes it is too slow for many of you. Look for these things to begin happening even before the renovation of this building is complete [speaking of the renovation of the UN building, which may take five years]. You'll see the seeds of these things taking place, and yes, even battles to prevent them... old verses new. That is the potential at the moment. If it takes longer, it is still the potential. There is a ball that rolls in consciousness of thought and action that is immense. It is rolling now. It is strong and interdimensional and you cannot see it. But I can. It's going to be hard to stop peace on Earth.

I am Kryon. I know who's here. May you feel the love of God in your hearts that these things are true and accurate as seen by this channeller through me, for I am in love with humanity. I would never tell you things that were not so. There is no reason to give you good news that will not happen.

And so it is.


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