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The Spirit of Truth

Dear Kryon, I’ve read your messages and have detected the Spirit of Truth in them. I’ve detected the same Spirit of Truth in The Urantia Book. However, I’m having a problem with the concept of reincarnation because it appears to conflict between these two sources. The Urantia Book states that human souls don’t reincarnate. How can I reconcile this with the information you’ve given regarding reincarnation? Any insight you could provide would be appreciated.

It’s semantics. Don’t use your logic to try to comprehend the working of Spirit. The Human soul is Human, just as this phrase suggests. Reincarnation involves a unique angelic core that comes and goes from earth. Each time, it picks up a Human soul.

So you might say that a Human soul is unique to each Human, every time.

Don’t spin in confusion over these concepts. Instead, go inside and see that you’ve been on the planet many times, and accept that there’s a system that’s honored and respected—one that you agreed to and are participating within. Feel the peace and love of God that’s provided for such a grand thing so that you can continue to help the planet. Do you have to label it and place it in your own structural box to belive it? If so, that box will remain very empty.


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